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  1. LuciieSpirit

    Putting your e-book out there

    Ah, good point. Thanks
  2. LuciieSpirit

    Putting your e-book out there

    I’m from the UK would that be different?
  3. LuciieSpirit

    Putting your e-book out there

    Yes I think so, its a side story from my main series so its kinda a promotion in itself.
  4. LuciieSpirit

    Putting your e-book out there

    Wow that really helps thank you. Yeah I use kindle because you get to actually copyright your shizz before casting out into the world. And I did some reasearch this week on where else to put it and you have mentioned all the places I have found so thank you Have you had an experience with KU then? My first ebook is with them and I want to follow your advice this time and not use it but I wondered what you have seen from it...
  5. LuciieSpirit

    Putting your e-book out there

    So I have written an ebook before and that's going ok… But I am onto my second one and was looking at actually making a plan this time on how to launch it and promote it. Does anyone have any advice, whether it be on how to promote it, to where they actually put it? I am planning to make it free. Any tips are welcome! Thanks in advance <3
  6. LuciieSpirit

    Writing a summary/blurb

    This is all great advice, thank you @Tcr @CloverReef@BronxWench@SirGeneralSir@JayDee@Desiderius Price <3
  7. LuciieSpirit

    Writing a summary/blurb

    So I take months writing stories, look at editing, promoting them and publishing them… the only thing I seem to REALLY struggle with is writing the little summary/description. Having written the whole book I find it hard to summarise. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks <3
  8. LuciieSpirit

    Gay Merman?

    I started a story based off Little Mermaid but with my twist on it… Please check it out!