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  1. BigE2955

    N's Fetish Poll

    The title says all, I think. Here’s the poll! Let’s see who the winner is. (Also, if you have any questions to ask and you put them in this thread, I’ll try to answer them.)
  2. BigE2955

    Sasuke-sensei Review Replies/Discussion

    Shortcake: Thank you! BlueArrow: I can assure you that you’ll be surprised, ANON: It’s coming. Whether it’s sooner or later, I cannot say. SenzaUchiha: Thank ya!
  3. BigE2955

    What's happened to creativity?

    You bring a fair point with Shippuden. The main problem with Shippuden is that none of the ships evolved. NaruHina stayed essentially the same: a shy girl chasing after a boy who basically ignored her. It took an entire movie to wrap up that relationship. And as for SasuSaku, well, it just got worse; there were moments in Part I where it was somewhat plausible, but the fact that Sakura was retconned to still love Sasuke in the war arc was just… ugh. Completely unacceptable, even for a ‘fighting’ manga. Most of the other ‘ships’ are really minor; the only one that’s actually a solid, plausible relationship off the top of my head is ShikaTema and they only got like three chapters of development. And, you know, when the Boruto manga/anime first came out I thought there was a chance of a revitalization. But honestly, it’s just not going to happen at this rate… the anime and manga just aren’t as good as the original Naruto manga, and I don’t see it ever coming close with the type of writing they’ve been brandishing thus far. Vanilla stuff is making a resurgence somewhat, but, it’s not quite there yet. I post both vanilla and NTR stuff, and though I prefer writing vanilla things I’ve noticed that NTR tends to get well over four or five times the reviews/views that vanilla things do. It’s a pity, really. Oh well. I suppose we’ll just have to see what the future holds… I for one have faith, but sometimes faith just isn’t enough.
  4. BigE2955

    What's happened to creativity?

    What a well reasoned response. I’m glad you managed to so thoroughly shut down my argument, and not just say something that’s blatantly untrue if you actually think about it for a moment.
  5. BigE2955

    What's happened to creativity?

    Well, that’s awfully rude. Now, I will try to answer what you said as thoroughly as possible. Firstly: I do write Naruto stories. In fact, as we speak, I’m putting the finishing touches on the chapter of a Naruto story. There’s one reason I write more Sasuke stories than Naruto stories: I prefer Sasuke over Naruto. It’s nothing more complicated than that – I don’t hate Naruto, neither do I loathe him… I just prefer Sasuke. And no, I don’t ‘go out of my way to have Naruto humiliated in (my) fics’. I have about 3 fics, out of 28, where Naruto is in any way humiliated. And in those three fics, he’s not only an active participant but also gets his moments of dominance, at least in two of them. It’s fairly obvious that you haven’t read any of my stories, considering anyone who has read them can tell you that I tend to go out of my way to make Naruto either not involved in the story, or genderbent into a woman and allowed to join in the fun. It’s also worth noting that one of my favorite pairings is Sasuke/Fem. Naruto. I don’t believe I’m a hypocrite, either. Yes, I write stories where Naruto is cucked – but they’re of a completely different nature than other stories where Sasuke/Naruto are cucked. Naruto is a willing participant; and he gets just as much enjoyment from the act as everyone else. Not to mention I don’t bash him, either… in fact, I tend to go out of my way to make his actual strength and power obvious to the reader. A fact you would be aware of if you actually read my stories. Neither is my motivation ‘spite’. I was simply stating why I thought other authors began to write stories where Naruto gets cuckolded – for the most part, I write them because I have good ideas and I feel they translate into good erotica. And considering the relative popularity of those stories, I think other people agree that they are good erotica. Hopefully, I’ve answered your response in a way that’s acceptable.
  6. BigE2955

    Sasuke-sensei Review Replies/Discussion

    GuraGuragUrl6: Scrolling over certain parts is probably a bad idea, considering I packed a lot of foreshadowing, character development, and plot development into parts that might seem ‘boring’. And… Karin is in charge. She’s the leader of the whole situation – if it wasn’t for her keeping Sasuke on a leash, he would stop the arrangement immediately. Like, I’m honestly baffled by this line of reasoning I get from people: just because Sasuke is a little dominant in a single scene in the chapter doesn’t mean he’s going to be dominating everyone, or even Karin in the future. And, frankly, I am changing my stories. Every single one of my stories, for the most part, has a radically different concept and approach. So… yeah.
  7. BigE2955

    What's happened to creativity?

    Well, I don’t think the answer to that is exactly hidden. But, for your sake, I’ll try and make it clear for you. Have you ever talked to some Naruto fans? And by some, I do not mean all – so don’t take words out of my mouth here. Some Naruto fans are absolutely awful human beings. They relentlessly bash any character who is not Naruto, they find a way to butcher the characterization of literally everybody in the series, and they constantly and consistently get shoved in everyone’s faces by droves of fans who seem to think that a Naruto who is characterized (ironically) just like Sasuke, but even edgier, is somehow a good thing. For almost a decade stories like these were shoved down people’s throat. About how ‘awesome’ Naruto is, about how ‘bad’ Konoha and everybody else in the series except (occasionally) Hinata or Kushina is. Again and again, story after story that get hundreds upon hundreds of reviews. Any story that doesn’t adhere to this principle of ‘Naruto over all’ has to be flamed, reported, and basically harassed until the author either takes it down or stops updating. That is how bad it got. What nowadays is is simply a backlash. Apparently, you can’t have a character so relentlessly vaunted and praised without having a lot of people stew in anger – and once a few authors, such as me, came along and started writing stories where he isn’t getting his way, where he isn’t bashing literally everyone else, where he isn’t the top dog… well, let’s just say, that’s how we got to today. Funnily enough, I’ve written quite a ‘Sasuke’ stories, as you might realize. I’ve also written a few ‘Naruto’ stories, too. Guess which one gets much better reviews from much kinder, nicer, more receptive people? And guess which one gets flamed relentlessly by people who don’t even read it, but yell about who the protagonist is? Hint hint: they’re both the Sasuke one. Maybe this has given you some perspective.
  8. BigE2955

    Sasuke-sensei Review Replies/Discussion

    Holtshit: I’m glad you liked the story; I’m a fan of student/teacher stuff myself, but I feel that the male teacher/female student thing is either underused or plagued by the male being way too creepy for my tastes. I haven’t done Karin lately which kind of sucks, but at least I can make it up in this fic. And yup! This is certainly going to have more, so stay tuned. James00X: Mmm hmm! In this story, I doubt most if not all of the girls are going to remain more or less ‘normal’ – they’ll certainly like sex with Sasuke, but it’s not going to be a cock starved slut type of deal. I’m also glad you liked my writing and the character development included, ;). And yeah… let’s just say that Sasuke’s will cracks rather fast, xD. Karin’s already got him suckered in and it’s only a matter of time before others hop on the train. random123: Thank you! subline: I already have a plan to deal with that particular conondrum; I felt it would be a bit too convenient if his desk was already like that. You’ll see what I mean. Glad you enjoyed it! Mark: Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the story, ANON: There will certainly be more, Gem: LLF is going to get an updated sooner or later, but I’m having some problems with the next chapter. Still, hope you enjoy this one! random123 (again): I’ll update it as soon as I can! Glad you’re enjoying it. Pitbull4567: Thank you! HatakeTheKage: Sure, that’s your opinion I guess. But, I think you misunderstand the concept of someone being able to claim something, yet also being unable to follow through on what they say. Actions speak louder than words after all. And, I think you’re missing out if you assume there’s no ‘plot’ to this. And as for a Naruto story? We’ll see. germa666: I’m… confused by this? Sasuke and Karin’s dynamic in this chapter is near the exact same that it was in the first chapter, so I have no idea what you mean by ‘cheesy porno feel’. Especially considering how much character and plot development was packed into the chapter. ANON: I am! ANON(2): Glad you enjoyed it!
  9. I don’t think I really need to elaborate on what the purpose of this thread is, but for posterity’s sake I will. To put it as simply as I can: I will reply to any and all reviews that I recieve on my Naruto story ‘Sasuke-sensei’ here, and I will also reply to any questions or concerns that anyone posts in this particular thread.
  10. BigE2955

    Unable to post a new story

    Alright, sounds good! Thank you guys for your fast response, <3.
  11. BigE2955

    Unable to post a new story

    Let me see if I can help a little. Every time I go to upload a new story, no matter how many times I try to refresh, this issue pops up. To clarify, I’m trying to post something under the ‘Harry Potter’ section. A picture is attached.
  12. It seems that I’m left unable to post a new story, as the recaptcha software your website uses seems to have shut down. Is there any way to circumvent this/get it fixed? Thank you.
  13. BigE2955

    Propagation Review Replies & General Discussion

    Fhelly – I’m glad you enjoyed it!
  14. The title says it all, really. Any and all reviews that are left on the story will be replied to here.
  15. BigE2955

    The Lone Wanderer - Discussion and Stuff

    We’ll have to see about Poison Ivy, scet. And I hope you enjoy it, bread lover, :).