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    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Thanks for the recommendation. And never apologize for a pun! I don't believe so. But he is on asstr and has a back up repository since that site is spotty these days. The original works he writes remind me of your works. https://www.asstr.org/~Renpet/stories.html https://www.tempesterotica.org/Authors/Renpet/index.html AnonyMPC is another good author. https://www.asstr.org/~AnonyMPC/index.html
  2. Pixel-King

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Yeah, sometimes I find something like a comic about human cattle dystopias with lots of snuff and non-con and I'm disturbed but absolutely enthralled. It is horrible and I feel like a CSI analyzing a corpse with clinical, academic detachment, but I have to keep reading. Like the only way to purge it from my system is to finish the story and then never look back again. Other things, like Make it Wit Chu, are so profoundly depressing that I feel addicted and can't wait for more. Lol, thank goodness no. Instead she crawls around slapping asses and her internal dialog involves calling Lincoln a f*g with a small dick. (I found it and my memory of it wasn't too far off. https://m.fanfiction.net/s/13097555/1/Lily-Is-a-Baby-Chad ) Sounds . . . fun? I hope it turns out "Awwright!" Just like your characters with their relatives! I started reading it yesterday and was absolutely loving it and was ecstatic to find something new (to me) from you, then I realized I had already read it a while back when I first started binging your works. Still a fantastic read! Even if the end is a bit doggy, er, dodgy. (I definitely read way too much smut, not to mention all the mountains of fanfics.) But as I said once before, you are a very delightfully degenerate gentleman, and I'm always thrilled to see your name under a new story title. By the by, have you ever read anything from Renpet?
  3. Ha! I've always looked to the left side of the screen during their reaction and have never noticed the robot losing its gears! Too funny!
  4. Pixel-King

    George Glass' fanfic review response thread

    I thought the tone felt familiar! What I wouldn't give to see that story finished. Thanks for the info! That one has been open on my "to read" tabs. (Chrome on my phone is constantly winking at me; I have too many naughty things open.)
  5. Aw come on, who doesn't love some superiority complex bragging from good, old Major Charles Emerson Winchester, III, M.D. ? "Meega nala kweesta" is the thing Stitch shouts a lot. It means "I want to destroy" in Stitch's Tantalog alien language. "Struggle-snuggle" comes courtesy of (self-deprecatingly pedophilic) comedian Jimmy Carr. https://stitchdatabase.fandom.com/wiki/Tantalog_language
  6. You might enjoy SNL's "You're a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown"