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  1. teeta

    Laevi discussions about all stories

    teeta here and also feeling the need to reply to the reply I got Alright, so dealing with things one by one. Yes, I noticed in your stories that your characters are quite often well, let's call it freshly converted. It doesn't bother me in the least since they are stories. Yes, it doesn't work like that in RL, though. The wording thing, sissy and so on, also quite understandable to me, and the funny thing, I also saw straight guys calling each other 'gay' and not really meaning it. It always cracks me up. And once again, yes, it was in Joel's previous life, but that's why I pointed out he might have been in denial The money thing ... ah, here were tread two different grounds. Where I live, you'd have to have some kind of enormous insurance policy for it to work like that. So perhaps I just looked at Joel's situation from my own perspective *and quietly hoping you're doing fine now?* And last but not least, that IS an interesting 'what-if' you suggested there. What if Joel met Perry before his accident? I mean, met and had the same kind of chemistry as they're having right now. Indeed, interesting to think about Alright, I think I addressed everything Thanks for taking your time to reply to my comment and like I said, I'm looking forward to reading more
  2. teeta

    An IMP in making - help requested!

    Yay! So many, MANY ideas *sparkling eyes* Thank you Keith!!!
  3. Booo, you were supposed to die and give me all your twelve billion frags. u_u;

  4. Hello, indeed a long time :) I'm moderately good, stara bieda i trochÄ™ nowej :( Hopefully you're better. And yes, looking forward to holiday :)

  5. Hi :D

    Long time...

    Summer has almost come ;)

    How are you?

  6. teeta


    I hope you'll be back soon, playing with us
  7. Atomic bomb already, overkill don't you think, Just for that I hope I make you glow in dark!

    Vaporised Cal, just a stain on the wall! LOL

  8. Ahh, my 3333 kill~~~~

  9. Yeah, home, sweet home :)

    I really liked it there... but I wouldn't like to live there. People there are... so calm, formal and, pardon me, a bit boring :D

    It's ovely for two weeks. But for life... well, I don't know :)

  10. Aww, I did it with grin, so I believe it was a joke, not an insult :P Anyway, welcome back home *hugs*

  11. That cheap trick of yours... That was almost insulting :P


  12. A little *jumps up, pretending scared* Is that enough?

  13. Bu!

    I scared you, right? ;)

  14. teeta

    An IMP in making - help requested!

    Thank you for both ideas, yes, they're great, and I can only imagine the face your sis made when she tasted that apple Ice cubes! Yes, that idea is definitely usable! Thanks for sharing!