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  1. Determined-OverLord

    Few Fuu lemons idea

    Great ideas, albeit just for curiosity, can Naruto have other girls besides Fuu? They would be more like Concibunes-Toys to help him and Fuu get more kinky...
  2. Determined-OverLord

    Children's Grail War

    OK Good so far. Also, could other Masters and Servants appear? As in, if there is an Apocrypha, the teams could be, in my opinion: Team Red: -Saber: Rama/Master: Luviagelita Edefelt (If only to give her yet another reason to mock Rin by summoning the class the Tohsaka heiress had wanted to summon) -Archer: Sita/Master: Rin Tohsaka -Lancer: Elizabeth Bathory/Master: Shirou Emiya (Imagine Shirou trying to deal with her XD) -Rider: Astolfo/Master: Miyu Sayatsuki OR Edefelt (Depends of whenever she’s adopted by Luvia like in canon or not) -Caster: Medea Lily/Master: Sakura Matou -Assassin: Shuten Douji/Master: Chloe Von Einzbern -Berserker: Ibaraki Douji/Master: Illyasviel Von Einzbern Now for the other Team: Team Black: -Saber: Artoria Lily/Master: Manaka Sagyou (Also a nod to Fate/Prototype where she had been Saber’s original master) -Archer: Euryale/Master: Beatrice Flowerchild -Lancer: Medusa Lily/Master: Erika Ainsworth (She would be the heiress here instead of Julian) -Rider: Ushiwakamaru or Mordred/Master: Ayaka Sagyou -Caster: Nursery Rhyme/Master: Alice -Assassin: Stheno/Master: Francesca (She would ally herself for the moment with the Ainsworth to obtain the grail) -Berserker: Jack(ie) The Ripper (She would be a composite mix of her Apocrypha/FGO and Strange Fake versions, mostly the former)/Master: Reines El-Melloi Archisorte For extra classes, I say Jeanne Alter Santa Lily as Ruler, since her 2 counterparts are Ruler so she would fit. For Avenger, I say Testament (From the FGO Mahou Shoujo Event) because she’s the embodiment of all Mahou Shoujo’s negative emotions, from what I remember, so she would definitely fit.
  3. Determined-OverLord

    Few Fuu lemons idea

    Nice! As for this fic, I’ll start it as soon as I finish my Fate fic prologue in HF first.
  4. Determined-OverLord

    Exile Naruto Au

    Can there be an AU where Naruto actually wins but does the same methods as Konoha in this idea and AUs described here?
  5. Determined-OverLord

    Sekirei Punishment

    I love it! I just hope Chiho also ends up fucked by Minato as well, for what would bring greater pleasure, and shame to Uzume, than her getting pregnant by the guy that impregnated her partner?
  6. Determined-OverLord

    Fall of the House of Tohsaka...or Not

    So Shirou ended up getting a Harem through Match Maker Kotomine...LOVE IT XD Bonus point if his daughter Caren also ended up joining the party as well!
  7. Determined-OverLord

    Infinite Stratos Training

    I hope there is more to these ideas! In fact, here’s my own: Basically, everything is up to canon until when Houki first hits Ichika on the head with her bokken when he first saw her out of the shower, by accident. Sadly, or not depending of your pov, Houki’s attack was stronger than she intended, and it lead to Ichika snapping, as his whole personality went a literal 180, which causes him to roughly rape and fuck Houki into submission as not only payback for the epic misunderstanding, but also to get out all the stress of his life prior to that breaking point. In the end, Houki would be fucked into submission, with all her virginities stolen, and most likely pregnant and ruined for any other man...not that she can find anything wrong with it as she came to love the event, showing that she is indeed a submissive bitch. And cue Ichika taking over the IS Academy, and maybe eventually the world, one girl at the time.
  8. Determined-OverLord

    Turning the tables

    Beautiful! Now THIS is how a Revenge and REVERSE NTR fanfic should be like! Also, I would add with the other girls still going to get fucked by Saito, addicted to his brutal fucking and even pregnant with more bastards, but either can’t nor would want to do anything about it, just wanting the D.
  9. Determined-OverLord

    Eva 3.0

    Will any other female end up getting the same treatment by Shinji?
  10. Determined-OverLord

    Highschool of the Dead

    Now THIS is what canon should have been like!
  11. Determined-OverLord

    Rosario + Vampire Ghoul

    Alright, then what happens afterwards? As in, when Tsukune goes back to normal, how will he react and deal with what he had done? What about the girls? Will they become addicted even more to Tsukune? And will similar events happen in the future?
  12. Determined-OverLord

    FSN - Heaven's Feel, Caster Irisviel x Shirou x Dark Irisviel/Justeaze

    Nice! But well, maybe due to Illya’s connection to the grail, she could appear with Shirou and her relatives as well, and even Chloe being a result of her hidden feelings and lust for her dear Onii-chan!
  13. Determined-OverLord

    FSN - Heaven's Feel, Caster Irisviel x Shirou x Dark Irisviel/Justeaze

    Go on please! And what if the other girls were also sealed with Shirou and the two Iri as well? I mean, at least Illya and Chloe, if summoned, should be there.
  14. Determined-OverLord

    Dxd Issei the Support Dragon

    Go on please! This ideas seems VERY interesting!
  15. Determined-OverLord

    Izuku: The Auto Adapting Hero

    This would be a GLORIOUS fanfic! One question: Can Izuku`s quirk actually gender bend someone into a girl, like if he thinks if this guy would look better as a female, his Quirk causes said person to become female?