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  1. I had a brilliant idea for my future Special Agent Oso written work that involves my original character named Robbie Mason who gets taken off the streets on his way home from a short walk that afternoon or evening. Since this is a place to get good advice I wanted to know as readers what would set this story up correctly giving off a positive and negative impact on the topic of Lima Syndrome and our infamous Stockholm Syndrome during Robbie's experience being the little human housepet for Oso, Wolfie, and Musa who are characters for the cartoon fandom I've written? It was inspired by Mal's written work that had a man who kidnaps celebrity girls and forces them to have sex or get punished for refusal and disobedience while overtime his victims come to understand what he does giving themselves up to him entirely without struggle. Found the story quite interesting and wanted to do one of my own with a childhood favorite. Story Inspiration:
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