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  1. Title: Suijin: Hero of the Storm Fandoms: Bleach, Naruto, My Hero Academy Rating: Mature (For Language and Violence) Pairings: No Main Pairing (Midoriya Izuku, Senju Tobriama, or Shiba Kaien), Side Pairings are Acceptable Fiction Tropes: Reincarnation Posting: Please Post on Adult Fan Fiction (here) and on Archive of Our Own Summary: Midoriya Izuku awakens as both Shiba Kaien and Senju Tobirama and assimilates their memories and abilities after nearly dying, three years prior to his final Middle School year. He registers his “Dual Quirk” as a highly versatile Quirk called “spellcasting” and one called “Water Manipulation.” However, he doesn’t advertise his abilities like his classmates, albeit he rigorously trains himself. Although, knowing that Izuku has registered a quirk, Katsuki still bullies him… Must Include: Izuku’s Quirk abilities – Kido (both Hado and Bakudo), Hoho (High-Speed Movement), Zanpakuto (Nejibana), Sensing Spiritual Energy, Walking on Air, Sensing Life Signatures, Non-Elemental Ninjutsu (Kage Bushin no Jutsu, Kawarimi no Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu, Shinshin no Jutsu, Chakra String Technique, Tree Walking and Water Walking), Genjutsu (Pick 3-4), Iryo Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu (Medical Ninja Technique and Seal Techniques), All Suiton Ninjutsu (Tobirama’s Level – Moisture Manipulation into Water), Some Raiton and Futon Ninjutsu (Lightning and Wind Techniques), Some Hyoton Ability (Ice Manipulation Ability), Limited Senjutsu (Heightens Speed, Agility, Stamina, Durability and Precision for 10 mins), and Fuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques) Izuku’s Training – Multiple Taijutsu Styles (Pressure Points Included), Senbons, Kenjutsu and Trident Retraining, Parkour, Strategy for Modern Society, Stealth, chakra control Izuku’s personality must change – more serious and confident, but also empathic, cautious, genius intelligence, observant, playful (with friends) and mentoring New Villians and Established Villians If you want assistance or to Collaborate – here is my email: bryona.e.hart@gmail.com
  2. So, the story involves Harry being betrayed by the Weasley family. Harry escapes Britain only to be abducted by Sector 7 and experimented on. He becomes an immortal Cyborg and eventually breaks out of Sector 7, setting himself up as the Hot neighbor of the Witwicky family to protect them. Harry or I think James Black (?) owns a famous customization and auto-shop, which celebrities line up to have their cars worked on. In secret he owns several tech businesses and creates a Artificial Intelligence, which he donates to the government in the first movie. There’s also something like a neuro-link chair which he created for himself. It’s an older story – anywhere between 2006 and 2013. It was posted on fanfiction.net and now I can’t find it. Please help?
  3. While I personally don’t have a problem with you posting ideas here. The Moderators will… here is the rule posted at in the Mandatory Reading at the top of this forum: It is NOT permitted to post random, unrelated ideas, or hijack a thread to come up with new ideas, no matter whether they are related to the original post or not. If the writer who takes up the challenge asks for input, keep it to the point, and do not derail the discussion, and allow the author time to respond. If you’d like to share your ideas with me, please feel free to message me. Have a good day/night.
  4. k505

    Yaoi author looking for collaborator

    The Original author of this post hasn’t gotten back to me, yet. Would you be interested in working with me?
  5. Those are both options (girl Dudley and the addiction). I would leave the option of muggle-girls to the author. Are you interested in writing this? If you are, feel free to contact me through the private message feature on this site. I will give you my email and we can talk about the plot. I’m not certain the moderators would be to happy with us bouncing ideas around here. Also, as to the addiction, I imagine that both his massive cock and that the shifting-eggs cause orgasms would be very addictive. However, you can also include that his cum has addictive properties (maybe even include pheromones) when entering his breeding partner’s body, so they’re hooked like drug addicts craving everything he can give them.
  6. I'll negotiate on the creepy doll, toes and fingers, so long as the white dandelion fluff hair and the birch bark skin remains as his hidden base form.
  7. In an alternate world the orphan, Neville Longbottom, became the Boy-Who-Lived, and James and Lily Potter are permanent residents of the Janus Thickey Ward at St. Mungos. Harrison Jamie Potter is raised in a muggle boys’ home, having been abandoned by his relatives, the Dursleys. Harrison is not whom he portrays himself. Harrison is the current incarnation of the celestial messenger and Archangel of Justice, Gabriel. In 1991, Albus Dumbledore is eager for his tragic hero, Neville, and spare, Harrison, to attend Hogwarts and play into their destined roles. However, reality is not so kind to the twinkly-eyed manipulator, when his boy-hero, Neville, is sorted in Hufflepuff and Harrison becomes a Ravenclaw. When Archangel Gabriel finds himself reincarnated with all his celestial abilities and memories intact, in an alternative reality, where the old gods (Pagan Gods) preside over the world, he’s a little confused by his existence here. What had father meant for him to do in this reality? Or are there more sinister plots in play? Perhaps a familiar primordial creatures will clear things up… or not? Turns out, Death is uninterested in being bound to a vanilla wizards, as his master. Gabriel’s incarnation has been awakened for the sole purpose of keeping the old geezer company. After all, Loki (aka Gabriel) was both amusing and deadly. Pairings: Charlie W. (Dominant-Top)/Cedric Diggory (Dominant-Switch)/Harrison Potter (Submissive-Bottom) Remus Lupin (Dominant-Top-Alpha)/Neville Longbottom (Switch) Hermione Granger (Dominant)/Luna Lovegood (Submissive) Ronald Weasley (Dominant-Top)/Draco Malfoy (Submissive-Switch)/Susan Bones (Dominant-Switch) Must Included: Ron and Draco are having stress-relieving hate sex and quite incidentally Draco becomes pregnant. However, before Draco is aware of his pregnancy, he fucks Susan Bones, his mother’s goddaughter. Susan becomes pregnant. Then the whole thing blows up in their faces with Draco and Susan pregnant, Susan’s and Draco’s betroth’s are broken by their potential spouses and Amelia Bones insists that all three of them marry, much to Lucius Malfoy’s ire and Narcissa’s sadistic pleasure and humor. All submissive partners have a spine are not whinny or clingy, but they submit in bed. Harrison must have 6 wings – like a falcon’s wings. If the Ministry were to discover his angelic-side, they would label him a Magical Creature. So he avoids being identified at all costs. Graphic Kinky Sex (both heterosexual and homosexual) and Graphic Pregnancies (Mpreg too) Lucius Malfoy loses his magic and must live as a muggle at the end of the story Harrison must value Knowledge and be very intelligent – Eidetic memory, Mind Palaces, Impregnable fortress of Occlumens skills and Natural Empathic/Legilimens skills Harrison receives the Invisibility cloak from the goblins, who repossessed it from Dumbledore. Albus intended to give the cloak to Neville. Albus Dumbledore, Molly Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley, Ms. Figgs, and Dedalus Diggle are stealing from the Potter Vaults, since they cannot access the Longbottom vaults with Dowager Longbottom alive. However unbeknownst to the traitorous and thieving individuals, Harrison Potter possesses more than just the Potter vaults. Death, Fate and Mother Magic has assigned him multiple noble titles, vaults and properties. Mother Magic has also gifted with unique or obscure magically and blood inherited abilities. Albus Dumbledore legally gains custody of Neville Longbottom through Frank’s will. He places Neville with his distant Squib Aunt, Evelyn “Evie” McKinnon Walters and her odious husband Lukas Walters. Lukas is an accountant for Grunnings. Evie is a gentle, empathic and compassionate woman who is fiercely protective of Neville. She takes her husband’s beatings to protect their young children. Albus didn’t want Neville involved prematurely in the Magical World, but he did not research Lukas Walters in depth, so is unaware of his violent history. Neville does well in school, and he has friends, but he is targeted by bullies like Dudley Dursley from Privet Drive. He lives on Wisteria Walk in a little house with considerable garden. Lukas wants to toughen Neville up, but his wife “babies him”. They also have two younger children – Luke Aeron Walters (b. 1982) and Allison Lisa Walters (b. 1983). Luke is Lukas’s pride and joy. Lukas spoils Luke rotten and ignores his daughter for the most part. Harrison has more than one familiar – Hedwig (Snowy Owl), (Snow Lynx) and (Albino Snake) (Please name familiars) Must Exclude: Banned Content: Water Sports, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Anthropomorphic, Blood Play, Menstrual Blood Play, Cock and Ball torture, Pedophilia, Body Modifications, Mind Control, Necrophilia, futanari, Adult Baby Diaper Lover, Teen Baby Diaper Lover, Age Play, Abortion, Mental Illness, Self-Harm, Suicide Attempts, Suicidal ideation, Master/slave, Fisting, Main Character Death, Parody, Peg, Scat play, Gender-changes, Racism, Rape, Sadism/Machoism, and Xenophilia Character Deaths of – Neville Longbottom, Remus Lupin, Harrison Potter, Charlie Weasley, Cedric Diggory, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Susan Bones, Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, Amelia Bones, Sirius Black, and Severus Snape. Rushed and Choppy Chapters, lack of character development and Porn no Plot Please contact me if you need assistance in developing more of the plot or outlining the story-series challenge?! bryona.e.hart@gmail.com
  8. If the indivindual who accepts this challenge wants to make it that Harry is transformed into a shape shifter, that is fine. However this is what I imagine his true form would be: His pale skin like papered birch tree bark, dandelion fluff for hair, tall and slender with long spidery-fingers and toes, broad shoulders and pointed ears. His pale-green eyes take up half of his face and his face is perfectly symmetrical like a creepy doll.
  9. Severus Snape is a rare magical creature known as a Min'hymn, a humanoid creature with a number of massive tentacle cocks, which can impregnate both genders. For years, Severus has been denying his creature instincts to create a large harem of mates. The number of tentacle cocks indicates the magic prowess and number of required mates - Severus has 18-23 (your choice) tentacle cocks and a number or ordinary tentacle sprouting from his groin area. Then one fateful day in 1994, his rut becomes too much while members of the four Hogwarts quidditch teams argue outside of his private quaters. Using his pheremone he lures them inside and mates them (dubious consent, but not outright rape). They're all carrying at least one (if not more) of his offspring and having been partially satisfied Severus looks for more mates to impregnate. Female Harem: Katie Bell, Alicia Spinet, Cho Chang, Susan Bones, Marietta Edgecombe, Hannah Abbott, Hermione Granger, Tracey Davis, Milicent Bulstrode, Daphne Greengrass, Fleur Delacour, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Angelina Johnson, Rolanda Hooch, Bathsheba Babbling, and Aurora Sinistra. OR Male Harem: Harry Potter, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Oliver Wood, Viktor Krum, Cedric Diggory, Adrian Pucey, Markus Flint, Bill Weasley, Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, Remix Lupin, Sirius Black and Anthony Goldstein OR Mixed Harem: Harry Potter, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Oliver Wood, Markus Flint, Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, Remix Lupin, Sirius Black, Katie Bell, Alicia Spinet, Cho Chang, Marietta Edgecombe, Hermione Granger, Tracey Davis, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Angelina Johnson, and Aurora Sinistra. MUST include the following Materials in Graphic Detail: Mpreg (if applicable - gestation 10 months ), Pregnancy (if applicable - gestation 10 months), Double Penetration (One Hole - anal or vaginal), Excessive Cum, Belly inflation or pregnancy kink, breeding kink, cum stuffing, Oral Sex, Rimming, Fingering, Possibly Incest/Incest pregnancies (if applicable), pregnant belly worship, Possibly Animagus-Bestiality (if applicable - would include knotting), magical sex toys, and possibly sex toys which fuel conception.
  10. On Archive of Our Own, Orphaning a story is essentially to abandon it. However, my intentions is to write it completely, post it, then orphan it to keep it anonymous. Also, feel free to email me… I have a few interesting tips on outlining a story if you’re interested. Just Private Message me and I’ll give you my email!
  11. My Chrome Desktop Notifications will not allow me to add AFF because it’s not a secure site. Is there something I can do to get around that? Is this something you’re working on? Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for reading.
  12. Well, desperate enough to use sleep aid last night, so I’m well rested today… but a little groggy. Drinking iced coffee. Working on my story’s second chapter. It’s nearing 4k words, but I have a ton more to write…. Still need Harry Potter content requests for my story to fill in future chapters. The story is both Slash and Het, featured in the Threesome/Moresome category… 

  13. So, I love writing fan fiction, but I discovered that to complete a story, I need to known where it is going. So I break down the events of chapters in bullet points: Example: Chapter One: Of Men and Monsters and of the Serpents Conspiracy (Spoiler for Ch. 01 of my Story) I intend to post the entire story (when completed) on A03, before Orphaning my work there. The story posted on AFF here will be under my pen name. However, the story I am writing will occur from June 1996 to August 1998 – and I am brainstorming for more ideas. It will be very long – 1 months per ever 2 chapters or 3 chapters. It’s not fully etched out yet and not everything is set in stone. The introduction is over 9k words and it’s just beginning. It’s under the Threesomes/Moresome Harry Potter category and features 3Plus Abuse Anal Beast Bi Dom DP Ds FF Fingering Herm HJ Inc MF Minor2 MM MPreg OC Oral Preg Rim Solo Spank Tent Toys Violence Voy WD and a lot of breeding kink. I need more ideas on what to add in. I’ve got an original character who is magical royalty, traitorous Ginny, a host of original characters, war mages, … I am willing to add in some requests people have for me… things they want to read, but can’t write…. This is so frustrating.
  14. Ugh… no sleep again. I swear I sleep one night and the next I can’t… I’m happy to say that one such night produced my current story… but that’s all its good for. I’m a little shocked I completed a chapter or really the intro with over 9k words

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      I occasionally take melatonin, but only when I’m absolutely desperate. I don’t want to become dependent or build a tolerance for it.    

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