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    Boku no Uchuu ni Kimi ga Iru - DBZ

    Happy Holidays! Chapter Six has just been posted. Hope you all enjoy!
  2. Kakarott

    Boku no Uchuu ni Kimi ga Iru - DBZ

    Chapter Five has been posted!
  3. Kakarott

    Boku no Uchuu ni Kimi ga Iru - DBZ

    Chapter Four was just posted a few minutes ago. I hope you enjoy!
  4. I shall be keeping folks updated on when I’ve added a new chapter to Boku no Uchuu ni Kimi ga Iru. This is also where I’ll add my replies to anyone who should happen to leave a review. So please feel free to leave a review on http://anime2.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600024416 Feel free to also discuss the fic here if anyone should feel the need to do so. Current Chapters: Three Chapters to date. With a word count currently of around 7,500 total thus far.
  5. Author: Kakarott Title: Boku no Uchuu ni Kimi ga Iru Summary: When Goku stumbles upon something he never imagined he'd see it sets in motion a chain of events that leads him to discovering the depths of his heart and soul. Feedback: Feedback is welcomed. I am open to constructive criticism, speculations, questions (thought I might not answer them as I don’t like spoilers) possibly suggestions if I feel it might fit in with the direction I intend to take. Sometimes Feedback does fuel my muse, especially if I’m stuck. Fandom: Dragon Ball (All Media Types) Pairing: Vegeta x Goku Warnings: M/M, Anal, Mpreg, Oral, WIP [[I might throw in other things, but I’m not sure yet]] Chaptered Story URL: http://anime2.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600024416 Review Reply thread: