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  1. T_B

    Dexter's Laboratory the bet

    Dexter and Mandark was arguing like normal when one of them said that he could seduce the others mom and the argument started to turn into a bet to see who could seduce the others mom first It's starts from Mandark POV as he tries to seduce Dexter's mom but ends with her slapping him for trying as he was walking/crying home he saw Dexter on his way to Mandark's home and Mandark wanted to watch watch fail he went in his house only to see Dexter and Oceanbird go her room Mandark quickly cracks open the door and watch as Dexter fucks Oceanbird It then goes to Dexter's POV and shows Dexter knocking on Mandark's door and Oceanbird answering it Dexter then asked Oceanbird if he can have sex with her she agreed and took Dexter to her room after Dexter and Oceanbird finish Dexter was on on his way home when Mandark accuses Dexter of cheating by using science (which was agreed not to be used) how else was Dexter able to get Oceanbird to agree Dexter told Mandark how he got Oceanbird to agree to let him fuck her because she is a hippie back at Dexter's home Dexter decided to try and seduce his own mom your choice how he does it Optional in Mandark POV curious if Dexter was telling the truth about Oceanbird letting Dexter fuck her was because she is a hippie asked her if he can have sex with her Dexter has to have sex with Oceanbird and his own mom Mandark has to fail at seducing Dexter's mom and can only have sex if you decide to do the optional
  2. T_B


    I'm 18 years old me and my girlfriend just broke up why because her drunk sister kissed me and was trying to have sex with me as I was trying to stop her my girlfriend saw us and thought I was the one who started it so now I'm in a bar ( I have a fake ID that I use to get drinks) trying to drown my sorrows when I see my mom with her best friend When I was younger I had a crush on mom's best friend she has short hair and C cup breasts I never tried anything due to her being happily married and I never had any sexual feelings for my mom until now seeing her in her sexy dress my mom has long hair and D cup breasts and she is also happily married I watched as some men and one woman go up to them trying to hit on them but all was turned down instantly I decided to go closer to hear what they are saying When I got close enough to hear them mom's phone ring it's was dad unfortunately the car that he and mom's best friend's husband broke down and they won't be able to make it to the bar unfortunately both mom and her friend was now a little drunk The next man to try hating on mom's friend convinced her come join his Booth his friends and not long after that a man got mom to follow him to the bathroom I followed them into the bathroom I saw mom get on her knees and start to take his his pants off I take out my phone and start recording mom giving him a blowjob after he cums mom turned around pulled her dress up a bit and took off her thong and let him fuck her in the ass when he was about to cum she had him cum on her face he tried to get mom to let him fuck her pussy but she refused and left as I was leaving I saw mom's friend getting gangbanged at the booth she went to I quickly took a picture then went home The next morning after dad left it was just me and mom I told her what I saw even showed her the video she begged me not to tell dad she also said that she only did that because she was drunk and disappointed dad couldn't make it to the bar with them I told her that I won't tell anyone but only if she'll let me fuck her when ever and where ever I want she tried to get me to change my mind but after seeing that I was about to send dad the video she agreed I took Mom to her room and had her get naked for me letting me see her D cup breasts and shaved pussy for the first time Optional if you want you can also blackmail the mom's friend to The mom and her friend had never cheated before and where the mom came to her senses after letting the man fuck her in her ass her friend didn't and was getting fucked in her pussy, ass, and mouth at the same time
  3. T_B

    Animal soul

    At the age of 7 Naruto was running from the anbu for a prank as he was hiding he found a old temple with fox statues (it not Kurama just normal foxes) when a spirit fox appears and said that if Naruto wants it's power he'll have to be tested to be proven worthy after Naruto proved he was worthy the fox Le out a light but the other Animal Spirits know that humans have proven that they can have their power The Hokage had Naruto keep his power a secret and had his ninjas try to find more thanks to the spies the other villages had in the leaf they learned of the animals souls and started looking for them to after a week no one in the leaf found one Naruto offered to help find some but no one listen to him Hinata saw that he was upset and as she was trying to cheer him up Naruto decided that he and her would find another animal soul Naruto took her to where he got the fox soul not realizing that after the animal Soul leaves the temple disappears they find another temple but to Naruto's confusion instead of fox statues there are lion statues Naruto accidentally broke one and the lion soul attacked him and was going to kill him but Hinata was able to save him and was found worthy by the lion soul for the next few years Naruto and Hinata secretly trained their animal souls Naruto told Hinata that tho Hokage wanted him to keep his power a secret so she should keep it a secret to (not even the Hokage knows that she got a animal soul) At 16 Naruto and his class was graduating and during the test the Hokage came and told them that due to people gaining animal souls a new test was made to test them and asked if any one had one everyone was shocked when Naruto and Hinata stepped up Naruto went first and fought and won against his opponent when it was Hinata's turn she was embarrassed and asked if she had to do the test when she she found out that she did she was upset because she wanted only Naruto to see her with her animal soul (when men activate animal soul to becomes armor like but when women activate animal soul it becomes like a bikini they both also gain animal-like ears and tail like what ever animal soul they have any other features that they gain is up to you) she also won against her opponent the teams are up to you but Naruto and Hinata are on the same team Naruto and Hinata start dating sometime after they became ninjas There are two types of animal souls unique types and normal types the unique types are one of a kind and are stronger and the normal types and the normal types have a lot of each type Characters who have to get an animal soul are Naruto gets fox a unique type Hinata gets lion a unique type Sakura gets cat a normal type Ino gets cat a normal type Anyone else is up to you
  4. T_B

    Timmy's "first" Fairy-versary

    If the person who takes the challenge wants to do it that way because that sounds interesting are you interested in taking the challenge
  5. T_B

    Mother's Day love

    Every Mother's Day my mom has been able to guess what is a present I got her so last year I decided to make it so she couldn't guess the next one for a year I've been saving up to get her an expensive diamond necklace i learned my sister was making our mom and dad reservations for a fancy restaurant I was giving them her credit card to pay for dinner and l learned later that night dad got mom some sexy lingerie (your choice what it looks like but it's required to have a thong That night mom came to my room all she was wearing was a bathrobe and the diamond necklace she told me that dad got drunk at the restaurant and she saw him passed out not on their bed after she came out of their bathroom she told me that she was a little disappointed that she and dad wasn't going to be able to do their Mother's Day tradition she then said unless you want to do it with me wanting to make her happy I agreed she then took off her bathrobe revealing her lingerie to me she then said that I get to see her wearing dad's gift before him she said that her and dad's Mother's Day tradition was having marathon sex their record is 4 hours before dad passes out me and Mom ended up having to quit when the sun was starting to come up so no one was suspicious as we was finished eating breakfast mom was telling dad bye and my sister was going to her room I was helping with the dishes when mom walked up behind me and whispered in my ear next time we're alone we got to pick up where we left off Your choice if you want to show more and what else happens is up to you The main character he is 19 anything else is up to you Mom is 37 she has long hair D cup breasts and a shaved pussy Sister is 18 anything else is up to you Dad everything is up to you about him
  6. T_B

    Teen Titans challenge

    Takes place after Justice League vs. Teen Titans your choice if it's before or after Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Trigon have been trying to corrupt Raven so he can get out seeing how he couldn't scare her into letting him go he tried to make her her evil but he sees that she was going to become evil he decided to corrupt her sexually and ruin the Titans at the same time he used his magic (he can only use his magic on Raven but if she was having sex with someone his magic can affect them) to change her body he changed her clitoris into a dick like form I even works just like a real dick and he increased her sexual desire Raven quickly realize what he was doing and quickly stopped him and fix the problem that allowed him to use his magic unfortunately she couldn't fix what he already did Raven with her new dick and increase sexual desire was having trouble seeing women and not having sexual fantasies about them from random women she sees but her biggest sexual fantasies and who she masterbates the most to is Starfire her second one is either Terra if before Judas Contract Wonder girl if after Judas Contract one day while masturbating to Starfire Raven was caught by Starfire Raven unable to resist any longer tried to convince Starfire after a little bit of of talking she convinced Starfire into agreeing to having sex with her one time Starfire remembers her and Nightwing's first time and how he didn't last long and expected Raven to be the same the only thing that she thinks will be different is Raven's dick size as Raven is bigger than Nightwing current dick Starfire also learns while having sex that Raven thanks to Trigon's magic can last a very long time and that Raven is a fast learner and was fucking Starfire better than Nightwing ever could afterwards Starfire tries to keep her loving relationship with Nightwing and her secret affair with Raven Raven just don't have sex with Starfire she also does The other female Teen Titan ether Terra or Wonder girl or if you want you can have the Judas Contract plot in the background so Raven can get both of them And Wonder Woman Raven can have sex with other women if you want to add more
  7. Ever since I was a kid around the age of 8 I've been telling people that aliens exist no one believed me not even the people who believe in aliens believe in me after hearing my story I told people that I saved an alien child and helped her find her family what the people who believe in aliens confirms online I'm lying is when I tell them that the aliens look a lot like us and when I mention that the alien child is a princess they say not only do they not only look completely different from us they can't have royalty as that is a "human thing" I'm now 23 living on my own even I'm starting to doubt my story about the aliens when I heard a knock on my door I opened it only to see one of them he told me that he wanted to talk and had me come outside he told me that he was the princesses guard but even after felling to keep her safe he was given another chance by the king he then told me that ever since the princess met me she been different the race relies on being logical even when mating they don't have what we humans have love but the princess have been displaying those emotions since meeting me and the king and queen decided to have her live with me and if she likes it and the two of us do The Binding ritual which I found out it's just the way of marriage but if not she'll have to forget about the human emotion I asked him when will she show up so I can get my home clean he then told me that she was already in my house I open the door to see that the inside of my house is completely different outside it looks like a normal house inside is like a mansion not long after that he left leaving me with the alien princess alone she is trying her hardest to get me to agree to do The Binding ritual One day I was walking home from the store that is close by I usually walk there if I don't want to waste gas will get a lot of stuff it also has an amazing view by that I mean that the path I take to get there no one takes and a hot woman has a bathroom window that I can see though and she never has the blinds closed one day I find a hurt and starving cat on the path I give it some food and I take it it the vet to look at it I leave it in their care when I get home I turn to close the door and saw the cat be for I could say anything the cat started changing it grow to human size and looked like a human but with cat is on her head and a cat tail she was also completely naked afraid of having the cops called I pulled her in in and close the door she revealed that lots of stuff from fantasy are real and that I saved her life so she has to be my servant for the rest of our lives it is the catperson way she tells me I can have her do anything I want whenever I want but if I want something sexual from her she tells me to be gentle as she hasn't been with anyone yet With the alien princess and catgirl living in my house things began to change the alien princess I was trying to make me fall in love with her by acting like a wife seeing the catgirl trying to get sexual with me she started trying to I feel like my dick Is going to break of them fighting over it and it was just the beginning of girls moving into my house It's your choice what the all the characters names are and what they look like This challenge is a harem challenge with supernatural creatures in it are The alien princess she fell in love with him when he saved her that act even saved the Earth as the alien king and queen decided to destroy the Earth but stopped when they realized their daughter was still on it and after he saving her saw that there was good in Humanity and not destroy the Earth he does not wear that though until she moves in with him The catgirl the catperson race look just like human but with cat ears and a cat tail they have the ability to take on the form of a normal cat and for some reason catgirls don't like wearing clothes unless they have to where catboys always wear pants A succubus a female demon race that enjoys sex a lot there's even a rumor about them that they kill everyone who has sex with them and there another rumor that says they die if they don't have sex daily she reveals that those rumors are false they don't care the lovers and it won't die without sex they just like sex a lot and the only do it with the one they choose to be with (the succubus is the only one with requirements on her she has to have long hair D cup breasts and a shaved pussy and look like a supermodel) An angel they are a holy race that lives to hunt demons believing all are evil And a human she is the only human to join the main character harem Any other harem members are up to you but there cannot be any duplicate race I'd like it to show that the main character is not comfortable with the whole harem thing happening to him but he start to get used to it he even convinces all the women in the harem to get along with each other as he does end of falling in love with them like they want but unfortunately for them he falls for all of them almost none of them are happy about that and succubus is the only exception she was the first to sharing being succubus she has no problem with having sex with other women at all them all bisexual he even had a threesome with her and your choice of her mother or sister
  8. The main character is 23 he is living on his own he has a good job all all he needs to do his job is his computer and his home his best friend was met in kindergarten while the main character was having sex with almost all the women at their highschool (both students and teachers) He just wasn't willing to do the dating scene due to his mom telling him when he was younger that middle school high school and college Romance never works out and just to have fun and look for love after graduating do to finding his job before college he never went and now that he's willing to look for the one he hasn't found her yet sure he's been on a few dates but none of them lasted more than one date after a one night stand he never saw them again His best friend was different he only ever dated one girl they met in highschool like him she never dated before him the was their first boyfriend/girlfriend they gave the other one their virginity the main character keeps wanting for the day they break up due to how his mom raised him (your choice how his dad is) One day the main character best friend told him that he wasn't able to pay their bills and lost their apartment and he and his girlfriend had to be out of the apartment by the end of the month not wanting his best friend and his girlfriend to live on the street the main character offered to let them stay at his place When the main character's best friend and girlfriend moved in he told them there are two rules that have to be followed (you can have more but these are the big ones) rule one stay out of his "office" if anything happens to his computer he'll be in trouble two there is a expensive vase in the living room it is a family heirloom that he Treasures more than life The main character is at his home almost all the time his best friend is out a lot to pay bills that he and his girlfriend use at the main character's house and to hopefully get a place for him and his girlfriend someday and the best friend's girlfriend like the main character stays at the house almost all the time she decided to make herself useful by help with the cleaning After a week of them living there the main character heard something beak he found his best friend's girlfriend and the the vase broken she was apologizing and had tears In her eyes as he explained that she was dusting and the Shelf came loose and the vase fail knowing that it was accident and not wanting to say or do something he will regret he just left to his room After a hour he was back to normal he was sad about the vase but not angry anymore he heard a knock on his door he opens it seeing his best friend's girlfriend she told him that she wants to apologize like how she does for her boyfriend when they have a (rare) fight with the one who messed up does something for the other she then said that the main character can not tell her boyfriend what she's about to do after agreeing just to make her feel better she got on her knees and pulled his pants down the main character sees her shocked face upon seeing his dick she started to give him a blowjob After the blowjob the main character started to notice that his best friend's girlfriend was sexually frustrated has his best friend hasn't had time for her he also noticed that when they moved in her outfits was sexy and kept getting sexier until now she is just dressing slutty her D cup breasts almost on display she wears now a very mini skirt and a thong with a see through crotch that let's him see her shaved pussy Not liking seeing her be sexually frustrated the main character after his best friend left for work offered her a arrangement to help her sexual frustration they will start having sex when his best friend wasn't here he thought he would have to try to convince her but to his shock she jumped on him and started to make out she revealed that ever since she sucked his dick she wanted him inside of her and that he has the biggest dick she ever seen (technically it's only her second when she was seen but neither of them doesn't care) They usually only have sex after the main character's friend left but they started even doing it when he was there one time they even had sex with him in the same room with out him ever finding out The main character's friend never learn his girlfriend is cheating on him with his best friend
  9. T_B

    The Pornographic mission

    Those are good ideas I didn't even think about Jiraiya or Tsunade's debt when I make the challenge
  10. T_B

    The Pornographic mission

    This Challenge and set after Naruto Sakura Sai and Yamato went to meet up with Sasori's spy mission It starts with Tsunade seeing if Hinata Sakura and Ino was willing to take the mission she explained that there is an assassin on the set of the porno movie the assassin target is apparently the director and he wants some ninjas to protect him but to keep the assassin off guard once the ninjas to take part in the movie Tsunade only agreed to take the job if her Shinobi would only have sex with the only Shinobi as the Leaf Village don't support sexual missions (your choice if the other villages do but the First Hokage refused to accept them painful II same for the second the third and the fourth) Ino agreed because she wants to get some sexual experience to seduce Sai Sakura not wanting to lose to Ino reluctantly agreed Hinata turned the mission down but Tsunade said are you sure you don't even hear who the man she was sending and before she could tell Hinata who he was Naruto enters saying that he was told he was needed for a mission Hinata looks at Tsunade asking her with her eyes if Naruto was also going Tsunade just shakes her head yes Hinata agree to do the mission Sakura and Ino believes Naruto just agree to the mission to have sex with them until Tsunade tells him the mission and seeing his shocked face making them just heard about it too On the set it was decided that Naruto was the male lead the director told Hinata Sakura and Ino to decide who will be the female lead (she'll be the one fucked by Naruto the most) Hinata wanted to be the female lead but was worried her shyness around Naruto would ruin the movie and thought he'd rather have Sakura be the female lead voted for Sakura but both Sakura and Ino loaded for Hinata making Hinata the female lead Doing the movie making Naruto was nervous for his first scene with Hinata he went to talk to her he ended up walking in on her changing he apologized and tried to leave only to be stopped by her telling him he's going to see her anyway and she doesn't mind Naruto seeing her (Hinata wasn't completely naked your choice if her outfit she was wearing for the movie has a bra and she is wearing a thong) Naruto seeing her state of undressed was making him even more nervous as he hasn't ever seen a woman as sexy as Hinata before told her about him being nervous Hinata hearing about him being nervous revealed she too was nervous she even accidentally let it slip she was going to turn down the mission until she found out he was going to be there now she her biggest nervousness is about losing her virginity to him on camera after Naruto heard her say that he ask if she'd weather weather she'd rather have them lose their virginity before they do it on camera unfortunately for them the director was coming to let Hinata know it almost time for her and Naruto to start filming and overheard them and decided that they have to lose their virginity on camera Sakura and Ino's roll in the movie is to stop Naruto from married Hinata so one of them can get his money at the end of the story the director revered the assassin claim was fake and wanted to use real ninjas in the movie when and the other villages was charging more than the director was willing to pay after Tsunade head that she charge the director twice with the other Villages was and said that if not paid in full and fast she was going to send assassins after the director for lying about the mission After the movie Naruto and Hinata started dating and few months later the movie was released and Hinata Sakura and Ino's dads bought the video after seeing their daughters getting fucked and losing their virginity on film to Naruto went after him they found Naruto with Hinata and overheard her tell him that she got pregnant during filming the movie and Hiashi hearing that passed out Sakura and Ino dads took him away their anger at Naruto gone and wanting to protect the couple from Hiashi wrath not knowing that in their own homes Sakura and Ino just finished taking a pregnancy test too and coming up positive More in depth of the characters roles in the movie Naruto inherits lots of money and is childhood friends turned lovers with Hinata Hinata ever since she met Naruto as kids she fell for him and had eyes for him Sakura and Ino comments how her role is a lot like her Sakura and Ino a lesbian couple who learned of Naruto's fortune and plan to get one of them to marry him then end him to get his fortune Hinata has D cup breast and a shaved pussy she was told to do it for the movie and after finding out that Naruto like it that way decided to keep it that way Sakura has A cup breasts your choice if she is has a shaved pussy or not Ino has C cup breasts and a shaved pussy The director can be either male or female Sex scenes that have to take place in the story are Naruto and Hinata (happens the most) Sakura and Ino Naruto and Sakura Naruto and Ino Optional scenes are Hinata and Sakura Hinata and Ino
  11. T_B

    American MILF

    Francine bought a new bikini from online when she got it she found out it was a micro bikini that left nothing to the imagination after trying it on she thought she looked sexy in it she was disappointed that Stan had just left on a mission yesterday Francine decided to go for a swim in her pool not long afterwards Haley came down to swim as they was swimming they started flirting with each other they came close to kissing but Steve interrupted them after they was done they went in the house as they was passing Francine's room Francine drag Haley into it and continue to from where Steve interrupted them Steve after seeing his mom in her new bikini he had to masturbate he stayed in the pool longer than them so I can sneak up afterwards as he was passing Francine's room he heard moaning and watched his mom and sister have sex As Francine was having sex with Haley she happened to notice Steve was watching them after she was done with her daughter she went to see her son she told him she saw him she told him she was not mad she even do it with him too Steve then immediately tried to have sex with her she stopped insane she just finished having sex with Haley I need to rest then flashed him her nude body How many chapters there are is up to you what happens is also up to you but Francine can only have sex with Hayley and Steve
  12. T_B

    The Family Affair

    When I was 6 my dad was hit by a drunk driver and died me my younger sister age 5 and mom age 26 missed him 2 years later mom's best friend (she's also is our neighbor) convinced her to go on a blind date with someone she knows from her husband's work she was watching me my sister play with her daughter (she is the same age as my sister and they are best friends) mom's friend got a call from mom asking if she can stay the night The next morning I woke up early because I need a drink and saw mom and her friend talking about the date last night apparently it did not go well with the guy but while drinking at the bar and complaining about the date to the waitress one thing led to another and they ended up going back to her place she told her friend that she didn't realize she was bisexual until they kissed Years later I'm now 19 mom and her girlfriend/wife (your choice which one) are a part of the family me and sister love her and not long after my sister became 16 she confessed her love to her best friend and she confessed right back they haven't been with anyone else beside each other When me and my sister what's ready for the sex talk mom was the one who gave it to us but her girlfriend/wife gave my sister some tips on how to please her girlfriend sexually the reason she didn't help me was because doesn't have much experience with having sex with men she was with only one man and it was a terrible experience she and her first girlfriend decided to try a the with a man she didn't enjoy it that much do to him not lasting long afterwards she and her girlfriend started having sex less and less until one day she found a note telling her girlfriend broke up with her and she's been sleeping with the guy ever since threesome she found out she was straight and just didn't want to hurt her but can't keep lying to herself anymore Being a horny guy I often spy on my mom and her girlfriend/wife or my sister and her girlfriend when they have sex then one day my mom got sick her girlfriend/wife wanted to take care of her but was called in to work unfortunately and my sister was on a weekend trip with her girlfriend so it was up to me to take care of her mom was delirious and wanted me to fuck her I couldn't resist after mom's girlfriend/wife she took over when mom was feeling better she couldn't remember what we did but she "remembers" a dream about her and me having sex that I overheard her telling her girlfriend/wife who jokingly asked mom if she wants to make the dream come true After sister comes home she and her girlfriend was slightly drunk I promised not to tell on them but I took their fake IDs they tried to convince me to give them back when my sister's girlfriend saw I wasn't going to give in offer me a threesome for the IDs the other was to good to give up so I had a threesome with my sister and her girlfriend After that I left them asleep taking the fake IDs after all the deal was I would give them back but their was nothing said that I couldn't take them again that night after everyone has gone to bed mom's girlfriend/wife came to my room waiting to talk in private she told me she saw me come out of my sister's room and look in there because she heard some weird noises earlier and saw my sister and her girlfriend naked with cum on and dripping out of them you tell her what happened she didn't believe you because she heard the noises for a long time and said that men can't last that long you tell her that you can she then tells you to prove it the next thing you know you was fucking her The next morning you over heard your mom's girlfriend/wife trying to convince her to make her "fever dream" a reality after they leave you sister and her girlfriend comes down and before you sister's girlfriend leaves she kisses you and said yesterday was fun let's do it again shocked you turn to your sister to see her smiling and after she left your sister said that before they do that again she and her girlfriend are going to need some more practice with you and she gets to go first Later that day mom came to you and told you that her girlfriend/wife has been trying to get her to do something with you and if you at all feel uncomfortable to tell her to stop and with that we had sex again (although mom believes it was the first time) the next few days my sister and her girlfriend has been sneaking around having sex with me trying to keep it secret from mom and her girlfriend/wife and mom was doing the same thing trying to keep it secret from your sister (your learn that after you had a threesome with Mom and her girlfriend/wife she told me after mom fell asleep and that she knows that I'm also having sex with my sister and her girlfriend she then told me that she is trying to get mom to think about her daughter that way too so who knows you might get to have sex with all four at once before falling asleep like mom) Your choice on the rest of the story but I'd like it to end with all five of them having sex The names are up to you Mom age during the story 39 she has long hair and C cup breasts and a shaved pussy Mom's girlfriend/wife her age is up to you but is around the same as mom she has D cup breasts and a shaved pussy (she was was the one who convinced the mom to do it) Sister age during the story is 18 she has B cup breasts and a shaved pussy Sister's girlfriend age is 18 she has either B cup or C cup breasts and a shaved pussy
  13. T_B

    Hawaiian vacation

    Your aunt won a trip to Hawaii but unfortunately got to busy to go so she asked her sister (aka your mom) if your family is free to go your mom after quickly checking your dad and your schedule and seeing we was free agree to take them on the first night there unknown to you your parents made plans to meet how to take apart the beach they found to complete a fantasy your mother had for a while having sex outside on a beach you saw your mom leave in her bikini after a few minutes you find your dad ended up getting drunk in his drunken state asked you to go let your mom know he can't come As you was walking to the spot your dad told you about around the time you get here the clouds was blocking the light making it hard to see anything you felt something on the ground you pick it up and discovered it was your mom bikini you then hear your mom say took you long enough dear then before you you can do anything she kisses you feeling her D cup breasts against your chest you get hard she then quickly pulled your pants down you see that her hesitate for a second start to suck your dick after cumming you can't help yourself you fuck her After fucking her you see go clean herself in the ocean you sneak away not to get discovered you want back you see your dad passed out a few minutes later you heard your mom was back you quickly hid so she doesn't realized you had fucked her from your hiding spot you heard her apologize to your dad for cheating on him something she never did the next day after waking up you find a note to your mom from your dad apologizing for passing out last night and no memory what happened last night and to make it up to her went out to plan date and get her gift You find your mom on the phone with her sister telling her about what happened before you hear her tell her sister how she knew he wasn't her husband when she saw his dick as it was bigger and how much she wants to see him but how she can't cheat again then with a blush she admits to her sister that if a chance comes up she won't be able to resist him After leaving to go "sightseeing" you really want to get stuff to make notes to leave her to arrange secret meetings with her for you do your best to keep your identity a secret just in case she decides not to have sex knowing it's her son but after a few meetings you accidentally let it slip who you are that night not realizing that she found out that it's you was trying to find out how to do the next meeting you heard a knock at your door you open it to see your mom and in lingerie until you know more sneaking around and fucks you then and there with her husband sleeping in the next room your choice on how the rest of the story goes You are 18 your mom is 36 she has a shaved pussy
  14. T_B

    Kissxsis challenge

    This challenge take place during chapter 12 or OVA 3 after practicing having a threesone with the Keita doll (aka the pin and teddy bear) and cumming they managed to return Keita's room to how it was before Keita got home Ako and Riko back in their own rooms both thinking about the kiss they shared and both of them still being horny put on the sexiest underwear they had and went to see the other they meant in the hallway and both admitted they wanted to continue on from earlier going into one of their rooms (your choice) and they then have lesbian sex
  15. The names of the characters is up to you but to make it easier to write I'll be calling me some random names The main character is Jake he's 18 years old He has two older twin sisters Ashley and Jenny they are 19 both have long her and shaved pussies and unknown to Jake they are in love with him they are identical twins nearly everyone gets them confused even even their parents Jake is the only one who can tell them apart how to his embarrassment he looks at their breasts if looking at them from the front and their asses one has C cup breasts and a slightly smaller ass and the one has B cup breasts and slightly larger ass The parents had the twins when they were young at the age of 19 after finding out she was pregnant they got married and they are happily married One day at the dinner table the mom and dad noticed that Ashley and Jenny was flirting with Jake and the mom worried that her children was going to be having sex with each other talked to the dad about it he told her that there no need to worry he believes that the twins are just doing harmless flirting to tease Jake the mom not convinced especially after seeing the I want to fuck you look that Ashley and Jenny was giving Jake The mom trying to figure out how to keep her children from having sex unfortunately she could only come up with one idea after her daughters and husband was asleep she put on her sexiest lingerie and want to Jake's room woke him up and told him that she had fallen in love with him and she needs him (her plan was to use her body to keep him from giving in to his sisters but she decided that she wasn't going to mention that his sisters want him so he won't try anything with them) seeing his mom in her lingerie with her D cup breasts almost completely on display and some goes for her shaved pussy gave in and fucked her the next morning after everyone else has left Jake found her cleaning and fucked her there he then carried her naked body to his parents room and fucked her on their bed and fucked her there for hours after that the mom found out not only did he bigger than his dad and for being new to sex (she took his virginity the night before) he was also better than him to (even though she only was with her husband she heard enough from her friends to know that Jake was very good at it) Not long after Ashley or Jenny seduced him with out any one knowing how long he was fucking his mom and sisters is up to you and how it ends is up to you but I'd like to read at least one sex scene with Jake, the mom, Ashley, and Jenny having a foursome