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  1. This is a newer version of my old challenge done with TheWingedDragonofFuta. After losing in the chunin exams Boruto is given to Sakura as punishment for cheating in the exams (he becomes her child) and Sakura chooses to force feminizies him with the help of her daughter Sarada. Boruto is left thinking this is either a massive prank or at the very least temporary.: he is stripped of his ninja rank and has his charka sealed. He is forced to wear girls clothes and eat salad in place of hamburgers as he must lose weight. Sarada conditions him into liking boys and they slowly break him. She uses her medical knowledge/justu to transform Boruto into what another daughter of her and Sasuke would look like. Leaning more towards her appearance, more of her super girly features (green eyes, long silky pink hair since pink is considered a girly color. A boy could see long silky pink hair as a sign of femininity) They could make a big show of burning his old clothes while slowly dressing him in his new ones. His new room is full of circular architecture as square shapes (like the ones he used to wear) are too manly. He should be taken to the records office where his surname is legally changed to Hurano. When he looks to Sakura she simply laughs and says that he his her daughter, not an Uchiha. If she wants to give Boruto green eyes all she needs to do is touch/poke them lightly. If she wants to give Boruto long silky pink hair all she needs to do is pull on his hair dragging it down to were she wants it to stop (waist length preferable) If she wants to give him dainty arms she needs to run her hands down his arms and so on. Sakura forcing him to dress modestly in floor length skirts and items of clothing that hide his body while still showing off a feminine figure. Maybe a special box or closet he is placed in the house when he misbehaves or an item of clothing. Like he doesn't want Sakura to give him am enema so she makes him walk around town in a mask that says "prissy little princess" in the beginning after they slowly burn his old clothes and get him into Sarada’s old ones he is taken up to his new room by Sarada who helps him do his now long pink hair and then when they go down stairs Sakura’s has prepared dinner. A Salad and as Boruto complains Sakura and Sarada laugh simply saying he needs to eat properly to maintain his pretty figure. As they eat Sakura explains her new house rules for Boruto. Things like never leaving his room unless he’s made himself pretty or having to have his meals approved by her and Sarada (no more hamburgers) and always using feminine manners (taking small bites of food and crossing his legs and so on) that Sakura and Sarada (mainly Sakura) will be teaching him. After they finish eating Sakura has Boruto help clean the kitchen explaining that he will now be mommy’s little helper and that starting tomorrow he will help her care for the house and cook all the meals so he is ready to be a wife one day. Sarada eases Boruto into womanhood by making him wear some of her older clothes while making him come to terms with being a woman. Like the little ensemble she used to wear at the academy. It instills in Boruto that he is "graduating" from little girl into proper woman. Sarada could play the role of helping him learn how to be a proper girl his age as he’s still 13 or so and needs to learn how to act. Her and Cho Cho could take him out for a girls day out where they teach him how to shop and pick out pretty outfits. Overtime make him begin to think of video games as disgusting and bad for the brain and instead choose to read romantic novel and study cooking and learn girly hobbies like flower arrangement and shopping. At some point he runs to Hinata for help only for her to say she doesn't recognize him and that he must be Sakura’s new daughter. (A lie but it screws him up): Ino could help out with teaching him women's psychology. Instilling in him an association between acting like a woman and feeling good. Sakura must train him in new fears of smudging his feminine image, like dropping him in mud before making him walk through the village. He associates people that laugh at him with a the idea that he has besmirched the look of a woman's clothes. Using this event Sakura cultivate him into a gremaphobe. Leading to a scene where Sakura takes her "daughter" to be pampered at a spa only to lock Boruto in a mud bath for hours on end. After this they go visiting Mebuki who coos over her new granddaughter, she could teach him more old Japanese traditions like the tea ceremony but also imposing a social class system on him. That until he has a husband he is considered at the bottom of the family and even then the mother always holds top say. She runs him through the situations that she would have taught Sakura had she stayed civilian, when they are alone she starts calling Boruto by some of the names that she chose for her own daughter before choosing Sakura, giving him a female name to identify from. She could also teach him how to sow and knitting as well as insisting that when they are alone he has to wear a hit pink furisode kimono with hair in a Shimada Sarada could use Boruto's rocky relationship with Naruto to exploit him. Saying how she considers Naruto her second father and Boruto willingly gave that away and because of that he is in his current predicament. Making Boruto appreciate Naruto's male aspects and wanting to work on improving himself, that maybe if he can't be a good son he can be a good daughter. But Sarada keeps him in a pit, that his life as an Uzumaki has sailed, he is a Hurano now, so bend over for your betters and act like it, at the same time she could be his loving sister. Helping Sakura by teaching him things as a girl his age. She could be tasked with destroying his old interests as a girl should not enjoy video games. she could use forms of punishment to make him hate video games and action movies. Sarada could teach him to enjoy the shows, books, and activities girls there age do. she forces him to read some of her old girly books and watch girly shows and read fashion magazines and quizzes him on them and if he doesn’t do really well she punishes him. She could henge into his old body and film scenes if "Boruto" acting like a massive dick to people. By forcing Boruto to watch these videos as punishment she subconsciously makes him begin to hate what he used to be and distance himself from what "he" was doing. Sarada and Chocho take Boruto out for a few hours every now and again were he learns about being a girl there age. failure to comply leads to punishment, degrading Boruto whenever he makes mistakes, constantly bringing up how he has fallen from grace and mocking him for being such a disappointment. Now in full swing of his female personality, Boruto feels an attraction towards Shinki, Garra's son. Sarada could help him try to win Shinki over by teaching him ways to get to a boys heart (perhaps they bake the boy cookies) only for Shinki to flat out reject Boruto. He resolves to learn and try tons of things before he finally gets the man to give him a shot. He has to talk to Tamari to learn some Sauna traditions to try to win him over. After he eventually wins him over, Shinki tests Boruto's devotion to him. Makes him do things that bring him to tears but he ultimately goes through with because his love (thanks to Sakura and Sarada conditioning him to like boys) for Shinki is so great he would to do anything to be with him even if it’s breaks his heart. Playing off the gremaphobe in him by using his Ninjutsu to make a dress of dirt that Boruto has to wear for weeks on end. .Renewed training and sexual etiquette with Boruto becoming more enraptured with his female identity. Shinki makes Boruto go to Naruto and signs away his citizenship of the Leaf and become a Citizen of the sand who is married to Shinki so he lives in the leaf most of the time, too prove his love of Shinki to the suspicious Naruto who doubts Boruto's dedication, has to kiss the feet of Naruto, Hinata and Himawari then let Shinki place an irremovable tattoo or mark on his back. willingly donning a piece of clothing that says property of Shinki. A veil hat is placed on his head so no man can see his face in public other than Shinki the Relationship with Shinki continues showing mass sexual submissiveness and the Sabaku, Uzumaki, Uchiha and Hurano all taking full advantage. After the mark is placed on his back he falls asleep and Shinki takes him in his big strong arms and Boruto submits entirely loving being held by his boyfriend and future husband. Hinata could be involved in his training somehow and during that training Sarada could mock him like she does with Naruto only now talking about the wonderful mother he gave up. Hinata simply enjoys spanking him to remind him that will always be a child, just not hers. Boruto cries and Sarada mocks him for crying when he is finally in Hinata arms again. but she compounds it by reminding him that crying is for girly girls, telling him it’s ok to for a pretty girl to cry. . Engagement period, the closer they get to the wedding the more of his liberties are stripped from him. Ends in marriage with modified vows that Boruto vows to always be submissive. Shinki becomes ambassador to the leaf with a custom built house from the Hokage, special rooms and basements for wife discipline, kinky Married life leading to pregnancy and birth. End of the story is Boruto with a seven year old son being introduced to the new son of Naruto and Hinata who was conceived on the night that Boruto first cheated at the chuunin exams with Shinki planning to let the young Uzumaki use his wife to warm his bed for a few nights. Boruto climes into bed with his biological brother with a smile, happy that his submissiveness has finally brought the family together again.
  2. Naru5

    Sakura Force Feminizes Naruto

    I really like the Kiba idea and him being Hokage would be great as that it was Naruto’s old dream. If you want to go through with this DM me with your ideas in detail for us to discuss chapter 1 and ideas for the story overall?
  3. Naru5

    The Stepfordization Of Sarada Uchiha

    Weather or not she approves does not matter. He is a man so she much quietly obey him until she is wed
  4. Naru5

    Naruto Is Forced To Become A Geisha

    Thanks I’m the one who posted it but for some reason it posted under a guest. Hopefully someone picks it up
  5. Hello, so I’ve had this idea for a while now. Basically for those that don’t know stepfordization is is quite simply when a woman is turned into the ideal 1950’s submissive housewife. So basically after The Foruth Great Ninja War peace was achieved and need for ninja decreesed. Sakura Uchiha decides that woman belong in the home (perhaps this revolution can be tied to the role female characters play in the manga and how little they are allowed to do. Sakura finds herself wondering why they even bother trying. That’s perhaps theyd better off in the home.) They should be wives and before they marry they can stay home with there parents helping mother care for the home. Sakura quits her job and decides she needs to start with her daughter. After getting Sasuke to agree on the condition they attempt to have a boy. she pulls Sarada from the ninja ranks and takes her headband. Now Sarada is a proud ambitious girl and that just won’t do. Sakura sets out on breaking her down. She forces Sarada to give up her dreams of becoming Hokage admitting it’s a job for men. She than makes Sarada get rid of her ugly masculine clothes and get more feminine outfits (dresses, skirts, high heels, blouses and so on. Nothing like pants of course) She evens conditions Sarada into wanting Boruto as husband and a plot point can be her learning ways to use her femininity to get her darling Boruto’s attention. Her life must revolve around keeping the home and cute boys and what a great wife she will be. As time goes on Sarada is trained in all areas she will need to be the perfect housewife and brainwashed into truly having no higher goals than marrying a boy. She has to resist. Fighting her mother, screaming about how she’s going to become Hokage but Sakura breaks her down. She evens has Sarada’s charka sealed forever. She should also use jutsu to make Sarada hair far longer so Sarada can have more pretty feminine hairstyles to choose from. Sasuke can also be involve perhaps getting angry with Sarada for not cooking something right or something along those lines. Perhaps he has to spank/slap his little girl for acting in ways unbecoming of a lady. These ideas are changeable but what matters is that Sarada goes from her canon self into wanting nothing more than to become a man’s wife and care for his home and children. Becoming actually scared of the thought of having to work and take care of herself thinking a woman could never do such a thing. As I said the circumstances of how she becomes the perfect little housewife can be discussed and changed if the writer has a more fitting idea. Such as the writer thinking someone else (Hinata?) should train and break Sarada Hope someone picks this up.
  6. Naru5

    Sakura and Sarada Force Feminizes Boruto

    I agree Boruto needs to learn his place.
  7. Naru5

    Sakura Force Feminizes Naruto

    The Kyuubi will likely be sealed with his chakra by Sakura early on. Also no will try to stop it since Sakura and Ino have the Hokage’s ok to do it, I was thinking Tsunade would be better for testing Naruto to be sure there training him well.
  8. Naru5

    Sakura Force Feminizes Naruto

    A big thing will be teaching Naruto be demure. His loud, brash, rude male self needs to go. Of course this would take time and not be done for a while. Also I feel Naruto’s name should be very different. Naruto Uzumaki is gone, dead, no more. He takes on his sister last name of Haruno and should be given a new name something like Haruno Yoshiko. There should be nothing left of the male named Naruto Uzumaki. If you would like any help with ideas let me know?
  9. Naru5

    Arya's Training

    You could also have Arya forced to watch the men train but be punished for thinking of joining them. Slowly break her into joining into more traditional gender roles. Show her trying to be boyish and being punished for it. Have her be rewarded for cooking a proper meal with a smile on her face. Make her enjoy being girly and hate the idea of fighting or getting dirty
  10. Naru5

    Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    I have not heard from the guy so I think we will need to find someone else to write the fic.
  11. Naru5

    Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    I sent him all the things and will let you know when he gets back to me.
  12. Naru5

    Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Ok we don’t want to many kinks or it may ruin the pace
  13. Naru5

    Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    Sure I will send them Tomorrow and at the moment I don’t have much to add.
  14. Naru5

    Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

    holy shit this is great I would only add something regarding a name change
  15. Reposting a old post to see if anyone wants to take a crack at it he Setup: Harry inherits an old house/manor. He asks Hermione to go and check it out for him as a favor. The reason that he asked her to check it out was because he already had some pressing matters to attend to, (something that would occupy his time for a few weeks/months). He also asks her not mention the house to anyone yet, as depending on how the house is, he might want to hide there the next time his fame got to be too much. She agrees but then gets there only to find that the door won't open for her. (Maybe do too some kind of Ward or perhaps Harry merely forgot to give her the key). She notices a little doggy-door/cat-flap, and decides to shrink herself in order to use it. This is when things go sour for our heroin. Upon entering the house through the flap, she is greeted by the manors residing head House-elf. The matron elf takes one look at her and comes to the conclusion that Hermione must be the newest elf sent here to work by their master. Perhaps the elf is old and has bad eyesight, or maybe this is merely do too skewered House-elf logic. "She is my size and is not the master, so she must be a new elf". Despite Hermione's protests, the old elf has already decided that she, is in fact, a House-elf, (and a very young and poorly trained one at that!) and with a snap of its fingers, Hermione's clothes (and her wand!) are banished and replaced with the standard House-elf uniform; a simple, yet rather skimpy (on her), pillowcase with arm and head cutouts that barely falls past her hips. (heh heh) Thus begins Hermione's training as a proper House-elf servant/slave by the matron elf and/or any other house-elves that work in the manor, serving under the head elf. All the while, trying to find her wand and/or escape from her new domestic prison and its jailers. Will she ever find her lost wand? Will she be able to send for help? Will she escape? Or will she eventually give up and submit to the training, become the perfect little servant for her master (Harry)? The basic outline is that Hermione would have to spend a quite a bit of time trapped in her predicament with no way out but too either play along with the demented Elf's wishes and continue to search for a way out in secret. Or continuing to openly defy the Old Elf, and thus be given a taste of real House Elf firmness and dedication though the Old Elf's attempts to teach her just what it means to be a proper House Elf. Through her reddened arse, of cores. Now exactly what Hermione's training consist of is up to the wrighter. Would she be taught how to perfectly perform specific tasks or would she just be taught general obedience and submission to her "master"? Would the head Elf discipline her when she's "bad"? Or would she just be punished regularly simply to install a strong sence of obedience within her? Would the Elves go as far as to teach (Brainwash) her into only wearing pillowcases/tea-towels and to only speak of herself in the third person? I would like this story to include spankings, humiliation, and atleast one sexual incounter between Hermione and a male House-Elf agenst her will. (I'm not so much looking for a violent rape, more like an unwilling/disabled Hermione that has no choice.) Optional Idea 1: Bringing up an interesting point: how DO House-elves usually carry out their duties? Is there any real amount of physical labor involved or do they rely primarily on magic to do their jobs? Do they simply snap their fingers and turn a dirty room into a clean one? Instantly conger four-course meals? From what little we've seen of House-elves at work (such as the Hogwarts kitchens) it seems to be an even mix of both. They prepare the food by hand but use magic to instantly transport it to the great hall for the students and faculty to eat. No doubt the matron Elf will be upset by Hermione's inability to instantly "pop" to any area of the manor, as well as getting her work done as quickly and efficiently as "elfly" possible. Forcing her to discipline the newest elf, often. A possible outcome of this is that a near-panicked Hermione would subconsciously force her own magic to work the way the matron Elf expects out of sheer desperation; like a House-elves. This in turn could have all sorts of unpleasant "side-effects" on the poor witch-turned-pseudo-house-elf. Optional Idea 2: After a while when Hermione doesn't report back, Harry could become worried, and send someone else too check up on her, who then ends up in the same situation as Hermione. Other Witches-turned-House-Elves could include; Ginny (Gin-Giny), Luna (Loony), Tonks (Nymphy), McGonagall (Minny), Molly (Muly) and just for lolz, Aunt Petunia (Tuny). Optional Idea 3: One of the manors male elves could become smitten with "Hermy", and ask the matron House-elf if she and he could become "mated". Or instead of asking the Head elf, he could go and proposition himself to Hermione directly. Male house-elf too Hermione: Hermy is so beautiful. We would be great for each other! Hermione: "W-what do you mean? Eeep!" Cue the Benny Hill chase music as the male elf chases Hermione throughout the Manor. OR for a slightly more evil version... Cue "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" theme as the male carries a struggling Hermione too his sleeping area. Heck, by combining Ideas 2 and 3 you could make this a story about one or more male House-Elves gathering a Harem of female "House-Elves" who are really human women that are forced into their situation due to unusual circumstance. That would be both hot and funny in a ridiculous kind of way...