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  1. WotanAnubis

    New Category Request in Games (M through R)

    Thanks. That was fast.
  2. Category name: Pandora's Tower Section category to be in: Games (M through R) Do you have any stories for it?: Yep. Only one at the moment, of course.
  3. WotanAnubis

    Misplaced Pokémon Story

    I agree with you in theory, sure. But this isn't someone, say, posting a Doctor Who fic in the Final Fantasy section. That would be obviously wrong. This isn't obviously wrong. Pokémon is primarily a videogame series. It makes sense that Pokémon fic ought to be posted in the Games section. Going to Anime to post videogame fic is incredibly counterintuitive. Sure, you can blame people for posting a fic in a section that's obviously wrong. But just deleting a fic without a word of warning because it's posted in what seems to be the obviously correct place for it is just... that's just not right. Because, in this case, it's not the writer that's at fault, it's the site's obscure design (because, really, if you write a videogame fic, why would you go to Anime to check if it should be posted there instead of where all the videogame fic goes?).
  4. WotanAnubis

    Misplaced Pokémon Story

    I see. Do you also let the writer know why you deleted their fic and where it should be uploaded instead? Because if not, that would be a pretty draconian punishment for a completely understandable mistake.
  5. WotanAnubis

    Misplaced Pokémon Story

    This Pokémon fic by new member Unova is in the Games section. Which I can't really fault the poster for since the Pokémon games are... well... games. But I guess it needs to be moved to the Anime section anyway. Also, their disclaimer needs work.
  6. WotanAnubis

    New Category Request

    I'm not sure if I should be requesting a new category for an RPGMaker game, but since it's my policy not clutter up the Misc. section... Category Name: Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle Section: Games Do you have any stories: Of course. One.
  7. WotanAnubis

    Category Request

    Frankly, I don't really care. I'm happy enough that the categories are theree. It's just that... well... it's never consistent. And I like consistency.
  8. WotanAnubis

    Category Request

    Hmm. That's a bit... odd. When I asked for an Ar tonelico section, I got Ar tonelico series, but now I get Mercenaries (all). Is it because the Mercenaries series (all two games) is consistently multi-platform and every Ar tonelico game so far has been restricted to a single platform each time?
  9. WotanAnubis

    Category Request

    Category name: Mercenaries Section category to be in: Games Do you have any stories for it?: Yes
  10. WotanAnubis

    Site News: 09/04/10

    Well... let's just say, I haven't been able to forget the whirlwind of drama that surrounded Jaxxy's arrival/return. It had something to do with money back then, too. So now that you've taken over dealing with the money... I just hope there won't be a repeat performance, that's all. I'm not sure the forums could survive another one.
  11. WotanAnubis

    Site News: 09/04/10

    Must... resist... snarky... comment. No, but seriously, DemonGoddess061, it's good to see you're apparently on top of things. Hope everything works out smoothly. And... well... hope you and your team of volunteers keeps up the good work.
  12. WotanAnubis

    Added/not added through 8/14/10

    I don't think you missed it because you replied to it. Twice. Maybe you just forgot. The topic in question
  13. WotanAnubis

    Added/not added through 8/14/10

    Category name: Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Section category to be in: Games Do you have any stories for it?: Yep On a related note, about a year ago I asked if the Digital Devil Saga category could be renamed to Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga in order to put it near the Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Shin Megami Tensei: Persona sections. That was apparently possible, but I'm beginning to wonder how long it's going to take. --added, and edited
  14. WotanAnubis

    Ideas wanted: Saving someone from blackmail

    Just finding and destroying the tapes she gets blackmailed with would be too easy, right? As would, say, making a video of the blackmailers raping the blackmailed and getting 'em sent to prison?
  15. WotanAnubis

    Added/not added through 4/6/10

    Got another one... Category name: Ar tonelico Section category to be in: Games Do you have any stories for it?: Yes -- added as Ar tonelico series, as there are two sequel games to it, too