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  1. OMG! OMG! OMG!  Mind totally blown!!

    I just watched the movie “Soldier’s Girl” and I am like totally excited!!!

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    2. Avaloyuru


      If I offended anyone with my post about the movie ‘Soldier’s Girl’, I sincerely apologize.  I do not deny that I watched it because Lee Pace was in a lead role.  The fact that it is based on a true event, is horrific in itself.

      I realize that we write fan-fiction, we take other people’s work and rewrite it to our own ends.  As I am sure others have experienced this as well, I have been ridiculed for using Tolkien for this type of writing.  There are people out there who do not understand, particularly when we as writers go the way of adult material.

      No, I have not yet published anything on this site (yet).  I have written many fan-fiction stories based on other writers works.  Particularly the author Mercedes Lackey and her series on the Heralds of Valdimar.  I love her works because she created this wonderful fantasy world that actually mirrors our own real world when it comes to social and cultural problems.  The main character in her first trilogy ‘Vanyel Ashkeveron’ is gay, and lesbians in her series ‘The Oathbreakers’

      Watching movies of all types, including actual porn, helps me develop my own characters that are believable, where readers can (hopefully) relate to them.

      I watched 'Soldier's Girl' for reasons other than Lee Pace.  I do not have transgender characters because they do not fit into the fantasy worlds I write about, the concept does not exist.  Yet at the same time, I feel the ‘psychological mindset’ of a transgender person would make for an awesome character that some readers could identify with.

    3. Avaloyuru


      We all have our reasons for writing.  I think the primary reason stated in one of the forums was that we do it for ourselves.

      I have been digging through boxes of old writings that I did years ago that are based on other authors works.  I cannot describe how happy I am to have found this particular site to ‘technically’ publish my stories.  No matter how much we write or how good we think our stories are constructive criticism is essential in my opinion.  I believe I will get that here.

      I will never be another Tolkien, nobody will in my mind.  However, that does not stop me from pursuing the idea of actually finishing a book and getting it published.

      For every character in the LOTR stories I write, I have created an 'alter' character that differs enough that it is not a copy.

      I also have the greatest respect for the fact that this site actually cares about plagiarism!  Making it another reason I have not yet published on this site yet.  I spend three times as much time researching Tolkien’s writings to get my facts straight because those facts are the building blocks of the events I write about.  I feel this effort helps reduce if not eliminate plagiarizing other fan-fiction writers.

      Unfortunately, there are only so many to describe the physical act of a sexual encounter, regardless of the participants.

    4. Avaloyuru


      I did not intend to actually rant here and I apologize.