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  1. daddyslilmnstr

    Darth "Call me Daddy" Sidious

    ill take it on i have ideas for it
  2. daddyslilmnstr

    Throw your ideas in here!

    im new to this writing thing and i had an idea and dunno if it is good or what… Plot idea This goes with the ending of part one where the kids live but are trapped in the car and nancys mom is sucked through the door. After all of her nightmares her and Glenn end up living their happily ever after life. But once They decide to have a child nancy dies in th surgery because of freddy. As their daughter grows up glenn become obsessed with protection her and as she grow up his drunken states become more and he abuses his daughter in ial ways Now that Her daughter is 18 she wonders about the secret of elm street and what might have killed her mother. As she get closer to the truth freddy starts to come to through her dream and do unspeakable things to her and uses her to get to her friends and he has his way with them till his power is redeemed and when he goes to kill Nancys daughter he finds himself attatched to her and he kill glenn instead for harming her. haven’t thought passed that
  3. daddyslilmnstr

    Threesome story request thread.

    ild be willing to try Ariel/eric/vanessa(ursula)
  4. daddyslilmnstr

    Darth "Call me Daddy" Sidious

    I would be interested if still open