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  1. ... i REALLY don't think this counts towards that.


    Hey tb? A few tricks i learned for writing motivation?

    Set word counts per day

    Write the outline, space it out and filk it later

    Or just collaborate. It makes a surprising amount of difference when you taoe turns picking up the slack. Doesn't even have to be a lot, get a beta and send them the paragraph when you reach your limit.

  2. Right.  Which allows a kind of sincerity.....  And also some wacky hijinx when his reactions carry from clone to clone.  Such at snickering at another girl's jokes or finding out it's raining and having to keep diving back in and excuse it. 


    .... This may seem odd,  but can I add another layer of miscommunication antics?  I've a bit of a kara/lena streak... And since speed clones probably wouldn't work on her what if he was supporting Kara with approaching Lena,  and Lena misread it and started supporting Kara approaching him, causing her to consider it but STILL want Lena...  One thing leads to another and he has two girlfriends in that dimension....  On an agreement with them anyway. 

  3. I've a different idea for monster girl quest thing. But in this case? It'z been going on so long no one questions it anymore. Magical parents just have a massive female to male birth ratio. Naturally, there are all sorts of birth customs in place, such as mass marriages, temporary reproductive organs and cauldron-born babies to same sex parents.


    I haven't QUITE figured out what this means for pureblood supremecists if they still exist.

  4. In a wizarding world with an extremely skewed gender ratio of wizards to witches, harry potter is one day told that he is a wizard and will attend hogwarts school for witchcraft and young ladies. naturally, this is a bad idea and met with some major reluctance by the school staff, who at first put it down to a clerical error, but the family stipend to his school is such will cease if he is denied so they have no choice.

    things go fine at first… until a few years in it turns out wizarding word puberty is not only drastic, but OVERNIGHT, and as the sole male student harry has to not only reevaluate a lot of friendships but avoid a lot of excess attention, from student and staff alike.

    The cast conists of genderbent versions of of most characters, harry and Dumbledore being two exceptions (the only ones at hogwarts). Harem elements and NO character bashing. slow development and exploring the world dynamics of such a society and the pre-puberty years is preferable, but up to writer discretion

  5. Actually, building on the orgy idea, why not have him discover the sexual circle AFTER it and have to woo each of the girls to convince them to date and sleep with him again, allowing him to impregnate them. This could be difficult because it was heat of the moment and awkward for some while others are in denial about it and it just made it worse.

  6. Hey, strange_idea here.


    We'ce all got at least one threesome (or moresome) we want to see in a story, so i'm created a checklist thread for them. If you have a threesokme you want to see, just post it in tge comments below and i'll add it to the list! I'll even add your name if you were tbe original poster. And if you see a threesome you wouldn't mind writing, message me or comment and i'lk mark you down as well. But please do, so we know where to go to see it.


    The couples:






    Samurai jack/ashi/flora the scotsmans daughter







    Spiderman/mary-jane/black cat.

    Spiderman/gwen stacy/mary-jane

    Scott pilgrim/ramona flowers/knives chau/kim pines










    Sokka/toph/suki/ty lee



    Tim drake/stephanie brown/cassandra cain

    Finn/princess bubblegum/marceline

    Finn/flame princess/huntress wizard

    Timmy turner/chloe/tootie





    Hiro/honey lemon/gogo tomago

    Guest cartoonfan: lincon/lola/lana

    Guest omicron: sam/danny/tucker



    Ash (pokemon) twilight and sunset (equestria girls i think)

  7.  I just had a somewhat novel notion based on these two comics:


    This one actually xame out BEFORE the whole meme.

    And this:


    The idea is bowser pulls the 'turn into peach' scheme, and tries to flirt with mario a bit to keep her cover. But what he DOESN'T inow is peach keeps herself entirely chaste because her libido is too high and she cannot resist temptation well, so bowsers new hormones are messing with her head and her cover slips. Her transformation starts coming undone (vmbecoming blonde bowsette) as Shw flees back to her castle and fights mario.... but her powers are wonky as a result of not being used to them and mario has to save her a couple of times while fighting her.

    The spell has apparently done something weird, however, and after being defeated shw becomes the more amazonian and curvy redheaded bowsette you see in some art instead of her nomal self. What's more, koopa's choose mates based on strength. And as bowser, peach's powerful sourcery and royal status made her irresistable and that crush is still burned into her brain. But mario's might and saving her makes HIM look appealing too. And bowsette desides to take what she wants, BOTH of them.

    Cue her stealing mario and seducing him while peach comes to the rescue, then seducig her as well.


    ..... or that's the plan, except both mario and peach note that she is WAY to easy to seduce herself.


    Feel free to write it however you want, but this is roughly how i see it.


    First chapter is a sequence of bowser transforming to peach and explaining her plan slash groping herself.

    Second is flirting with mario and lwtting her libido blow her cover

    Third has her transform into bowsette and fight mario. During the fight, she starts enjoying it too much, and her thoughts go from crush him beneath her weight, to crush it beneath her thighs, then her thighs waiting for him and comments on his stamina and ripplig muscles. Mario notices

    Fourth, she kidnaps mario and mocks peach for not taking what she wants, peach sets out and bowser tries to seduce him, but mario takes it over.

    Fifth, peach arrives and a lust-drunk bowser tries to put up a front of menace (mario apologises to peach but she says she understands) and then peach gets aggressivly flirty while bartering for a truce. possibly while slipping mario power ups to increase his girth and increase the 'pressure' in bowsette periodically

    Epilouge, mushroom and koopa kindgoms have merged, and bowser is living with mario and peach and being 'convinced' on various descisions.


    Please comment or message me if this story interests you.

  8. I mistakenly posted this in the anime section. sorry. please comment or message me if this story interests you


    naruto and hinata are trying for a kid, but hinata is apparently barren and they need a surrogate.

    now naturally, they asked sakura, who they trust with this more than anyone. and while she and sasuke would do it she can't take time away from her work at the hospital.

    After a while, sakura remembers naruto's old sexy jutsu... and realises SASUKE could be the surrogate. He's not involved in day-to-day village politics and no one would even notice if he took a leave of absence.

    Now, naturally, he's not thrilled, but he eventually agrees because he does owe his old friend, and it's be a way to put some good back into the world. and Naruto's not thrilled about it either even though he appreciates it. So they come up with the idea of sasuke staying as a girl for a while so naurto starts thinking of her that way (or at least stops insinctivly seeing him as a guy)and so he can get used to it for when he's carrying the baby.

    HOWEVER, what sasuke wasn't expecting was the hormone rush. It starts when sakura takes a night to reassure her ‘wife’ she still loves her and it’s a lot more than sasuke expected. after a few failed tries with naruto and an eventual successful one, her hormones are higher than ever, and though sasuke tries to burn it off with her wife, it's not enough.... and that toy sakura was using on her is begining to plant ideas in her head. She liked it a LOT more than she wants to admit....

    Then it so she tells naurto it was a false positive, to get him to 'try' again. and things snowball from there.

    long story short, naurto winds up with for wives.... and it turns out that the hinata things was an accident, but sasuke's too into this to care by this point.


  9. another ghost you might want to have cameo. in the casper film there was this woman named carrigan crittenden who was the main villain, died and came back as a ghost. her ghost for is apparently quite popular, and if you want a different main villain or female Vlad-analogue she might be useful.

    i’m not sure what setting you have, but she could be stirring up old ghosts or just trying to take advantage of them for financial gain.

    Alternatively she could be the financial backer of the fentons so they’ll get rid of or collect all the ghosts for her, either so she can find something, seize all the land in amnity park or use their ectoplasm to live forever or something.

  10. it starts with ochaco asking deku out or having started dating him. Tsuyu wishes she'd made a move, but supports them.

    Then bakougo finds out. Turns out, bakougo has been a girl this whole time and her frustration is waiting for her frind to notice, thinking it's becoming insulting how long it takes. What's more she was getting desperate and trying to push girls away from him, particularly since their going to the academy means they'll be surrounded by super girls and she KNOWS deku is objectivly cute.


    However, deku has known this whole time but refered to her with male pronouns because of how tomboyish she was in order to respect what he thinks are her wishes. When she started getting MORE masculine out of protest and sropped correcting people who got her gender wrong, deku saw that as confirmation (she also did it to stop guys who weren't deku asking her out). And deku has rejected any thought of girl bakougo being interested in him because of how she behaves around him. So when she finds out he has a date, she's fuming, but when she overhears deku admits she's a GIRL, she's furious and decides she's not waiting this time.

    She challenges ochaco to prove who is the better deku girlfriend, and tsuyu, having overheard,announces her candidacy too! As does Toru, but people keep failing to notice. Momo declares herself the referee to keep things in order, but secretly monolouges to herself that with all the most likely choices all fired up this will SURELY drive them to go too far and push deku away, letting herself sooth him and look like a suitable candidate!

    Thus begins a sort of girl-friend olypmics, with events like cooking, swimsuit wearing (judged by deku's reaction), deku trivia, bedwarming (erotic, comforting, anything goes), eventually reaching erotic heights. Each of the girls cheats, enhances themselves with their powers and basically treats this like an actual super battle. And momo announces it all while plugging HERSELF as a candidate. Meanwhile, the male population is bith loving this and furiously asking themselves why this is happening to deku.


    Girl bakugo is pretty curvy, having gel-enhanced legs, flawless skin and 'storage tanks' up front. They actually let her produce congealed quantites of blasting gel for various uses via 'milking' at the cost of size.


    No bashing.

    Any takers?

  11. 49 minutes ago, Jwsponky said:

    Granted I’ve never watched the show so the suggestions I could offer are limited, but if Desiree was posing as a teacher, perhaps the class she taught could be health class, and when the sex ed portion of said subject came up, she could do a demonstration on ‘proper technique’, picking Danny as her partner?

    It has potential, but it's a bit generic. No 'desiree' in there besides sensuality and ALL the ghosts are sensual here.

    The reason i was suggesting desiree be a very shy, un-desiree girl is so SHE could be the one getting her wishes granted and you can play her as a shy, scared and approachable girl beig turned into classic desiree, which i feel is a character you can do more with.

    Mixing your and my suggestions, you could have her accidentally make a wish in health class that brings the above scenario to life as a sort of living fantasy which danny has to go along with then figure out what just happened.

  12. Not currently. I've some plans for something similar but i'm very busy at the moment. 

    ...also, galactus overpowered both the lord of order and lord of chaos. Silver surfer (powered by galactus) breezed through a guy channelkng the powers of EVERY earth superhero, hulk and strange included, and galactus once stalemated DARKSEID while at his weakest. I'm not sure franklin can match him, but i do admit franklin's likely stronger than galacta.


    Can i suggest two more girls? The girls of the power pack are about his age and thus would make an interesting differwnt kind of relationship.

  13. Excellent points, but i disagree. A relationship can form naturally and independently of the focus drama amd be maintained or shaken while other things are going on. If it isn't the main focus then it can be part of the natural character growth and flow.

    Should you need a goal, one cpuld consider reqching the point of understanding where they've gotten a feel for a relationship and it starts feeling natural to BE the goal. An unspoken, they're going to be happily ever after, of you will.

    And should the relationship work with no narrative reason why you can always turn to finding out why it works.

    Ultimately a relationship is a very unique and nuanced thing, so it's natural that it not be bound by the three act format.