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  1. Hey George, Glad to read you! Hope all is well! No apology needed! Nor any justification, really. I actually owe you a few comments on Multiversity too (I didn't drop it for any particular reason or anything, I just sort of fell behind on it due to other stuff...) On the other hand, the irony is that I Summon the All-Seeing Eye has very much departed from canon quite dramatically since either Chapters 6-7 or Chapter 13 (depending on what you count as "departing" from canon), and it has an ongoing Season 3-incompatible plot, which the first few chapters got edited to properly foreshadow. The current chapters are super plot heavy. Which ironically makes it maybe less of a good fit for AFF (of the last 5 chapters, only one qualifies as proper erotica ). Sorry, I am mostly rambling above, not trying to say you should read it if it wasn't otherwise holding your attention. I did always enjoy your comments on it, but I honestly prefer radio silence than you feeling that you are reading it out of any sort of obligation. That said, in case I can manage to tempt you, without giving any real spoilers, this is what IStASE looks like around the end of Part III :
  2. Glad you like it! It rarely gets a response on this site anymore. Two bad news and two good news, though, milord. The first bad news is that I often fail at updating the AFF version of this fic, compared to the AO3 version. Sorry about that. The first good news is that your comment prompted me to update here, and now there are 5 more chapters for you to read, with both versions ending Part III at Chapter 30! The second bad news is that, out of those five new chapters, only one includes any actual porn (that’s part of the reason I don’t update it here that often, it is a very rarely pornish porn fic at this point...) The second good news is… well, you’ll see
  3. Heh, funny thing to comment, given what is on Chapter 15 (and, as promised, updated here within 5 min of any other version online). But hopefully you agree this is still an instance where the sex does serve the plot somewhat. Either way, my main point is that you are right to some extent, which is why there isn’t a PG-rated version IStASE anywhere online. The other version is word for word identical with the one on this site, not counting the author notes (also, note that this is why a version is unlikely). The fic going forward will also continue to have explicit scenes (there should be one more in Part III, not counting the one in Ch15). Is just that as it goes on, the explicit scenes are being de-emphasized. If you go back to Part I, there are plenty of chapters where the sex scene is, lets say, the center-piece of the chapter, and there is one such scene in almost every chapter whether central or not. In Part II there are less explicit scenes and I only think there is one chapter so far where you can really consider the sex scene to be a candidate for the chapter’s “main” scene (it is certainly not chapter 15, in fact the “non-explicit” romance scenes near the end are more important, as are a few of the fight scenes). For Part III, I have only one explicit scene already in mind. There will likely be more than one, but for reference, when I was planning Part II, I knew way in advance it would have at least 3 explicit scenes, the final version will have 4 (vs 9 such scenes in as many chapters for Part I). I am not de-emphasizing the sex scenes out of any dislike for them, I like them plenty, and will continue to include them when they fit the story, as I hope they often do. I just feel I somehow meandered away from “this is an erotic fic” into “this is a fic with erotica”. If most readers on this site are fine with finding a “porn fic” that suddenly transitions into being a fic that happens to have sex scenes sprinkled every few chapters, then I am happy to keep updating here as well
  4. Glad to hear! There you go, two new chapters, just for asking nicely Ok, confession time: I had mistakenly allowed this version of the fic to lag behind another version posted elsewhere, partly due to seeing little activity on it on this site, and partly because I feel it has slowly moved away from being a true work of erotic fanfiction, into a fanfiction that just happens to have a lot of explicit scenes. Seeing your comment pushed me to update it here as well, sooner rather than later, and I solemnly promise I shall keep the two versions in sync, at least for the reminder of Part II (and post a at least a link to Part III as *that* comes out). Apologies for the outdated fic, but hey, it means there are now two “published” chapters you haven’t yet read! Glad you are enjoying the plot, even as the porn proper takes the backseat somewhat.
  5. Thanks! This review made me really happy! Because this is one of the main things I am aiming for! *Chapter 9 Spoilers below* As someone who has had a similar sort of relationship before, I wanted to portray a main poly relationship where: a) the whole relationship doesn't come out of nowhere as a plot twist, b) doesn't magically solve all issues between the characters, and c) doesn't include characters suddenly coming out as bi and attracted to the other two just for the sake of completing the perfect triangle. I see that kind of thing all the time in porn fics, and honestly, sure, it is hot and I don't really mind it too much in the context of a short erotic fic, but it leaves me cold as far as the plot part of a long story. So, I tried to do things differently here: a) the fact that Jackie is poly/poly-curious is hinted at very early in the story, so is not a full on plot twist coming out of nowhere, even if I did try to milk the misunderstandings there for all they are worth, b) it solves some problems and creates others, doesn't magically make Star less jealous, Marco less insecure or Jackie feel less weird about herself, c) Star and Jackie are both mostly-to-completely straight. There are definitely things I know I am not being realistic about. Either because the setting is high fantasy, or because is porn and all the characters are unreasonably bold and horny. But getting the main relationship right was the whole point of Part I, ever since I realized it wouldn't be a one-shot story about Star being a magical voyeur!
  6. Well, Star is supposed to sound not like herself in the first scene of this chapter. She is hurt, somewhat in shock, and altogether in a pretty dark place. Not least of it because she hates the way she feels and blames herself for feeling that way. It is sort of relevant to the scene, since in her normal frame of mind she would not be able to wield the kind of dark magic she unleashed on Tom. I don't think I spoil anything if I say that will be touched on again at some point That said, I wonder if there is something I could change to make it clear that Star is truly supposed to be out of her normal emotional range here, on purpose... or if I went so far overboard that even an "out of it" Star would not speak like that. Heh, I didn't name him. His last name is cannon from 'Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension'. As for his non-assholish-ness. Well, Tom is definitely a pretty big jerk, as the ending of the chapter proves, but he is not without a good side. Just imagine how bad the average jerky guy you know would be if he had: the anger issues that come with being a fire demon, the entitlement that comes with being royalty, and the social skills that come with not having a single real friend before Star. Plus, you know, growing up in Hell must do a number on your personal values. The weird thing with Tom is that I have been accused of making him too much of an asshole, not enough of asshole, too broody, not broody enough... etc. He is a complex character in cannon, that’s for sure. Thanks! He is, well, a demon. By nature, there is an unearthliness to him, independent of his behaviour or feelings. We are also going to see a lot more of that, by the way Well, yeah, he is not an idiot. Still, he miscalculated even then. He got hurt by Star, he hurt Star, Marco hurt Jackie, and likely Marco hurt himself too. This chapter is fun like that! There is more to it than Star being indecisive... but I do enjoy how her emotions and sensations get jumbled right before it all comes crashing down. All in good time. Again, there is more to it than Marco just changing his mind. We don’t get a Marco POV for a while... Glad to hear!
  7. I honestly loved doing that "episode from a different POV" bit. Might do the same for another episode in a yet to be written chapter, but I am still not sure (as in: I am sure I'll incorporate plot points from that episode, but not sure I'll do it this exact same way). Yup. For someone that impulsive, a lot seems to go on between her ears, does it not? I originally decided she had to have something pink, something bondage-y and something stolen from Marco, and went from there. Well, that episode is where I got the idea for that in the first place. Ferguson's fursona is the Awesome Opossum, and no power on Earth will compel me to write any more about that particular topic… !! Glad the Tom entrance was so well received, hopefully his role in next chapter sticks the landing just as well.
  8. Thanks once more for this! I have (finally) had a chance to edit that Chapter and incorporate the corrections (as well as those you sent for Chapter 4!). In fact, I am re-reading the whole thing to get me back up to speed with the details of my own plot for Chapter 9. Sorry for the long absence! I kinda love taking phrases from the show and re-using them as callbacks :). In fact, I have three Chapters planned already where the titles are nothing but that sort of thing, since at some point I ran out of punny titles while outlining. Well, originally I wasn't sure of the answer myself... but is better this way, in the long run. Good that their (relative) awkwardness here is enjoyable. Glad you enjoyed it. Something told me that being discreet about it wasn't going to be Hekapoo's thing... Well, note that they both *remember* the dream, as does Hekapoo. The thing is, neither knows the other remembers too. So they both think it was (only?) their dream. Does it present a possible solution? I daresay it does (read on to find out more ). Is it going to automatically be a happy ending? Well...
  9. Glad to hear! You are in luck, actually, since Chapter 6 should be up this weekend
  10. Star taking impulsive bad decisions and then feeling like shit about them is a recurring pattern in this fic, and of course if she is going to seek something from Tom is punishment (and comfort/absolution). I sometimes worry I am making the normally very happy-go-lucky Star too angsty here, but, honestly, she was pretty angsty during the particular Season 2 arc I am basing all of this on, so… I considered having even more Hekapoos, but it did not seem anatomically feasible… Food for thought: if she does the same trick by herself, is it an orgy or just masturbation? (Hekapoo’s sex life, like Moon’s, is probably something Star should not think too hard about) I am forever in your debt! I see what you mean. That is there as part of a series of “verbal ticks” that try to be particular to the POV character (e.g. Star for the first three chapters). But I also realize I am using the third person for every pronoun except the “I” in “I mean”. Not sure “She meant” works there, might just have to remove those altogether. Will review this with the other language/spelling errors when I get them. Thanks! Glad to hear! Hopefully the spelling errors don’t ruin things too much for you, and hopefully you like the plot when it starts picking up!
  11. That makes a lot of sense, I don’t think I would have felt it needed to be that big a scene if it wasn’t the, for lack of a better term, “main piece” of its own chapter. It is actually a pretty nice sex scene, on a second read. I guess I was holding up to the standard of being the story’s climax (heh). The point of the story is made either way, and is not like I can complain about the lack of steamy scenes in this fic as whole Well, I guess I should have put my argument in terms of ἔρως (Eros, romantic love) being somewhat overrated and φιλία (Phillia, love between friends) being underrated, which is a weird argument for me to make when reading an *erotic* fanfiction, but nonetheless true. Either way, it is a great theme, specially for this series. My take on starco as a couple in cannon is that, while the jealousy triangle thing is certainly an obstacle to overcome one way or the other, they will probably keep their friendship whether or not they become an item romantically. But honestly, when “Just Friend’s” aired and based on wild speculation from the released episode summaries, my hope was that season 2 finale would have Marco (and possibly Jackie) rescue Star from Ludo/Toffee while we got a triumphant reprise of “Just Friends” for background music. There is not a thing wrong or lacking about those two being friends. Well, it is one possibility. If that theory is not true, then I guess Tom didn’t actually think of the implications of his plan if he did somehow manage to “trick” the Blood Moon into binding their souls when they were not at least compatible. It is not an unidirectional link, so Tom would also just have gotten her soul entangled for all eternity to someone who would hate him for it. I guess a forced soul-bound could be played for off the charts dark drama in the right kind of light, in a way that even rape or forced marriage don’t quite reach. Then again, the show does have a lot of elements that are super dark if you dwell to long on them, and supposedly “nicer and kinder” season 2 Tom did threaten to kill Marco just so that he wouldn’t tell Star that he was using the counsellor to spy on her... I guess “The Blood Moon binds Star and Tom” is a good potential prompt for a seriously messed up fic on this site
  12. True. He pretty much got more character development in Starcrushed than in the rest of the series put together and that still puts him far behind Ferguson in terms of development. But, yeah, in Oskar’s case I meant to say that he stayed true and consistent to the character you developed him as. Whoops. Then I literally have nothing but praise for you
  13. Thank you for the praise, glad you enjoyed it so far! As for fitting the plot of the two part finale, well… I think at this point it is pretty clear I have to diverge from the main timeline before the end of Starcrushed, at least if I want to continue this for long. That’s all I can say for now, but hopefully you won’t be too disappointed! “Tom’s an asshole” is the unofficial subtitle of Chapter 05. I mean, he is not, you know (capital E) *Evil*. He is a jerk with a heart of… like… rusty copper or something like that
  14. [I believe this one was on Chapter 03] Glad you are still enjoying it, and hope the spelling errors don’t ruin it for you Anything you send my way in that regard, I’ll try to fix. If you are in it for the plot, hopefully you like Chapter 04! If you are in it for the smut, then stick around for Chapter 5 (and it will have plot too, of course).
  15. Glad you, specifically, liked it! Also, thanks for the very in-depth review, much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing your honest opinion on the next two chapters, and those to come, when you feel like it. I will probably go back and rewrite some parts when I reach the end of my first planned "plot arc", so feel free to mention parts of scenes you don't like as well (obviously I can't promise I will agree, but I'll definitely give those parts some thought). Star's conflicted inner monologue is my favorite thing about this whole scenario, glad it surfaces through when reading. She is not getting a break from the emotional roller-coaster any time soon, either. This was supposed to be a foot-in-mouth moment for Marco, and honestly, after "Naysayer", I don't think there is much Marco could say to Jackie that would shock her or piss her off. Maybe I should have Marco realize what he just said and have him stammer a bit more even before Jackie’s reply, actually (just edited in a version of this thought, but will re-read it tomorrow and see if there is a better way). But Jackie herself is not gonna let that bother her, she knows Marco well enough to not take his ramblings as an insult. Heh, honestly, I had my doubts about that part too. But I needed an explanation for him knowing how to unhook Jackie's bra that was both plausible and embarrassing, and, as you said, they both have boundary issues. Remember, Marco once tried to read her diary, and another time he followed her on a date in disguise. His respect for boundaries is shaky in cannon too, just not compared to how far it goes the other way around Shameless lampshade-hanging. Also, Jackie *is* too cool for a 14 year old in the show itself. Don't worry, she will get to have character flaws in this story, just not many yet (I don't think she has any major ones in cannon, but much less time has been devoted to her than the main two, and there we are mostly seeing her through Marco's eyes, so...) Consent *is* sexy Although, this being a fic, it might get a bit murkier than *that* down the line (nothing drastic, just, equivalent to the level of murkiness of what Star does in this Chapter, or a small bit past that depending on how you feel about the next two). For now, I wanted Jackie and Marco to be as caring for each other as possible and able to have some humorous banter while at it, all while still being horny relatively-inexperienced teenagers. Star Butterfly: 1 part bad-boundaries, 1 part impulsive decisions, 3 parts actual love and respect for her friend. The question is, will her horniness get the better of her to where she crosses her own lines? Read more to find out PM Sent! Thanks so much for taking note of those. I'd make some lame excuse about it not being my native language, but I have been chiefly living in the anglosphere for more than five years already, and writing in English online for longer than that... I just suck at spelling, … at least you didn’t get the version that had “hearth” everywhere instead of “heart” Looking forward to your reviews. And also to Chapter 12 of Star's Crossed Lovers! (*in Marco's 'don't go' whisper tone* "...don't make it the last Chapter")