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    Mortuus Orbis Discussion Thread

    Not to worry, this one is the original. Figured I might as well go for the full version on here. Porn and splatter remain. Though when you mention cunnilngus I think you must be thinking of the second story, which I doubt will end up on here for donkey's years, assuming I think it's worth posting here at all. Which would be a shame if so, as I think part two is much better. By all means, though as I said this is the same version as IBD already showed you. The Director's Cut is just this but with some stuff taken out here and there. Would like other people to review also, yeah, but given how I'm literally the very first person to use this particular tab on the forum I won't hold out much hope. As for Spyro... Well, looking at this story, I don't think I should judge.
  2. Sparrow

    Mortuus Orbis Discussion Thread

    Er yeah, I think they just passed along the main part of it, cause this is the first I’ve heard about a donut store. What’s that about? Yeah, though the events of the first chapter may put them off if they’re a big enough fan of her. I actually produced a sort of “director’s cut” version of this story not long after it was finished, to both make it less overtly pornographic, and to remove some of the parts I found didn’t fit so well going forward. Such as the end of this first chapter. It being the first thing written meant that when the story was finished, some three years later, what I was interested in focusing on in it had shifted a great deal. You’ll probably see what I mean as it goes on.