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  1. Bart walked in on Marge using a dildo Marge begs him not to not to tell Homer that she is cheating on him with the dildo Bart tells her that he won't tell if she'll start cheating with him for now on
  2. T_B

    Danny phantom The deal

    Danny not wanting to have his mom as an enemy decide to try to convince her that Danny phantom was good as they was talking Maddie told Danny that if he could provide that the ghost boy was good she'll do anything he wants Danny hearing her say that couldn't help looking at her body and asking her if that includes sex Maddie confident that she was right said yes not long after the said that Danny went ghost in font of her Maddie forgetting about their deal started asking him questions after Danny was finished explaining everything he asked when reminding Maddie why Danny revealed himself and told him the next time they was alone which just happened to be the next day
  3. As Maddie was leaving Danny with Vlad she told him to distract him after not finding a phone she knew what she has to do she goes back to the living room wearing sexy lingerie but only sees Danny he told her that Vlad stepped out for a bit Maddie told Danny that anything that happens on this trip stays on this trip because she's going to have to sleep with Vlad to get them home before Vlad has mountain bikes, cars, and a helicopter but no phone only to realize that they could take the helicopter As Maddie was leaving to change back Danny stopped her saying that she was going to cheat and that she already said that anything that happens on this trip stays on this trip Maddie reluctantly agreed and followed Danny to a room Back home Danny and Maddie walked in and found Jack taking a hit to save Jazz and dies afterwards Danny was in his room when his door opened and Maddie came in she got on his and said that she didn't want to be alone before Danny can say anything she kisses him This story is from Danny's P.O.V and how long the story is and if Jazz ever finds out or if she joins them is up to you
  4. T_B

    Comforting Summer

    The Smith family is watching tv when an asteroid was going to hit the earth but before it hit Naruto got in the way stopping the asteroid unfortunately killing him Jerry tells Summer to look out the window not long after blood started to rain down Summer ran to her room crying Morty goes to comfort her Summer seeing him she told him how wants her baby then she gets the idea to create another one Morty started to try to talk her out it until Summer took off her shirt and bra and his mind said fuck it fuck her Everyday wherever they get a chance they are fucking trying to make a baby
  5. T_B

    The owl house threesomes

    Luz and Amity have been dating for a few years now have some "friends" are asking if they can have a threesome with them Boscha to avoid going on a date her parents tryed setting up for her told her parents that she was already dating someone when they asked who the first person that came to mind was Amity only problem her parents heard she was dating Luz so Boscha said they was in a three way relationship and asked/begged Amity and Luz if they would come over for dinner and pretend to be her girlfriends how it led to the threesome is up to you Emira she heard them having sex in her room and started to masturbate but hearing them be so loving to each other made her feel lonely and went and ask if she could join she saw that Amity was about to reject her until they hear Luz says Amity and Emira together that's hot and realizing she said it out loud covers her mouth seeing that Luz would like to see her and Emira having sex agreed to it but only this time she told the both of them Skara seeing how loving Luz and Amity are got her curious what lesbian sex was like and begged them to let her join them once Viney is up to you Willow is up to you
  6. T_B

    Bart the hero

    An alternate tailing if the simpsons movie Homer ended up freezing to death in Alaska your choice if the family learn of his death or believes he chose to stay in Alaska Bart ended up saving the town and he and Marge ended up falling in love Marge and Bart started acting awkward around each other and after a few days Lisa told them to just fuck already (she believes they just have sexual tension and believes they just need to let it out of their system) and went to her room Marge and Bart looked at each other Bart followed her to her room after a few hours Lisa found them on the couch making out Marge tells her that she and Bart are now dating and after a few months they get married
  7. T_B

    American lust

    I injoyed it keep up the good work
  8. T_B

    American lust

    Go ahead can't wait to see it
  9. T_B

    Maddie's wish

    One day Maddie wished she and Danny would be closer and Desiree heard it and granted it which led to them having sex
  10. T_B

    Lover's license

    After getting drunk Homer decided to sell some stuff Bart saw that Homer put his and Marge's marriage licence up for sell and bought it because he didn't want some weirdo to buy it and become married to Marge (Bart doesn't know how marriage licence works) The next morning he was going to give it back to his parents but when Marge sees it she is shocked to learn that she and Homer doesn't actually have a marriage licence instead they have a lover's license and it says that Marge is the lover of who ever owns it Marge tells Homer that not only that they actually get married they have to make sure that they make sure that they keep the lover's license out of the wrong hands after Homer tells Marge that he ended up selling it to Bart and that he'll get it back before trying to kiss her but Marge stopped him and said sorry Homer walking over to Bart she kisses him After getting kissed by Marge he watched her kick Homer out if the house and then Marge took Bart to his new room with her and they had sex How many chapters is up to you
  11. T_B

    Sex education

    Takes place during whacking day As Marge was home schooling Bart she decided that it was time for sex ed she told him she was just going to show him a tape but she didn't feel like the tape was impropriate so she told him to follow her She told him she'll only do this once and it's for his education before he could ask what she was going to do Marge took off her dress Even though Marge said it was a one time thing she injoyed it to much to stop so she had it become a daily occurrence and when Bart was able to to go back to school he didn't want to go back and Marge promised that they'll still be having sex Its from Bart's P.O.V and Marge has a shaved pussy
  12. T_B

    Family loving

    I'm a 18 old man I live with my 37 mom and her 36 sister and her 18 year old daughter Why do my aunt and cousin lives with us when me and my cousin was babies our dads was in a car accident that killed them When I hit puberty I found out why my mom and aunt doesn't drink much when they get drunk they get horny and i caught them having sex together ever since then I've had feelings for my mom I wasn't the only one to fall for a family member my cousin apparently fell for me my aunt for for her daughter and me and is trying to hook us up and my mom for me and her sister How the four became lover's is up to you The mom has D cup breasts and a shared pussy the aunt has B cup breasts and a shared pussy and the cousin has C cup breasts and a shared pussy
  13. T_B

    American lust

    Stan and Haley got locked in the basement by Roger who ended up forgetting they was in there after a few hours Haley starting to yell for help hoping someone would hear her only for Stan to tell he made the basement soundproof it got to hot and Haley and Stan removed some clothes to keep cool in just their underwear they couldn't control themselves and ended up fucking When they finally got out they said no one can ever know what happened and then immediately started making out and went to Haley's room to go again it went on for a few days until Steve caught them he told them he wants to fuck Haley and Francine Stan and Haley who just finished agreed Is your choice how they get Francine to join and if Francine and Haley have lesbian sex or not
  14. T_B

    Merry sexmas

    For the last few years me and my twin sister have had a tradition of having sex on every every christmas however this was going to be the year we wouldn't be having sex because this year I have a girlfriend however I learned that my sister told my girlfriend of our tradition and convinced my girlfriend to join us this year
  15. T_B

    Weekend seduction

    One day I saw my sister come out of the bathroom aftervher shower it was one of the rare days she forgot to bring in a change of clothes and was just wearing a towel I also saw dad watching her wanting her towel to fall off her I convinced him to let me take mom for the weekend and try to seduce her while dad stays here and try to seduce sister First part of the story is a POV of the son as he seduces the mom the second part is a POV of the dad as he seduces his daughter with a optional third part with the son POV as the family ends up having an orgy The mom is a milf with D cup breasts and a shared pussy the sister has C cup breasts and a shared pussy If the orgy happens the mom and sister can get sexual with each other but the son and dad can't and the mom tells the dad that she prefers her sons dick but the sister also revealed that she prefers the dad's dick