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  1. T_B

    Sex on the news

    That sounds alot batter then what I was thinking do you want to do the challenge
  2. T_B

    Kim the stripper

    Ok thanks
  3. T_B

    Kim the stripper

    Sorry I didn't think that would work I'm not a writer I usually stop writing before the end of the first paragraph
  4. T_B

    Kim the stripper

    Ok thanks let me know when it's up
  5. T_B

    Sex on the news

    Your name and looks are up to you but you are 18 years old you was walking by your mom and dad as they was watching the news and you saw the hot Anchorwoman she was and the Anchorman was talking about IQs the Anchorwoman confidence and in her IQ then made a bet with the Anchorman that no one could not out smart her if she won the Anchorman has to do something embarrassing on live TV (your choice what it is) but if she lost she have to do anything the person who out smart her says on live TV The next day you went to where the news crew was and was waiting for a turn as you was when it was your turn you managed get her with a trick question and made her lose the bet she asked what I want her to do you tell her that you want to fuck her She tried to tell you that wasn't going to happen because her boss would not allow her to do it only to get a call from the boss telling her to do it you, her and the news crew go to her home to film the sex The Anchorwoman name and looks is up to you but she needs D cup breasts and a shaved pussy
  6. T_B

    Kim the stripper

    I recently got into Kim Possible and wanted to make a challenge on it Kim has to go undercover in a lesbian strip club to stop a villain (it's a OC what she looks is up to you) during her time working as a stripper Kim found out that she enjoyed it and after taking down the villain (Kim took her down when she paid Kim for a lap dance and gave Kim a big tip to have sex with her) Kim being popular at the club was offered a part time job there that Kim immediately took Some people Kim has sex with is the owner of the club (your choice what she looks like) The other strippers (on stage and in private) Monique (went to support Kim in catching the villain by helping get the customers to be into Kim to get the villain interested and Kim and got horny watching Kim strip an convinced Kim to have sex with her) Shego (needed to get away from Dr. Drakken and happened to go to the club when Kim was working Shego made a truce with Kim no fighting in the club and paid for lap dance/sex) Bonnie (went into the club because she is secretly and lesbian and shame to admit it and only act on it by getting lap dances from the club and was shocked to learn Kim was working there Kim gave her a lap dance and offered her sex free of charge) and Ann Possible (she took one of her co-workers who recently joined and was a lesbian to become better friends with Ann took her to the club and found out her daughter was stripping there the co-worker not knowing that Kim was Ann's daughter paid Kim to give Ann a dance and it led to Kim and Ann to having sex) Any thing else is up to you
  7. Rick tells Morty that he set up secret cameras in Jessica's room and bathroom and can have them if he does a huge favor he wants Morty to go to somewhere dangerous to get him something after Morty return he found Rick hooking up the cameras to Morty's tv and computer (so Morty can watch her at home and wherever he takes his computer) when he was watching Jessica shower Beth (your choice if they are separated or together) walked in on him masturbating Beth seeing Morty's dick which is bigger than Jerry unable to resist locked Morty's door and had him fuck her After that Morty doesn't masterbate when watching Jessica and fucks Beth when ever they can one of the times when Morty and Beth was having sex unknown to them Summer had caught them and had them let her join ( first time has to be a threesome any time after that it can either be only Beth or Summer or more threesomes) Optional Morty can also get Jessica or if you want any other women you want
  8. T_B

    The tapes

    The headcam is a good idea but I rather have it be from the POV of the son because I'd like to see the tapes being made and occasionally from the dad
  9. T_B

    The tapes

    My mom and dad started dating in middle School they only ever been with each other mom got pregnant with me when she was 19 Mom has long hair D cup breasts and I recently learned by accident (dad was in their bathroom as she was leaving the other one by my room her towel fell off in front of me) a shaved pussy You are 18 years old and one day you overheard dad telling mom that he has recently been having fantasies of her cheating on him/in front of him and was wanting to make it reality mom wasn't sure as she told him that she'll feel weird not having sex with someone other than him he told her just to think about it for a week ( he was leaving on a week long work trip) and if she doesn't feel comfortable doing it he'll drop it and never mention it again A day after he left you told her that you overheard them talking and had a solution knowing that it be in his mind all the time if she refused and it might ruin their marriage you tell her she should give a guy a blowjob and film it and then give it to dad and seeing his wife pleasure another man might drop it for real Mom thought it might work but the problem was the guy she doesn't know anyone and if anyone saw a random guy come in the other Housewives will talk you tell her you'll be the guy and have the camera in a spot so he can't see who is You was hoping she'll agree because ever since you saw her naked you been wanting her and to your Joy she agreed on the night before dad came home she had you come to her room she was wearing sexy lingerie and gave you the camera and you started recording her giving you a blowjob she even swallowed the cum The next day when dad got home mom ignored dad when he asked her about it as she wanted him to see the tape on the bed that night after dad went to sleep mom came to your room and told you that dad loved the tape and was wanting more after "thinking for a few minutes" (you was hoping dad would want to continue) you convince mom to tell dad if he wants her to continue it's has to be though the tapes and tell her if dad agree to the terms the two of you are going to have to continue The next morning you was going down to get breakfast and heard dad say that he agreed and asked her if she can't wait to have a bigger dick then thim in her It's your choice how long but it has to show the tapes being made it's optional if you want show the dad's reactions to tapes It has to be the POV of the son unless you want to do the dad's reactions What's in the tapes is up to you but I'd like it if the son kept cumming inside the mom's pussy and fucking her in her ass something she never did before
  10. T_B

    The lust seal

    The story starts after Minato sealed Kurama in his daughter Naruko Jiraiya was trying to make a seal to finally get what he wants the most Tsunade but he wasn't having much luck with it he ended up having to hide it (your choice why) he decided the best place to hide the unfinished seal is on his goddaughter the years want by and Naruko's chakra was affecting the lust seal changing it now at 16 and about to graduate and become a ninja Jiraiya manage to remember the seal so he never removed it from Naruko after a few years he even forgot that he put it on her the one he's working on is nowhere near complete but the one on Naruko is almost complete Naruko decided to throw a party for everyone in her class for for graduating (the teams haven't been made yet so they don't know about the true test of teamwork) unfortunately for Naruko almost no one came to her party the only one was Hinata Naruko tells Hinata that this isn't much of a party and joking said it's more like a date Hinata said she didn't mind if it was Naruko shocked after hearing her say that asked what do people do on dates Hinata embarrassingly first thought went to sex but told Naruko some other stuff with end up with them having sex neither of the girls noticed Naruko and Hinata's chakra was mixing together and flowing into the lust seal as they was having sex The next morning Naruko and Hinata was walking around the Leaf Village Naruko didn't notice she was getting stared at any differently but Hinata did the guys men was still looking at Naruko the same but the women was looking at Naruko with lust Naruko gets a lesbian harem with Hinata as her main girl/future wife and the other women are just mistresses Just in case I wasn't clear the lust seal was completed not just by Naruko and Hinata having sex but because of the love they had for each other and because they had sex and the lust seal only affects the gender of the person who's has the seal is attracted to because Naruko is a lesbian only women are affected the olny one immune to it is Hinata because her chakra is in the seal No one else can get a complete lust seal because it's need the version that dryer put on Naruko when she was a baby and a few years for the chakra to change it No characters are genderbend except for Naruto/Naruko Naruko and Hinata has the biggest breasts in their generation (in the leaf Village Samui has slightly bigger breasts and then them) with both of them having D cup breasts Naruko has a shaved pussy and wears thongs and Hinata started shaving her pussy to match Naruko after they had sex your choice what type of underwear she wears Keep the figures of everyone like in the anime/manga for example don't give Sakura huge tits or anything else like that Who is in the harem is up to you Optional I'd like it to have Naruko and Hinata to have a threesome with the hyuga clan heiress Hanabi
  11. Marge has just finished turning down/letting them know she didn't realize what Sassy Madison was when she gets reply back saying that shouldn't lie and was told she should send him a nude picture of herself Marge replys back no and then started to to explain the situation in detail when he replied back with a picture of the front of her house and said that he'll tell Homer that she on Sassy Madison Marge not wanting Homer to find out goes to her room and sent him the picture and said happy now and leave me alone not long after that she got a reply from him saying why should i do you want me to put the picture online and show it to Homer Marge realizing the picture is worse than being on Sassy Madison asked want he wants he told her that he'll leave a package on the front step in the morning get it before any wakes up then wait for more instructions In the morning Marge got her package and after everyone left she opened it inside was a very revealing dress and a thong Marge saw she had a message telling her take a shower keep her hair down and to change into her gift and to come to the Hotel room he provided Marge was afraid of the answer but asked anyways why he replied because we are going to be fucking there Marge tried to convince him to change his mind but all she got from him was a promise that he won't make her leave her home to fuck him ever again When Marge got to the hotel room feeling lucky not to have been seen by anyone she knows as she felt like she was naked once in the room Marge lock the door turned around and saw Bart coming out of the bathroom your choice how Marge react to find out it was Bart all along after they finished fucking Bart tells her he can't wait to fuck her again only for Marge to remind him that he promised only the one time and Bart tells her that he promised not to make her leave the house he said nothing so fucking her in the house Any else is up to you Marge sizes bust 26 waist 26 hips 26 and Bart had her shave her pussy Bart thanks to some radiation his dick is bigger than a normal adult and was going to keep growing until he is adult Homer thanks to some radiation his dick is smaller than a normal child
  12. T_B

    My alien member

    You can change the name of Jill to whatever you want My name is Jill I'm 18 year old I have long hair B cup breasts and I shave my pussy and I'm called the unattainable Beauty by the guys at school why because I'm a lesbain ever since I hit puberty I've only been attracted to other women Tonight is the worst night of my life my mom (30) and dad (31) had set me up on a blind date without my knowledge when they called me down to meet him and when I learned what was going on I told them I wasn't going they tried to convince me to go out with him because they was worried about me "never going on dates" I told them that I have gone on dates and accidentally revealed I was a lesbian (someone I wasn't ready to tell my parents) my dad was a little too ok with it saying that is awesome (or something like that) my mom on the other hand freak out Me and her had a fight which included her accusing me of being attracted to her I couldn't audio argue with that as I did have a crush on her when she found out about that she told me she wanted me to move out in tears I ran out of the house with nowhere to go and not enough money to live I was sure I was going to die I was in the park trying to figure out what to do when a meteor landed not far from me curious I went to check it out when I get there I heard a woman's voice in my head she offered to help her if I'd allow it confused I asked her how she told me she can make it so people will have to do as I say I know I shouldn't agree to making people into mind slaves but I was desperate so I allowed her she then told me to get the power I'll have to win a battle of wills with her if I win she'll be absorbed into me and die and I will get the power but if she wins she'll take over my body and I'll be dead before I could try to run a slime came out of the meteor and grabbed me it ripped my clothes off and with tentacles started fucking me in my pussy and ass when I tried to scream for help another tentacle entered my mouth I was fucked by the slime for hours then it just disappointed I then tried to figure out what happened I heard her voice in my head again she was upset because she lost she told me that how to use my power (as she lost she scanned my memories to figure out the best way to give me the power she promised and changed my body to do it) she told me that to use the power I have to get my cum in someone then then they are my mind slave their personalities are the same as before and act completely normal unless I give them a order I look at my body and found out that the slime gave me a dick (I also found out before the slime disappear completely that the slime race don't actually have genders and it's race is technology a parasite and didn't realize humans did) it also made my breasts grow to a D cup The women Jill makes into her mind/sex slaves are up to you
  13. T_B

    Sexual lessons

    This story is about Jim (you can change any names you want) he's 19 the women he had sex with call him a sex god his mom is 37 she has D cup breasts she met her husband when they was at school and agreed to wait to hang sex until their wedding night jim also have a 18 year old sister One night Jim over heard his parents fighting they was fighting over sex his dad Steve had heard adout his friends sex life and when they learn that he only does the missionary position with his wife and never even heard of other positions (or ways of sex like titty fuck oral and anal) he tried to do them with his wife Brittany after they tried some of the positions and oral and neither of them being good at them they started to fight (it started right after Brittany gave him a blowjob and unfortunately she used her teeth) both of them blaming the other for their crappy sex life Jim heard his dad was going to sleep on the couch The next morning Jim noticed that his parents was still upset with each other but his sister Anna didn't the biggest clue was when Steve left with out kissing or saying I love you to Brittany after his sister left Jim decided to help his mom he told her he overheard them fighting and offered to help Brittany said that she can't have him help her and that she was thinking about finding a marriage counselor Jim asked her if she ever heard about of her best friend sex life and she embarrassingly admitted yes She heard that her friend husband was thinking of a divorce because she couldn't satisfy him and close to cheating so many times but then she surprised him by learning skills from a "Marriage counselor" Jim asked if she told her that and Brittany said no she just assumed Jim then revealed that after Brittany's friend found out about her husband wanting a divorce and Brittany trying to cheer her up Jim who just walked in noticed offered her help what she took and she was satisfying her husband in less than a week Brittany was shocked to learn that but after a quick call to a friend found out he was telling the truth and agreed to letting Jim help Jim makes her promise to do everything he says he first tells her to strip naked after some resisting she reluctantly did it he tells her to shave her pussy and then have her follow him to her room after looking at her underwear told her to throw them all out and they're going shopping later he then told her of her first lesson a blowjob and to practice she will be using him Brittany asked if there was another way and Jim said they could use Anna's dildo but the best way for her to improve it to use a real dick after some convincing she was giving her son a blowjob him giving her tips At the store he took her underwear shopping and was having her try on thongs and some sexy bras she was to embarrassed to come out on the changing room so Jim just goes in with her telling her that the underwear looked sexy on her she asked him to leave so she can try on the others but Jim told her that she doesn't come out you might go to stay in so she changed in front of her son near the end she told him to stop humoring her about the underwear as no one would want to see hey in them he took her hand and put it on his dick and told her he was not humoring her and here's the proof you choose if anything happens in the changing room Back home Jim told Brittany to go to her room for her next lesson and she was horrified when the lesson involved him fucking her your choice how the rest of the lessons go but by the end Brittany was great at sex but Steve was still the same and she could satisfy him but he couldn't satisfy her she asked her friend if it was the same for her she told her that comes close and she actually once a month actually meet up with Jim at a hotel just to get satisfied after that Brittany told Jim that he ruined her as she can't even feel good from having sex with a husband and tells him to take responsibility and satisfy on a daily basis Optional Jim could have trained Anna as well since her 18th birthday