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  1. Shepherd she was born on Earth with no family she almost joined a gang but someone asked her of her opinions on aliens she was showed pictures of all the alien races (because she didn't know what every alien races looks like but she heard of them) she gave her honest opinion when she said that she didn't hate the aliens (the person noticed that when Shepherd saw the Asari picture she couldn't take her eyes off her) Shepherd was told she was needed to bring the aliens and humans closer together after hearing that she joined not knowing what was in for her she was taken to a lab and had her DNA altered with Asari DNA and kept in a small room she learned from the ones around here that they are in a lab that is trying to make it so humans have every strength of all the alien races so far they are in the starting phases by adding one alien DNA so far none of the test subjects lived After a few weeks they declare Shepherd was a success she and the Asari DNA was one (the side effect was that Shepherd now looked like an Asari at random times the people at the lab believe once the get all alien DNA the randomly turning into the alien wouldn't happen) Shepherd was not experimented on further because they wanted more successful merging before trying to add more alien DNA after years of being experimented on Shepherd heard gun shots when someone open the door she saw someone in armor she heard the Alliance Soldier that that their only one Survivor Shepherd trained hard when she joined the alliance her commanding officer even find an Asari to try to help Shepherd as she was trying to learn how to use her Asari form How this effect the story is up to you Shepherd learned to switch between human and Asari form before she was rescued and she only shows her Asari form to people she can trust until she became a spectre she would start to use her Asari form more Shepherd is a Soldier and she is only interested in Asari but she did rarely showed interest in human women but it was usually one night stands and Shepherd fell for liara when they first met
  2. It started on my 18th birthday my mom age 36 thought I was dad and I didn't realize she was my mom I thought I was dreaming about a sexy woman was waiting to fuck me like I always do during the sex we realized who the other one was (after I cum inside her) mom said since we already started it she doesn't see the harm in continuing but after we was done we are to forget it ever happened We fuckedfor hours and the next day after dad left mom was all over me saying that we should forget about forgetting because she can't resist my dick Your choice how long the story is
  3. T_B

    A Naruto Challenge

    Ok just let me know if you post it
  4. T_B

    A Jinchūriki Challenge

    Sure that would be ok
  5. T_B

    I'm haunted

    Yeah I don't think they'd want that
  6. T_B

    Backyard trouble

    I'm 18 years old and my parents are 36 and 37 they are happily married dad decided to invite the neighbors over for a barbecue and pool party seeing the neighbors daughter in a slutty bikini made me keep a eye on her in hopes of getting a chance to fuck her but instead I saw her flirting with dad and trying to seduce them and succeeding When I then saw the the neighbor wife in the pool and himself trying to fuck my mom without much luck mom looked at me and mouthed help me after helping her get away from him we went inside where I told her about dad and the neighbors daughter mom was so mad that she'll get even by fucking some other guy she not wanting to fuck the neighbor decided on the only other guy me Afterwards mom needed rest so she stayed in the house when I got to the living room Isola can you as wife glaring out the window I looked and saw my dad was fuck her daughter's ass and her husband was fucking thier daughter's pussy without warning she took off her bikini it's on my lap and fucked me Afterwards I was in my room thinking about how I fucked my mom in her room and the neighbors wife in the living room and was thinking that nothing will make this day better until I heard a knock on my door i let my mom in she wanted another round as we was starting another knock to my door mom hid thinking it was dad but it was the neighbors wife who like mom wanted another round after mom heard that she came out of hiding and said that she guess she can join me and my son in a threesome
  7. T_B

    Missions gone wrong

    This challenge is a story that shows have a Kunoichi on a mission when someone goes wrong and they end up raped Requirements one Kunoichi per chapter and that Kunoichi can't be used again and scenarios that has to be done are Hinata raped by another Kunoichi (optional she can make herself into a futanari with a Jutsu) Sakura was on a mission to get rid of some normal bandits unfortunately one had a poison that made her lose her chakra and and weakened they then gangrape her Ino was on assassination mission but was raped by her target (can be male or female) Temari was sent to capture a missing-nin (can be male or female) but was raped by the missing-nin Any others are up to you
  8. T_B

    Hyperdimenion Neptunia reboot

    It started when the the four CPUs was fighting in the skies of Gameindustri when Black Heart, Green Heart, and White Heart had a sudden urge to gain up on Purple Heart Purple Heart was barely able to withstand the attacks of all three she ended up getting hit causing her to fall from the sky the other CPUs believing they killed her felt bad about how it happened as to all of them it felt dirty ganging up on her so they called the fight off and went back to their own nations As Purple Heart was falling she turned into her human form Neptune on the outskirts of Planetune where she was found by Compa who nursed Neptune back to health when Neptune woke up they learned she had amnesia all she could remember was that her name was Neptune Compa thought it'd be best to ask around Planetune if anyone recognized Neptune After asking around with no luck Neptune said that the only place left to ask was the big building which Compa said that the Basilicom where the CPUs Purple Heart and Purple Sister live and rule from and she believes with the fighting between the CPUs that they shouldn't bother to bother them unless it was really important Neptune agreed they decided to check out Lastation next but needed credits so they did a quest During the quest Neptune found out she has as she called it a sexy super form she and Compa decided only to use it on super strong monsters they also meet IF who joined them on their way to Lastation they met Black Heart she assumed they were assassins after who and fought them to her embarrassment she lost to three humans and did a tactical retreat with Neptune wanting to know why she attacks them right after her with IF yelling at Neptune to not to chase the Lastation's CPU Black Heart thinking she got away turned into her human form only to be surprised groped by one of the girls or in her mind assassins after her afraid she saw her transform (no one knows the human forms of the CPUs except for themselves and their sisters not even the CPUs know the identity of aCPU from a different Nation) Noire feeling bad about attacking civilians (Neptune didn't transform so Noire did not realize she's Purple Heart) she offered to show them around Lastation with IF and Compa choosing to ask around about Neptune so Neptune was the only one hanging out with Noire afterwords the two of them was in a hotel room when Neptune told Noire that she enjoyed hanging out with her but her favorite part was when they met because she got to touch her breasts one thing led to another which led to sex and Noire learned two things about Neptune one all she wears for underwear was striped panties with no bra and Two Neptune has no patience as she was going to rip Noire's clothes off to get her naked faster after they had sex Noire and Neptune was having a touching moment when Noire noticed IF and Compa looking at their nude bodies she covered herself up and the Neptune when she noticed that Neptune didn't mind letting her friends see her naked asked them how long they was there IF looked embarrassed trying to think of an answer when Compa said they came in when Noire started getting naked hearing that Noire put on her clothes fast and left embarrassed How it turned out in the other Nations it's up to you but Neptune has to have sex with Vert and Blanc without them knowing that she is Purple Heart after Neptune finished and the other nations IF finally learned of Neptune's "sexy super form" and told Neptune she found out her identity and took her to Planetune's Basilicom where Neptune learned the truth Purple Sister after seeing how close Neptune was to IF and Compa turn into her human form to introduce herself The rest of the story is up to but have to have Not long after Compa met Neptune they had sex Neptune wanting to try and having sex with IF but chose not to after seeing Compa who fell for IF Neptune deciding sex with Noire was best doing her best to get Noire to be her girlfriend Neptune finding an item that changed her age appearance into looking like the Neptune from the ultra dimension you choice if it's temporary or permanent The pairings are Neptune with a few women until she figured out she loves Noire then she focuses on her only Compa with IF Nepgear with Uni Optional Neptune, Noire, Nepgear, and Uni was hunting a monster that make people go out of control with lust and have sex/rape the first person they see when they breathe it's mist right as they do the killing blow it will let out its mist Noire notice it fast and told everyone to close their eyes and to find there girlfriend unfortunately they ended up when they open their eyes there's looking at their sister instead of their girlfriend so Neptune had sex with Nepgear and Noire had sex with Uni
  9. T_B

    The Demonic princess

    Long time ago the Demonic Realm was in chaos one man decided to bring order to the Demonic Realm but to get the other demons to listen to him he had to prove myself so he removed his Lust, Pride, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Gluttony, and Sloth which became new demons they was stronger than the average demon and was extremely loyal to their father so the he became the first Demonic King for years the Demonic Realm was living in peace until the the king realized he wasn't going to live much longer and he never made an heir because he removed his Lust he lost his desire to have sex and he died before choosing one of the great sins (the name the demons call the demons born from his Lust, Pride, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Gluttony, and Sloth) After his death the 6 sins (Sloth didn't want to take over) when to war against each other to see who would rule over the Demonic Realm after a few weeks they learn they didn't have long ether as with their father dead they are going to to die soon because they are a part of him the weakest of the sins went first (Gluttony and Sloth) until until the strongest of them was (Lust, Pride, and Wrath) doing a fight they felt a ancient Evil awakened that the father sealed away they went to stop it leaving their kids to fight the sins died to reseal it unfortunately it also left Demonic Realm with them dead the war was no longer an even fight as Pride and Wrath never trained their kids because of Pride's pride and Wrath's wrath but Lust did trained her daughters (Lust's daughters became known as the succubus they are also the only female only demon race all other races can be male or female) With the succubus as the queen she tried to make peace with the humans of the Human Realm but because of the other sins sending their demons during the war the humans was scared of the demons and the demons meet their wost enemy the angels if years the demons tried to make peace they even got though some of the Humans but he angels always attack a demon as soon as it could even after a demon saved a human or an angel (demons and angels can disguise themselves as humans) and they even kill human who side with the demons The angels live in the Angelic Realm they have a king who like his ancestors thought that they were always on the side of Justice and anyone who is against them is a evil that must be destroyed there are all evil angels but it takes a lot of convincing of the angels to admit one of them turned evil when one is found out it is usually killed but the first was the strongest and had to be sealed away How much the human Realm has changed is up to you but the demonic princess come to the human Realm and meet and fell in love with a man had a kid and the three of them was planning to move to the Demonic Realm but first you have to find someone to take over his duty as Clan head unfortunately the demonic princess had received a summons to return to the Demonic Realm she promise she'll be back but after a few years the man assumed the worst and threw himself into his duty and when his cousin asked him to send someone to be the next jinchuriki of the nine-tailed fox so he sent the best choice his own daughter Kushina not long after she became a Kunoichi the only family that came with her was killed and she kidnapped she was starting to hate humans until Minato saved her after a few months Minato asked her out but unfortunately she said if he knew the truth about her he would hate her and to prove it she told him she was a demon (the Uzumakis knew the truth about her and her mom but don't care but people of the leaf seemed to hate demons and Kushina didn't know she was royalty) Minato told her that her being a demon doesn't change anything as they were about to kiss they heard a woman go aww Minato tried to protect Kushina but she ran to the woman yelling mom Kushina left to the demon Realm but she and Minato secretly met up for dates after Minato got a team the Royal demonic Army appeared in the sky of the leaf Village with Kushina leading them she was demanding that the third Hokage hand over one man when he refused she said she'll just take him then and Order her troops to attack some of the ninjas realized the demons want killing anyone and Minatos students was secretly following him and following them was the third Hokage and Jiraiya they caught up to Kushina capturing the man she was after she then revealed he was a demon traitor who assassinated her mom and the punishment for assaulting royalty was a slow and painful death but before they got there how to torture him for information on who he worked for as she was leaving Minato asked if their date is still on with Kushina saying yes Years later a pregnant Kushina appeared in front of Minato telling him it was time after giving birth to their daughter Naruko Uzumaki they was attacked by a masked man Who removed two nine tails from Kushina after beating him Minato sealed the nine-tailed fox company in Naruko as the third Hokage and some ninjas appeared they saw demons carrying away Kushina but only a few noticed the baby over the next few years a mysterious girl would appear in the village causing mischief and disappear Without a trace the villagers try to get the Hokage to stop her but kept telling them she was harmless they soon saw that as well when they saw her playing with a Hyuga girl when Naruko was old enough Kushina (she lived thanks to Demonic Realms doctors) sent her to live in the leaf Village to help her and Minatos dream peace between human and Demonic Realm Some information Kushina doesn't get together with anyone else as when a succubus finds her true love she doesn't fall in love with any one else Naruko is a lesbian who developing crush on her friend Hinata but don't confess until some time after becoming ninjas the same is for Hinata Demons and angles live the same years as humans A succubus have the ability to impregnate another woman because they come from the sin of lust who had many lovers but the one she actually fell in love with was a woman and her strong desire to start a family with her allowed to impregnate her love The other sins descendants have been trying to usurp the throne away for many years The masked man after he failed to get the nine-tailed fox he discovered the location of two sealed great evils the ancient demon and ancient evil angel and made a change in the plan so going for the truth he's going to for them betraying zetsu and Madara Naruko and the others are 16 when they graduate and the teams are up to you but Naruko and Hinata have to be on the same team Naruko and Hinata have the biggest breasts in their generation being D cup breasts
  10. T_B

    Money problems

    Not long after my 18th birthday I was driving when I saw a very hot woman was trying to get a ride seeing no one around for miles I gave her a ride home before I could leave she told me because I gave her a ride without even thinking about getting anything in return she wanted to repay me she took me to her room and we fucked after a few hours of fucking we heard some noise downstairs she said her husband is home then called him to the room where she introduced me to him she told him that I was the best fuck she ever had and told me he was a porn producer and got me a job in his movies I make good money but my parents don't let me help with the bills and they don't know what I do when my dad got hurt on the job he couldn't work for awhile when the money problems happened they still didn't let me help mom decided to get a part time job until dad got better unfortunately she wasn't getting lucky after a few days she finally got a job When I got to the set I was going to be working on my boss told me his wife got a very sexy 36 year old woman for me today and the scenario for the film is stepmom and stepson he took me to the meet her to my surprise It was my mom after leaving the two of us alone we asked what the other was doing here I told her that I've been working here for awhile and my mom said after failing to get a job she went to get a drink with some friends (their idea of comforting her) when some woman over heard her and offered her a huge amount of money star in a porn being desperate she agreed on the condition that it's only one movie and she only had to do it with one guy (she didn't want to cheat on her husband any more than she had to) She tried to get the producer to get charge me ( without revealing we are related) for someone else but he said it has to be me or she'll have to fuck more than one person in the film so mom reluctantly agreed to fuck me Afterwards mom and my relationship changed she hasn't made another movie she let's me help with bills until dad got better and the biggest difference is ever since the movie we been fucking behind dad's back Your choice what happens in the movie and a afterwards The mom has C cup breasts and she had to shave her pussy for the movie but kept it shaved for me anything is up to you
  11. T_B

    I'm a mob boss

    I'm 19 years old my mom had me when she was 18 years old and my sister a year later the three of us never knew what dad did for work all we knew was it go us a lot more money than the other people we like in a mansion my dad being the jealous type never hired a guy to work at the mansion and always had mom hire women she (he then did a back ground check on them) after I hit puberty he made the hottest Maids wear skimpy outfits (something my mom wasn't happy with until he told her that it wasn't for him but more of an gift for his son) One day some men came to the mansion and told us that they are here to pick me up for my dad when we got to where they were taking me they told me that dad was the boss of the mob during one of his business trip he disappeared they believe it was a rival mob and dad's ordered them should any thing happen to him I would take over After getting acquainted with my new job I returned home to find my mom working out her top could barely contain her D cup breasts and her yoga pants which showed off her sexy ass and thong with Dad gone I decided now was to make mom mine after a week of seducing her I made her mine When I was was going around collecting money from the businesses i now own (for the businesses that owe protection money some of the other members of the mob gets) one of them was a strip club as I was getting the money I met with the guy who runs it for me when one of the strippers got my attention as it was my sister I used that information to fuck her Any thing or other women is is up to you Some information about the family Mom has D cup breasts and a shaved pussy she only has been with three sexual partners her first was her best friend when they was curious afterwards her friend found out she wasn't interested in women my mom found out she was bisexual but soon got with my dad who made it seem like he doesn't like lesbian so mom hid it from him and the third one was me My sister has C cup breasts and a shaved pussy unlike mom who workout at home she went to a gym (it was owned by our mob) she made friends (the woman thought she was hot and wanted to be friend benefits with my sister and got what she wanted) with one of the women there who works as a stripper convinced her to get a job as well she hasn't been with any guy My dad age and what he looks like is up to you and it's your choice if he's dead or if he's captured by a different mob and being tortured for information
  12. T_B

    The Simpsons new computers

    Homer got hurt at work so mr. Burns bought him new computers so he doesn't sue he set up the one in his and Marge's room and in Bart's room but Lisa did the one in her room when Bart turned it on he saw one that said live he opened it he saw Marge and Homer on the screen he was showing it to her he then went to Moe's Marge stood up got naked and went to take a shower came out to get dressed all while Bart watched and recorded it That night Homer came home drunk and fall asleep in front of the door Marge feeling horny masturbates on her bed like before Bart was watching and recording the next day before everyone wakes up Bart sent her the video of her masturbating saying that he's not going to be going to school today and for her to after be waiting on her bed in some sexy lingerie or else he'll send a copy to all the kids and teachers at his school every one at the power plant and two special ones to Artie Ziff and Moe saying "I want you to fuck me" Bart kept his eye on the computer to see her when he saw her go in her room Bart hit record and watch her change to her lingerie what it looks like is up to you but it has to have a thong after seeing her on the bed he waited a minute until goingto her room When he got there he told her that they are going to fuck or he will send the video Marge not wanting him to send it (especially to the power plant they'll think Homer can't satisfy her or Artie Ziff and Moe she doesn't want them to think she wants them) so she agreed but only if Bart delete the masturbation video and to take his hidden camera (she doesn't know it's from her computer) out of her room that night after Homer goes to sleep Marge saw another email from Bart this time of them having sex saying he deleted the video like you said but if she doesn't want Homer to see this one to come to his room tonight naked Your choice how long the story is Your choice if Marge ever figure out how he recorded her is up to you Marge always put the computer in rest mode that how he spied on her all the time
  13. T_B

    Christmas Vacation

    I'm a 19 years old and my family decided to take a trip to the Forest for Christmas we will be there from the first of December to the first of January Who on the trip is my 37 years old mom my dad (your choice how old he is) my 18 years old sister my 37 years old aunt (she is the mom's twin sister) my uncle ( my aunt's husband and your choice how old he is) my 18 years old cousin and my 10 years old cousin During the trip I have sex with my mom sister aunt and cousin Some information about the family The mom she has C cup breasts and a shaved pussy The dad is up to you The sister she has B cup breasts and a shaved pussy The aunt she has cup breasts and a shaved pussy she works as a model her husband doesn't like her working as a model especially her bikini pics (she keeps the lingerie ones secret from him but the main character knows about them) The uncle is up to you but he is very religious think of Ned Flanders level very boring in bed (you learn after fucking your aunt all he does is missionary and doesn't make her cum ever The cousins the 18 years old one she has B cup breasts and a shaved pussy she acts like the perfect daughter in front of her dad but when he's not around she dresses like a slut but the farthest she got sexually was giving a guy a hand job the 10 years old cousin he is up to you
  14. T_B

    The sexbot

    If who ever takes the challenge wants to do the he/she can
  15. Takes place on the episode picture day instead of Dee Dee entering Dexter's room it was his mom after what she did to help Dexter was different she showed him he wasn't ugly by fucking him The story is from Dexter's POV