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  1. Bart walked in on Marge using a dildo Marge begs him not to not to tell Homer that she is cheating on him with the dildo Bart tells her that he won't tell if she'll start cheating with him for now on
  2. T_B

    Danny phantom The deal

    Danny not wanting to have his mom as an enemy decide to try to convince her that Danny phantom was good as they was talking Maddie told Danny that if he could provide that the ghost boy was good she'll do anything he wants Danny hearing her say that couldn't help looking at her body and asking her if that includes sex Maddie confident that she was right said yes not long after the said that Danny went ghost in font of her Maddie forgetting about their deal started asking him questions after Danny was finished explaining everything he asked when reminding Maddie why Danny revealed himself and told him the next time they was alone which just happened to be the next day
  3. As Maddie was leaving Danny with Vlad she told him to distract him after not finding a phone she knew what she has to do she goes back to the living room wearing sexy lingerie but only sees Danny he told her that Vlad stepped out for a bit Maddie told Danny that anything that happens on this trip stays on this trip because she's going to have to sleep with Vlad to get them home before Vlad has mountain bikes, cars, and a helicopter but no phone only to realize that they could take the helicopter As Maddie was leaving to change back Danny stopped her saying that she was going to cheat and that she already said that anything that happens on this trip stays on this trip Maddie reluctantly agreed and followed Danny to a room Back home Danny and Maddie walked in and found Jack taking a hit to save Jazz and dies afterwards Danny was in his room when his door opened and Maddie came in she got on his and said that she didn't want to be alone before Danny can say anything she kisses him This story is from Danny's P.O.V and how long the story is and if Jazz ever finds out or if she joins them is up to you
  4. T_B

    Comforting Summer

    The Smith family is watching tv when an asteroid was going to hit the earth but before it hit Naruto got in the way stopping the asteroid unfortunately killing him Jerry tells Summer to look out the window not long after blood started to rain down Summer ran to her room crying Morty goes to comfort her Summer seeing him she told him how wants her baby then she gets the idea to create another one Morty started to try to talk her out it until Summer took off her shirt and bra and his mind said fuck it fuck her Everyday wherever they get a chance they are fucking trying to make a baby
  5. T_B

    The owl house threesomes

    Luz and Amity have been dating for a few years now have some "friends" are asking if they can have a threesome with them Boscha to avoid going on a date her parents tryed setting up for her told her parents that she was already dating someone when they asked who the first person that came to mind was Amity only problem her parents heard she was dating Luz so Boscha said they was in a three way relationship and asked/begged Amity and Luz if they would come over for dinner and pretend to be her girlfriends how it led to the threesome is up to you Emira she heard them having sex in her room and started to masturbate but hearing them be so loving to each other made her feel lonely and went and ask if she could join she saw that Amity was about to reject her until they hear Luz says Amity and Emira together that's hot and realizing she said it out loud covers her mouth seeing that Luz would like to see her and Emira having sex agreed to it but only this time she told the both of them Skara seeing how loving Luz and Amity are got her curious what lesbian sex was like and begged them to let her join them once Viney is up to you Willow is up to you
  6. T_B

    Bart the hero

    An alternate tailing if the simpsons movie Homer ended up freezing to death in Alaska your choice if the family learn of his death or believes he chose to stay in Alaska Bart ended up saving the town and he and Marge ended up falling in love Marge and Bart started acting awkward around each other and after a few days Lisa told them to just fuck already (she believes they just have sexual tension and believes they just need to let it out of their system) and went to her room Marge and Bart looked at each other Bart followed her to her room after a few hours Lisa found them on the couch making out Marge tells her that she and Bart are now dating and after a few months they get married
  7. T_B

    American lust

    I injoyed it keep up the good work
  8. T_B

    American lust

    Stan and Haley got locked in the basement by Roger who ended up forgetting they was in there after a few hours Haley starting to yell for help hoping someone would hear her only for Stan to tell he made the basement soundproof it got to hot and Haley and Stan removed some clothes to keep cool in just their underwear they couldn't control themselves and ended up fucking When they finally got out they said no one can ever know what happened and then immediately started making out and went to Haley's room to go again it went on for a few days until Steve caught them he told them he wants to fuck Haley and Francine Stan and Haley who just finished agreed Is your choice how they get Francine to join and if Francine and Haley have lesbian sex or not
  9. T_B

    American lust

    Go ahead can't wait to see it
  10. T_B

    Maddie's wish

    One day Maddie wished she and Danny would be closer and Desiree heard it and granted it which led to them having sex
  11. T_B

    Lover's license

    After getting drunk Homer decided to sell some stuff Bart saw that Homer put his and Marge's marriage licence up for sell and bought it because he didn't want some weirdo to buy it and become married to Marge (Bart doesn't know how marriage licence works) The next morning he was going to give it back to his parents but when Marge sees it she is shocked to learn that she and Homer doesn't actually have a marriage licence instead they have a lover's license and it says that Marge is the lover of who ever owns it Marge tells Homer that not only that they actually get married they have to make sure that they make sure that they keep the lover's license out of the wrong hands after Homer tells Marge that he ended up selling it to Bart and that he'll get it back before trying to kiss her but Marge stopped him and said sorry Homer walking over to Bart she kisses him After getting kissed by Marge he watched her kick Homer out if the house and then Marge took Bart to his new room with her and they had sex How many chapters is up to you
  12. T_B

    Sex education

    Takes place during whacking day As Marge was home schooling Bart she decided that it was time for sex ed she told him she was just going to show him a tape but she didn't feel like the tape was impropriate so she told him to follow her She told him she'll only do this once and it's for his education before he could ask what she was going to do Marge took off her dress Even though Marge said it was a one time thing she injoyed it to much to stop so she had it become a daily occurrence and when Bart was able to to go back to school he didn't want to go back and Marge promised that they'll still be having sex Its from Bart's P.O.V and Marge has a shaved pussy
  13. T_B

    Family loving

    I'm a 18 old man I live with my 37 mom and her 36 sister and her 18 year old daughter Why do my aunt and cousin lives with us when me and my cousin was babies our dads was in a car accident that killed them When I hit puberty I found out why my mom and aunt doesn't drink much when they get drunk they get horny and i caught them having sex together ever since then I've had feelings for my mom I wasn't the only one to fall for a family member my cousin apparently fell for me my aunt for for her daughter and me and is trying to hook us up and my mom for me and her sister How the four became lover's is up to you The mom has D cup breasts and a shared pussy the aunt has B cup breasts and a shared pussy and the cousin has C cup breasts and a shared pussy
  14. T_B

    Female Link challenge

    This challenge doesn't take place in any of the games but you can use anything from them and you can call the female Link anything you want but to make it easier for me to make this challenge I'll be calling her Link Link was a guard at her village since she was a little girl she took up living in the dangerous forest by the village to help with her training many people in the village believe that she became crazy living there when she told them about a talking tree she became friends with On her 18th birthday the Deku tree told her about a dungeon nearby that will reveal her destiny at the end of the dungeon she found a stone tablet that says in this chest is the armor of the chosen hero that takes the form best suited for its owner when she opened it inside the top was like a bikini top and the bottom was a mini skirt (if you want to have her get other armor besides the original Zora and Goron like in breath of the wild the moment she gets it it changes into a sexy and revealing outfit for example the Zora armor became just a very revealing bikini) When she got back to the Deku tree the forest was on fire and the Deku tree was dying he told Link that while she was gone Ganondorf attacked and stole the ancient artifact he was holding he told Link she needs to get to Princess Zelda when Link gets to Zelda she told Link that Ganondorf was turning her people into monsters in hopes of finding the artifacts and the lost temple the artifacts would help him remove the pieces of Triforce from herself and Link and the temple will recombined the artifacts what she doesn't know is at the temple is where he needs them to take out the Triforce and the location of the temple The location of the artifacts are With the Deku tree With the Zoras With the Gorons With the Gerudos In Zelda's Castle Optional one if you want the Ritos to be in this story they have one if not then there are only five artifacts Zelda ends up joining Link on the Adventure Link gets a lesbian harem with Zelda as her main girl and a bunch of other women the meet on the journey
  15. T_B

    Merry sexmas

    For the last few years me and my twin sister have had a tradition of having sex on every every christmas however this was going to be the year we wouldn't be having sex because this year I have a girlfriend however I learned that my sister told my girlfriend of our tradition and convinced my girlfriend to join us this year
  16. T_B

    Weekend seduction

    One day I saw my sister come out of the bathroom aftervher shower it was one of the rare days she forgot to bring in a change of clothes and was just wearing a towel I also saw dad watching her wanting her towel to fall off her I convinced him to let me take mom for the weekend and try to seduce her while dad stays here and try to seduce sister First part of the story is a POV of the son as he seduces the mom the second part is a POV of the dad as he seduces his daughter with a optional third part with the son POV as the family ends up having an orgy The mom is a milf with D cup breasts and a shared pussy the sister has C cup breasts and a shared pussy If the orgy happens the mom and sister can get sexual with each other but the son and dad can't and the mom tells the dad that she prefers her sons dick but the sister also revealed that she prefers the dad's dick
  17. T_B

    The succubus

    In this story they start as the original or the shippuden ages i would prefer the shippuden ages because they will be having sex but if you would prefer/think it make the story better for them to be the original ages Naruko uzumaki has just learned the shadow clone jusu but instead of Iruka finding her it was Mizuki Naruko not realizing the danger she was in went to show him that she passed the test but as she got close he attacked As Naruko was laying on the ground dying time seemed to slow down and she saw a sexy woman in a revealing outfit she told Naruko that she can save her life and give her power an exchange Naruko will become her daughter and have sex with her whenever she wants not wanting to die Naruko agreed the women kissed Naruko Mizuki felt something behind him he turned and saw Naruko stand up only now she was a succubus before he could react Naruko killed him after Naruko got home a door appeared and that woman walked through it Naruko said "what should I call you mom or something else" she said call me dad because she took out Naruko father's genes and replaced them with hers due to being in love with Kushina but never approached her because of Minato She then started to take off her clothes Naruko realizing what was happening join her as they were having sex Naruko suddenly felt something enter her taking her virginity Naruko believing it was a strap-on didn't say anything after a while her new dad pulled her dick out and cummed on Naruko and watched as the dick disappear Naruko asked what just happened was told that a succubus can grow a dick and then warned her to be careful as she can get a girl pregnant with it Naruko made her dick appear and asked if she can try it out the succubus told her no she told Naruko to follow her heart and if the person rejects her the succubus will let Naruko use her dick on her first Naruko was walking around the village she was following her heart and when she saw Hinata her heart told her to go for it Naruko went to Hinata and asked her if she'd like to go on a date Naruko expected to get rejected but Hinata said yes as the date went on Naruko noticed that Hinata was upset and asked what was wrong Hinata said she should know usually by this point of her dream Naruko would been groping her more and took her back to Naruko's apartment and had sex with her Naruko smiled leaned into her ear and told her that this is no dream but if she wants to go back to her apartment all Hinata has to do is ask Hinata almost passed out from embarrassment until she realizes that her love wants her and she said take me At the apartment Naruko told Hinata about how she became a succubus to give her a way out but Hinata told her she didn't care it started as lesbian sex until Naruko made her dick appear and asked Hinata if she can try it to her joy Hinata said yes after they finish the succubus appeared and congratulated them on finding love she also told them bad news that as a succubus Naruko will out live Hinata unless Naruko wants to turn Hinata into a succubus Naruko and Hinata talked about it and agreed to do it the succubus told Naruko how to do it and after Hinata become a succubus she kissed Naruko and the two promised to be together forever Hinata then felt the succubus hug her from behind and felt something poking her butt she looked to see the succubus naked with her dick out all she said was threesome There are three was to change someone into a succubus 1. Changing her genes to make her in the succubus daughter (like Naruko) 2. Using her energy to change her into a succubus (what Naruko did to Hinata) 3. Using her energy to change her into a bound succubus it is difficult from the second one as as someone turned this way has to do what ever the succubus that turned her says no matter what and they keep their personalities (Naruko used this on Sakura and Ino to to make them her and Hinata's sex slave) The teams are the same except Sai is on 7 and Yakima on 8 Naruko and Hinata is on a two prison team with Anko why is it like that the succubus manipulated the Hokage how is up to you Naruko and Hinata are lesbians and can't sleep with guys but if you want other characters can Naruko and Hinata decided that when they have daughters Hinata would be the one to be the give birth to them Naruko and Hinata both have shared pussy your choice about everyone else
  18. T_B

    The sex tape

    Marge has been trying to make a sex tape with Homer (why she thinks it would be hot to to see her and Homer on tape) but Homer doesn't want to make one One day when Mr. Burns was having his employees on a "optional" bonding trip with the optional part being go or be fired Marge gave Homer his suitcase when he opened it with a note that said "Since you don't want to make a snuggle tape I found someone who will" It then changes to the simpsons house Bart was setting up the camera as he was the man got to replace Homer what all they did is up to you At the end of the story Homer returns only to find his stuff no longer in his and Marge's room it's now in Bart's room and on the bed that was his and Marge's he found a tape that said Marge and Bart snuggle tape
  19. T_B

    Sex ed

    I'm a 18 year old girl I got the sex talk when I first hit puberty however for me it was not need to as my mom was telling me about sex between a male and a female as I was never into boys When my dad wasn't home I told her that I was a lesbian and asked her if she knew anyone who could teach me how to please a another woman mom told me to go to my room she has to make a call After a few minutes mom came to my room sat next to me on my bed and told me that she called my dad to see what time he was going to be home tonight with was a few hours away Thinking she was mad at me (she and dad wanted grandkids and I was an only child so that was probably not going to happen) I tried to apologize but before I could she kissed me she then told me that I didn't need a lesson in kissing she then start to take her clothes off seeing my confusion she told me that when she was in college she found that she was bisexual and this was how her girlfriend taught her how to have sex with a another woman she also told me not to tell dad about this because she and dad was dating in highschool but went to different colleges apparently dad didn't cheat on her (he said he didn't but it up to you if you want it to be true or not) but she fell for her roommate and was having a hard time choosing one of them she eventually realized who she loved more her roommate but by then it was to late as the roommate believed that mom wasn't ever going to take their relationship seriously and found a different girlfriend so mom decided to pretend that relationship never happened and went back to dad The mom is 36 with D cup breasts and the daughter has C cup breasts and a shared pussy
  20. T_B

    The deal

    It all started one day when my mom (age 36) and dad *age 44) came to me (age 18) and told me that I'll have to start working under my dad to take over the family business I told them I wasn't going to do that and I was going to be a movie star the three of us started to argue over it Mom decided to use drastic measures and use my lustful nature against me she gave me at time limit to star in a real movie when I lost I'll have to take over the family business but if I somehow win she'll become my lover my dad wasn't happy when he heard that but before he had a chance to say anything I agreed I heard them talking outside my door with my mom telling my dad not to worry because I'll never win I worked hard to get and near the end of the time limit I took both of my parents to see the movie that I starred in they had me stay with them for the night other than dad sad that I wasn't going to be taking over the family business they seemed normal when dad noticed that they needed something he left to get it I asked mom about the deal she made with me mom looked confused until I started to remind her before I left to follow my dream mom after remembering it she told me that she and my dad completely forgot about that she told me to wait a few minutes then come to her room after the few minutes I walked in and saw my mom in some sexy underwear as we was fucking dad got home and found us when mom saw all she could do was saw to him was I'm sorry he went to my old room and the next day had to watch as me and mom leave with her stuff Any thing else is up to you
  21. T_B

    Naruto's harem

    On the night naruto was born only Minato died Kushina was raised their son on her own Naruto become friends with Hinata at a young age and with Kushina help she got them together before they became ninja she also trained them Not long after Naruto and Hinata ninja Hinata moved in with Naruto and Kushina Hinata also caught Kushina masturbating a few times (it was always about Minato) Hinata felt bad for her and asked her why she never tried to find someone new Kushina told Hinata that she was only attracted to Minato Hinata still wanting to help Kushina saw a picture of Kushina with Minato and had idea when the three of them was hanging out Hinata started to have sex with Naruto Naruto couldn't resist Hinata and Kushina was unable to look away or leave what shocked them the the most was when Hinata looked at Kushina gave her a passionate kiss and offered her to share Naruto Naruto and Kushina was to horny to not agree with started their first threesome The next day Naruto and Kushina was awkward around each other until Hinata came in the room and kiss them both and noticed how they were acting Kushina said that they should forget that ever happened Hinata then made a bet with Kushina that if she can get Naruto fuck her again Kushina would become Naruto and her's lover Kushina believing that it wouldn't happen agreed to her surprise Hinata got naked and started stripping Kushina Kushina didn't know why Hinata was having lesbian sex with her until Hinata talked to her forgotten audience asking Naruto if he found Kushina sexy and if he wanted her to become their lover Kushina heard her son say yes she tried to say some to him but before she could Hinata said that he knows how to to make her their lover and then Kushina felt his dick enter her In this story they became ninja when they would be their shippuden ages In the first chapter its has to be Hinata's POV in the second its has to be in Kushina's POV then for most of the rest of the story its in Naruto's POV but can change if they are going to be having lesbian sex Any of the other girls that join the harem is up to you but the top two is Hinata and Kushina
  22. This challenge starts before episode 1 Sam and Tucker just left after Danny became a half ghost Danny ended up accidentally walking in on Maddie when she was showering he watched her for a minute he was lucky enough to get out before getting caught and that night he had a wet dream about Maddie and he had to have her He trained to control his powers so he could spy on Maddie and use them to make her fall for him after a month later he decides to also use his powers to be a hero Something that is different Paulina has noticed that Danny wasn't paying attention to her (she enjoyed all the losers attention on her) she ended up trying to get his attention again and ended up falling for him for reals Danny and Maddie ended up together before public enemies and Maddie realized Danny phantom was her son during public enemies when he said something only he and her knew This story could be only Danny and Maddie or a harem with Maddie as the main if harem Sam has to be in it
  23. T_B

    Kim the stripper

    I recently got into Kim Possible and wanted to make a challenge on it Kim has to go undercover in a lesbian strip club to stop a villain (it's a OC what she looks is up to you) during her time working as a stripper Kim found out that she enjoyed it and after taking down the villain (Kim took her down when she paid Kim for a lap dance and gave Kim a big tip to have sex with her) Kim being popular at the club was offered a part time job there that Kim immediately took Some people Kim has sex with is the owner of the club (your choice what she looks like) The other strippers (on stage and in private) Monique (went to support Kim in catching the villain by helping get the customers to be into Kim to get the villain interested and Kim and got horny watching Kim strip an convinced Kim to have sex with her) Shego (needed to get away from Dr. Drakken and happened to go to the club when Kim was working Shego made a truce with Kim no fighting in the club and paid for lap dance/sex) Bonnie (went into the club because she is secretly and lesbian and shame to admit it and only act on it by getting lap dances from the club and was shocked to learn Kim was working there Kim gave her a lap dance and offered her sex free of charge) and Ann Possible (she took one of her co-workers who recently joined and was a lesbian to become better friends with Ann took her to the club and found out her daughter was stripping there the co-worker not knowing that Kim was Ann's daughter paid Kim to give Ann a dance and it led to Kim and Ann to having sex) Any thing else is up to you
  24. T_B

    Only with a condom

    it all started one day in the afternoon my mom mistake me for my dad and only stopped when she heard his voice she told me to forget this ever happened but I told her she can't just end it like that and she has to finish what she started I managed to convince her but she said not not here not now that I have to wait until tomorrow when we are alone before she left she asked me if I had a condom after I told her I didn't she told me that she'll distract my dad and told me to go to her bedroom and take one of his because he'll never even notice one was missing When I got to their room to get the condom I noticed that they were to small for me so I snuck out just to buy a box that would fit me unfortunately they only had a big box in my size the next day after it was just me and mom home (your choice if it's just the dad or if there's any brothers or sisters) mom came to my room wearing some sexy lingerie she saw the box of condoms and asked why I didn't just take one of dads I told her they were to small for me she told me that we better get started if we have to finish off the whole box before dad gets home (which is why she wanted her son to take one from the dad she'll have to do it one but if he bought a box just to fuck her she'll feel obligated to finish the whole box) Later after they finish the box and the mom was getting in the shower to wash away the smell of sex off her she hears her husband as he comes home and as everyone was going to sleep mom came to my room I expected her to remind me that it'll never happen again or not to tell anyone but instead she dropped her robe showing me her naked body asking if I can go again I show her the empty box and told her unfortunately no and she told me who cares about a condom The mom has C cup breasts and a shared pussy Your choice if the son noticed when his mom's mind was broken from pleasure to the point of her just wanting to fuck him even with out a condom or not
  25. Before Junko and Mukuro started the killing game they decided that it would be a waste for such sexy girls die so they would keep the girls alive and make a harem to share whenever a girl about to die they swap her out with a fake and then start to make her be apart of their harem by them raping her until submits to them When Kyoko examines the body of Sayaka she thought something was off but couldn't put her finger on what it was but Junko and Mukuro couldn't risk it and that night after the trial when Kyoko was asleep they took her and forced her to join their harem then had her return to her room In the first chapter its Junko and Mukuro having sex then the next chapters has either one or both of them making a girl join the harem or just having sex with a girl in their harem or each other All the girls but Sakura joins the harem because they didn't tell her what they were doing and when everyone found out she was a mole and killed herself