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  1. Maddie was working on the Specter Speeder when Jack accidentally sent it into the ghost zone with her and Danny in it (Danny was there because Maddie asked him for help) They was "lost" (Danny knew how to get back but didn't tell her because he didn't want her to find out he's been in the ghost zone before) as Maddie tried to find the way home the two if them grew closer they were about to have sex when Maddie found the way out and they stopped That night at dinner had a uncomfortable silence Jack believed it was because Maddie was mad at him for getting her and Danny lost in the ghost zone (she was but only a little) Jazz didn't know what but she could tell it had to do with her mom and brother Danny was in his room thinking about what nearly happened in the ghost zone and wishing that Maddie hadn't seen the portal when his door got a knock and he heard Maddie asked him if he was awake after she came in she locked his door and dropped her robe revealing her lingerie and she asked if he wanted to pick up where they left off The next morning Danny was worried because they wasn't quiet last night but his dad and sister didn't seem to notice after they left (Jack got to hunt some ghosts and Jazz to tutor someone) Danny asked Maddie (he calls her Maddie now by her request except when they have sex she still wants to be called mom) why didn't they notice she told him that her room was sound proof and then he and Jazz started puberty she made their rooms sound proof as well she then asked if he wanted to fuck her somewhere in the house he gave her a list which was in her room , Jazz's room, the shower, the lab Maddie grabbed his had and said let's start in Jazz's room then move to the lab if they have time before Jack and Jazz get home then her room no matter what they was going to finish in the shower even if they are home Sometime as they are in the lab Jazz gets home and realized that something happened in her room she went looking around the house and found Danny and Maddie having sex in the lab she heard them as they was getting dressed that they was go to see if anyone was home so she pretend that she just got home she saw Danny get some clothes and go into the bathroom and a minute later saw Maddie with clothes sneak in there at dinner she watched as her mom and brother was flirting at the dinner table (Jack didn't realize) and after dinner she talked to her mom about what she seen today Maddie told her that she's fallen in love with Danny and they are waiting for him to finish school before she leaves Jack and marry Danny Jazz tried to get Maddie to stop it so Maddie made a deal with Jazz she'll have Danny go to Jazz's room tonight they have sex and if Jazz can go back to normal with Danny in the morning she'll break up with him Jazz reluctantly agreed When Danny was told what was happening he knew he had to do his best otme lose Maddie Jazz was waiting for him and as they was having sex he noticed that she was trying to keep her voice down and if she gets to loud she looks at the door only for Danny to tell her that the room is sound proof The next day Maddie and Jazz was in the kitchen Maddie asked if Jazz could go back to just being brother and sister only for her to say no and beg her mom to let her join in her and Danny's relationship Maddie kisses Jazz on the lips and said ok then they noticed that Sam was standing there and asked how much she heard she said enough to get to join in You choice if any other girls get added
  2. T_B

    Demon king

    I'm 17 years old with my birthday coming soon some things about me I have black hair like my mom I try to stay in shape and the weirdest thing about me is that I have red eyes Ny mom either cheated on her husband or was raped when she had me because I looked nothing like him my sister is 19 years old and has his green eyes and blonde hair we believe she cheated on him because they don't sleep in the same room On my 18th birthday some portal opened and a beautiful woman came through she said that she couldn't believe that my mom kept me a secret from her I was distracted from what she was saying before her outfit left little to the imagination and her D cup breasts looked like they was going to pop out She noticed where I was looking and took her outfit touched my dick and said do you want to fuck me son I told her yes afterwards she told me that she was a succubus and 18 years ago she seduced my mom and impregnated her with me she also told me that a succubus could get pregnant or impregnate a woman with a succubus baby how ever once in a while a incubus is born to rule over the demons and the last king was around 3000 years Not long after she told me that my mom walked in to wish me a happy birthday when she saw the succubus she freaked out and tried to keep her away from me she told my mom that if I was born an succubus I could have stayed but because I was born an incubus I had a destiny to fulfill and she can't keep me from it she told me that I have 1 week before she'll come and take me if I want a human wife or lover to have them in this room with me and marked when she gets back Mom told me and my sister (she overheard mom freaking out and heard everything) on how one of friends convinced her to go out drinking and at the bar she met the succubus and was took to a nice hotel room and was about to cheat for the first and the only time and it was with another woman as they were having lesbian sex she was asked if it was ok to stick it in mom thought she was taking about a strapon until she felt cum inside her A few days later my sister told me that she doesn't want me to leave her and asked if she can become my lover and she helped me find a way to make mom again to become my wife The mark shows that someone is a wife or lover and is unavailable unless the mark giver ok it succubi don't really use it unless it's for love because succubi are demons of love and lust if the mark is used on a human it will stop their aging at 18 the same age succubi stop aging if they are past 18 their bodies deage back to 18 and change their bodies to be more sexy for example the sister had C cup breasts and afterwards they turned to D cup breasts one other thing the mark does to humans is tie the humans life the the mark giver In the incubus harem is The mom as the wife The sister as a lover The succubus mom a lover Your choice of anyone else The harem can have sex with any of its members
  3. T_B

    A new beginning

    After a big fight the team left swearing never to see each other again (it was just Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy) Robin tried to get Starfire to leave with him when she didn't he broke up with her which made her cry and Raven had to comfort her after a month the guys didn't come back and during that month Raven to help comfort Starfire had her join her in her room whenever she grew lonely and became Starfire misses the guys ended up sleeping in Raven's room the whole time it got to the point that they fell for each other One day as they was getting ready to go to sleep (when Starfire realized her feelings for Raven) Raven felt something confused because it was in between Starfire's legs and Raven asked her what she's feeling Starfire blushing told her Tamaraneans are like humans with with males having a dick and females having a vagina and breats but if one if a female ends up falling in love with another female she'll also grow a dick so they can make children Raven realized she has been giving Starfire a handjob the whole time and reluctantly lets go saying that she was sorry and couldn't help herself and asked Starfire who did she fell for Starfire told Raven that she fell for her Raven hearing that moved to kiss her as they was kissing they started to undress Raven told Starfire that she never had sex before and all she knows is from books and movies so not to expect her to be that good at first only for Starfire to tell Raven that she never had sex either Raven was shocked because she assumed that Starfire and Robin had had sex (Robin did want to have sex with Starfire but Starfire never let him because she never felt ready to have sex but with Raven she feels that the time is right) Raven decided that they needed to form a new team which has Jinx, Bumblebee (she left her old team because she felt it became crowded after Cyborg joined them), and the third one is up to you it just has to be a female titan Optional Blackfire could find out that Starfire is dating Raven captures her and tells her that she never got what her sister saw in Robin but she's glad that Starfire got an someone better and started to grope her and striped to reveal to Raven that she had a dick (Blackfire first love was a girl but she didn't like her back and the way Tamaraneans bodies works is when a female grows a dick it will never go away so she turned to crime and raped the poor girl) Blackfire started to rape Raven telling her that she'll ruin Raven and make it so that all she'll think about her dick and not Starfire's after she had finished cumming in Raven's pussy Starfire finally found them Blackfire said that if she wants to have her sloppy seconds feel free Blackfire thought she would be able to just leave but was shocked when Starfire punched her and locked her up she watched as Starfire freed Raven and Raven tells Starfire that she knew that she'll come for her before kissing and started having sex in front of her Blackfire seeing true love (and hot girls having sex) changed her she asked if she could join them they asked her why they would let her join she asked Starfire to come closer to her and started to suck her dick Starfire was shocked when Raven asked what that meant Starfire told her when a feme Tamaranean sucks a dick it means she submits to the one she is sucking she unlocked Blackfire and went back to fucking Raven's pussy and told Blackfire she could ether fuck Raven's ass or Starfire will let Blackfire fuck her own pussy your choice on what Blackfire chose Raven's ass or Starfire's pussy
  4. T_B

    To zing again

    This story is from the P.O.V of Dracula Years after both Johnny and Ericka have died Dracula and Mavis both zing again only this time it's to each other Dracula tries to hide his new relationship with his daughter but she makes it hard for him Mavis also wants to keep it a secret until they are sure their family and friends will be ok with them but she can't help teasing him with sexy outfits and a very revealing bikini
  5. T_B

    Graduation day

    An alternate telling of Naruto On the day they became ninja the boys were told to go pick a room and stay in them and then the girls would choose a random room and they would have sex The girls could only choose one door and because there are more boys than girls if a girl doesn't pick there room its their they are sent home Naruto was in his room hoping that he's not going to be one if the guys going home when his door opened and Hinata came in Naruto seeing Hinata was nervous thought she was just upset that she picked his room and tried to cheer her up only for her to tell him that she actually cheated and used her byakugan to find his room and after he asked why she confessed her love for him after they had sex Naruto asked her if she'd like to go on a date with him As they were leaving they saw that every other girl was disappointed that their virginity was stolen by someone that wasn't Sasuke (your choice if one of them actually had Sasuke or not) After the date Hinata told Naruto that she doesn't want it to end yet and after Naruto asked her why else she wanted to do she took his hand and led him to his apartment and they had sex again after they were finished a knock on his door and on the other side was her father after Hinata stood up to him he decided to support their relationship (he saw Hinata was getting stronger by standing up to him and wanted to see how far it goes) Naruto and Hinata was put in the same team because of how close they got (your choice on the other teammate) After their first big mission Naruto found out that he doesn't have a apartment any more because Hiashi didn't like his daughter living here (she spent most of her time there and slept there every night he considered she moved in) and had a "small mansion" for them This can be a only Naruto and Hinata story or a Naruto and Hinata harem story if you make it a harem story it's your choice on the girls that join
  6. T_B

    Best birthday

    It started when I was 15 years old I found a nude picture of my mom on my dad's phone and sent it to myself and got caught masterbating to it by her after talking to her for a few hours we came to an agreement she won't tell dad and I'll delete the picture from my phone and if on my 18th birthday if I still have feelings for her she have sex with me one time Years later on my 18th birthday after dad left (his best friend is having a bachelor party) my mom asked me what I wanted to for my birthday stay in invite some friends over or go out with friends I tell her that if I invite friends over it would be hard for us to have sex after I told her that she started yelling at me and asking why would I think she'd have sex with me I told her because she promised me 3 years ago and left to my room depressed that she forgot and because I got my hope up that we would have sex after a hour she knocked on my door and slipped q paper under the door that said to go to her and dad's room in there she was wearing a bathrobe and told me that she was sorry for forgetting her promise and that she thought it wouldn't be brought up again She dropped her robe revealing her lingerie and asked me if I had condoms she looked like she was going to ask me to go buy some until she said that because if my birthday she'll let me do her raw After a few hours dad called saying his car broke down can't get home until it can be fixed tomorrow mom looked at me after the call and asked if I'd like to "sleep" with her tonight
  7. T_B

    Repopulate after war

    After the war a disease spread killing about 98% of the men the living men was tasked into making harem to repopulate Naruto chose his first wife (the first wife is considered to be the head wife) Hinata and started having sex in the hospital Meanwhile in Sasuke's room he chose Sakura and hearing Naruto and Hinata they decided to start to Ino who was visiting them caught the four them having sex in their rooms and decided to come back later as they were leaving she met them in front of the hospital with Sai dead they all thought she was going to ask to be i Sasuke's harem only for her to go past them and ask to join Naruto's After a few days Temari came to the leaf and told Naruto that with Shikamaru dead she wanted to join the harem of the one he was closest to honor his memory unfortunately her plan already failed because that was Choji but the second closest person was Naruto so she decided to join his harem One day when Naruto got home he found Hinata and Hanabi in bed wearing nothing but underwear and Hinata tells him that Hanabi is joining the harem and the three of them had a threesome The harem list is up to you There is no harem sharing girls between harems If Sasuke still leaves the village his harem has to follow him unless they are pregnant and can't travel Optional you can have girls in the same harem have lesbian sex with each other
  8. T_B

    The tamers future

    The tamers tryed to stay close after their digimon left but years later most grew apart due to school or just moving away Takato and Rika ended up in a relationship a few years after the digimon left and are currently living together one day they got woken up to by the digimon returning to Takato and Rika embarrassment Guilmon and Renamon bio-emergence in their room with because they asleep naked (Rika started to sleep naked when they moved in together before she liked the way he looked at her body and the way he felt and Takato started not long after her at her request) Guilmon and Renamon was shocked to learn that the tamers grew apart some of the others did know that Takato and Rika was dating being Henry and Jeri but even they don't know the they moved in together or even that they are thinking about getting married At their partners request Takato and Rika started to call and invite the other tamers over Your choice what happens next
  9. T_B

    Ichihime harem

    A retelling of bleach with the difference of Ichigo and Orihime already dating before it begins Orihime was not shy showing her love to Ichigo sometimes even making out with him during lunch with their friends it got to the point where someone said that they would be fucking soon only for Orihime to reveal that they have been for months one day Chizuru was trying to get Orihime to leave Ichigo and go out/sleep with her when she mentions a dream she had with a harem of sexy ladies with Orihime has the queen Orihime liked that idea with made Chizuru tried to kiss Orihime thinking she finally won her over only to miss as Orihime went to Ichigo sat on his lap and said let's make us a harem shocking everyone who heard her Ichigo not able to resist her when she looked at him with all her love agreed that if she could get anyone to join he'll go along with it after a week of asking her friends Tatsuki Arisawa, Ryō Kunieda, Michiru Ogawa, Mahana Natsui, Chizuru Honshō she finally convinced Tatsuki to join the harem and not long after Mahana she even convinced Chizuru to join (she only joined to try to steal the girls away from Ichigo and hates that she has to fuck him to keep from being caught even though almost all harem members know what's she's doing) On the day Rukia appeared in Ichigo room he and Orihime just finished dinner with his family and was having sex (yes his sisters and dad knows about their relationship and that its at that point and karin or Yuzu mentioning to Isshin that normally parents would try to prevent their kids from having sex) in his room Rukia not thinking they could see her Ichigo asked what she was doing in his room and Orihime asking her if she wants to join them After Rukia appeared at their school and tried to get Ichigo to help her Orihime told her that if she wants Ichigo's help she'll have to join the harem Rukia not serious said fine but before she could say only after she gets her powers back Orihime drags Rukia with a Ichigo following them to a room in the gym and locked the door Rukia watched Orihime start to undress and tells her that this is dangerous only for Orihime to say that she and Ichigo had sex here lots of times no one come around here at this time of day Anyone that joins the harem and what else happens is up to you Orihime has a shaved pussy and the only male she had sex with is Ichigo
  10. T_B

    Monster world

    A 18 year old duelist (her name is up to you) is about to embark on a journey she was always considered weird for having a crush on her favorite card the Dark Magician Girl she heard voice calling her and ran through a portal where she met the Dark Magician Girl she was told that she has been chosen to save the duel monster world and can choose one monster from her deck to fuse with when asked about it she was told that by whe she fuse with a monster she'll gain the power and appearance of the monster the only problem is that the way she and her chosen monster can fuse is by having sex The moment she heard fuse is by having sex she told her choice is the Dark Magician Girl after they had sex she could hear the Dark Magician Girl in her mind and was happy to hear that when she slept she could visit the Dark Magician Girl can "strengthen their bond" (meaning have more sex) Not long after the fusion she was attacked by lilith lady of lament (either the big bad or a follower of the big bad) who separated her evil side and made a corrupted Dark Magician Girl (make it easy to tell them apart the corrupted Dark Magician Girl will be called something else like Corrupted Magician Girl and her outfit and hair color is different) Her evil side fought her and was able to beat her her evil side said that they will fuse and rule the world and started to rape her with the help from a friend of the original Dark Magician Girl how found them she was able to get away She was told that to able to save the world she'll have to increase her bond with the Dark Magician Girl but unfortunately she'll have to bond with other monsters to help make the bond stronger (she told the Dark Magician Girl she'll only have sex with female monsters) Meanwhile her evil side is in the big bad's base she destroys the big bad and decided that if she was going to refuse and take over her good side she'll have to get stronger (by having sex with female monsters) The duelist and her evil side are lesbians with is why they'll only have sex with female monsters and while the good side has the Dark Magician Girl in her her evil side doesn't she only has the power and appearance of the Dark Magician Girl The final chapter is a sex battle between the good and evil side with a epilogue that shows if the good side won her choice to stay in the duel monster world with her wife the Dark Magician Girl after separating back into two or if the evil side won her taking over the world and removed the Dark Magician Girl from her with out losing the power and appearance and forcing the Dark Magician Girl to be her sex slave until she breaks her will and then she'll marry her
  11. T_B

    Hiruzen's drunken mistake

    Everyone is Naruto Shippuden ages Hiruzen and Jiraiya got drunk before Hiruzen assigned the teams to this years students and ended doing it drunk team 7 has Sasuke, kiba, Sakura with Kakashi team 10 has Shikamaru, Choji, and Shino with Asuma and team number up to you has Naruto, Hinata, and Ino with Anko During Anko's test she saw Naruto checking her out and and decided to tease/distract him by "accidentally" flashing him she also saw that every time she did that Hinata would angrier and angrier when they passed Anko had Hinata stay behind to talk she convinced her to come to her place to teach her how to use her sex appeal to win Naruto's heart it took a few weeks but Hinata had finally got the hang if using her sex appeal on a dummy Naruto (Anko using a transformation jutsu) she even started dressing more like Anko (Hinata road to ninja) Hinata and Naruto got together not long after that After their first date when the team meets up Anko could tell tell they had sex Hinata told Anko that because she helped her with getting Naruto she wants to involve Anko in Anko as she was trying to figure out what Hinata meant was kissed by her and felt Naruto groping her and ended up having sex with her two students and they ended up finishing before Ino got there they got their first c rank mission and after Ino left Anko gave Naruto and Hinata keys to her house and told them if they want they can move in/come visit whenever they wanted Naruto and Hinata decided to move in when they get back from the mission During the mission Ino learned that Naruto and Hinata got together even caught the three of them having sex but was caught as well to have her keep silent Hinata and Anko stripped Ino and had her join Ino did fight it when she was getting stripped or when the three of them was groping her or even when they had her give Naruto a blowjob when she fight back was when Naruto was going to enter her pussy saying that her virginity belongs to Sasuke only to fail and lose it to Naruto Ino During the mission became addicted to sex because of Naruto, Hinata, and Anko that by the end of the mission she no longer loved Sasuke and became a sex friend to them even getting her own key Your choice on what else happens
  12. T_B

    The game

    You find a game called your life on your computer one day you play it and can see that in your house was your mom in the shower your sister in the living room and a symbol of your dad that said at work and a symbol that says you are in your room curious you leave your room and see your sister in the the living room and your mom is taking a shower You go back to your room and clicked on mom's symbol and it had stats like love, lust, relationship level, even a not pregnant symbol you can even influence her a little bit you try it thanks to her love stat for you she let you touch her over her clothes but when you tried to go under her clothes she stopped you Checking the game said that her love went down a little for trying go under her clothes and her lust went up when you was feeling her ass and boobs over her clothes There is even character profiles The mom housewife loving mother and loyal wife she is shy about showing off her D cup breasts and keeps her pussy shaved for her husband The sister she was dating her best friend but the friend realized she wasn't a lesbian and they went back to just friends but the sister still had feelings for her even as she dates her friend's brother to hopefully make her jealous she has C cup breasts and shaved pussy The dad loving father and loyal husband does his best for his family he had the option to get a promotion all he had to do is convince his wife to sleep with his boss but immediately turned it down saying he wasn't going to whore out his wife and worked hard to get the same promotion though hard work You decided that you will make you mom and sister yours using the power the game has The mom can only have sex with the dad and her son and once the son reaches a high relationship level with her she stopped have sex with her husband only became the son's lover The sister can only have sex with her best friend (in a memory that the found in the game) her boyfriend and her brother with a high relationship level she brakes up with her boyfriend and becames her brother's lover Optional memory sex to see the mom with her husband and the sister with her exgirlfriend and boyfriend and threesome with the son, mom and sister The characters names are up to you
  13. T_B

    Danganronpa the sex game

    Before Junko and Mukuro could start their plan they and the other girls found themselves in a strange place with some other girls the one who brought them here was a girls in a revealing outfit she claimed to be a succubus and she bought them here for a sex game The succubus told them they would be split into two teams and the one who does the worst will be eliminated from the game someone asked why two teams the succubus smiled grabbed Aoi took off both of their clothes and grow a dick and fucked Aoi in front of everyone After she finished she snapped her fingers and told them to separate normal girls on one side and futa girls on the other side How it works if no one has sex they are eliminated but if two people only had once and the others done it twice no one gets eliminated because it was a tie but if only one girl had sex once and everyone else had done it more then one she'll be eliminated if a normal girl had sex with three futa at once she'll gain three points but the futa girls would only gain one point each the same with a futa has sex with three normal girls only the futa girl would gain three points the only way for a normal or futa girls to gain points from someone on the same team is if someone on the opposite team isn't involved The girls are Junko (futa) Mukuro (normal) Aoi (normal) Sayaka (up to you if she's normal or futa) Kyoko (up to you if she's normal or futa) Toko (up to you if she's normal or futa) Sakura (up to you if she's normal or futa) Celeste (up to you if she's normal or futa) Chiaki (up to you if she's normal or futa) Akane (futa) Sonia (up to you if she's normal or futa) Hiyoko (normal) Mahiru (up to you if she's normal or futa) Mikan (up to you if she's normal or futa) Ibuki (futa) Peko (up to you if she's normal or futa) Two things I would like to happen is Aoi having sex with at least three futa girls (can be more) and Junko and Mukuro to have sex at least once When someone gets eliminated they are sent back to where they came from Optional after being in the sex game for so long one or more of the normal girls got impregnated by the futa girls but because they had multiple partners the normal girls don't know who impregnated them
  14. T_B

    The simpsons bets

    One day Bart walked in on Marge naked she wasn't upset just embarrassed at first but the following days Bart been trying to see her naked again she decided to make a bet with him if he gets an A on his next test she'll let him see her naked whenever he wants if he doesn't he has to stop unfortunately for her the next test Martin Prince accidentally gave out the answers so the whole class got an A He Bart was looking at her he went to touch her she stopped him and he said double or nothing he beats Homer in a contest she'll have to do whatever he's wanted and if he loses he'll have to do whatever Marge wants at dinner Bart challenged Homer and won (your choice what it was) as Bart was leaving he told Marge to come to his room tonight after Homer fell asleep and to wear something sexy Marge thinking he just wanted to see her in some of her sexy underwear changes into her sexiest underwear and left to Bart's room and was shocked when Bart told her that from now on they will be having sex with Marge telling him she thought he just wanted to see her in her underwear only for him to mention that he could see her naked whenever he wanted to after a few months of having sex with Bart Marge found herself injoying sex with Bart more than with Homer to the pont that she stopped having sex with him and ended up pregnant with Bart's baby
  15. T_B


    One day me and my mom got a call saying my dad died at the will reading we found out that 95% of his money was going to his mistress and the last 5% was going to me but his mistress was in the car with him and died as well so all the money went to me because she didn't have anyone to get it I built a new house for me and my mom there is no one around for at least a mile the house has a pool, a hot tub, a gym (my mom never liked the men staring at her) When it came to deciding on which rooms we each would get was an argument we had I wanted her to have the master bedroom and she wanted to to take it because I paid for the house it the two if us ended up sharing the room that night me and mom always sleep naked but we decided to sleep in our underwear as I was trying to sleep seeing mom in her underwear gave me a erection I started masturbating to her As I was masturbating I woke her up wanting to to be able to get back to sleep she gave me a hand her original plan was just a handjob but we ended up having sex the next as we ate breakfast we had a awkward conversation about last night and we decided that we wouldn't be mother and son and become a couple then to start our relationship we had sex on the table The names are up to you and the son starts calling the mom by her name after they became a couple The mom has D cup breasts and a shaved pussy