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  1. BigE2955

    Unable to post a new story

    Alright, sounds good! Thank you guys for your fast response, <3.
  2. BigE2955

    Unable to post a new story

    Let me see if I can help a little. Every time I go to upload a new story, no matter how many times I try to refresh, this issue pops up. To clarify, I’m trying to post something under the ‘Harry Potter’ section. A picture is attached.
  3. It seems that I’m left unable to post a new story, as the recaptcha software your website uses seems to have shut down. Is there any way to circumvent this/get it fixed? Thank you.
  4. BigE2955

    Propagation Review Replies & General Discussion

    Fhelly – I’m glad you enjoyed it!
  5. The title says it all, really. Any and all reviews that are left on the story will be replied to here.
  6. BigE2955

    The Lone Wanderer - Discussion and Stuff

    We’ll have to see about Poison Ivy, scet. And I hope you enjoy it, bread lover, :).
  7. BigE2955

    The Lone Wanderer - Discussion and Stuff

    For anyone looking at this, I’ve started up a sequel to this story. Here’s a link to it –
  8. Yes, some girls will get pregnant.
  9. BigE2955

    The Lone Wanderer - Discussion and Stuff

    Yes. The ninth chapter is maybe a 1/3 done right now.
  10. Pitbull – I’m glad! BestoftheBest – I’m even more glad you think this is your favorite story out of mine. I like to keep a variety of things going, and writing this story has definitely been a lot of fun so far.
  11. Shadow19 – I’m not going to promise a date. I don’t write stories that I don’t enjoy writing, and right now, I’m not feeling Dominos, sorry. Kousetsu – Yeah, probably.
  12. TheJusticeFriends- Thanks for the review! I’m glad you enjoy my work, even if most of it features a character you dislike. With Sakura and Naruto, that’s pretty much how their dynamic is going to go. And trust me, updates are going to be pretty often for this story – I am having an absolute blast writing this.
  13. Want to talk about the story – Restoration of the Uzumaki Clan? Then this is the place to do it. I’ll leave replies to any and all reviews I receive here.
  14. BigE2955

    The Lone Wanderer - Discussion and Stuff

    The next chapter will be the last. And it’s pretty fucking long, so it might be a while.