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    Author names replaced by 123123

    Can confirm that this fix has worked for me as well even after a log out and dumping my browser history.
  2. JamesRyderErotica

    Can I repost stories?

    I took down a bunch of my stories when going through an extensive background check for employment. Am I allowed to repost them as is or do I need to add something extra to them?
  3. JamesRyderErotica

    Can I repost stories?

    Thank you, and yes I got the job after 6 months of interviews, background checks, drug tests, and skill tests, and it was worth it.
  4. JamesRyderErotica

    Category Request: Bob's Burgers

    Category Name: Bob’s Burgers Section: Cartoon > +1 through F Do you have any stories for it? Yes, 3 One Shot stories and the first chapter of a short series all with different characters and themes.
  5. JamesRyderErotica

    Category Request: Bob's Burgers

    Thank you so much. I will add the stories I have finished over the next day or so. I don’t want to just drop them all at once. I hope more people get excited for the category. As always thank you for your dedication and effort to making this community what it is.
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    American lust

    http://cartoon.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600096555 Here is the link.
  7. JamesRyderErotica

    American lust

    I like the prompt so I’ve been working on it. I’ve got a working first chapter that covers the initial part where they are locked in the basement. I also have a few more chapters outlined to go through the remaining parts, them continuing, Steve catching them and wanting in, them brining in Francine. If you want I can post the first chapter on the site and link it. Then you can decide if that’s what you’re looking for and I can continue the other chapters or if its not what you are looking for I can just leave it be.
  8. JamesRyderErotica

    Category Request: Bob's Burgers

    Thank you for pinning and I completely understand. I love the site and will continue to contribute as many stories as I write.