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    MorbidFantasy got a reaction from Excalibur541 in The Order of The Goddess   
    Oh dang I remember your story. It was on my list of recommended stories from way back, probably pre 2010.

    That profile has seen little changer since 2008 hahaha.
    Were there any significant plot changes or edits in this version that I didn’t know about in the original AFF fic?
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    MorbidFantasy reacted to MorbidFantasy in The Legendary Sucker Chronicles   
    At some point, Chapter 4, which has no story and was written as a mini research project by me to find out real world equivalents to the ryo currenc in Narutoverse, is probably going to be moved either here or just deleted.
    So this is a strictly informational post, which is going to be very relevant within two chapters.
    In my version of Narutoverse in which this story takes place, here is how much a ryo is worth.
    1ryo= 1.6 cents
    1USD= 62.5 ryo.
    10,000 ryo= $160 USD
    1 million ryo= $16,000 USD
    100 million ryo= $1,600,000 USD
    Tsunade's Hokage salary = $200,000 USD or 12.5 million ryo
    so on and so forth.
    Chapter 4, which may or may not become a forum post later, explains how I came to this conclusion.
    Economics plays a very concrete role in The Legendary Sucker Chronicles, so the purchasing power of everything absolutely matters. When the price of something is mentioned, there is a reason for it.
    In other news, just because I have chapters 6-10 written does not mean the plot of the entire fic itself is set. 6-10 is a comprehensive arc that starts Tsunade into the world of Kunio, setting up a lot of necessary back bone for future arcs or subplots.
    It is highly advised to read everything that is written, because I guarantee the sex is way better if given context, and chances are those of you who skipped even the smallest sections may end up needlessly confused. I'll admit I'm sometimes guilty of jumping forward to the sex scenes of other author's works. 99% of the time though I go back and reread the non-sexy bits, and usually, end up kicking myself for not having read it the way the author had designed it.
    Onto spoilers for those who take the time to read this post, don't read past this point if you don't like things being spoiled.
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    MorbidFantasy reacted to MorbidFantasy in Tomb Raider: Fat Man Chronicles, review and discussion thread.   
    *sigh* did you read my post about the stone? Also maybe pick up on the maybe too subtle hints that I've dropped throughout the last 3 chapters?I'm deliberately writing some of these chapters without my normal level of observer omniscience. What you're seeing is a biased narrative through the lens of someone's eyes. It's called having an unreliable narrator, and the entire point is for the reader to try to discover the real narrative.
    That being said, your response basically confirms that my choice is working, although maybe too well.
    The next chapter will feature both Lara and Hanson's perspectives as well as some 3rd person omniscient format, which hopefully will address your grievances with the updates.
    I assume you're also responsible for the latest review, to which I can only give you a sad face and hope I can convince you that I've made the right choices further down the line.
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    MorbidFantasy reacted to MorbidFantasy in Wierdmeijin's "The Fifth's Long Week" search/remake   
    I.loved.wierdmeijin. loved his/her fics to death. Esp the fic that is the subject of this thread.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the fix, it's premise is tsunade loses too much money in gambling and has to pay it off by becoming a sex slave for a week.

    The ideas were sexy. The use of jutsus and narutoverse mechanics were hot, and ever one of the thirty some chapters were glorious nuggets of wierdmeijin's brilliantly twisted mind.

    That is, until the fic up and vanished into the ether.

    For those of you unfamiliar with my work, my mainstay fic on aff is my tomb raider fat man chronicles story which also happens to be a remake of another author's fic. Check it out if you dare (it's 37 chaps and on going.)

    Basically. I want to reenvision "The fifths long week" and am seeing if there's genuine interest. Also. I'm wondering if by chance anyone managed to archive the fic before wierdmeijin deleted it.

    If you like me are a fan of the fix and would wish to see specific scenes from it appear in my fix, do respond with ideas and suggestions.
    Update: Tried to email wierdmeijin at his listed email address but it looks like that email no longer works. It would seem that s/he is truly gone
    Already started drafting scenes and ideas for "The Fifth's Long Week". Will try not to let it putter out into yet another one of my stalled projects.
    Cheerios, m8s
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    MorbidFantasy got a reaction from HunterOpera in Metroid - the Bergman Affair feedback, comments, and workshopping   
    What's up Hunter? First I'd like to thank you for the review on my TR fic. I'm glad it still holds interest after nearly an year of inactivity.
    The truth is I've been continuing to write chapters for it, but I keep scraping them later because for some reason I just don't fancy them a few days after the initial draft. At this point the graveyard for n'er2B-published arcs and plotlines for FMC is literally over 50000 words. The graveyard for never to be published aff fics in general...that could fill a novel at this point XD.
    The newest five chapters were part of a single expose that was written in one sitting over massive amounts of caffeine and sudden enthusiasm. In fact the plot revolving Ivan/Vasily had little to no initial planning and were all spur of the moment inspiration. The only edits I made after the first draft was one quick grammatical proof read.
    I can't believe I've never read your fic up until now. I've been a big fan of Metroid and Samus, even though I've never played the games before having never owned a gamecube and not really being into the Wii, which is also why I never acted on my own impulses of writing a Samus fic since I lack the canonical intimacy with that universe.
    Okay onto the review, which i'll also post in the fics review section:
    I absolutely loved the imprisonment arc. Loved the way Samus is subdued through shear numbers of psychic and physical restraints. I read all the chapters in one go and was sorely disappointed when I reached the end.
    The fact that Samus's views on sex is unconventionally liberal and is immune to the psychological trauma of rape is a big hook for me. I especially like how you described her as for the most part being open to the pleasure even though her logical mind is telling her that it was being used to condition and own her.
    Taking away her jumping abilities leads me to believe that you eventually want the only position for Samus to be in that isn't punishable to be for her to be on all fours. The gradual limitation of her movement without actual restraints is a fantastic idea, and I look forward to seeing what you have next for her.
    I must admit that in my haste to continue the sex scenes, I skimmed over the overarching plot line in the rest of the galaxy, and had to backtrack after hitting the end to pick up the missing pieces, but that was of my own volition and not that your writing's fault.
    End review
    More thoughts/questions.
    1. You mentioned that you're trying to keep your chapters short and under 2000 words. Why is that? My general rule of spacing for chapters is circa 3000 words and no less than 2000. Do you think 2000 word chapters are easier to digest and won't lose the attention of readers? Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book.
    2. Do you have an overall length for the entire story in mind? How set in stone is the length/X chapters of Samus's gradual subversion and training until she meets Melissa? When that happens roughly what percentage of the full story will have transpired? Have you decided whether to end this story on a positive note (ala Samus saves the day) or negative note (enslavement)? I'd be happy with either one but have you decided yet?
    3. Also, I have a feeling you were deliberately implicit, but is Dr. Madeleine being physically molested by her daughter or is the pleasure that I'm reading purely psychic in nature? Is she naked under that blanket? You may have mentioned it at one point but off the top of my head I don't believe it was made clear.
    4. I'd really like to see something erstwhile happen to the hapless male captive. I get that after the first few chapters his mind has all but turned to jelly, but you mention him being there often enough that it seems like he should do something more than just be there.