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    Time Travel And What Can Go Wrong!

    that's right, there was that mask! and there was that youkai that the dead children's souls hung around, in the present too if i remember right... yura didn't go through the well, but i remember she was able to send some of her hair through... and then there were those dried youkai kagome took through the well with her that got boiled and changed from food into youkai lol
  2. Strawberry

    Time Travel And What Can Go Wrong!

    that's what i wanna know! why can inuyasha go through the well? and at the start, centipede woman went through, and yura's hair did, but no other youkai have gone through? lol, imagine if naraku went and destroyed tokyo! And the lack of youkai in the future...i always decided to think of it as an alternate world rather than the future. , but then, trying to think of reasons why there couldn't be any, i came up with this idea i think im going to use for a fanfic as well as some originals. it's kinda stupid, but fun. here's what i hought of: vampires existed, like, in euprope or soemwhere, and having such long lifespans, they came up with technology a long long time before humans did, and set themselves up a little country of their own, and developed more technology, eventualy figuring out how to repress youkai abilities, and so they killed/enslaved the youkai all over the world, coming to attack all japan's youkai shortly after the shikon no tama gets completed. so thats why we dont have youkai running all over the place. and these vampires live in the burmuda triangle, and force youkai into creating barriers so we stupid humans don't really notice anything much weird there or see they have a massive island there. And from there, they secretly rule over our entire world! and what if it all gets ruined by inuyasha or someone, and the world is full of escaping and pissed off youkai all of a sudden? i've got so many ideas in my head for plots using this premise...a story of some kind will certainly end up being written, but, naturaly i'll explain the whole vampire idea better in my story than that long winded, ncoherent types rant i just wrote.
  3. Strawberry

    Writing Resources

    I love seventh sanctum! Some of those generators are just soo....hilarious!
  4. Strawberry

    Writer's Block

    I live with my best friend who's gay and write doubt he's a priceless source of advice, inspiration, critial info and what-not, but to him the idea of erotic fanfiction, especialy based on anything animated is totaly perverted so noway am i ever telling him i'm writing annoying! I'm suffering from writers block right now...I get it al lot, especialy if i'm somewhere in the middle of a story. So annoying, a bunch of time in which not much happens but the characters relationship needs to deepen needs to be filled in...i don't know what i'm going to do with it. Perhaps i'll resort to a new plot complication to draw them together, but this fic is already full of rambling, unessessary complictations! I'm such a terrible writer- i never plan my story out properly, and make up rubbish as i go along...i'm great with intoroductions, but the middle of a story is s hard for me! And as fr endings, i've actualy finished about four stories out of hundreds i've started...and those four didn't even really make sense. terrible!
  5. Strawberry

    Dubbed Or Subbed

    generally, i HATE dubs, they piss me off real bad. american voice acting is generaly shockingly bad. The only series i liked the dub of better than the original voices was neon genesis. I watched a few episodes of inuyasha dubbed, which was enjoyable because the voices were hilariously bad. especialy when saying things like 'iron-reaver-soul-stealer'!!! lol