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  1. Before Junko and Mukuro started the killing game they decided that it would be a waste for such sexy girls die so they would keep the girls alive and make a harem to share whenever a girl about to die they swap her out with a fake and then start to make her be apart of their harem by them raping her until submits to them When Kyoko examines the body of Sayaka she thought something was off but couldn't put her finger on what it was but Junko and Mukuro couldn't risk it and that night after the trial when Kyoko was asleep they took her and forced her to join their harem then had her return to her room In the first chapter its Junko and Mukuro having sex then the next chapters has either one or both of them making a girl join the harem or just having sex with a girl in their harem or each other All the girls but Sakura joins the harem because they didn't tell her what they were doing and when everyone found out she was a mole and killed herself
  2. T_B

    The simpsons the last straw

    Homer came home drunk one night he end up thinking 16 year old Lisa was Marge and raped her Marge caught him she divorced and kicked him out Marge was worried about the bills and was trying to find a job only for Bart to not to worry about it and told her that he's been playing online poker and he has more money than Mr. Burns (do to Mr. Burns got into online poker and keeps losing to Bart) As the days go by Marge started to attracted Bart you're choice how they get together The story is in Homer's or Liza's POV until after Marge catches Homer then it is in the POV of either Bart or Marge whoever you feel it should be
  3. T_B

    Sharing the fun

    Its getting close to Ichigo's birthday and his girlfriend Orihime was having some trouble deciding what to get him Tatsuki jokingly tells her every guy would love a threesome Orihime thought it was a great idea and after some convincing she got Tatsuki to be the other girl In Ichigo's POV he just got to Orihime's apartment and when he opened the door he saw Orihime and Tatsuki just wearing lingerie he freaked out seeing Tatsuki was there Orihime told him what his birthday present was and they started afterwards Orihime decided that it wasn't fair and some other girls should join them The rest of the story shows Orihime getting other girls to join her and Ichigo Girls I like to see Rangiku Rukia (you're choice if she's with Renji or not) Yoruichi however soi fon overheard them and demanded to join them (just so she can finally have sex with Yoruichi) Yuzu and Karin on their 18 birthday Orihime decided she wanted to join them it started they each get their own chapter then they get a foursome chapter If there is anyone else is up to you Tatsuki has to think Orihime and Ichigo was virgins only to be surprised to learn they had been had lost it to each other a while ago Yuzu and Karin have to be virgins Orihime has a shared pussy any other girl is up to you if they do or don't
  4. Sam is at college and when Danny decided to visit her they went to a party Sam got drunk and Danny found her being fucked by almost every guy there hurt Danny left a note breaking up with her Back home when asked Maddie why he was back so soon he told her what happened Maddie was trying to think what she could do to cheer him up she went to the lab to get Jack to let him know that Danny was home and to see if he has any ideas only to find a note telling her that he's exploring the ghost zone That made Maddie upset as it was their anniversary she then thought of the best way to cheer Danny up later that night Danny was in the living room when Maddie came up to him in a sultry outfit and told him she's going to replace his bad memory with some good ones she then started to do a striptease/lapdance after she's naked she takes his hand and takes him to her room
  5. T_B

    One piece Luffy's sister

    One day Garp found a young girl he tried raising her to be a Marine like he was doing with Luffy but just like Luffy she wanted to be a pirate At a young age she found a devil fruit she didn't eat it she had heard of the devil fruits and had always wondered what would happen if someone ate two at the same time when she met Luffy, Ace, and Sabo she became their sister She some time before she and Luffy left (they were the same age with her being a month older) she found a second devil fruit she ate them both and ended up getting the power from both one was the futa fruit (feel free to change the name) it gave her a dick and if she gets her cum on someone they have to obey her for a hour but if she cums instead they have to obey her forever (they keep their Personalities but are extremely loyal to her and will do anything to please her) she only likes using this power on women and all of her pirate crew has been affected and is all female it's up to you who joins her crew but she has to have Nami, Robin, and Perona Nami joined her to try to steal the treasure she had and saw she liked women tried seducing her but when Nami saw her dick not wanting to give away her virginity gave her a blowjob she ended up swallowing the cum and fell under her power Robin how she joined is up to you how she got affected was by getting a cumpie Perona when she saw Perona she knew that she had to get Perona to join her crew she hunted Perona all over Thriller Bark under she finally found Perona and got her cum on Perona and told Perona to fuck her Her second devil fruit is more for combat and is up to you
  6. T_B

    Time travel

    I'm 19 years old I have a sexual relationship with my younger sister who is 18 years old but the one I really want is our mom but she is happy married to our dad as I was driving my car the sky turned dark and lightning hit my car My car won't start so I went into a nearby bar to call for a tow truck the moment I stepped in I saw a woman who looked like my mom did when she was 19 I went to talk to her I found out she came with her friend to complain about her husband but when two guys came hitting on her she left with them to one of their places I told her she can complain to me she told me that her husband rarely home and doesn't help with their one year old son luckily her parents was willing to watch him so she could have a brake it led to the two of us going back to her house which reminded me of my house as we was starting we revealed she not only looked like my mom but had her name too and she made a complaint that my name was the name of her son we fucked for a few hours when she noticed the time her husband was going to be home soon As I was about to leave we heard a car pulling up she had me hide in the basement and said that she'll let me know when its safe in the basement I found a photo album that made me realize it was the same one my mom and dad have when she came down she told me that her husband had gone to sleep and I could sneak out now but before I left I couldn't help myself I had to fuck her again (your choice where) When I got back to the bar and in my car to it started to spark and then the outside changed and my car was working again when I got home my mom and dad was out and my sister was in my room waiting for me in the morning like every other day my sister snuck out out of my room so our parents don't find out It was just me and mom home and I unintentionally asked her if she cheated on dad 18 years old mom had a horrified look on her face and ask how I found out about that I told her what happened last night she started laughing and when I asked what was funny she told me that she after a week she started to look for me and how she was ready to leave her husband to be with me and she told me that I'm actually my sister father She then took my hand and asked me if I figured out who she was in the past after I told her I did after finding the photo album in the basement she took me to her room and we started fucking after a few hours the bedroom door opened with my sister/daughter with a hurt look before me or mom could say anything she took off her clothes and joined us
  7. I'm 20 years old and a newlywed couple just moved in nextdoor to me they look like they was 19 years old I help them move their stuff into there house I asked them if they were going having twins because of the baby stuff they had was for both boy and girl They told me no they just wanted to be prepared for what the stork brings them curiously I started asking them questions to find out if they were joking and found out not only that they wasn't but the furthest they went was kissing and it doesn't seem like either if them know what sex is I decided to help the wife so the next day after the husband left I went over and started seducing the wife The names of the characters are up to you The wife has C cup breasts and after the seducing started after being told to she started shaving her pussy Neither the wife or husband knows if sex or masturbation they think that when the stork sees two people in love the stork will come to them while they're sleeping rest on the wifes stomach and they will have a baby in a few days later Your choice if the wife after having sex for the first time tries to get her husband to do it with her but if she does she will fail and only have sex with her neighbor also the wife and the neighbor could be having sex in the same room as the husband and he never realized/noticed what happening
  8. T_B

    The mermaid's gift

    I'm 18 years old and I'm on vacation with my mom and dad age 37 on a small island As I was walking on the beach I saw a woman trapped in some of my dads fishing nets after getting her out I found out she is a mermaid she told me that I deserve a reward for saving her she looks into my eyes and sees that I have feelings for someone but also sadness because I can't be with her she gets out of the water and her tail changed into legs She told me that she was going to help me get the one I loved but first I needed to fuck her after we finished she scooped out of her pussy our combined cum and told me that any woman who drinks this would have uncontrollable lust for me for 24 hours and if I cum inside she would be mine completely but if I don't cum inside her she'd be back to normal after 24 hours she then jumped back into the water and swam away An my way back to the house I was thinking of how to get my mom to drink this The mermaid has C cup breasts The mom has D cup breasts and a shaved pussy
  9. T_B

    The new king

    I'm am 18 years old I have a sister who is 19 years old our parents are the king and queen our parents ages are 39 for our dad and 37 for our mom Me and my sister always believed that she was going to be the next queen when dad died and she usually gets what ever she wants but the king got sick and was dying Before he died he told me and my sister I was going to become the next king shocking both of us my sister asked why she wasn't becoming queen he said that he and mom spoiled her to much and because of that he doesn't feel like she would become a good ruler he then told me that as king everything that is his is now mine That night I walked into my new bedroom and saw my mom packing up her stuff because she's now not queen she needs to leave the royal bedroom I asked her has husband and wife dad was hers she not sure why I was asking but said yes I then said then that makes her dads she then hesitantly said yes I then tell her that because dad said everything that is his is now mine that makes her mine now reluctantly she agrees What else happens is up to you The mom is said to be the most beautiful queen ever she has D cup breasts and a shaved pussy she was a princess of an allied Kingdom as It was attacked she ran to our kingdom to ask grandpa for help she then fell in love with my dad and after grandpa saved her kingdom she stayed to be with dad she's only ever been with two men my dad and me
  10. T_B

    Ben 10 challenge

    That's up to whoever decide to take the challenge
  11. T_B

    The trip affair

    My mom made a new group of friends recently she told them that her husband was rarely home and how she was lucky to have a someone to help with her needs (she was talking about me and how I help around the house) two of her friends thought she was having an affair like them and invited her to come on a trip with them they told her the trip was a no husbands trip and to bring her special someone When me and mom got there we thought we'd see her friends and their sons or daughters instead we saw them with two guys about the same age as them and assumed that they was their brothers The give me and mom our room keys and after seeing we was sharing a room I told her I'd take our bags to the room at the room I saw one bed and when I walked out I saw mom and her friends before I could say anything mom rushed over to me started kissing me and pushed me back into the room In the room she told me that she just learned what this trip was about it's not about thanking someone for helping like we thought but to get away with their lovers trip before I could say anything we heard moaning from the two rooms next to ours mom worried what they do when they found out that she wasn't cheating on her husband decided that we should pretend that we were lovers At the pool me and the other guys was waiting for the woman I was shocked when mom came out in a very revealing bikini she whispered to me that her friends when they saw in her suitcase dragged her out to buy more stuff it was just the six of us at the pool and with the woman all wearing revealing bikinis I was sure about the other guys but I was hard One of mom's friends pulled her lovers swimsuit down and started sucking on his dick followed by her other friend they told mom not to be shy like earlier in the room as there's was no need for me and her to try to be quiet Mom hesitating for a moment came up to me and pulled my swimsuit down her shocked was hidden but I saw mom's friends also shocked by my dick mom started to give me a blowjob after we cummed i saw one guy cummed on mom's friend face and the other her breasts mom though swallowed we heard people coming so we quickly left Back at the room mom went into the bathroom and came out wearing sexy lingerie and told me that she doesn't want to risk her friends finding out them out by fake moans The rest of the trip is up to you The mom and son names and looks are up you but the mom is a 36 milf with D cup breasts and the son is 18 and has a huge dick There is no swapping partners
  12. T_B

    Ben 10 challenge

    That's ok
  13. T_B

    Inagalactic pet

    That's a good idea
  14. T_B

    Naruko the shapeshifter

    No long after Naruko was born Orochimaru took her to experiment on her before he could see how his experiment turned out he was forced to leave the village Hiruzen had more anbu watching her to see what Orochimaru did to her after a few weeks of not seeing anything he called off the extra anbu watching her believing Orochimaru didn't experiment on her yet As Naruko grew up her best friend was Hinata who she was the only parson that Naruko told about her special ability (she'd later learn that it's a man made kekkei genkai) she can shapeshift into anything or one she can even perfectly mimic anyone she turns into even with out knowing them she can even change bits of herself for example her hair color or hairstyle or her height or her breast size but she prefers to keep herself normal Naruko is a lesbian and the story can be Naruko and Hinata only or Naruko with a harem with Hinata as the main girl Naruko can pass her man made kekkei genkai but because she a lesbian she can use her shapeshifter ability to give herself a dick to have kids Naruko even uses her shapeshifter ability for sex for example she shapeshift into Hanabi and has sex with Hinata but if you made it a harem Naruko doesn't shapeshift into any of the girls in her harem so if Ino is in but Sakura isn't Naruko can turn into Sakura and have sex with Ino even though Hinata or a harem girl knows that its only Naruko shapeshifted into someone else they treat her as her as the one she turned into because she's that good at mimicking someone If Naruko shapeshift into someone without knowing what they look like she'd have a black void instead of a face example if she turned into a anbu she can mimic the anbu perfectly but taking off the mask just shows a black void Naruko has to have D cup breasts and a shaved pussy Hinata is the same The age they became ninja is 16 the same age as during Naruto Shippuden