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  1. T_B

    I'm a mob boss

    I'm 19 years old my mom had me when she was 18 years old and my sister a year later the three of us never knew what dad did for work all we knew was it go us a lot more money than the other people we like in a mansion my dad being the jealous type never hired a guy to work at the mansion and always had mom hire women she (he then did a back ground check on them) after I hit puberty he made the hottest Maids wear skimpy outfits (something my mom wasn't happy with until he told her that it wasn't for him but more of an gift for his son) One day some men came to the mansion and told us that they are here to pick me up for my dad when we got to where they were taking me they told me that dad was the boss of the mob during one of his business trip he disappeared they believe it was a rival mob and dad's ordered them should any thing happen to him I would take over After getting acquainted with my new job I returned home to find my mom working out her top could barely contain her D cup breasts and her yoga pants which showed off her sexy ass and thong with Dad gone I decided now was to make mom mine after a week of seducing her I made her mine When I was was going around collecting money from the businesses i now own (for the businesses that owe protection money some of the other members of the mob gets) one of them was a strip club as I was getting the money I met with the guy who runs it for me when one of the strippers got my attention as it was my sister I used that information to fuck her Any thing or other women is is up to you Some information about the family Mom has D cup breasts and a shaved pussy she only has been with three sexual partners her first was her best friend when they was curious afterwards her friend found out she wasn't interested in women my mom found out she was bisexual but soon got with my dad who made it seem like he doesn't like lesbian so mom hid it from him and the third one was me My sister has C cup breasts and a shaved pussy unlike mom who workout at home she went to a gym (it was owned by our mob) she made friends (the woman thought she was hot and wanted to be friend benefits with my sister and got what she wanted) with one of the women there who works as a stripper convinced her to get a job as well she hasn't been with any guy My dad age and what he looks like is up to you and it's your choice if he's dead or if he's captured by a different mob and being tortured for information
  2. T_B

    The Simpsons new computers

    Homer got hurt at work so mr. Burns bought him new computers so he doesn't sue he set up the one in his and Marge's room and in Bart's room but Lisa did the one in her room when Bart turned it on he saw one that said live he opened it he saw Marge and Homer on the screen he was showing it to her he then went to Moe's Marge stood up got naked and went to take a shower came out to get dressed all while Bart watched and recorded it That night Homer came home drunk and fall asleep in front of the door Marge feeling horny masturbates on her bed like before Bart was watching and recording the next day before everyone wakes up Bart sent her the video of her masturbating saying that he's not going to be going to school today and for her to after be waiting on her bed in some sexy lingerie or else he'll send a copy to all the kids and teachers at his school every one at the power plant and two special ones to Artie Ziff and Moe saying "I want you to fuck me" Bart kept his eye on the computer to see her when he saw her go in her room Bart hit record and watch her change to her lingerie what it looks like is up to you but it has to have a thong after seeing her on the bed he waited a minute until goingto her room When he got there he told her that they are going to fuck or he will send the video Marge not wanting him to send it (especially to the power plant they'll think Homer can't satisfy her or Artie Ziff and Moe she doesn't want them to think she wants them) so she agreed but only if Bart delete the masturbation video and to take his hidden camera (she doesn't know it's from her computer) out of her room that night after Homer goes to sleep Marge saw another email from Bart this time of them having sex saying he deleted the video like you said but if she doesn't want Homer to see this one to come to his room tonight naked Your choice how long the story is Your choice if Marge ever figure out how he recorded her is up to you Marge always put the computer in rest mode that how he spied on her all the time
  3. T_B

    Christmas Vacation

    I'm a 19 years old and my family decided to take a trip to the Forest for Christmas we will be there from the first of December to the first of January Who on the trip is my 37 years old mom my dad (your choice how old he is) my 18 years old sister my 37 years old aunt (she is the mom's twin sister) my uncle ( my aunt's husband and your choice how old he is) my 18 years old cousin and my 10 years old cousin During the trip I have sex with my mom sister aunt and cousin Some information about the family The mom she has C cup breasts and a shaved pussy The dad is up to you The sister she has B cup breasts and a shaved pussy The aunt she has cup breasts and a shaved pussy she works as a model her husband doesn't like her working as a model especially her bikini pics (she keeps the lingerie ones secret from him but the main character knows about them) The uncle is up to you but he is very religious think of Ned Flanders level very boring in bed (you learn after fucking your aunt all he does is missionary and doesn't make her cum ever The cousins the 18 years old one she has B cup breasts and a shaved pussy she acts like the perfect daughter in front of her dad but when he's not around she dresses like a slut but the farthest she got sexually was giving a guy a hand job the 10 years old cousin he is up to you
  4. T_B

    The sexbot

    If who ever takes the challenge wants to do the he/she can
  5. Takes place on the episode picture day instead of Dee Dee entering Dexter's room it was his mom after what she did to help Dexter was different she showed him he wasn't ugly by fucking him The story is from Dexter's POV
  6. T_B

    I'm haunted

    I meant that the challenge was meant to be for Halloween I'm more than likely going to let someone take the challenge
  7. T_B

    I'm haunted

    I was hoping to make it a Halloween challenge
  8. T_B

    I'm haunted

    I'm not a good writer when ever I try I never get past the first paragraph for losing motivation and just give up
  9. T_B

    I'm haunted

    What do you mean also why can't it be both
  10. T_B

    I'm haunted

    I'm 19 years old for the past few weeks I've been getting secret admirer letters and today the day her letter said that she wants to meet she was the same age as me and very sexy we made plans to go on a date tomorrow as she was leaving a car hit her and killed her but unfortunately her spirit didn't pass on it followed me home and started possessing my mom and sister to have sex with me. The mom is a MLIF with C cup breasts and a shaved pussy your choice if she shaved before getting possessed or because of being possessed her age is 37 The sister has B cup breasts and a shaved pussy
  11. T_B

    Lois's sexual reawakening

    Sure that works when I maked the challenge I didn't think anyone would do a only Lois other women story so I added Chris in hopes someone would take it
  12. T_B

    Insecure mom

    My mom had me when she and my dad was 18 years old they was happily married for 20 years (2 years of dating and they got married after learning Mom was pregnant) that was until my 18 birthday a group of my friends got the the girl of my dreams and planned on getting her drunk so she'll sleep with me (I didn't know they was doing it) unfortunately my parents was there to dad also got drunk and ended up sleeping with her instead for the next month she and my dad was sneaking around to fuck mom found out when she saw a text from her telling dad she is pregnant. When Mom found out not only did she divorced him getting almost everything she kicked him out and I tried to cheer her up after a few weeks mom depression still was still there and she kept calling herself ugly and won't meet anyone ever again when I told her that she was not ugly and how good she looks all she said was that I'm her son I have to say that so I decided to show her how hot she was I was going to do something I never should have done I got her to look at me and then pulled my pants down showing her my hard dick and said if "I don't think you was hot then I wouldn't be like this would I" I then pulled my pants back up and went to my room. I hid in my room out of embarrassment for hours hoping mom would forget about what I did when I heard a knock on the door it looked like mom just got out of the shower because she was in bathrobe she told me that I made her like an attractive and desirable woman again she then dropped the bathrobe revealing sexy lingerie she sexually walked towards me then sat on my lap and started making out with me anything else is up to you. The mom is a Mlif with long hair your choice what color D cup breasts and a shaved pussy
  13. T_B

    The pool

    The Simpsons got a new pool when they was swimming for the first time Bart couldn't keep his eyes off his sexy mom wearing a revealing bikini Homer bought her and her hair down from the water the next day when Homer and Lisa wasn't home Bart decided he was was going for a swim after seeing Marge was going to the pool as they was swimming Bart convinced Marge to play a game with him that end up getting her naked he then fucked her by the pool after nearly getting caught by Ned Marge was begging Bart to continue inside after getting her to agree to do anything he wants they went to her and Homer's room Marge thinking that they was done she learned what Bart wanted was to fuck her whenever and wherever he wants anything else is up to you
  14. T_B

    The affair

    When I was 18 years old my mom was was thinking that my dad was cheating on him and she asked me to spy on him I asked her if I get a reward if doing it for her mom agreed for the next week I was spying on dad I did learn that he was cheating on mom but I didn't stop there I wanted all the information I can because the reward I wanted from Mom was to fuck her I follow dad to hotel and convinced a maid that I locked myself out out of my room and I hid in there and set up a camera to film everything found out that the woman dad is having an affair with is his sister and I watched/recorded my sexy aunt fucking my dad after showing mom the video mom was mad at dad and asked what I want I told her that I would like to fuck her she told me to wait in her room when she came in her long hair was down and was wearing sexy lingerie that showed off her Double D breasts and her amazing ass in her thong when she took off the thong I saw her shaved pussy me and Mom fucked for hours any thing else is up to you
  15. T_B

    Mass Effect legends and heroes

    After Shepherd destroy the Reapers she was only still alive to see her girlfriend Liara again after awhile when she doesn't think she'll last much longer a rescue team boarded the Citadel to find survivors unfortunately all they found was her. Shepherd was put in a secret hospital due to the council and admiral Hackett not wanting any seeing the savior of the galaxy in that kind of state. At the same time the Normandy crew was divided in two with half believing Shepherds dead half believing she's alive your choice who on what side but Liara has to be on the side that believe Shepherd alive with out Shepherd to command the ship it falls to the highest-ranking on the ship to get them home that person was Ashley/Kaidan. When the Normandy returned to Earth they found the members of each of the race that was on the Normandy waswaiting to greet them except for the Asari admiral Hackett whispered something to Liara that had her running away in tears after the Normandy crew Hood long graduation speech from each of the races admiral Hackett said that should be enough time then give them the location of shepherds hospital room. As the months go by Shepherd was healing and the mass relays was being repaired Liara noticed that Shepherd was uncomfortable with how people are treating her and was still having nightmares trying to think of a way to help Shepherd Liara thought that if she and Shepherd could go somewhere where not a lot of people will disturb her about the Reaper War would help she then remembered the offer she got from Alec Ryder using her connections as the shadow broker to convince the council to build an ark for people who don't want to be reminded of the Reaper War. After Liara and Shepherd got tickets for the ark they told the friends their plan and to say goodbye in case they got too busy to see each other again after learning Shepherd and Liara's Plan their friends had to make a choice to stay in the galaxy they saved or go with them (Shepherd and Liara don't know that they are trying to decide if they'll follow or not). Garrus wanted to go but not want to leave Tali so he didn't say anything Tali after thinking about it I was just a planet and she would hate it if she couldn't ever see Shepherd and Liara again Wrex decided to go so he and Eve found a replacement found a replacement for him who won't mess up Ashley/Kaidan up to you Joker decided to go and separate using her Spectre status drcided to smuggle the Normandy for him Dr. Chakwas decided to go Engineer Adams up to you Miranda was already planning on going because of Oriana was going and asked her to go with her Jacob chose to stay for his family Jack choice to go Grunt would follow his Battle Master anywhere Samara chose to stay behind with her final daughter Kasumi up to you Zaeed up to you Ken and Gabby up to you James up to you Javik up to you Samantha up to you In Andromeda Pathfinder Sara Ryder (if you want you can change her name from Sara) was showing her brother Scott around the Tempest as he just join her crew near the end Cora warned Scott to knock on Sara's door even if not locked because Sara and Peebee (Peebee stayed in Sara's room even after getting a new escape pod) sometimes forget to lock it. On the next mission Sara took Scott and Peebee to check on a distress signal found dead Kett and some strange human like aliens that was half organic half synthetic after being attacked by the unknown enemy they managed to beat them and found out one was still alive so Sara took it to her ship and lock it up in the medical Bay. After the the unknown alien woke up to kept changing the unknown language it was speaking until it saw Jaal it then started speaking in his language the Sara learned not only does the alien was a woman (which she had a feeling it was by looking at her) and that she is a Jardaan and that the Jardaan are born half organic have some synthetic with the synthetic parts of the body growing with the organic she apologized for attacking she says he thought they their ancient enemy unfortunately that all she can remember as her memory banks is broken right now. Back on the Nexus Jaal was showing the Jardaan (name up to you) around when Sara saw an ark she saw Drack go talk to some other Krogan that was getting off she saw a Quarian and Turian couple she overheard the Quarian that there not a lot of new bacteria so she can be out of her suit in a few days she then saw Liara and Shepherd she recognized Liara but she didn't recognize Shepherd but Scott did what happens next is up to you. This can be from the point of view of either Shepherd, Liara, Sara, or Peebee at any point in the story The Quarians and Joker don't blame Shepherd for destroying the geth or EDI as both suspected destroying the Reapers would destroy them to because of the Reaper Tech in them the geth made and give the Quarians a program to help with their immune system. The main enemy is the Kett and the other Jardaans and both are also killing each other. Besides Liara and Shepard, Tali and Garrus, Sara and Peebee you can choose if any other characters hook up for example Joker and the Jardaan or Scott and Cora