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  1. T_B

    Female Link challenge

    This challenge doesn't take place in any of the games but you can use anything from them and you can call the female Link anything you want but to make it easier for me to make this challenge I'll be calling her Link Link was a guard at her village since she was a little girl she took up living in the dangerous forest by the village to help with her training many people in the village believe that she became crazy living there when she told them about a talking tree she became friends with On her 18th birthday the Deku tree told her about a dungeon nearby that will reveal her destiny at the end of the dungeon she found a stone tablet that says in this chest is the armor of the chosen hero that takes the form best suited for its owner when she opened it inside the top was like a bikini top and the bottom was a mini skirt (if you want to have her get other armor besides the original Zora and Goron like in breath of the wild the moment she gets it it changes into a sexy and revealing outfit for example the Zora armor became just a very revealing bikini) When she got back to the Deku tree the forest was on fire and the Deku tree was dying he told Link that while she was gone Ganondorf attacked and stole the ancient artifact he was holding he told Link she needs to get to Princess Zelda when Link gets to Zelda she told Link that Ganondorf was turning her people into monsters in hopes of finding the artifacts and the lost temple the artifacts would help him remove the pieces of Triforce from herself and Link and the temple will recombined the artifacts what she doesn't know is at the temple is where he needs them to take out the Triforce and the location of the temple The location of the artifacts are With the Deku tree With the Zoras With the Gorons With the Gerudos In Zelda's Castle Optional one if you want the Ritos to be in this story they have one if not then there are only five artifacts Zelda ends up joining Link on the Adventure Link gets a lesbian harem with Zelda as her main girl and a bunch of other women the meet on the journey
  2. T_B

    One piece the harem

    Sure if you want to
  3. T_B

    Repopulating the human race

    No you can do anything you want to do
  4. This is a story about a genius he's 18 years old he saw a giant asteroid was coming to hit and destroy Earth he managed to make a Space Station and a rocket unfortunately no one believed him at best his mom age 37 his sister age 19 and his best friend age 18 humored him they knew he was a genius but they didn't believe that the Earth was going to be destroyed or that he could make a rocket They got in the rocket as his dad left for work and they was shocked when the it launched into space and docked in the Space Station the three girls kept telling him to take them back to Earth until they saw the asteroid hit and destroy Earth they asked why he didn't try to save the Earth he told them that all his calculations on destroying the asteroid would have still destroyed the Earth the only solution was to move people off and have robots he designed make Mars into a habitable planet he then showed them on a screen the robots working on Mars He was shocked when his mom said that she would be going first he his sister and friend was confused until she pointed out that they are the last four humans and they need to repopulate she takes her son to his room to start saving Humanity The mom has D cup breasts and a shaved pussy the sister has B cup breasts and a shaved pussy and the friend has C cup breasts and a shaved pussy The reason that the mom went first is because she felt guilty her husband was going to humor him and he was going to convince more people but she told him not to the three of them was enough to humor him and told him that it was more important for him to go to work due to he was going to get a promotion and she didn't want him to ruin what he been working on for years
  5. T_B

    Sex under the sea

    I'm am 18 years old and I've traveled the world with my mom and dad they are 37 years old I never understood why we was doing it until I hit puberty mom and dad had a goal of having sex all over the world they even did it on a plane and a boat they then take a picture of mom when they finish having sex and put it in a scrapbook Dad was proud for completing the Scrapbook when mom told us we would be leaving in a few days to a undersea hotel that night I found mom upset apparently dad was not willing to go he's terrified I love the thought of being underwater I accidentally let it slip I found their scrapbook mom told me that it was her dream to have sex everywhere which she'll never achieve her dream Wanting to make her happy I told her I would help her out I meant convince dad into going but she thought I meant I would take dad's place Me and mom left to the underwater hotel the first thing we did was have sex and like with her other times she had me take her picture but unlike the other times mom wanted to have sex the whole trip when we got home mom came to my room she handed me a new scrapbook with the picture we took she said we have to fill it up because the one she made with dad doesn't count with with all picture with her and my picture when I looked at her she was taking off her clothes any thing else is up to you The mom has C cup breasts and a shaved pussy
  6. T_B

    The porn movie

    Every week me my mom and my dad watch a movie that my dad rents on his way home but this time he got two one for the family the other for just him and mom before we could watch it dad got called back into work he told me and mom just to watch the movie with out him and he left it on the table not long after he left mom put it in After seeing it was a porn I tried to leave thinking dad got it for alone time with mom but she told me to stay if dad was going to have all three of us watch then the two of us can during the sex scenes I wanted to masturbate but resisted I look at mom in hopes of calming down but saw her in the same boat as me resisting the urge to masturbate we looked into each other's eyes and lost all control we fucked on the couch after dinner dad called and said that he's going to have to pull a all nighter at work as I was going to my room mom asked me I wanted to sleep with her we then fucked all night long The ages of the characters all the son 18 the mom and dad 36 The mom has D cup breasts and a shaved pussy
  7. This story starts from the point of view of Marge while at the Quickie Mart Marge realized she locked her keys in her car so she decided to walk home to get the spare key at home she took a fastest path home unfortunately for her her dress got caught and ripped forcing her to go only wearing her panties until they also got ripped making her sneak home without being seen she was lucky until she got to her back yard At this point the rest of the point of view is from Bart he sees Marge jump the fence and tried to open the back door only to find it locked he calls out to her he sees her cover herself up Marge asked Bart to open the door he said he will if she signs something for him he quickly wrote something down slid it under the door for her it says that she'll do any sexual act he wishes whenever and wherever he wants Marge said that she's not signing it only for Bart to remind her that Homer I throwing a party for his job and everybody going to be in the back yard soon Marge then signed it and sent it back under the door After Bart let Marge back in he told her to stop covering herself and then fucked her on the couch he told her if he was better than Homer to come to his room to night he not going to force her that night Bart saw his door open and Marge wearing sexy lingerie and her hair down What all they do is up to you the only thing that can't happen is Marge or Bart having sex with anyone else
  8. T_B

    Bulma changes Goku

    Takes place during Dragon Ball Super Bulma will occasionally invite ether Chi-Chi or Videl but never at the same time because she thinks it would be awkward as Bulma usually invite them over to talk about how their Saiyan husbands are in bed after hearing about how Goku is not only bigger than Vegeta he also not a selfish lover only problem is that Goku has not as much interest in sex so she decided to change that with the dragon balls Not only did she make Goku want sex more she made it so he wouldn't feel bad having sex with other women (after hearing all of Chi-Chi's stores she had to try him herself) After that the story goes to Goku's point of view he got called by Bulma to come over where he finds her in sexy lingerie and couldn't resist her after that Goku goes on to seduce Videl and 18 and any other women you want
  9. T_B

    One piece the harem

    Take place after Luffy beats the Arlong Pirates Nami wanted to thank Luffy but had nothing he'd want so she decided to awaken this sexual desires and have sex with him because what better than a girls virginity and she planned on charging him for any other times he wants her (even though she never does) During Luffy's Journey he gets a harem that has Nami Vivi she was sad to leave him but will occasionally go out to sea "official business" just to see him Robin Perona when she joined his harem she joined his crew Hancock Almost all of Amazon Lily Your choice of anyone else who joins his harem Almost all who joins his harem joins his crew the only ones that don't join the crew are Vivi, Hancock and Amazon Lily but if you want one or two from Amazon Lily can join his crew Your choice if the other guys learn of his harem The girls of Luffy's harem only have sex with Luffy
  10. This takes place any time after Issei and Rias started dating Issei and Rias finally got some alone time do to everyone else being busy Rias decided to take advantage of the situation and had sex with Issei later that night she called in all the girls to tell them that she and Issei and tell them if they see Issei about to have sex with someone to leave them alone After he had sex with all of them the girls then decided to do group sex Gruop sex I want to see are Issei Rias and Akeno Issei Rias and Aisa Issei Rias and Koneko Issei and the Church Trio any of them and one of frist foursomes your choice if there are others Issei Koneko and Ravel Issei Koneko and Kuroka Any other is up to you During the the group sex the girls do pleasure the other girl as well
  11. T_B

    Sexual fantasies

    This story is about the characters you revealing there sexual fantasy to their partner each character only get one chapter each the fantasies are Hinata wanted to have sex with Naruto in public and Naruto wanted to have a threesome with Hinata and another girl Sakura what she wants is up to you and Sasuke wanted Sakura to netorare him Ino what she wants is up to you and Sai what he wants is up to you Temari what she wants is up to you and Shikamaru what he wants is up to you Karui what she wants is up to you and Choji what he wants is up to you For each chapters the point of view is of the character who's sexual fantasy is being done Please don't make change the Canon pairings or having them cheat unless is part of the sexual fantasy like Sasuke for example if Shikamaru wanted to watch Temari have lesbian sex don't use the other girls or if Ino wanted to be gangbanged it has to be Sai and other guys don't have them ask Naruto to use his Shadow clones on Ino Free free to add more couples if you want You can do them in any order you want but please keep the couples chapters by each other
  12. T_B

    Nine girl seal

    Takes place after the mission where Sai joined Naruto was walking when he saw Hinata she then confessed her feelings to him they went out on a date after it was over Naruto he was supposed to walk her to her home not the other way around she then shocked him by leading him into his apartment and strips naked saying that she didn't want the date to end yet Naruto unable to resist her sexy body end up losing his and taking her virginity (they ended up fucking all night) when women saw Hinata they all knew what she did just by looking at at her (she was walking funny and glowing) Naruto on the other hand though was look at with fear by the ones that can sense chakra Jiraiya and Tsunade ended talking to him in the hokages office waiting to know why he is leaking the nine-tailed Fox's chakra After seeing that Naruto has no clue what they were talking about Jiraiya checked out the seal he saw it changed slightly it had nine circles around it and one was colored in they asked what he did Naruto not wanting to tell them was avoiding it until Sakura walked in saw him and congratulated him on finally realizing Hinata's feelings Tsunade had an anbu go get Hinata and after examining Hinata (with out anyone else in the room with them) confirmed her and Jiraiya's suspicion After Naruto and Hinata had sex his seal changed he now needs to find 8 other women or else the nine-tailed fox will escape and he'll die Tsunade also revealed Hinata had a 1 right above her ass she believes that the the number either means she was the first or his number one she then ordered Sakura go get fucked by Naruto so he'll live (it's up to Naruto and Hinata to find other women but if Tsunade feels they're taking too long will order someone to join) after afterwards Tsunade checked Sakura's body and saw the number 9 right above her ass confirming that the numbers are of importance to him with number 1 being his favorite and also the lower the number the more stable the seal is for a bit The number doesn't have to be right above the ass you can put it anywhere I just couldn't think of a better place Naruto's harem has to have nine girls your choice who they are but Hinata has to be his number 1 and if you want you can change Sakura's number it just can't be to close to one Please keep the girls bodies how they look like in the anime/manga Hinata has the biggest boobs out of her class and Sakura having the smallest
  13. T_B

    Seven mortal sins challenge

    A retelling of Seven mortal sins that involves sex pairings I want are Lucifer and Maria out of all pairings This one should happen the most and I'd like it to start out as Lucifer raping Maria with Maria slowly coming around to enjoy it Lucifer and Leviathan the out of all the pairings this one should happen the second most as Lucifer only started having sex with Leviathan to stop her from messing with Maria Lucifer and Asmodeus Lucifer and Mammon Lucifer and Astaroth Lucifer and Belphergor Lucifer and Beelzebub Lucifer and Satan Leviathan and Astaroth happened during their fight Astaroth and Belial Any other pairings so up to you
  14. Shepherd she was born on Earth with no family she almost joined a gang but someone asked her of her opinions on aliens she was showed pictures of all the alien races (because she didn't know what every alien races looks like but she heard of them) she gave her honest opinion when she said that she didn't hate the aliens (the person noticed that when Shepherd saw the Asari picture she couldn't take her eyes off her) Shepherd was told she was needed to bring the aliens and humans closer together after hearing that she joined not knowing what was in for her she was taken to a lab and had her DNA altered with Asari DNA and kept in a small room she learned from the ones around here that they are in a lab that is trying to make it so humans have every strength of all the alien races so far they are in the starting phases by adding one alien DNA so far none of the test subjects lived After a few weeks they declare Shepherd was a success she and the Asari DNA was one (the side effect was that Shepherd now looked like an Asari at random times the people at the lab believe once the get all alien DNA the randomly turning into the alien wouldn't happen) Shepherd was not experimented on further because they wanted more successful merging before trying to add more alien DNA after years of being experimented on Shepherd heard gun shots when someone open the door she saw someone in armor she heard the Alliance Soldier that that their only one Survivor Shepherd trained hard when she joined the alliance her commanding officer even find an Asari to try to help Shepherd as she was trying to learn how to use her Asari form How this effect the story is up to you Shepherd learned to switch between human and Asari form before she was rescued and she only shows her Asari form to people she can trust until she became a spectre she would start to use her Asari form more Shepherd is a Soldier and she is only interested in Asari but she did rarely showed interest in human women but it was usually one night stands and Shepherd fell for liara when they first met
  15. It started on my 18th birthday my mom age 36 thought I was dad and I didn't realize she was my mom I thought I was dreaming about a sexy woman was waiting to fuck me like I always do during the sex we realized who the other one was (after I cum inside her) mom said since we already started it she doesn't see the harm in continuing but after we was done we are to forget it ever happened We fuckedfor hours and the next day after dad left mom was all over me saying that we should forget about forgetting because she can't resist my dick Your choice how long the story is