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  1. Well, desperate enough to use sleep aid last night, so I’m well rested today… but a little groggy. Drinking iced coffee. Working on my story’s second chapter. It’s nearing 4k words, but I have a ton more to write…. Still need Harry Potter content requests for my story to fill in future chapters. The story is both Slash and Het, featured in the Threesome/Moresome category… 

  2. Ugh… no sleep again. I swear I sleep one night and the next I can’t… I’m happy to say that one such night produced my current story… but that’s all its good for. I’m a little shocked I completed a chapter or really the intro with over 9k words

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    2. k505
    3. GeorgeGlass


      My doc prescribed trazodone for my (lifelong) insomnia, and it really helps. It’s non-addictive, you don’t build a tolerance to it, and I haven’t had any side effects from it.

    4. k505


      I have an allergy for most generalized anti-depressants and anti-psychotics like Paxil and even Risperidone (No matter what they’re used for). Paxil made me hallucinate – Not fun, not fun at all. Thanks for the suggestion tho.

      I occasionally take melatonin, but only when I’m absolutely desperate. I don’t want to become dependent or build a tolerance for it.