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  1. ultimo01

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Ok, here are my ideas: - 3 stories based on Ben 10 cartoon. 1) 10 years old Ben and Gwen defeated by Charmcaster, and brainwashed into her pets, she molests little Ben and maks him impregnate her, after that she makes him rape and impregnate Gwen. 2) Adult Gwen travels in time to take her cousin Ben, 10 years old version, as she craves to make baby with him, as her Ben is too old for her. 3) While Ben is half wolf, his little 10 years old body senses his cousin Gwen as fertile bitch, and he gives to that primal needs, raping and impregnating her, next raping and impregnating other girl. - Story based on The Witcher 3. Queen Anna Henrietta breed by dirty little boys. She had unique tastes, she never was interested in men, little underage boys were the only males making her horny. As queen she could easily fuck with boys, take baths in childish semen and instead of water she was drinking kids cum. But now she wanted a baby, that one day would rule the kingdom. Her naughty mind come up with a plan, she went to witch that cast powerful spells of fertility and ovulation on her sexy royal body. Later she went at night to worst part of city, to dark alley, filthy place were she, queen will convince a child. After some times, little boys start coming, until there was 7 of them, from age 9 to 11. All were homeless orphans, rather dirty, she earlier gave one such boy information, and he passed it to his friends. Looking at bunch dirty poor kids, Queen, start undressing, showing her amazing sexy body to simple peasant kids. - Story based on The Witcher. Young Ciri while going through woods finds home with something that wants to help little girl. Ciri from her own innocence and naivety ends as happy pregnant sow of filthy creature, failing her destiny. - Tom Rider story. Lara Croft finds ancient artifact that slowly changes her into vert fertile child lover, making her crave little boys, and to make babies with them.
  2. ultimo01

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Hi, I just found your story “Biological Imperative” , and I think its the best fan fic from Lilio and Sitch I have even read. I love impregnation, so Stitch changing both Lilo and Nani into his breeding sows is a really hot concept. For sure I can’t wait when they will really break, and beg for his cum and babies, and with gladly helping him impregnate as many girls and woman as possible. I’m just not fan of making their tits big, it coduld be more natural thing from pregnancy. Also for Lilo it could be even hotter if his seed was making her grow faster, until she would reach look of a 10 years old girl and then started ovulating. Idea, Stitch could add his cum to water supply on island, making even easier for him to break any female he wants. Also, are maybe open for requests? I have a lot of ideas.