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  1. We’ll have to see about Poison Ivy, scet. And I hope you enjoy it, bread lover, :).
  2. For anyone looking at this, I’ve started up a sequel to this story. Here’s a link to it –
  3. Yes, some girls will get pregnant.
  4. Yes. The ninth chapter is maybe a 1/3 done right now.
  5. Pitbull – I’m glad! BestoftheBest – I’m even more glad you think this is your favorite story out of mine. I like to keep a variety of things going, and writing this story has definitely been a lot of fun so far.
  6. Shadow19 – I’m not going to promise a date. I don’t write stories that I don’t enjoy writing, and right now, I’m not feeling Dominos, sorry. Kousetsu – Yeah, probably.
  7. TheJusticeFriends- Thanks for the review! I’m glad you enjoy my work, even if most of it features a character you dislike. With Sakura and Naruto, that’s pretty much how their dynamic is going to go. And trust me, updates are going to be pretty often for this story – I am having an absolute blast writing this.
  8. Want to talk about the story – Restoration of the Uzumaki Clan? Then this is the place to do it. I’ll leave replies to any and all reviews I receive here.
  9. The next chapter will be the last. And it’s pretty fucking long, so it might be a while.
  10. Hey, buy me a couple of drinks first before you try to extort me.
  11. Sounds like a fun idea for a one sot, Sopec.
  12. I like Highschool DxD. I just hate most of the male characters. Issei is an annoying dumbass that drools over boobs half the time. Kiba is… okay. The other males are cool as well, but I can’t see myself writing content for them, unless it was a commission or something. If I were to do Highschool DxD, it’d like involve someone from say Naruto or Bleach coming over to do most of the dirty work.
  13. I might do other anime like Bleach or Fairy Tail if someone gives me a good idea. I do OC as well, but Naruto is likely to remain the focus.
  14. Thanks. I’m probably going to end up doing a fourth chapter – Naruto’s Fetish is a lot of fun to write – but there’s something else I want to mention. I have been collaborating with somebody to put together an original story, which I actually posted a few hours ago. If you’re a fan of my Naruto work, you might like it – you can find it easily if you go to my Adult FF profile. Let me know what you think!