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  1. So, a long time ago, I read an Au (6th yr) story in which two universes begin to combine. In one Lily and James were alive, but Harry was not. The other universe was pretty much canon, but Remus died around the same time Sirius did. Another thing is – Cedric died in one universe (canon) and woke up in another. He was depressed since “his Harry” was dead and everyone (I think) thought he was crazy. Sirius and Remus also remembered the other universe but kept quiet about it. Does anyone know where this story is?
  2. I removed the excess fandoms. I apologize, I didn’t realize they were so confusing. Thanks!
  3. Hey, I am looking for recommendations of explicit Harry Potter stories containing the big three – “Slash, Male Harem x Sub Harry and Mpreg”. Anyone have any suggestions? I love Sub-Harry. I am not fond of – Harry and Draco together (outside of a Dominant Male Harem x Sub Harry). I do not like Angsty-Stories or Short Stories/One-Shots. If you want to recommend a Bisexual Harem, I am okay with that so long as Harry is submissive and the main character. I do not mind Harry knocking up females, so long as they are the dominate in the relationship and “ride” him. I read crossovers too, so long as I know the fandom. Kinks I will read: 3Plus - Threesomes/Moresomes, any combination, Anal - Anal sex, Pseudo Beast – Bestiality (only with Shape Shifter or Magical Animals with human intelligence (EX: Aragog)), Bi – Bisexuality, Dom – Male or Female Domination (especially Females in Threesomes or more), DP – Double Penetration (No Spit roasting, (only via Vagina or Anus or both (Hermaphrodite)), Fingering – manual manipulation of the clitoris, vagina, vulva or anus, HJ - Hand Job (manual stimulation of one partner's penis), Inc – Incest, M/F – Het/Heterosexual Romance, M/M – Slash/Homosexual Romance, MPreg - Male Pregnancy (Especially Graphic), Oral – Oral sex, Preg – Pregnancy, Rape – where one of the characters is sexually assaulted, but it is not too graphic or the focus of the story, Solo – Masturbation, Tent – Tentacles, Toys - Sexual toys (vibrators, dildos, etc.), Violence – Story contains violence/blood/gore/etc, but not torture or torture aftermath, WD – Wet Dream or ejaculation while asleep, Incest Pregnancy – being impregnated by a biological family member (Must not include abortion/Not be Rape and not be Unwanted), Bestiality Pregnancy (a pregnancy from Pseudo Bestiality), Eggs Pregnancy (Something/Someone lays eggs inside an Individual which develops IN them), Breeding/Pregnancy Kink – a sexual fascination with impregnating a man or woman. Extremely Non-Canon, Cum inflation, Knotting, Creature inheritance, Daddy Kink (In incest pairings) Kinks I will NOT read: Necrophilia, Blood Play, Scat Play, Water Sports, Mind Control, Suicidal Themes, Self-Harm themes, a lot of Angst, cannibalism, Major Characters Death SO…. let’s get the recommendations rolling in!
  4. Hi, I am looking for a Naruto story containing Time Travel, Yaoi, and powerful Naruto. I would prefer a Kakashi/Naruto pairing or an Itachi/Naruto pairing, but I can deal with almost any Yaoi pairing so long as Naruto is uke. Does anyone know of a story with these requirements which takes place during the Third Great Shinobi War? I will also accept recommendation with time travel to Naruto’s genin years. I do not want a Girl-Naruto story or a short-story. I would prefer a longer story preferably with more than 40 thousand words.
  5. Okay, I am looking for three types of stories! Please recommend me some which meet my interests! Submissive – Harry, Mpreg, DP, Threesomes + with an interesting plotline (Must include those tags) Creature/Female – Preg, Tentacle Sex or Beast Sex (Must include those tags) Ron/Hermione/Harry – Mpreg, Preg and DP (Must include those tags) I do not read: Dominant – Harry, Draco/Harry (unless Harem/Harry) or heavy angst. As for story codes I will NOT read: ABDL, Abortion, Age play, Bigotry, B-Modification (unless Hermaphrodite), Blood Play, CBT, Humiliation, Necrophilia, Gender Bends, MBP, MCD, Minor1, Parody, Peg, Rape, Scat, TBDL, and Xeno – everything else I am willing to give a try.
  6. Have you ever experienced, when a Television series ends and you don't like how it ended or in some cases that it ended at all? That is one reason, why I write fan fiction. I am creating a Slash and Het Teen Wolf fan fiction story, which I will post on Archive of Our Own (So I can add Art) and on Adult Fan Fiction (and Maybe a tumblr site?). I want to expand the series and alter some parts significantly. It may be an adult series, but at this point it is in the planning stages, so ... I don't know. I have developed plotlines for a number of different books in the series – several of them are preludes to the series, “The Hollow Moon Series”. I would your opinion on which to two preludes I should focus my attention on while writing the first book – at the same time. Here are the summaries (You can vote in the poll – which I am attempting to use/attach?). Also, if you’ve been dying to see something happen in Teen Wolf and it could possibly fit in a “Series Rewrite” please add your idea to this thread! I will see what I can incorporate – NO promises! The Hollow Moon Series – Outline Witten by k505 Summaries The Olde Creations, A Prelude to the Hollow Moon Series Slash & Het. Threesomes & More. Graphic Mpreg. AU. OOC. OCs. There are many tales of creation and deities, from Zeus to Odin and from the Shinto Kotoamatsukami to the Hindu Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. So, a new myth begins, in which the mysterious forces known only as magic and chaos, alongside their many counterparts, are created. This is a series of short folktales (told by the demigod trapped in an old oil-lamp) of man, of magic and of the gods and goddesses who rule them. The Magic and Wolves of Rome, A Prelude to the Hollow Moon Series Slash & Het. Threesomes & More. Graphic Mpreg. AU. OOC. OCs. In shadows of the rising Holy Roman Empire, an ancient magic is discovered by a coven, which spurns the creation of many legendary creatures – from shapeshifters (Werewolves…etc.) to incubi and succubae. The coven master, the gifted mage, Dante Carbone, is imprisoned for crimes against the God, for no man may possess the ability to give life. Sentience magic and animation magic has all been eradicated by the Holy Emperor. It is not the time for heroics, but for survival. The Original Sins, A Prelude to the Hollow Moon Series Slash & Het. Threesomes & More. Graphic Mpreg. AU. OOC. OCs. To the north, in the cold land ruled by the Vikings, a new species is born to this desperate landscape. In an impoverish village, hidden between towering mountains, lived Auric von Bergfalk, the eldest son of the Chieftain, Erik von Bergfalk and his second wife, Kenna. When, shortly before a terrible blizzard, a dark stranger took refuge in his father’s home. The Hunters of Legends, A Prelude to the Hollow Moon Series Slash & Het. Threesomes & More. Graphic Mpreg. AU. OOC. OCs. The existence of werewolf hunters did not spring from the daydreams of adventurers, but from necessity. Matteo and Mathias Argent, illegitimate sons of Emperor-King Charlemagne with his French-Roman mistress, Irene du Bios, were the first notable hunters attributed in the legends. Their story weaves between the royal palace, the alleys of Rome and the forests of France as they hunt down the creatures that slaughter their mother and younger siblings. The Restless Ghosts of Oak Creek, A Prelude to the Hollow Moon Series Slash & Het. Threesomes & More. Graphic Mpreg. AU. OOC. OCs. During World War II, following the devastation of Pearl Harbor, Oak Creek was transformed into an internment camp for Japanese-Americans. Yukimura Noshiko a prisoner falls for a young American Corporal, who is forced to hold her and the others prisoner against their will. Against order, the young corporal, Rhys, seeks to help the detainees. However, supernatural element conspires against them. Will these two star-crossed lovers get their happily ever after? The First Light, A Prelude to the Hollow Moon Series Slash & Het. Threesomes & More. Graphic Mpreg. AU. OOC. OCs. Beacon Hills, a dreamy small town in Northern California, was found in 1732, by Andre Noir, Mycale Frost, Mikhail Grey and Lukas Whittlemore. However, the founders had dark secrets and mysterious intentions, which will slowly be unearthed by their ancestors. In 1965, seven young men discover the dark secrets surrounding Beacon Hills. Secrets which they will wish they never sought out. The Omen of the Storm, Book 01 to the Hollow Moon Series Slash & Het. Threesomes & More. Graphic Mpreg. AU. OOC. OCs. Awkward teen, Scott McCall, life changes dramatically when two very different, old friends reappear. On a stupid dare, Scott becomes lost alone in the woods. However, he is not as alone as he thinks. Bitten by a werewolf, Scott must hunt down the murderous rogue Alpha, if he wants to survive his first moon. Meanwhile, Stiles Stilinski has returned to Beacon Hills at the same time their former friend, Theo Raeken. Stiles finds himself playing second fiddle to Theo until Theo’s mistake gets Scott hurt (and turned into a werewolf). Now, Stiles must protect and help Scott adjust, while seeking the sinister truth of Theo’s abrupt return. Stiles must also keep tight control over his powerful magical abilities and hide his existence from Alpha Derek Hale. I am looking for two complimentary artists as illustrators for my story. One artist will be the Action Artist. Although, writing an action scene can be fun, not everyone can picture it. So, the Action Artist will need to draw in Black, White and Grayscale Comics of the "Fight" scenes. I might tweak the character's appearances from Canon-appearance, slightly, but not much. This is a good means of practicing anatomy and movement in your art - hint, hint and hint! One Artist, the Color Illustrator - will illustrator the story as it is written. It can be from any artist medium, but it needs to be in color. Again, I might tweak the character's appearances, but in this role, you can help me develop them differently. Please Contact me if you're interested and link your gallery pages to the email so I can see if I like your style of art - I am not too picky! TEEN WOLF FANS - My story will need new antagonists. I am rewriting how Scott becomes a Werewolf and developing the characters differently. Additionally, I am creating new characters and storylines. So, I am open your creative new antagonists (Enemies) for the Beacon Hills Pack. Also, the only pairings I am unwilling to alter are - Derek/Stiles, Peter/Stiles and Derek/Stile/Peter. I can be persuaded towards all other types of pairings - contact me with your argument of who the others should be with! You can also suggest funny scenes - I will see if I can incorporate them. EX: I read a story where Peter was doing Yoga in pink stretchy pants - I have got to include something similar. It was hilarious. I sat in my chair with an incredulous expression on my face for 10 minutes. Fan Art is welcome too. Contact Info: bryona.e.hart@gmail.com (One of my many pseudonyms) I am also open to an Editor or a few Co-Writers of this project As of 5/9/2017 - the series, "The Hollow Moon Series" has not been posted or written. It is still being developed. Thanks! MODERATORS – I don’t know where to post this… PLEASE tell me if this inappropriate and I will move it to wherever?
  7. I am happy to help anyone outline a plot. So, I will be contacting you within the next few hours! I am just jotting down some ideas! And then we will get started! Sound good? ~ k505
  8. Please Note: I am not really a Heterosexual Romantic. I mostly read Bisexual Romantic pairings and Homosexual Romantic pairings on fan fiction ~ So I tried my best to create a plot, which is hot, heavy and naughty. Please email me kinks you want available and I will attempt to create a plot (although I do not feel comfortable with all kinks). I will write a similar heterosexual plot to this one without a gender bender soon and post it (which means – Female Harem/Harry). Title: Demon Love Story Length Type: Chaptered Story Pairing Type: Heterosexual (Main Pairing)/Gender Bender/Incestuous + Summary: Every little witch dreams of coming into an exotic creature inheritance and find their destined mates. Hayden Rose Potter, never wanted that. She craved the hesitant touches of her family and godfathers. So, when she is told she is coming into a creature inheritance she is devastated. Then on her and her twin’s, Henrik’s, fourteenth birthday she comes into a Succubus inheritance. Succubae and Incubus do not have mates. They have life-partner harems and Hayden Rose knows exactly who she wants in hers. Sirius, an Incubus and her “fairy” godfather, assists her in scamming those she wants into fucking her, which ultimately forces their hands and unleashes their carnal desires. Look out Potter family, here comes Hayden Rose! Must Include: · James Potter (1960 –) + Lily Evans (1960-1981): Charles James Potter (1978 –), Nicolai Alexei Potter (1979 –), Adrian Evan Potter (1980 –), Hayden Rose Potter (1981 –) (Female Harry) and Henrik Marcus Potter (1981 –) Hayden Rose’s Sexual Encounters MUST INCLUDE: James Potter/Hayden Rose, Charles Potter/Hayden Rose, Nicolai Potter/Hayden Rose, Adrian Potter/Hayden Rose, Henrik Potter/Hayden Rose, James Potter/Charles Potter/Hayden Rose, James Potter/Sirius Black/Hayden Rose, Sirius Black/Remus Lupin/Hayden Potter, James Potter/Remus Lupin/Hayden Rose, Charles Potter/Nicolai Potter/Hayden Rose, Adrian Potter/Henrik Potter/Hayden Rose, Severus Snape/Hayden Rose, Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy/Hayden Rose, Frank Longbottom/Hayden Rose and Hayden Rose (Dom)/Neville Longbottom/Ginny Weasley...etc. · Sirius and Hayden Rose convince the Potter boys that they are a proper substitute to “feed” their sister/his daughter until she finds her life-partners. They do so at first reluctantly, before they are slowly start seeking her out independently to fuck her silly. They become possessive, protective and paranoid. Sirius has a fake textbook from “the Black library” already created to use as a prop. However, James and the boys have always been attracted to Hayden Rose, but hid it. ~ Funny thing though, Hayden doesn’t need to fuck someone to be fed – she only needs to be within a few meters of a male ejaculating or a female in an orgasm. · Lily Evans Potter died protecting the-Boys-Who-Lived, Ronald Weasley and Neville Longbottom, when she was babysitting. Ron becomes an egotistical glory hound, his family gains quite the fortune from “investors”. Neville becomes withdrawn and shy. · Hayden Rose has her father’s messy ebony hair which wears in a pixie to tame while retaining its waves, curls and cowlicks. She has her mother’s eyes without her father’s eyeglasses. Her skin coloration (snowy-white) she inherited from her paternal grandmother. She is small and dainty, but her personality is sarcastic, intelligent, clever and she is kindhearted. She was sorted into Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw was close second. · Draco Malfoy is Atlanta Narcissa Malfoy born 1980 to Lucius and Narcissa. She witnesses her father fucking Hayden Rose with her godfather, Severus, and becomes jealous. When Lucius and Severus return to Malfoy manor, Atlanta lures her godfather and father to her room – stuns them (they’re still conscious), lines them up and rides both their cocks at once. They are under a spell she created. The spell allows only the sensation in their cocks to be felt – its forces all their attention on their cocks in her pussy). She may have intentionally or not intentionally forgotten the anticonception spell (up to you). She will become pregnant eventually (you decide the father). · At one point, Ginny worries that she can’t arouse Neville correctly. Hayden Rose offers a demonstration. Hayden Rose knows that Neville is in the room as she kisses and arouses Ginny. A devastated Neville is about to leave, but Hayden expected that. Hayden kicks a book out. The book trips Neville and he falls on Ginny who is sexually aroused. Ginny continues kissing, but Neville instead of Hayden. Ginny begins to fumble as Hayden Rose tries to leave. So, both Neville and Ginny invite the young succubus to fuck with them. Hayden Rose rides Neville’s cock, while Neville stimulates several orgasms out of Ginny with his fingers, tongue and lips. Ginny then rides Neville. The next morning, Ron finds Neville and Ginny asleep. Neville is still inside Ginny – what is Ron’s reaction? Hayden Rose is nowhere to be found. · James and the other males Potter/Sirius, Frank and Remus are subconsciously aroused by the idea of a pregnant Hayden Rose (with their kids). So, when orgasm(-ing) they scream a lot of pregnancy related sex talk – “Yeah, you want your Daddy to fuck you. You want your Daddy to fill you with his cum. God, I am to fill you until you’re so round you will look like Lily when she was pregnant with you.” Eventually, Hayden begins making them aware of their “urges” by using toys that make her look pregnant before they fuck her. They eventually bring the items and others toys themselves. · Hayden Rose becomes pregnant – like all Succubae she carrier multiple children at once from multiple father. Meanwhile, all Incubi impregnates with multiple children (Sirius is a dominant Incubus and knows this well. He barters with Hayden Rose to help in exchange for several future favors from her – your choice). In her first pregnancy Hayden carries a minimum five kids, who are the fathers? Ginny also becomes pregnant. · Remus’s cock knots even in human form. Frank is in a loveless marriage and cheats on his wife, Alice, with Hayden Rose (several times). Tags: 3plus, Some Dominant female, Double Penetration, fingering, fisting, Gender Bender (Female Harry), Hand Jobs, Incest, MMF, MMMF, MFF, MF, Minor2, Original Characters, Oral Sex, Female Pregnancy, Rimming, Male Masturbation, Female Masturbation, Sex Toys (See “Sex Toy Inventions” in this document (available when you receive outline)), Voyeurism, Violence, Wet Dreams, Work in Progress, Belly inflation, Breeding Kinks, Pregnant Incest, Pregnant Sex, Knotting (Remus), Daddy Kink (James-Hayden), Creature inheritance
  9. So, I really did not know where to post this – It was a flip between three categories: “Collaboration”, “Adopt a Story” and “Challenges/Requests”. However, as you can see it landed here. If the moderator wishes I will move it to any category of his/her choice. Alright, sharing new idea – My Penname: k505 Email: bryona.e.hart@gmail.com I have created a number of Outlines for fan fiction stories. However, I do not have the time or patience to do these plots justice. I am unwilling to mess up the stories. Fortunately, this forum exists. I would like to offer a service. I will submit many plot ideas. You can choose which one(s) appeal(s) to. I will then write a full outline, even including what occurs per chapter – based on the direction of where you want the story to go and what to happen. You give me the ideas and I will lay them out. I know many writers will jump right into the story without planning it out. Naturally, most of these fan fiction writer (who jump right in) rarely finish it. If you suffer from this, please respond. I am an idea person. I will work with you to develop the story and then hand over the finished outline for you to write. It’s an option for both of us…I sincerely and desperately hope someone takes me up on the offer. Well, here is the first plot idea: (THE PLOT IDEAS WILL CONTAIN – Bisexual relationships, Heterosexual Relationships, Homosexual Relationships, Threesomes and Harems – keep looking because while some may be Slash others WILL be Het or Bi) Title: The Lord of Magic Story [Temporary Title] Story Length Type: Chaptered Story Pairing Type: Bi-Sexual Harem (Main Pairing) Summary: Having defeated Voldemort, life is settling into a peaceful monotony and Harry hates it. He’s expected to enroll in the Auror program, settle down with Ginny Weasley and pop out a few kids to carry on his legacy. The problem with that idealistic picture is Harry is uninterested in working for the Ministry of Magic. Harry has also realized that Ginny loves the idea of marrying the-Man-who-conquered and Lord Potter-Black, not “Harry”. Decidedly unhappy with his lot in life, Harry performs a complex ritual, which will forcefully incarnate into the willing body of an alternative version of himself. Harry awakens as fourteen-years-old Hadrian Malefiore, the beloved son of Lucien Malefiore and Claire Lys Malefiore. However, many things are not as they appear. Inspired by “Hollow Thunder, Vital Lightning” by Aariya and it was inspired by “Black Phoenix” by Sara Blake. Both are on fanfiction.net Must Include: · Hadrian Malefiore was born on June 21, 1970 in Italy, where currently lives with his mother (Claire) and father (Lucien) in a modest home. He also has three older, doting Siblings – Mathias Malefiore (1967 –), Matteo Malefiore (1967 –) and Chrysanthemum Malefiore (1965 –). Chrysanthemum “Chrys” is betrothed to Regulus Black, although Hadrian has never met his sister’s betrothed. Currently, Chrys is visiting Britain to get to know Regulus, (Regulus does not die in this story). Hadrian is a genius and creates spells, wards and potions in his free time. He also is writing magical history books. He is homeschooled currently – because he is years ahead of his peers. He will go to Hogwarts, but as an Apprentice not as a student. · Lucien Malefiore is the younger twin brother of Lucius Malfoy. It is tradition to name the second son “Malefiore,” the original Malfoy surname, and send him abroad to establish himself. That is always why the Malfoy family appears to only possess one male heir. · Claire Lys Malefiore, the wife of Lucien, is the biological granddaughter of Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald. After their brief tryst in Godric’s Hollow, which ended with Ariana’s murder (Summer 1899), Gellert found himself pregnant with Albus’s twins. He carried their children to term in secret. After giving birth to their son and daughter, Gellert leaves in them in a magical French orphanage. Albus and Claire do not know about their connection. Gellert doesn’t know where his and Albus’s children ended up. · Character Bashing (Albus Dumbledore, Molly Weasley, Lily Evans and Ginny Weasley) – In 1956 (AU universe), Albus rapes his prisoner/former lover to impregnate himself. He gives birth to his first child in 1957. He does it again in 1960, 1964 and 1969. He carries five children to term as a result – Aiden-Caelum Dumbledore (1957), Alessander Rhys Dumbledore (1961), Alexandra Rochelle Dumbledore (1961), Adrianna Kendra Dumbledore (1965) and Gavin Thaddeus Dumbledore (1970) · Molly Weasley (AU universe) uses potions and charms to break-off Arthur Weasley’s, and his older dominant-husband, Richard “Rick” Burke (As in Borgin and Burkes), marriage. However, Arthur and Rick didn’t know they were expecting. Molly froze the pregnancy in Arthur. She then using potions and spells to force Arthur to marry her and producing his four children in her womb – Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Fred Weasley and George Weasley. Molly has been altering Arthur’s personality, physical appearance and abilities for two decades. This also, albeit unintentionally, altered his children’s natural appearances. Molly also takes the opportunities to rape and erase the memories of Augustus Rookwood (Unspeakable), Walden McNair (Brilliant Politician/Lawyer), Thaddeus Nott (Uncle of Theodore Nott/Inventor), Cornelius Fudge (Minister of Magic), Damocles Belby (Potion Master/Wolfsbane Potion Creator) and many more. However, she purposely did not use anticonception charms and became pregnant with Percival “Percy” (Rookwood), Ronald “Ron” (McNair) and Ginevra “Ginny” (Nott). She is currently (1984) pregnant with Fudge’s twins (Five weeks in). Sometime during this story Molly’s treachery is discovered, Arthur divorces her and has her arrested. · Hayden Evans is the so-called Boy-who-lived. He is the result of Lily Evans raping the High-Ranking Death Eater James Potter (Sirius and Remus are also Death Eaters). Hayden is under the assumption that his father left them. James’s name has been smeared through the mud and he must fight dirty and politically to remain financially stable. His son outright rejects James. Voldemort/Tom did not die that Halloween Night (1981), he faked his “banishment” to recruit and organize his follower effectively. Tom has only one Horocrux (the dairy). Soon, he will reabsorb that Horocrux. · Arthur Weasley has the charms/potion removed from himself and his children (must all be very handsome and youthful – remember that Arthur is a submissive). This inadvertently restart Arthur’s unknown pregnancy. However, Richard is now married to Oisin McCaffrey and they are currently trying for their first child. Arthur must either begin a friendship with Rick and Oisin and have his own man/men or develop a romantic relationship with Rick and Oisin – optional: you can add more males to this relationship. (between Rick/Oisin/Arthur + 2 to 4 other males). Mpreg is non-negotiable. Mpreg must occur for this story. · The “Real Weasley family” (Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Fred and George Weasley) ally themselves with the dark magic side. · Beast – Hayden is captured by Voldemort and is turned into a female snake, who is forcefully mated to Voldemort’s very male familiars, Nagini and three other snakes. Hayden is eventually returned to his normal form and is pregnant with eggs. He frequently (and willingly) enjoys fucking snakes and being round with their eggs. Optional – Luna (pregnant via Giant Squid): “Dad, I have my own secret creature growing inside of me.” (Do Squid produce eggs or not? Is Luna huge with an egg/eggs or with a baby squid?). Tentacle Sex! · Hadrian must the submissive in all sexual relationships/the Uke (Anime tag). His female lovers ride his cock and his male lover penetrate him. His female lovers fill their bellies with his seed and the male lovers fill him with their seed. · Creature inheritances must be involved, although Harry doesn’t need to be one of the individuals who comes into a creature inheritance. I would like a little used character to come into a creature inheritance – whom usually does not (Ex: Ron). · Harry must impregnate some of the women and become pregnant via some of the men – optional: Harry can become a hermaphrodite (but if you include breasts – No bigger than C-cups and please read “To Be Normal” by Literary Hedonism on A03. I like his/her depiction of Hermaphrodite-Harry (not in appearance, but in attitude)) – Harry’s pairing in either 50% women and 50% men or mostly men and a few women. Options for Hadrian Malefiore’s Harem: Dominant/Switch Females: Hermione Granger, Bellatrix Black Lestrange, Narcissa Black Malfoy, Nymphadora Tonks, Daphne Greengrass, Astoria Greengrass, Fleur Delacour, Gabrielle Delacour, Su Li, Lisa Moon, Tracey Davis, Padma Patil, Parvati Patil, Hestia Jones, Emmeline Vance, Marlene McKinnon, Cho Chang, Millicent Bulstrode, Chrys Malefiore or Original Female Character(s). Dominant/Switch Males: Tom Riddle Jr., Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Severus Snape, Mathias Malefiore, Matteo Malefiore, Regulus Black, Sirius Black, Remus Black, James Potter, Xenophilius Lovegood, Rodolphus Lestrange, Rabastan Lestrange, Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Cedric Diggory, Theodore Nott, Markus Flint, Adrian Pucey, Lucien Malefiore or Original Male Character(s). · Lucius/Draco or maybe Lucius/Draco/Narcissa (also possible is Lucius/Draco/Lucien/Narcissa) must be in a relationship either with Hadrian or without. Lucius must knock up Draco. Optional – Someone (Draco’s age) knocks up Lucius, Lucius knocks up Draco and Draco knocks up his mother, Narcissa. · Optional – Chrys (Hadrian’s older sister) and/or Lucien (Hadrian’s father) (on separate and various occasions) secretly arouse Hadrian in front of Claire (Hadrian’s mother), before shortly afterwards taking him in his bedroom (Chrys) or the master bedroom (Lucien). Possible “Daddy kink” here. No age play, diaper kink…etc. Cross dressing in lingerie is alright. Kudos to anyone if Lucien knocks Hadrian up and Hadrian wears silk panties while knocked up. · Hadrian is the result of strawberry blond-haired woman (Gellert + Albus = Child + others = Claire) and a blond man (Abraxas + Female = Lucius and Lucien). So, Hadrian has blond hair, blue or green eyes and pale skin. Personally, I would make him look like Emil Andersson (Model) (Google Search), but that is just an option. PS: I like men with longer hair and slender, sculpted faces · Harry and Hadrian are both sexual submissive, which why Ginny and Harry would have not worked out in the original universe. Ginny wanted Harry to be the hero, while she was the damsel in distress. Harry just wanted to be loved unconditionally and for once give control to someone else. Tags: 3plus, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Dominate females, Double Penetration, fingering, fisting, Hand Jobs, Possibly Hermaphrodite, Incest, Mind Control, MM, MF, Minor2, Male pregnancy, Original Characters, Oral Sex, Female Pregnancy, Rape (Options: Graphic or non-graphic), Rimming, Male Masturbation, Female Masturbation, Tentacles (Optional), Sex Toys (See “Sex Toy Inventions” in this document (Document available with Outline), Voyeurism, Violence, Wet Dreams, Work in Progress, Eggs Preg, Belly inflation, Breeding Kinks, Knotting (Remus – optional), Pregnant Incest, Pregnant Bestiality, Pregnant Sex, Creature Inheritance, Non-Canon, AU Travel and mild Time travel, Possible Daddy Kinks Thanks for Reading! More will appear today, so keep checking for plots! ~ k505
  10. ~ Concepts for Stories ~ The Tales of a Feline Idea: In second year, the accident with the Polyjuice potion, didn’t change Hermione into a cat-human Hybrid, it changed her into a HORNY cat-human Hybrid. The twelve-year-old is embarrassed by her incessant arousal, even after the potion accident is corrected, so Hermione hides this aspect of the accident... until it is too late. She goes into heat in her third year. Harry, Hermione and Snape get into a row about the dueling fiasco in the Dungeons (December 12). The heat becomes too much and Hermione stuns Snape and then Harry. She drags them into an abandoned classroom and has her wicked way with them (they are conscious – and Snape eventually gets free, but doesn’t stop it/Harry later joins in). By the end of the school year is it obvious that Hermione is pregnant with a “litter” of children (human children). Main Pairing: Hermione/Severus/Harry. Must include: DP, Minor1, Preg, Dominant Hermione, Submissive HP, switch Severus, anal, vaginal, M/F, M/M/F, M/M, oral, masturbation, voyeurism (Snape and Hermione), Shy Harry, Pregnant Sex, breeding kinks (all three), Dom Kinks (Harry and Hermione – Hermione wants to dominate/Harry likes to be dominated), Sex in the Restricted section/Library (one night), cum stuffing and “Breeding-kink Toys” (Check out “Bad Harry” and “My father’s Son” for ideas on toys). Optional: (up to you – I’d like it though) Mpreg (Pregnant – Harry), Controversial Marriage-of-convenience (14 Yrs. old – Hermione/34 yrs. old – Severus (Hermione Pregnant by Severus) or 14 yrs. old Harry & Hermione/34 yrs. old – Severus (only with Mpreg-Harry and Preg-Hermione)), Awkward school years with pregnant Hermione/Harry (multiple times), Pissy Ron, supportive Voldemort, controlling/manipulative Dumbledore...etc. The Accident with the Gemino Curse Idea: Hermaphrodite – Harry. Third year, one gemino curse gone wrong and Harry Potter has a vagina and small breasts (c-cups). He thinks they’re are only superficial and hopes they will go away relatively soon. So, to avoid Madam Poppy’s wrath he hides them. In the meantime, Harry discovered that both girls and guys are attracted to his mixed genders. So thirteen years old Harry begins experimenting, eventually deciding he likes both guys and girls (girls on his dick, guys in his pussy and guys in his ass). However, two months later Harry still has his breasts and vagina. He has been getting frequently sick. Then, Ginny, the girl he considers his younger sister, asks him to take help her get to the infirmary. When in the infirmary together, Ginny describes her symptoms and Harry realizes he is experiences them too – thinking it a bad flu – sore nipples, backaches, vomiting...etc. Madam Poppy announces Ginny pregnant. Then notices that Harry “looks sick” (he’s paled and in shock) and scans him. Harry is also pregnant! Who is the father/Fathers? His “seed” is also extremely potent due to the gemino curse, all the girls he slept with need to be checked. Harry makes a long list of both girls and boys. Main Pairings: Ron/Harry, Hermione/Harry, Ron/Hermione/Harry, Oliver Wood/Harry, Fred/Harry/George, Draco/Harry (Angry Sex), Padma Patil/Harry/Parvati Patil, Fred/George/Padma/Parvati/Harry, Ron/Harry/Draco (Angry Sex), Cedric/Harry, Oliver/Cedric/Harry, Dean/Seamus/Harry, Neville/Harry, Harry/Cho, Harry/Daphne, Harry/Susan, Anthony Goldstein/Harry, Harry/Luna, Theo Nott/Harry, Blaise/Harry Draco/Blaise/Harry and Markus Flint/Harry/Millicent Bulstrode. Side Pairing: Ernie MacMillan/Ginny Weasley. Must Include: DP (Anal/Vaginal or One Hole (Anal/Vagina)), Preg/Pseudo-Mpreg (he has GIRL PARTS), toys, anal, oral, hand job, female and male masturbation, voyeur Ron, Dom-Hermione, Pregnant-Hermione (Ron or Harry?) and Pregnant Luna, Millicent, Susan, Parvati and/or Padma (By Harry). Harry’s baby/babies’ daddy is: Ron, or Cedric, or Oliver & Cedric, or Neville, or George, Or Fred, George & Fred, or Markus or Draco and Ron. More to be invented soon!
  11. Adult Fanfiction Collaboration Contest 2017 This is a personal contest created and judged by k505 Collaborators: One Fanfiction Writer and One Traditional Medium Artist. This contest must have a minimum of 15 collaborating contestants to proceed Note: Please feel free to find another collaborator for this contest in this thread Registration Format: Send to: bryona.e.hart@gmail.com Writer’s Penname/URL: Artist’s Penname/URL: Writer’s Email Address: Author’s Email Address: Message: (Anything you would like to include?) Submission Format: Writing: Word Document – minimum 345 pages (Black text, Single Spacing, Ten-point Font and Times New Roman font, No Space below or above paragraphs, indented paragraphs, Numbered pages (beginning page 2), Title on each Page (in Header (except first page)) and Normal Margins (0.5 inch to 1 inch margins)) Mediums Options: Colored Pencils, Graphic Pencils, Watercolors, Chalk Pastels, Oil Pastels, Oil Paints, Acrylic Paints, Tempera Paints, Charcoal, Pens and Ink, High-Quality Markers or Fiber-tip Pens Paper Size and Weight (Of Original Art): 8.5 x 11 (Portrait) (Size) and 90 LB (Or Heavier), (No Glossy Papers), leave .5 Inch frame around your artwork Fixative: Fixative is required if you’re using a medium (such as charcoal…etc.) that is messy PRIZES – First Prize: Two Kindle Paperwhite E-Readers with Chargers, two $25 Amazon Gift Cards, Two Notebooks, two tins of Derwent Graphic Pencils, two tins of Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, two charcoal kits, two oil pastel kits, Four Sketchbooks, Two Boxes of Pilot Precis v5 Rolling Ball Black Pens and Two Drafting Pencils Second Prize: Two Notebooks, Two tin of Derwent Graphic Pencils, Two tin of Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Two Sketchbooks and Two Drafting Pencils Third Prize: Two Notebooks, Two sketchbooks, Two tins id Derwent Graphic Pencils, and Two Drafting Pencils Rules: 1. Your submission must be original fanfiction artwork/fanfiction story 2. You must be eighteen-years-old or older to enter this contest 3. The Artist must adhere to the Mediums and Paper Size and Weight Rules or be disqualified 4. The writer must contain all Tags and Warnings or be disqualified 5. You have the option of dual posting this story on Archive of Our Own and on Adult Fan fiction (Archive of our Own hosts pictures for stories). 6. You must submit a Microsoft Word (.docx) document with the art inserted into the chapters to the email address of this Contest creator (bryona.e.hart@gmail.com). 7. All Competitors may only turn in one set of submissions 8. The writer must have no spelling or major grammatical errors in their work 9. You may post your art elsewhere, but do not submit it to other contests or sell it until the end of the contest on January 30, 2019. If you’re a winner you must not submit your art to other contests (or sell it) 10. Register before June 21, 2017 and submit art/story before December 2, 2017 if you want to participate – no excuses are accepted. 11. You must supply your addresses/PO Box addresses, if or when you have won the contest, to get the prizes 12. The Artist must include at least 15 pieces of art as Illustrations (if not more) Final Registering Date: June 21, 2017 Submissions Date: December 2, 2017 Awards Date: January 30, 2018 Judging: I will use a point system out of 1000 possible points Whichever team scores highest wins Originality – ?/200 Creativity/Innovation – ?/200 Writing Content Techniques – ?/100 Tags/Warnings – ?/100 Art Techniques (Shadows, Perspective…etc.) – ?/100 Spelling/Grammar – ?/100 Written Clarity/Legibility – ?/100 Clean Art Lines – ?/100 Hints: Don’t rush your story, the longer the better, but quality over quantity please. Color is good in art, but I also like black pen art and grayscale comics. Prompt: Fandom(s): JK Rowling’s Magical World (The Harry Potter Series (books 1-7/Films 1-8), Quidditch throughout the Ages (book), The Tales of Beetle the Bard (book), the Cursed Child (script) or Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them (film)) Genres: Adventure/Mystery/Suspense/Romance/Drama/Supernatural/Some Humor Rating: Explicit (Archive of Our Own) and Adult ++ (Adult Fan Fiction) Warning Tags: 3Plus - Threesomes/Moresomes, any combination, Anal - Anal sex, Pseudo Beast – Bestiality (only with Shape Shifter or Magical Animals with human intelligence (EX: Aragog)), Bi – Bisexuality, Dom – Male or Female (especially Females in Threesomes or more) Domination, DP – Double Penetration (No Spit roasting, (only via Vagina or Anus)), Fingering – manual manipulation of the clitoris, vagina, vulva or anus, HJ - Hand Job (manual stimulation of one partner's penis), Inc – Incest, M/F – Het, M/M – Slash, MPreg - Male Pregnancy (especially Graphic – No Birth Scenes though), Oral – Oral sex, Preg – Pregnancy, Rape – where one of the characters is sexually assaulted, Solo – Masturbation, Tent – Tentacles, Toys - Sexual toys (vibrators, dildos, etc.) (Emphasis on Magical toys to make others look pregnant), Violence – Story contains violence/blood/gore/etc., WD – Wet Dream or ejaculation while asleep, Incest Pregnancy – Family members impregnating family members (No abortion/Not Rape/Not Unwanted children), Bestiality Pregnancy (Of Pseudo Bestiality) – a Beast/human knocks up the submissive human/beast, Eggs Pregnancy (Something/Someone lays eggs inside an Individual which develops in them), Breeding/Pregnancy Kink, Some Character Bashing (Molly Weasley, Percy Weasley, Ronald Weasley and Ginny Weasley), Extremely Non-Canon, Changes to Appearance (Androgynous Appearing Men) Language: English (Some British or USA Slang acceptable) Main Pairing: Bisexual Harem/Sub Harry (Three Females Maximum and Three Males Minimum) Female Choices (for Women who Dominate Harry): Hermione Granger, Bellatrix Black, Narcissa Black, Nymphadora Tonks, Fleur Delacour, Gabrielle Delacour, Daphne Greengrass, Astoria Greengrass, Su Li, Katie Bell, Young Roland Hooch, Young Cassiopeia Black and/or Young (Blaise’s Mother) “Belladonna” Zabini. One Original Female Creature Character can be added others must be Canon Characters Male Choices (for Men who dominate Harry): Severus Snape, Young Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr./Lord Voldemort, Lucius Malfoy, Rodolphus Lestrange, Rabastan Lestrange, Young Gellert Grindelwald, young Xenophilius Lovegood, Young Newt Scamander, Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Draco Malfoy, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Frank Longbottom, Neville Longbottom, Blaise Zabini, Regulus Black and/or Cedric Diggory. One Original Male Creature Character can be added others must be Canon Characters Young refers to between 16 yrs. old and 39 yrs. old in this story. Side Pairings: Percy/many other Males/Ginny, Giant Squid/Luna Lovegood, Arthur Weasley/OMC or Multiple OMC(s), Others are your choice Writing Include: · Neville is the Boy-Who-Lived, his father and mother are still alive, but in comas. Lily is dead and Harry has been lead to believe that James is too. James Potter is revealed as a Death Eater who was raped by Lily Potter producing Hadrian, who was born on June 21, 1981. James wants to take on his obligations as Harry’s father, but he can’t seem to connect with Hadrian in a fatherly manner. Sirius, Severus and Remus are all loyal death eaters. Hermione Granger is revealed to Hermione Holmes, a death eater and pureblood witch, who is a spy for Voldemort. Regulus Black never betrayed Voldemort and never died. He is living with his older brother. Additionally, Hadrian is a Ravenclaw. · Story begins shortly after the night of the Yule Ball. Ginny (13 yrs.) attempts to force herself on Harry (13 yrs.) (who she fancies) getting as far as trying to stimulate and insert his (nearly) flaccid cock. Dumbledore knows about this attempt, but does nothing. Severus Snape, Bill Weasley, Hermione Granger and Madam Maxine rescue Harry and gets him asylum at Gringotts/the Ministry. Arthur Weasley learns of his daughter’s actions and immediately disowns her. · Lucius suggests that Arthur be tested for potions after Molly begins behaving erratically. Arthur reluctantly complies. Arthur is horrified to learn that he is under the influence of a massive amounts of potions and charms; even charms which change his appearance. He has his biological children (Bill, Charlie, Fred and George) removed from Hogwarts/Work to inform them of the truth. Bill, Charlie and the twins are also under potions and appearance changing spells. Arthur receives his financial and noble title inheritances (finally) and presses charges against Molly. Arthur’s father, Septimus, and his mother, Cedrella, were always leery of Molly and refused Arthur, his inherited unless he was checked for potions and spells. Molly refused the test on Arthur’s behalf and isolated her husband from his parents. She even erased Arthur’s memory of that conversation. · Molly is arrested and an inheritance test reveals that Ginny is the daughter of Thaddeus Nott and Molly, Ron is the son of Walden McNair and Molly and Percy is the son of Augustus Rookwood and Molly. She had raped them and erased their memories. Thaddeus and Augustus claim their children, strip them of their charms, renamed them and remove them from Hogwarts. Walden strips Ron of his charms, renames and leaves him at Hogwarts with summerly stipend to find housing for the summer. Molly is discovered to pregnant again with another set of twins belonging to (Not Arthur!)? · Voldemort is resurrected using Neville’s blood during the Triwizardy tournament. Cedric Diggory is not dead. Cedric is captured by Voldemort. Voldemort turns Neville into a female snake, who is forcefully mated to Voldemort’s very male familiars, Nagini and three other snakes. Neville is eventually returned to his normal form and is pregnant with eggs. He frequently (and willingly) enjoys fucking snakes and being round with their eggs. · Luna (pregnant via Giant Squid): “Dad, I have my own secret creature growing inside of me.” · Younger Male (14-17 yrs. old) says to another Younger male (14-17 yrs. old), “Fuck, I think I knocked up your Mom/Dad, when I was drunk!” (Mom or Dad – carrying twins +) · James Potter must be a Necromancer. Sirius Black and Regulus Black are Summoners (of Demonic Armies) – you must develop these abilities in depth for the story. Hadrian must be very intelligent. He is an avid reader, writer and researcher, he crafts his own spells and wards. Hadrian, also, is a Healer and an Elemental (he can control all the elements and sub-elements) Writing Exclude: · Cannibalism, excessive angst, Suicide, Suicide attempts of psychological disorder, Self-Harm, Hermaphrodite—Harry, Abortion, Miscarriage, blood play, menstrual blood play, Scat play, urine sport, Diaper anything, Age Play, Humiliation, Master/Slave, Torture, Necrophilia, Bigotry, Body Modification, Mind Control, Dick Girls, Gender Change, Main Characters Deaths, Peg, Racism, Sadism/Masochism, Slavery, Spanking and Xenophilia. Art Exclude: · Sex Scenes (Some Nudity is fine, but not full frontal) or overt Violence Your Choice (include or exclude – phrased as questions): · Does Ginny become pregnant with Harry’s child/children? Or does She become pregnant with someone else’s (Percy’s?) child/children? Maybe she didn’t know that she was already pregnant with another’s child/children? · What does Albus Dumbledore do while Neville is missing from the tournament/Hogwarts – changed into a snake (remember?)? · Does Neville’s grandmother plan to inseminate Neville and his mother with Frank’s sperm (while Frank and Alice are in comas)? Does she do it in the future? Which side does Augusta Longbottom support? · Does Neville carry multiple eggs at once? How big are the eggs – Ostrich or Duck? When he lays them are his kids: snakes, humans or shape shifters? · Does Prongs fuck Harry? Does Harry have a baby deer? Does Harry have puppies, wolves or anything like that? How many? · Does Draco knock up his father or does Lucius knock up his son? Maybe Blaise knocks up Lucius and Lucius knocks up Draco and Draco knocks up his mother? · Who fucks Harry through double penetration? · Are there any creature Inheritances involved? Are there any Magical Bloodline inheritances involved (Ex: Inherited an ability like a Metamorphmagi?)