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  1. So i missed the context of the question, BUT, since he got the.... wait you guys saw the new series right?





    SPOILERS if you try

    Since he became immune to time, we can use that. Have him either lay with, give a blood transfusion to the girls that strike you and have THAT slow down and eventually stop their ageing, so everyone's in the endgame era. Oneshots for everyone, they realise offscreen and go looking for him. They find him an join him, seeking to use the chance to end aku and since he's propbably the only one who'll lice like them so they want answers. If you like, this has the side effecta that more sisters survive the fight, but ashi is the only one he doesn't loose, so she falls for him first and is put in charge of convincing her sisters when the others catch up. Maybr throw in a scottsman daughter. The ending is dfferent in that the greater 'time immunity' means they all survive the trip into the past



    End spoilers.



    I've a workable harem scenario for many series, including most of the ones you mentioned. Maybe I should make a thread