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  1. T_B

    The mermaid's gift

    I'm 18 years old and I'm on vacation with my mom and dad age 37 on a small island As I was walking on the beach I saw a woman trapped in some of my dads fishing nets after getting her out I found out she is a mermaid she told me that I deserve a reward for saving her she looks into my eyes and sees that I have feelings for someone but also sadness because I can't be with her she gets out of the water and her tail changed into legs She told me that she was going to help me get the one I loved but first I needed to fuck her after we finished she scooped out of her pussy our combined cum and told me that any woman who drinks this would have uncontrollable lust for me for 24 hours and if I cum inside she would be mine completely but if I don't cum inside her she'd be back to normal after 24 hours she then jumped back into the water and swam away An my way back to the house I was thinking of how to get my mom to drink this The mermaid has C cup breasts The mom has D cup breasts and a shaved pussy
  2. T_B

    The new king

    I'm am 18 years old I have a sister who is 19 years old our parents are the king and queen our parents ages are 39 for our dad and 37 for our mom Me and my sister always believed that she was going to be the next queen when dad died and she usually gets what ever she wants but the king got sick and was dying Before he died he told me and my sister I was going to become the next king shocking both of us my sister asked why she wasn't becoming queen he said that he and mom spoiled her to much and because of that he doesn't feel like she would become a good ruler he then told me that as king everything that is his is now mine That night I walked into my new bedroom and saw my mom packing up her stuff because she's now not queen she needs to leave the royal bedroom I asked her has husband and wife dad was hers she not sure why I was asking but said yes I then said then that makes her dads she then hesitantly said yes I then tell her that because dad said everything that is his is now mine that makes her mine now reluctantly she agrees What else happens is up to you The mom is said to be the most beautiful queen ever she has D cup breasts and a shaved pussy she was a princess of an allied Kingdom as It was attacked she ran to our kingdom to ask grandpa for help she then fell in love with my dad and after grandpa saved her kingdom she stayed to be with dad she's only ever been with two men my dad and me
  3. T_B

    Ben 10 challenge

    That's up to whoever decide to take the challenge
  4. T_B

    The trip affair

    My mom made a new group of friends recently she told them that her husband was rarely home and how she was lucky to have a someone to help with her needs (she was talking about me and how I help around the house) two of her friends thought she was having an affair like them and invited her to come on a trip with them they told her the trip was a no husbands trip and to bring her special someone When me and mom got there we thought we'd see her friends and their sons or daughters instead we saw them with two guys about the same age as them and assumed that they was their brothers The give me and mom our room keys and after seeing we was sharing a room I told her I'd take our bags to the room at the room I saw one bed and when I walked out I saw mom and her friends before I could say anything mom rushed over to me started kissing me and pushed me back into the room In the room she told me that she just learned what this trip was about it's not about thanking someone for helping like we thought but to get away with their lovers trip before I could say anything we heard moaning from the two rooms next to ours mom worried what they do when they found out that she wasn't cheating on her husband decided that we should pretend that we were lovers At the pool me and the other guys was waiting for the woman I was shocked when mom came out in a very revealing bikini she whispered to me that her friends when they saw in her suitcase dragged her out to buy more stuff it was just the six of us at the pool and with the woman all wearing revealing bikinis I was sure about the other guys but I was hard One of mom's friends pulled her lovers swimsuit down and started sucking on his dick followed by her other friend they told mom not to be shy like earlier in the room as there's was no need for me and her to try to be quiet Mom hesitating for a moment came up to me and pulled my swimsuit down her shocked was hidden but I saw mom's friends also shocked by my dick mom started to give me a blowjob after we cummed i saw one guy cummed on mom's friend face and the other her breasts mom though swallowed we heard people coming so we quickly left Back at the room mom went into the bathroom and came out wearing sexy lingerie and told me that she doesn't want to risk her friends finding out them out by fake moans The rest of the trip is up to you The mom and son names and looks are up you but the mom is a 36 milf with D cup breasts and the son is 18 and has a huge dick There is no swapping partners
  5. T_B

    Ben 10 challenge

    That's ok
  6. T_B

    Inagalactic pet

    That's a good idea
  7. T_B

    Naruko the shapeshifter

    No long after Naruko was born Orochimaru took her to experiment on her before he could see how his experiment turned out he was forced to leave the village Hiruzen had more anbu watching her to see what Orochimaru did to her after a few weeks of not seeing anything he called off the extra anbu watching her believing Orochimaru didn't experiment on her yet As Naruko grew up her best friend was Hinata who she was the only parson that Naruko told about her special ability (she'd later learn that it's a man made kekkei genkai) she can shapeshift into anything or one she can even perfectly mimic anyone she turns into even with out knowing them she can even change bits of herself for example her hair color or hairstyle or her height or her breast size but she prefers to keep herself normal Naruko is a lesbian and the story can be Naruko and Hinata only or Naruko with a harem with Hinata as the main girl Naruko can pass her man made kekkei genkai but because she a lesbian she can use her shapeshifter ability to give herself a dick to have kids Naruko even uses her shapeshifter ability for sex for example she shapeshift into Hanabi and has sex with Hinata but if you made it a harem Naruko doesn't shapeshift into any of the girls in her harem so if Ino is in but Sakura isn't Naruko can turn into Sakura and have sex with Ino even though Hinata or a harem girl knows that its only Naruko shapeshifted into someone else they treat her as her as the one she turned into because she's that good at mimicking someone If Naruko shapeshift into someone without knowing what they look like she'd have a black void instead of a face example if she turned into a anbu she can mimic the anbu perfectly but taking off the mask just shows a black void Naruko has to have D cup breasts and a shaved pussy Hinata is the same The age they became ninja is 16 the same age as during Naruto Shippuden
  8. T_B

    Galar love

    When Gloria (you can change her name if you want) first entered the Motostoke stadium she fell in love when she first saw Marnie as she was doing the gym challenge she was trying to get to know her and trying to impress her How and when they get together is up to you Gloria is a lesbian you're choice if Marnie is a lesbian or Bisexual
  9. T_B

    Inagalactic pet

    Aliens was visiting Earth after receiving signals and wanted to make sure Earth wasn't a threat the king and queen decided that the Earth wasn't a threat and was about to leave when their daughter asked if she could have pet humans (during their watching they noticed that like them humans make families and the princess said she didn't want the human to be lonely) hey did a quick scan and found a car with two humans a male aged 19 and a female aged 18 they took them and went back to their planet The humans was Jake and his little sister Amy (you can change their names) they wasn't happy when they learned that they was going to be pets they were trying to find some way to get home at the palace the princess showed the real reason she wanted humans as pets as they was watching Earth she ended up watching porn and wouldn't be able to see it any when they left when her pets didn't have sex like she wanted she gave them something that made them can't control themselves After Amy passed out Jake was still waiting more but his sleeping sister wasn't doing it anymore he looked over at the only other woman in the room the alien princess who was masturbating not noticing one of her pets was has passed out and the other moving closer to her Jake fucked the Alien until he and her was satisfied After awakening Jake somethings was different one he and Amy wasn't wanting to leave anymore and two Amy and the alien princess was both wanted him to keep fucking them The aliens look alot like humans with a different skin color and they can only grow hair on their heads your choice if there anything else different but the males all have small dicks Amy has C cup breasts and a shaved pussy The alien princess she's 18 has D cup breasts Optional a threesome with Jake Amy and the alien princess The queen Learned that her daughter was fucking her pet when she tried to get her to stop the daughter convinced her to try him for herself which could lead to a threesome or a foursome
  10. T_B

    Futurama tar sex

    After Fry and Leela get stuck in the La Brea Tar Pit Fry and Leela having nothing better to do decided that they was going to have sex it leads them to having sex for 2 weeks
  11. I'm an 18 year old man I have a twin sister and our parents had us when they was 18 years old I'm in love with my mom when my sister found out she told me that she was in love with our dad so we decided we was going to steal them away and we decided while we stealing our parents from the our other parent we would fool around with each other but my sister has one rule and that I can't cum inside her unless it's a save day The mom has D cup breasts and a shaved pussy and the sister like the mom has D cup breasts and a shaved pussy
  12. T_B

    Spying for mom

    Sure go ahead
  13. Takes place after Lisa kicks Bart off the Springfield Isotots as Bart and Marge was driving away from the stadium she told him that they was going on a special little guy super fun day and like in the episode he asked if she was talking him to the dentist she told him no and after a few minutes of driving she pulled into a motel Bart was confused and asked what they are doing here she told him that she tried to think what would be the most fun thing he do with her she told him what she came up with are a firing range, an amusement park and that she was also trying to come up with a way to get back at Homer for siding with Lisa and came up with a plan to do both at the same time and it involves this motel She told him to go take a shower while she order a movie for him to enjoy until she gets out after him much to his surprise when he got out the movie waiting for him was a porn movie after a little while he heard the bathroom door open and his mom wearing sexy Sexy lingerie with her hair down he couldn't take his eyes off her as she walked over to him turned off the tv and told him that he doesn't need that anymore kissing him They were fucking for all seven hours until Lisa called Marge about needing to talk to Bart your choice if he goes to help her or keep fucking Marge As Marge was getting ready for Bart she shared her pussy anything is up to you
  14. I'm a 18 years old I have twin older sisters who are 19 they look almost the same with a few small differences the biggest is one of them got our mom's amazing D cup breasts and the other one got mom's amazing ass our mom is 39 your choice if the dad is around or not One day one of my sisters came in my room sat next to me and started touching my dick and asking if I want to fuck her I told her yes afterwards in the living room my other sister sat on my lap and said she saw what we did and she not going to just let our sister take me eventually our mom found about the three of us and decided to join in the competition The twins and the mom is in love with the main character and each trying to get him to become only hers (if the dad is in the story he doesn't really pay attention to the mom anymore) and the main character loves his mom the most with his sisters a close second and is using their competition to fuck all of them The twins and the mom all shave their pussy How the story goes is up to you and it can end with him get with one of his sisters or mom or you are end it with him getting all of them