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  1. Arya's Training

    You could also have Arya forced to watch the men train but be punished for thinking of joining them. Slowly break her into joining into more traditional gender roles. Show her trying to be boyish and being punished for it. Have her be rewarded for cooking a proper meal with a smile on her face. Make her enjoy being girly and hate the idea of fighting or getting dirty
  2. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    I have not heard from the guy so I think we will need to find someone else to write the fic.
  3. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    I sent him all the things and will let you know when he gets back to me.
  4. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Ok we don’t want to many kinks or it may ruin the pace
  5. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Sure I will send them Tomorrow and at the moment I don’t have much to add.
  6. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    holy shit this is great I would only add something regarding a name change
  7. Reposting a old post to see if anyone wants to take a crack at it he Setup: Harry inherits an old house/manor. He asks Hermione to go and check it out for him as a favor. The reason that he asked her to check it out was because he already had some pressing matters to attend to, (something that would occupy his time for a few weeks/months). He also asks her not mention the house to anyone yet, as depending on how the house is, he might want to hide there the next time his fame got to be too much. She agrees but then gets there only to find that the door won't open for her. (Maybe do too some kind of Ward or perhaps Harry merely forgot to give her the key). She notices a little doggy-door/cat-flap, and decides to shrink herself in order to use it. This is when things go sour for our heroin. Upon entering the house through the flap, she is greeted by the manors residing head House-elf. The matron elf takes one look at her and comes to the conclusion that Hermione must be the newest elf sent here to work by their master. Perhaps the elf is old and has bad eyesight, or maybe this is merely do too skewered House-elf logic. "She is my size and is not the master, so she must be a new elf". Despite Hermione's protests, the old elf has already decided that she, is in fact, a House-elf, (and a very young and poorly trained one at that!) and with a snap of its fingers, Hermione's clothes (and her wand!) are banished and replaced with the standard House-elf uniform; a simple, yet rather skimpy (on her), pillowcase with arm and head cutouts that barely falls past her hips. (heh heh) Thus begins Hermione's training as a proper House-elf servant/slave by the matron elf and/or any other house-elves that work in the manor, serving under the head elf. All the while, trying to find her wand and/or escape from her new domestic prison and its jailers. Will she ever find her lost wand? Will she be able to send for help? Will she escape? Or will she eventually give up and submit to the training, become the perfect little servant for her master (Harry)? The basic outline is that Hermione would have to spend a quite a bit of time trapped in her predicament with no way out but too either play along with the demented Elf's wishes and continue to search for a way out in secret. Or continuing to openly defy the Old Elf, and thus be given a taste of real House Elf firmness and dedication though the Old Elf's attempts to teach her just what it means to be a proper House Elf. Through her reddened arse, of cores. Now exactly what Hermione's training consist of is up to the wrighter. Would she be taught how to perfectly perform specific tasks or would she just be taught general obedience and submission to her "master"? Would the head Elf discipline her when she's "bad"? Or would she just be punished regularly simply to install a strong sence of obedience within her? Would the Elves go as far as to teach (Brainwash) her into only wearing pillowcases/tea-towels and to only speak of herself in the third person? I would like this story to include spankings, humiliation, and atleast one sexual incounter between Hermione and a male House-Elf agenst her will. (I'm not so much looking for a violent rape, more like an unwilling/disabled Hermione that has no choice.) Optional Idea 1: Bringing up an interesting point: how DO House-elves usually carry out their duties? Is there any real amount of physical labor involved or do they rely primarily on magic to do their jobs? Do they simply snap their fingers and turn a dirty room into a clean one? Instantly conger four-course meals? From what little we've seen of House-elves at work (such as the Hogwarts kitchens) it seems to be an even mix of both. They prepare the food by hand but use magic to instantly transport it to the great hall for the students and faculty to eat. No doubt the matron Elf will be upset by Hermione's inability to instantly "pop" to any area of the manor, as well as getting her work done as quickly and efficiently as "elfly" possible. Forcing her to discipline the newest elf, often. A possible outcome of this is that a near-panicked Hermione would subconsciously force her own magic to work the way the matron Elf expects out of sheer desperation; like a House-elves. This in turn could have all sorts of unpleasant "side-effects" on the poor witch-turned-pseudo-house-elf. Optional Idea 2: After a while when Hermione doesn't report back, Harry could become worried, and send someone else too check up on her, who then ends up in the same situation as Hermione. Other Witches-turned-House-Elves could include; Ginny (Gin-Giny), Luna (Loony), Tonks (Nymphy), McGonagall (Minny), Molly (Muly) and just for lolz, Aunt Petunia (Tuny). Optional Idea 3: One of the manors male elves could become smitten with "Hermy", and ask the matron House-elf if she and he could become "mated". Or instead of asking the Head elf, he could go and proposition himself to Hermione directly. Male house-elf too Hermione: Hermy is so beautiful. We would be great for each other! Hermione: "W-what do you mean? Eeep!" Cue the Benny Hill chase music as the male elf chases Hermione throughout the Manor. OR for a slightly more evil version... Cue "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" theme as the male carries a struggling Hermione too his sleeping area. Heck, by combining Ideas 2 and 3 you could make this a story about one or more male House-Elves gathering a Harem of female "House-Elves" who are really human women that are forced into their situation due to unusual circumstance. That would be both hot and funny in a ridiculous kind of way...
  8. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    sure I would love to
  9. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    You could also have Luna teaching female mannerisms. Like making him sit up straight and cross his legs. Making him take smaller steps and take small dainty bites of food. She can also force him to eat far less food and more girly meals. He eats an apple for breakfast but he has to cut the apple up and eat it in small pieces.
  10. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    This needs to be written
  11. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    I love this idea
  12. Ichigo is Forced Feminized

    Orihime or any girl force Feminizes Ichigo. She forces him to wear girls clothes and eat salad as must lose weight. Orihime conditions him into liking boys and she slowly breaks him. He is forced to read books aimed at girls. She gives him a new girly name and He is forced to go to school as a girl and he is trained in the skills he will need to be a proper housewife one day. Ichigo must resist in the beginning before he is slowly broken and made into a submissive girl. By the end he has no trace of his former self left in him and is planning his wedding day. Must be drawn out and contain Orihime brainwashing him into his new role. Can include BDSM type Punishment for non feminine behavior and brainwashing. How all this is done is up to you as long as it’s this premise. In fact anyone can do it to Ichigo as long as there female. It does not need to be Orihime
  13. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Your I’m busy but if you need. Help email me at
  14. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Another idea is how Luna get other girls involved maybe Cho. They take away the things that make Harry manly and replace them with feminine things. Perhaps force him to talk about witch weekly.
  15. Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Perhaps Luna makes Harry break his firebolt and spend his free time reading books