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    Mass Effect legends and heroes

    After Shepherd destroy the Reapers she was only still alive to see her girlfriend Liara again after awhile when she doesn't think she'll last much longer a rescue team boarded the Citadel to find survivors unfortunately all they found was her. Shepherd was put in a secret hospital due to the council and admiral Hackett not wanting any seeing the savior of the galaxy in that kind of state. At the same time the Normandy crew was divided in two with half believing Shepherds dead half believing she's alive your choice who on what side but Liara has to be on the side that believe Shepherd alive with out Shepherd to command the ship it falls to the highest-ranking on the ship to get them home that person was Ashley/Kaidan. When the Normandy returned to Earth they found the members of each of the race that was on the Normandy waswaiting to greet them except for the Asari admiral Hackett whispered something to Liara that had her running away in tears after the Normandy crew Hood long graduation speech from each of the races admiral Hackett said that should be enough time then give them the location of shepherds hospital room. As the months go by Shepherd was healing and the mass relays was being repaired Liara noticed that Shepherd was uncomfortable with how people are treating her and was still having nightmares trying to think of a way to help Shepherd Liara thought that if she and Shepherd could go somewhere where not a lot of people will disturb her about the Reaper War would help she then remembered the offer she got from Alec Ryder using her connections as the shadow broker to convince the council to build an ark for people who don't want to be reminded of the Reaper War. After Liara and Shepherd got tickets for the ark they told the friends their plan and to say goodbye in case they got too busy to see each other again after learning Shepherd and Liara's Plan their friends had to make a choice to stay in the galaxy they saved or go with them (Shepherd and Liara don't know that they are trying to decide if they'll follow or not). Garrus wanted to go but not want to leave Tali so he didn't say anything Tali after thinking about it I was just a planet and she would hate it if she couldn't ever see Shepherd and Liara again Wrex decided to go so he and Eve found a replacement found a replacement for him who won't mess up Ashley/Kaidan up to you Joker decided to go and separate using her Spectre status drcided to smuggle the Normandy for him Dr. Chakwas decided to go Engineer Adams up to you Miranda was already planning on going because of Oriana was going and asked her to go with her Jacob chose to stay for his family Jack choice to go Grunt would follow his Battle Master anywhere Samara chose to stay behind with her final daughter Kasumi up to you Zaeed up to you Ken and Gabby up to you James up to you Javik up to you Samantha up to you In Andromeda Pathfinder Sara Ryder (if you want you can change her name from Sara) was showing her brother Scott around the Tempest as he just join her crew near the end Cora warned Scott to knock on Sara's door even if not locked because Sara and Peebee (Peebee stayed in Sara's room even after getting a new escape pod) sometimes forget to lock it. On the next mission Sara took Scott and Peebee to check on a distress signal found dead Kett and some strange human like aliens that was half organic half synthetic after being attacked by the unknown enemy they managed to beat them and found out one was still alive so Sara took it to her ship and lock it up in the medical Bay. After the the unknown alien woke up to kept changing the unknown language it was speaking until it saw Jaal it then started speaking in his language the Sara learned not only does the alien was a woman (which she had a feeling it was by looking at her) and that she is a Jardaan and that the Jardaan are born half organic have some synthetic with the synthetic parts of the body growing with the organic she apologized for attacking she says he thought they their ancient enemy unfortunately that all she can remember as her memory banks is broken right now. Back on the Nexus Jaal was showing the Jardaan (name up to you) around when Sara saw an ark she saw Drack go talk to some other Krogan that was getting off she saw a Quarian and Turian couple she overheard the Quarian that there not a lot of new bacteria so she can be out of her suit in a few days she then saw Liara and Shepherd she recognized Liara but she didn't recognize Shepherd but Scott did what happens next is up to you. This can be from the point of view of either Shepherd, Liara, Sara, or Peebee at any point in the story The Quarians and Joker don't blame Shepherd for destroying the geth or EDI as both suspected destroying the Reapers would destroy them to because of the Reaper Tech in them the geth made and give the Quarians a program to help with their immune system. The main enemy is the Kett and the other Jardaans and both are also killing each other. Besides Liara and Shepard, Tali and Garrus, Sara and Peebee you can choose if any other characters hook up for example Joker and the Jardaan or Scott and Cora
  2. T_B

    The sexbot

    Jake is a 18 year old genius he looks are average except for his dick it was big Jake tired of not having luck with the ladies decided to make a sexbot. He made the sexbot to be able to merge with real women so he can control them and finally got any one he wanted he was thinking who should be his sexbot first test subject has he was thinking he saw his mom Ashley. Some information about Ashley she is 37 years old long hair and D cup breasts and a shaved pussy (Jake learned of this aftter his sexbot goes in her) she also has the looks of a supermodel she and his dad are also happily married. Jake decided that his mom would be the best test for his sexbot he fuck his mom for hours until he heard ether his dad or older sister (she's 19) came home after getting dressed and having Ashley get dressed he tried to get the sexbot out of his mom but couldn't he told her to act like normal and to sneak to his room/lab in the basement that night. After examining her he learned that the sexbot completely merge with his mom and was impossible to remove it his mom will never be the same sure she'll have the same personality but the moment Jake gives her a command she'll leave his obedient sexbot even when not in sexbot mode she remembered what she been doing but not that Jake is controlling her she even stopped having sex with her husband (an order form Jake as he doesn't want to share his sexbot). What happens next is up to you if you want Jake to make more sexbots you can
  3. T_B

    The competition

    Me and my dad are competitive ever since I turned 18 to this year I started to win more I even overheard my mom and dad mom was comforting dad who looked miserable by saying so what of our son beats you at everything there's one thing he can't beat you in and that's satisfying me I then saw mom get his pants off and tried to get him hard but dad told her that it was no use because of constantly losing he doesn't feel like a man he can't even get and a erection The next time me and my mom was home alone I told her that I heard what they said and that I would beat dad at everything mom resisted at first but her sexual frustrations from not getting sex for a few weeks (ever since dad started to lose he stopped having sex with her) and she accidentally let it slip that I had a bigger dick then dad mom tried to make a deal with me she said we will do it once and I have to give my dad some Pity wins I tell her I would had agreed to her deal on only once but her asking for me to give dad pity wins has to come at a price and the price is that if I can satisfy her better she'll become my lover and have sex with me when ever I want mom agreed she then led me to her room where we start your choice what happens after Mom has C cup breasts and a shaved pussy she only had 3 boyfriends and the first two she broke up because they could not satisfy her and the third one (dad) was the only one who could
  4. Jumba created a experimental spice unfortunately he doesn't know what it does as he added a bit of an experiment powers unfortunately he doesn't know which one so he put in an analyzer to make sure the experiment wasn't dangerous as the spice has it's ability Pleakley saw the spice thinking is just normal spice took it and put it on his food. Nani was in a rush to get to her job so she skipped breakfast Lilo and Stitch just finished and left to check on/find new experiments before Pleakley could eat Jumba stopped him by asking Pleakley if he knows what happened to to his experimental spice Pleakley explained what happened. As Lilo and Stitch walking Lilo started to glow and she started to age Lilo realized she got 10 years older again so she and Stitch thinking that they accidentally used skip again went looking for him only for Stitch to stop her she locked where Stitch was pointing and saw Mertle and her friends still kids confused Lilo thinks it the work of some other experiment they separated to go look for it Lilo went to the beach and saw it wasn't busy (your choice why) and saw Nani tanning Nani was on her break when Lilo walked up to her Nani not completely recognizing her started talking to her (Lilo didn't reveal who she was not to freak her out) Nani asked her if she wanted to join she had a extra bikini (something David got her but she hasn't worn it because it's slightly to small and revealing) it fit Lilo but was wondering if all bikinis was supposed to show her breasts and butt (the bikini bottoms was a thong) so much when Nani saw Lilo in the bikini she knew why David wanted her to wear it she never had thought of another woman that way until now but now all she wanted to was get this sex woman naked and have sex on the beach after flirting a bit to see how she'll react when Nani decided to make her move. Lilo trying not let Nani realize who she is was trying to keep Nani from figuring out who she is was copying what Nani was doing and was shocked when Nani kissed her and started touching her with Lilo copying Nani the two of them ended up having sex afterwards Nani told her what time she gets off work and to meet her in front of the Birds of Paradise Hotel to continue. After looking for hours for the experiment when Lilo and Stitch got found by Jumba and Pleakley after seeing Lilo Jumba realized the the spice has experiment's 089 power to skip 10 years he said that the spice effect is temporary after Pleakley asked how long Jumba said anywhere from a few hours to a few days with Lilo tuning back to normal after he said that Jumba not caring about the age changing spice he was going to get rid of it as he doesn't see any way to use it for evil so he gives it to Lilo who asked him if she can have it. The rest of the story is about Lilo using the spice to have sex with Nani without Nani knowing who she is until the end of story then if you want Nani to find out you can Lilo can also use the spice to have sex with other women but no men.
  5. T_B

    Digital Adventure

    Technology advanced to the point where you wear something that let's you can connect to the internet and can see virtual reality without a headset with it you can even understand any language The main character is a 18 year old girl your choice what her name but to make this easier to write I'll call her Kasumi and looks are but she has to be Japanese she just got into a argument with her dad when she decided to tell her parents she is a lesbian her mom was trying to be supportive but she then learned that her dad can't accept his daughter was a lesbian as she was laying on her bed a blue screen appeared in front of her face letting her know that she got a email all it said was "Kasumi please help us" before she knew she was sucked in When she came to she was in a location she never seen before and egg was by her after touching the egg it hatched into twin YukimiBotamon as she was walking she found a village with some strange creatures she never seen before (the Digimon) and some other humans with creatures like her she after after introducing herself she and the other humans (how many is up to you but they have to be 18) learned from one of the Digimon want Digimon are and what was wrong with the digital world she was asked who her partner was after she told them about her two Digimon it became talk of the village because the Digimon never heard of two Digimon coming from the same egg I wasn't long until her YukimiBotamon digivolve into Nyaromon and then into Salamon after one of the other humans Digimon digivolve into champion level (your choice if you want them to act like in the anime where they go back to rookies if you do it this way the reason the Digimon give is the bigger they are the more energy and food they need so they stay in the rookie level if you want them to act like in the games and stay digivolve the don't need more energy but only slightly more food) her Salamons digivolve into a Gatomon and BlackGatomon (if you do the anime way they can stay in champion level like how Gatomon did) Eventually the one who decided to be leader was getting pissed no one was listening to him/her and they was acting like Kasumi was the leader he/she believing his/her Digimon was stronger than both of her's challenged her winner was the leader loser leaves the group doing the fight Gatomon digivolves into Angewomon and BlackGatomon digivolves into LadyDevimon shocking all the humans because they thought Digimon can only go to champion level both Angewomon and LadyDevimon tried to make it fair by having him/her pick who fights but like his/her human partner he/she was arrogant and lost to them both As they was trying to do with the danger to the digital world the human how left the group joined the danger betrayed his/her Digimon to get a stronger Digimon all to beat Kasumi but before he/she could fight the group he/she was sent to wreak havoc on the human world Until you want Angewomon and LadyDevimon to go mega they DNA digivolve into Mastemon but when they can go mega they stop DNA digivolving this only happens if you do it the anime way not the game way as DNA digivolving wouldn't be permanent in the anime way Angewomon's mega is Ophanimon and LadyDevimon's mega is Lilithmon The group eventually learns how to cross between worlds how many deal with the dangers problems in both If you want Kasumi can start a relationship with one of the other girls in the group but she has to have sex with her Digimon partners as Angewomon and LadyDevimon, as Mastemon, and as Ophanimon and Lilithmon The rest of the group can be any nationality you want and their Digimon partner can be any thing you want
  6. T_B

    The Simpsons the argument

    The challenge starts in Marge's POV Homer has started to take Marge for granted and not been satisfying her sexually Marge got fed up with it they started to argue when she mentioned that he not satisfying her sexually anymore he tells her that he's the best at satisfying her only for Marge to tell him a 10 year old would be better then him hearing that he tells her that if she believes that why not try it there is a 10 year old in the house the argument ends with Homer sleeping on the couch The rest of the story is in Bart's POV Bart and lisa went down for breakfast they had what they normally have but Homer had one frozen waffle on its plate as Bart was about to go get on the school bus Marge stopped him and said that she needs him to stay today as Lisa and Homer was leaving he Hood Lisa ask Homer why Bart wasn't going he tells her that Marge is going to use him to pretend to prove a point (Homer doesn't believe that Marge is really going to have sex with Bart and just say she did because of the argument) Marge asked Bart to wait in her room Bart was sitting on the bed waiting for her to get out of the shower after a few minutes he heard the water get turned off Marge comes out in sexy lingerie saying sorry for ruining the surprise but she forgot whatever keeps her hair up Bart let it slip by accident that she looks better with her hair down After hearing Bart say that Marge turns around make a sexy pose and said something like so you think I look better like this and does a sexy walk to him as she was getting on the bed she explained to Bart that she and Homer had an argument that ended with her saying that a 10 year old was better at sex than him and he gave her the idea to have sex with him and asked if he would like to fuck her Bart reply was to give her a kiss What all happens is up to you
  7. T_B

    Sex on the news

  8. T_B

    Sex on the news

    That sounds alot batter then what I was thinking do you want to do the challenge
  9. T_B

    Kim the stripper

    Ok thanks
  10. T_B

    Kim the stripper

    Sorry I didn't think that would work I'm not a writer I usually stop writing before the end of the first paragraph
  11. T_B

    Kim the stripper

  12. T_B

    Kim the stripper

    Ok thanks let me know when it's up
  13. T_B

    Sex on the news

    Your name and looks are up to you but you are 18 years old you was walking by your mom and dad as they was watching the news and you saw the hot Anchorwoman she was and the Anchorman was talking about IQs the Anchorwoman confidence and in her IQ then made a bet with the Anchorman that no one could not out smart her if she won the Anchorman has to do something embarrassing on live TV (your choice what it is) but if she lost she have to do anything the person who out smart her says on live TV The next day you went to where the news crew was and was waiting for a turn as you was when it was your turn you managed get her with a trick question and made her lose the bet she asked what I want her to do you tell her that you want to fuck her She tried to tell you that wasn't going to happen because her boss would not allow her to do it only to get a call from the boss telling her to do it you, her and the news crew go to her home to film the sex The Anchorwoman name and looks is up to you but she needs D cup breasts and a shaved pussy
  14. T_B

    Kim the stripper

    I recently got into Kim Possible and wanted to make a challenge on it Kim has to go undercover in a lesbian strip club to stop a villain (it's a OC what she looks is up to you) during her time working as a stripper Kim found out that she enjoyed it and after taking down the villain (Kim took her down when she paid Kim for a lap dance and gave Kim a big tip to have sex with her) Kim being popular at the club was offered a part time job there that Kim immediately took Some people Kim has sex with is the owner of the club (your choice what she looks like) The other strippers (on stage and in private) Monique (went to support Kim in catching the villain by helping get the customers to be into Kim to get the villain interested and Kim and got horny watching Kim strip an convinced Kim to have sex with her) Shego (needed to get away from Dr. Drakken and happened to go to the club when Kim was working Shego made a truce with Kim no fighting in the club and paid for lap dance/sex) Bonnie (went into the club because she is secretly and lesbian and shame to admit it and only act on it by getting lap dances from the club and was shocked to learn Kim was working there Kim gave her a lap dance and offered her sex free of charge) and Ann Possible (she took one of her co-workers who recently joined and was a lesbian to become better friends with Ann took her to the club and found out her daughter was stripping there the co-worker not knowing that Kim was Ann's daughter paid Kim to give Ann a dance and it led to Kim and Ann to having sex) Any thing else is up to you
  15. Rick tells Morty that he set up secret cameras in Jessica's room and bathroom and can have them if he does a huge favor he wants Morty to go to somewhere dangerous to get him something after Morty return he found Rick hooking up the cameras to Morty's tv and computer (so Morty can watch her at home and wherever he takes his computer) when he was watching Jessica shower Beth (your choice if they are separated or together) walked in on him masturbating Beth seeing Morty's dick which is bigger than Jerry unable to resist locked Morty's door and had him fuck her After that Morty doesn't masterbate when watching Jessica and fucks Beth when ever they can one of the times when Morty and Beth was having sex unknown to them Summer had caught them and had them let her join ( first time has to be a threesome any time after that it can either be only Beth or Summer or more threesomes) Optional Morty can also get Jessica or if you want any other women you want