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  1. help with dialogue punctuation

    Well, the vast majority of the characters in my writing are female. I don’t really think too much consciously about how I write different characters. I just have the picture of the person in my head, an idea of their personality, and I let that flow out. I guess I unconsciously take cues from other authors, and from people I’ve talked to… both on and offline. Thing about stereotypes in my experience, most of them do apply in a *very* general sense. For instance women are, I would say and in my experience, more empathetic and less emotionally restrained (and that is absolutely *not* a criticism) than men. Of course there are millions of individuals who are the exact opposite, but I would say, even if simply because of upbringing, that this particular rule does apply generally in the majority of cases. Perhaps a good idea could be to start with a stereotype and say… “How can I nuance that, dilute it, twist it, subvert it?” To add the needed realism. Feel free to violently disagree with any or all of this by the way.
  2. Hi all, Looking for one or more people to generally look over a huge story I'm writing, twelve chapters as of now. I’d like to have feedback/suggestions on the writing, and the story too if possible. The main character is 13 at the start of the story, and there is sexual activity between minors and between adults and minors, plus explicit medical and other fetishes, plus abuse, BDSM, basically a bit of almost everything. Please let me know if interested.
  3. Lucy Goes To Lady Summerset's

    My first ever story I've posted online. I have one more chapter written which I will probably post soon. Please let me know if you'd like to read more about Lucy and her friends. Author: Long-Jonathan-Gold Title: Lucy Goes To Lady Summerset's Summary: Young Lucy Lewis leaves her grammar school where she is being bullied because she has to wear nappies. At Lady Summerset's school for girls, she will hopefully find acceptance, understanding and new friends. However, there are surprises in store, and all does not go quite as smoothly as she would like. Feedback: Any and all welcome, so long as it's constructive. Fandom: Original. Pairing: FF, threesomes/moresomes. Warnings: Minor2, TBDL, anal, fingering, fet, non-con/reluctance. (these are all the things definitely in the first chapter.) Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered. URL: Review Reply thread: N/A.
  4. help with dialogue punctuation

    Now I’ve found a way to make the display mark bold and italics. But something interesting. If I type like that, it shows even the spaces and punctuation as being bold or italic. But it is possible, though very slow and tedious, to turn it off for typing spaces and so-on, to only the letters show up in bold. Which is correct? That is can a space or punctuation be bold or in italics? That might sound weird, well it does but it’s something I’m wondering now, not being able to see what it looks like visually.
  5. help with dialogue punctuation

    Ah, there we are, case in point. Neither braille display nor speech gave me any indication the font… or whatever bold actually is, had changed.
  6. help with dialogue punctuation

    I agree. However I do try not to use the same kind of descriptions over and over. I have a horror of repeating myself except where I want to for emphasis. I’ve also had to start finding more subtile ways of describing things than using adverbs. Sadly this can make things a bit more wordy. I tend to be a bit limited in how to describe emotions and so-on too because, being unable to see, I’ve very little understanding of things like facial expressions and body language. It can be very hard to find alternatives to… “she said angrily,” “He said excitedly,” “she announced sternly.” I wonder too if sighted people might find my writing sometimes odd, since I tend to write in a way that makes my screen reader read it back most effectively, and that looks right on the braille display. I imagine sometimes that might not quite tally with ease of reading for a sighted person. For instance if I use italics, neither display nore screen reader gives any indication that they’re there. It would be great if I could use something like, “That is *really* bad!” However I’m told by everything I’ve read this isn’t really permissible. Even to me it doesn’t look right in fiction writing so I don’t… except when talking online.
  7. Where to stick my fic :d

    Thanks a lot. Great quotes BTW.
  8. help with dialogue punctuation

    Thanks C.R, I was thinking of looking for someone like that actually, I will have to have a careful think about what I ask for though as I’m very possessive of my work haha. @D.P: Could well be it will work then, TBH really in word it's probably a matter of learning keystrokes. I've just never taken the time, especially as I've been unsure of correct usage, and of course worrying about this kind of thing tends to cramp my creativity. Generally I take the attitude if the spell checker can be made happy I consider it done. That's probably a bit lax though I know. Given the nature of the story, I have of course always been very careful in the past who I show it to. I don't know any sighted person personally who I would feel comfortable giving it to. I may well ask officially on here when I've got my thoughts properly together. And on that note... bed! Thanks so much everyone you've made me feel really welcome.
  9. help with dialogue punctuation

    OK, I’m being snowed under with science now haha. I’ve not heard of LAtex, I may look that up but I doubt I can work with editing PDFs in a screen reader as usually they can't read them even. What is a beta?
  10. help with dialogue punctuation

    @C.R, thanks a lot, much appreciated. @D.P, Oh Christ no! I'd never write something that important into a website box directly. Using MS word 2010. I have tried libre office, I like it but I don't think it worked quite so well with the screen reader as word. @P.S.T, Well yes I hear what you're saying, however at the moment I'm working purely for my own enjoyment and don't have any ambitions to go commercial. If I did though, I would presumably get help with the editing part, and yes I would do my best to abide by their stylebook. No sense in falling out with a publisher over grammar. Perhaps I'm too used to places like ASSTR where anything you can dream up goes haha. I've used my own judgement based on what I've seen and what works for me as a reader. I read a hell of a lot more than I write.
  11. help with dialogue punctuation

    As is being aptly demonstrated here, one problem with grammar talk is conflicting advice/rules. I’ve researched tonnes of grammar questions and no two sources seem to agree on anything but the most basic rules. Currently I’m using the elipses as a pause indicater where someone’s either trailing off or else nervous or unsure. As in: “But I… I can’t sit there.” It’ll be staying that way whatever anyone says because changing it now would be a humungous chore. I have an exceedingly shy unsure main character haha. In any case I’ve never seen that done any other way. Same with two spaces after a fullstop. I was taught to type that way and when writing something official I can’t break the habit. Again it seems changing that would be an utter nightmare, even though some now seem to be saying don’t do it. Another question that comes to mind is how you show that a character is emphasising a word or phrase. Usually I just use a tag, though sometimes that is clumsy. Some people use all caps, “I NEVER cook!” But I’m not sure if that’s amateurish, but I can’t be doing with italics and bolds and stuff I never worked out how to do it using the keyboard. I was supposedly taught word processing at school, but it was over the transfer from DOS, and with all the trouble getting the new Windows to work, and the early screen reader, our teacher spent far more time troubleshooting than teaching. As a result I’m still picking it up as I go along. Appologies also for the lack of paragraphs, as I can’t see what my writing looks like I do tend to forget, especially as some boxes don’t allow them. Too often I’ve pressed enter only to find myself posting before I’d finished. I’m more careful when I write, I like to think I’m improving slowly.
  12. Where to stick my fic :d

    Posting this here as I’ve seen a similar question, if writer’s corner or somewhere else is better I’ll happily move it somewhere else if someone let’s me know. I have an original story that’s set in an alternate universe. However there isn’t much in the way of sci fi or fantasy content, pretty much every other genre but not those really. Should it still go in SF&F, or would general/Misc be more appropriate? There is some ambiguous paranormal activity, and a bit of technology that doesn’t exist in our world come to think of it, but mostly it’s almost a period piece since it’s set in 1975… just not our 1975. I don’t want to annoy anyone.
  13. help with dialogue punctuation

    Oh wow! I’m so going to enjoy all the debates I can start here LOL. Seriously though again thanks all for your thoughts. I personally wouldn’t use the exclamation marks unless the person was shouting or particularly angry. It is a hard one to call though. One feels there should be some kind of pause indicator, but with it being every single word it really looks and sounds very odd if you do it that way. On the other hand, without them it’s sort of… not very effective. It’s an unusual situation anyway as in this particular instance it’s quite a long speech. 23 words! ATM I’ve changed it to no abnormal punctuation as per Bronx and Melrick’s advice.
  14. help with dialogue punctuation

    Thank you Bronx and Melrick for your comments. @Bronx, oh yeah I’ve seen that too, with slap after every word, try having a speech synthersiser read it to you. I’ll take your advice I think, it’ll save my spell checker a headache anyway.
  15. help with dialogue punctuation

    First, if this is in the wrong place I sincerely appologize. I’m knew here and also totally blind, forums aren’t my strong point. If you were writing a piece of dialogue where the speaker pauses between each word, how would you indicate that with punctuation? Would you use a comma “,” or elypsis “...” between each word? Or is it better to just say beforehand that the speaker is doing this and just write the dialogue as noral? Does it depend on the situation? The exact situation I have in mind is a spanking scene where someone punctuates each word with a slap.