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  1. Squallfan

    A add to the game category

    I have a idea in mind, but that's it. Nothing written yet, so no hurry to add it. I have three other fics I'm currently working on, so it might be months down the road.
  2. Squallfan

    A add to the game category

    Thank you. I'll wait to properly request though, because I don't actually have a story written yet for it. I'm sure there have to be other fiction writers that would love that added though.
  3. Squallfan

    A add to the game category

    I noticed The Evil Within was not in the games list anywhere yet. Could you add that to the list? I just finished the game and it was awesome. I fell in love with Sebastian and Joseph. Would love to read, or even write my own little story or one shot with those two.
  4. Squallfan

    Losing a reader

    He is good with weddings.
  5. Squallfan

    Losing a reader

    Thanks for all the feedback. In the end, I appreciated her opinion, I was just a little surprised that she said she was going to stop reading it. And no, I have no intention of changing it, as I stated above. I really do love to write my little stories, and I do it for myself too. You just can't please everyone. Even professional writers get complaints. I'm sure George RR Martin gets plenty for killing characters. lol
  6. Squallfan

    Losing a reader

    So, I just posted a chapter of my story Prisoner of War. I also post it on a Bleach Yaoi page I follow on Livejournal. Seriously, I think Livejournal is dying away, but that's not the reason for this post. One of the characters does something pretty bad in the chapter, someone you wouldn't expect. The thing with the characters though, they really aren't the same people now as they were before, being in the situation they have been in now for a while. He was in a situation where he had to go to that extreme to protect someone he loves from something very horrible. Anyway, on to what this topic is about. A nice reader that has been following that story on Livejournal gave me a review, basically stating she had been following the fic for a long while, but now because I had said character do that, she will no longer follow the story and thanked me for the previous chapters. I of course felt horrible. I apologized that I ruined it for her and so on. Here is my question for you fellow fic writers out there. Would you go back and change the chapter to please one, or maybe a few more people? So far she is the only one I have gotten a review from, so I have no idea if I have, or will offend more with what I wrote. Personally, no, I will not go back and change what I wrote. Did I feel terrible writing it? Yes. Did I think it was out of character? No, not for the people they are now after being held prisoner and tormented for so long. And again, he was doing this so the woman he loves would not be sexually tortured, so, there ya go. I would like to hear your opinion on this. What would you do?
  7. Squallfan

    Bleach Ichigo/Uryu DA group

    Hey there. Hope this is allowed here. I'm a member of a group on DeviantArt that is dedicated to the Ichigo and Uryu pairing. The founder of the group is trying to get the group to be more alive. As it sits there are less than 200 members. If you have a DA account and love that pairing, please consider joining the group. http://ichiuri-club.deviantart.com/
  8. Squallfan

    Stop Sopa 2014

    Well, only a few days left for the petition to get signed and they aren't even close. We've lost.
  9. Squallfan

    Stop Sopa 2014

    Thank you.
  10. Squallfan

    Stop Sopa 2014

    I'm not sure if posting this here will do any good, but SOPA is at it again. The link to sign petition to stop it is.. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-sopa-policies-trans-pacific-partnership-notice-and-staydown-efforts-and-other-policies/dXMRvNh8 There is only like a week and a half left to get 90,368 signatures. The date to get them by is April 13, 2014 There was another petition up a while back that I signed as well that got all the signatures, but I heard it wasn't the official petition and this one in the link I posted is. Not much time left to get these sigs. Mainly I was hoping the moderators and site admins could spread the word here and get the sigs that are needed to crush this damn bug again.
  11. Squallfan

    Virus threat

    I use Firefox and after the issue was fixed, I didn't get warnings. Today I went onto the site and am getting the warning once again. WTF?!
  12. Squallfan

    Lost Selphie/Laguna Fic?

    I feel silly responding so late to this, but it has been a long time since I've been on the forums and I just happened to come across this today. I believe you are talking about my story, Love in Esthar. I did remove the story a long time ago, wanting to rework it at the time and get an ending on it. Unfortunately, I never have gotten to it. I have a few unfinished stories I really need to remove and try to finish writing and repost. I would really like to be able to get that done. I hate leaving a fic unfinished, and it is aggravating. Maybe one day it will be reposted. At least I will try my hardest to make it happen. Here's hoping the original author of the post sees this, but it's probably not likely
  13. Author: squallfan Title: Wash Away My Sins Summary: Takes place a year after the end of the game. Daniel has fled to the country where he meets a man named John, who may or may not change his life forever. Feedback: Feedback and constructive criticism much appreciated. Fandom: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Pairing: Daniel and OC Warnings: Anal, Fingering, HJ, M/M, OC, Oral, Solo, Tort, Violence, WIP Chaptered story: Unfinished. # of chapters unknown at the moment URL: http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600088093 First time I have promoted a story, and only doing it because the fandom does not look popular. Only one other story up for Amnesia besides my own.
  14. Squallfan

    Have a question about this forum?

    Thanks for responding. I'll blame my headache for misreading the info earlier. lol.
  15. Squallfan

    Have a question about this forum?

    Hello, this is the first time I have ever even thought of promoting one of my stories. I was wanting to, simply because it is a fan fiction for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and that fandom seems pretty low on stories. Just one in fact, besides my own that I just posted the first chapter of today. I thought maybe promoting it might get it more interest. What I wanted to get clear was, on not being able to promote if the story is posted on another site. Does that count if I posted it on my own Livejournal fiction page? If that is the case, no problem. I just wanted to ask to make sure.