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  1. Chapter 07 – Author’s Notes Pt. 1 Well, guess I should probably say some stuff, but given how long I’ve been out of the loop, I don’t really remember what I used to say in these things. So, I’ll show you guys this thing: 1. Zaka, Hannes [8.0 - 8.5+] (6.1 - 6.5+) 2. Faldio, Nils, Maximilian [7.5 - 8.0] (5.7-6.1) 3. Welkin, Largo, Jann, Cezary [7.0 - 7.5] (5.3-5.7) 4. Hermes, Noce, Hector, Walter [6.5 - 7.0] (4.9-5.3) 5. Vyse, Musaad, Salinas, Gregor [6.0 - 6.5] (4.5-4.9) 6. Oscar, Coby, Kevin, Karl(IMP) [5.5 - 6.0] (4.1-4.5) 7. Theold, Mica, Alex, Herbert [5.0 - 5.5] (3.7-4.1) 8. Montley, Karl, Ted, Melville [4.5 - 5.0] (3.3-3.7) 9. Emile, Knute, Homer [4.0 - 4.5] (2.9-3.3) 10. Wavy, Ramal [<3.5 - 4.0] (<2.5-2.9) If you can’t tell what this is of the bat, it’s a “size” chart. Lolz. I got really bored one day. I realized at some point while analyzing my writing that I never really give explicit penis sizes to my characters, this is because I don’t like when I’m reading a piece of erotic fiction that goes along the lines of “Then I showed her my 9 inch blah blah blah” you get the rest. My reasoning for this is because I don’t know what 9 inches is. Instead of knowing whether it is big, small, or medium, I’m left trying to decipher just how much 9 inches is. It’s not like I keep a ruler next to me at any given time, and even if I did it still wouldn’t give me a complete description of the phallus in question. So I tend to write more in relative terms; big, small, etc. So given the readers experience or understanding of what is big relative to what, they can use their imagination for what the size of a character’s genitals are. That being said, I did realize recently that a lot of author’s do tend to get specific about a size, so I figured there may be a decent part of the population that do care about specifics. This chart only includes lengths [Erect] and (flaccid), based on a few sources that go into depth about this sort of thing online. Given my sources, it would appear that Gallians (or at least squad 7) are little larger than the worldwide average. Which is fine, since that was my intention. What its mostly meant for is to show how big a male’s size is relative to the other. So if you prefer the scale in inches, or like me and don’t really care, you just want to know in relative terms, this chart should help. The only other thing to consider then is the size of the person. For example, Largo and Welkin fall into the same tier, but Largo has a foot of height on Welkin and possibly another hundred pounds in terms of muscle. So despite being the same ‘size,’ largo might appear smaller to the naked eye. This goes for lower tiers as well. Wavy is tall and has an obstinate structure, whereas Ramal is short. Just things to keep in mind. I also understand that depending on your standards, the upper tiers might not be ‘big,’ in which case just use the tiers without the scaling. Likewise, if the lower tiers are not small in your eyes. Then there is also this: WelkinxSusie [1] WelkinxAlicia [2] N/C IsaraxImperial [3] N/C IsaraXFetish [4] WelkinxEllet [5] FaldioxAlicia [5] RosiexLargo [5] Rape of Jane [7] OscarxJane [7] RosiexWelkin [7] RosiexWelkin [8] WelkinxVarrot [8] FinaxVyse [9] JunoxWelkin [9] EdyxSalinas [9] ElletxLargo [10] OscarxCatherine [10] N/C Alicia4some [11] DallasRape [11] RosiexSquad1 [11] FreesiaxSalinas [11] WelkinxNatalie [12] OscarxAika [12] Which is a complete record of all Sexual encounters so far in the story. Which made me realize some things. Like who raped Dallas? and Who was watching Ellet and Largo getting it on? And the truth is, I don’t know! Probably a result of the time that has passed. Leave ideas about who these culprits were and how they should be dealt with. I made this along with the chart to help me keep record of things as I continue the story. And I am continuing the story. So what of the future of this story? I am still very committed to wanting to complete this, and if the day ever comes that I change my mind, I will make sure to mention it on this forum, the archive, and the adopt forum to let someone else take it over. I knew this novel length endeavor would be a challenge for an amateur like me, but that’s why I took it on. As a result I have learned new methods, been inspired to write original things, and start new projects, and I hope to actually finish it before I get too much older. With any luck I won’t decide to grab a second job I don’t need on account of being a workaholic as much as an alcoholic. Lolz. But the Gamer in me will always slow things down. Guess that’s all I have for now, ciao.
  2. Golly Gee Wiz Batman! Someone used the Forum! Lolz. Welkin will certainly get more loving before the end, and the next chapter to be posted – if not, the following – will definitely have one or two sequences with him and a partner. As for your preferences all I can do is apologize. I do realize that I got a little bit more experimental this chapter and that was intentional. It was my attempt at trying to prevent a certain degree of repetitiveness in the erotic scenes within the composition, but if more of the same old isn’t a problem I can keep a little more vanilla in the future. Though I appreciate your understanding of others’ tastes in this matter. Maximilian does indeed have his sights on Cordelia mainly to have that reveal. Once the secret is out though I’m sure his mind will be changing very quickly. Perhaps you’re right in regards to Maximilian giving up on Selvaria too quickly, but I guess I had meant to make it sound like she never had that chance to begin with. That he was just using her for her abilities to find things out out about the Valkyria and of course her wielding the power of one. I suppose since the last parts of this most recent chapter are short I could see to revising it some and clearing it up a bit. I’m sure I was just in a rush to finish the chapter once hitting the “final stretch” and didn’t think as much as I should have about the last parts with Selvaria and Maximilian. If not that; in this very next chapter I can make Maximilian realize why he put so much faith in her abilities to begin with….Or something like that. As for Maximilian he does end up going a little mad with power by the end and I guess in this composition I wanted that madness to sort of stem from him having some obsession with becoming the godlike figure that the Valkyria are in the past and present, but if that is too much to bite for you and other readers I’ll change that around. Especially since I do really like your interpretation of Maximilian’s character. Also finish the game! It’s fun! Lolz. Faldio is trying to improve himself as a commander, but as life has taught some of us, no matter how much you strive to improve yourself you can still fail to meet the goal. If you fail to improve as a leader in war people die. Morbid cynicism, but history teaches this time and again. So don’t expect Faldio to be reversing anything with Selvaria swinging a lance around. As for the upcoming Cordelia plot: I don’t think I thought to change the kidnapper to Maximilian, but I could brainstorm it if that seems like a better option. Also, the anime didn’t even really try to make Selvaria ‘undercover’. There are a lot of things a woman can do to change her appearance such as dying hair, applying makeup, switching from an eye-grabbing dress to a more modest one, etc. Even Jaeger could’ve shaved, worn contacts, changed his haircolor or style and worn a monocle. I’m sure you’ve seen a man with a beard shave all trace of it, even if it’s someone close to you you still need to double check sometimes. Lolz. So I might still make them undercover. Are you saying my erotic story is good? Because that’s awesome! Thanks! Now if I can just get the ero stuff down….Because that’s not going anywhere even if I lower the frequency of it. And yeah the more promiscuous characters make it easier for me, but I’ll also try not to overdo it still. You know, to the point where the character is completely lost. Call me out if I do accidentally do that. Or if I’m already doing that…. Let me laugh a little before I answer this…………….Lolz The short answer is no, and it isn’t my preference either. My preference is more akin to women like Varrot or maybe even Freesia. Probably why she gets a lot of screen time, though to be fair I had meant to make Freesia a bit more of the dominant one in bed, but things change too much while I write. Like I mentioned before, no outlines or character sheets. Welkin sees women through omnivorous eyes (assuming I’ve used that word correctly) so he has no preference. Or at least no known preference. The blonde thing came from a trend I noticed while writing the story. Susie was the first girl he was with and that got known by outsiders at some point, There was Juno who he was good friends with and was obviously in some sort of relationship with. Ellet and him disappeared for a while at Vasel, and probably looked a little disheveled after. so…. Bingo! Dino DNA! Just like high school if you remember those years. It’s not his preference and Varrot was no exception. It’s just, to the outside observer, this seems to be the case and thus the consensus throughout the Squad. I just decided to make it somewhat of a running gag was all, and it’s mentioned a few times since Vasel, but perhaps most often in this chapter. When I had first gotten the idea to write this it was mostly to flesh out that military stuff like you mentioned. So I too very much enjoyed Aisha’s journal entry. These military scenes are the most enjoyable part of my writing experience and I’m happy that shows through my writing, so expect more of it. I never really take the erotic stuff TOO seriously, it’s just an added bonus to have a different type of fun every now and then. That’s why I really see no problem anymore with just experimenting with it or letting some characters seem a little bit more “slutty” or “horny” than the average individual at these points. I don’t know about a Harem ending yet, we’ll see how the story evolves since I’m freestyling it, but ideas are always welcome. I just hope I get them right enough to entertain you and every other reader further. As always; thank you for reading, and I’ll be working to get you the next one. -JPR
  3. Chapter – 06 Author’s Notes Firstly there is this: Special: 1 Commissionable Tank [Edelweiss] Crew: 2Lt Welkin Gunther Cpl Isara "Sis" Gunther Support Infantry 40 1st Crew Chief: Sgt Largo Potter [L] Pvt Jann "Uncle J" Walker [L] Pvt Walter "Chef" Nash [L] Pvt Hannes "Neanderthal" Salinger [ST] Pvt Coby "Gramps" Caird [ST] Pvt Freesia "Cold Feet" York [Sc] Pvt Montley "Fleet Feet" Leonard [Sc] Pvt Musaad "Mole" Mayfield [Sc] Pvt Claudia "Black Cat" Mann [E] Cpl Gina "Medic" Sellers [M] 2nd Crew Chief: Cpl Brigette "Rosie" Stark [ST] Pvt Cherry "Popper" Stijnen [Sc] Pvt Ramona "Diva" Linton [Sc] Pvt Edy "Idol" Nelson [ST] Pvt Salinas "Tankman" Milton [ST] Pvt Jane "Sadist" Turner [ST] Pvt Nina "Muscles" Streiss [ST] Pvt Theold "Blondie" Bohr [L] Pvt Dallas "School Girl" Wyatt [E] Cpl Mina "Nurse" Sellers [M] 3rd Crew Chief: Cpl Juno "Specs" Coren [Sc] Pvt Susie "Gum Drop" Evans [Sc] Pvt Wavy [Sc] Pvt Elysse "Fencer" Moore [L] Pvt Aisha "Short Stop" Neumann [ST] Pvt Dorothy "Diamond" Howard [ST] Pvt Mica "Jammer" Hawkins [ST] Pvt Oscar "Dingo" Bielert Pvt Homer "Swan" Peron [E] Pvt Ramsey "Gunny" Clement [E] 4th Crew Chief: Cpl Catherine "Coyote" O'Hara Pvt Aika "Pirate" Thompson [Sc] Pvt Ted "Joker" Ustinov [Sc] Pvt Vyse "Vagabond" Inglebard [ST] Pvt Alex "Bird" Raymond [ST] Pvt Cezary "Fox" Regard Pvt Marina "Wolf" Wulfsan Pvt Karl "Smithy" Landsaat [E] Pvt Nadine [E] Cpl Fina "Doc" Sellers [M] Chapter 6 is finally here! It’s a wonder if I’m ever going to finish this story at the rate I’m doing things. Lolz. I had originally wanted a lot more stories to be shoved in this particular chapter, but I think all the erotic scenes I was putting into it began to tire me out. They are the most demanding for me in terms of creativity and time. Despite that however I did promise many of such scenes in this chapter the last time I posted something on the site. So….if it’s not too much to ask I think I’m going to exclude all but one or two erotic encounters for the next chapter, mostly to see if it is the erotic stuff that’s slowing me down. Of course it could be many other reason as well. Mt main computer was dead for quite sometime and I was in the process of building a new between the last time I posted and now. I tried to make what little progress I could on my work computer, but as you can imagine that tends to be a pretty bad idea. There was also the option to use my Linux machine, but for some reason I always find something else to do that’s work related on that laptop. So naturally this latest chapter did come out later than expected. At least I didn’t forget about the project again. Lolz I finally got around to writing an erotic scene with Alicia again. I had presumably held off because I had initially received worries that I was doing Alicia’s character all wrong in multiple aspects. So I decided to default back into the slutty version of her that this composition started off with. The only trouble was is that I had to scrap the scene multiple times. It’s like my mind was fighting itself and asking if this was really the way I wanted Alicia, not to mention I couldn’t find out who I wanted her to fuck for a scene. So naturally she gets used by a few people. I think I’ll use the secret is out, Alicia is a slut excuse from now on and not sweat about it as much as I have. But there was still meant to be many more scenes. I had erotic encounters lined up for FaldioxRosie, WelkinxCherry, OscarxJane, WElkinxSusie I decided to wait for the next one. I even wrote a couple of “Deleted Scenes” I saved a couple too. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post them on the forum, but maybe I’ll make a chapter on the main site if you guys really want to read my scrapped incomplete work. I doubt it though. But what do I know? With my new computer I might play games more often on my free time now. Though I did go for a Ryzen build because it benefits my line of work better should I ever want to work at home. I digress. Hopefully with a little more alcohol I’ll get the next chapter to you guys in a jiffy. After all it’s mainly a battle. If I could forgo the minute details and stick to the only one (at tops two) erotic scenes I can get it to you guys quicker. It’s not like I’m exactly known for my writing quality and proofreading. Lolz. If it does turn out that it’s the erotic parts slowing me down I’ll let you guys know, and you can tell me whether or not yo’re willing to see less of them to increase the rate of release. In hopes that the next installment of this composition is released in a timely fashion I think I’ll get started right away….or maybe I’ll just watch anime, I don’t know. But there is one thing I know; I’ll be drinking tonight regardless of work tomorrow. Cheers! -JPR
  4. I’m already balls-deep, I have to keep working on it. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. A Freesia sub-plot? I had no idea I was doing that. Perhaps I relate to the tanned pony-tailed beauty since we were bred in the desert and annually brave 120 degree weather during the summer. I mean Fahrenheit of course of those not familiar with the system. Juno is a go! It’s orbiting Jupiter. Hopefully I met your expectations in this chapter. Trekking slowly means more writing…. Aaagh!!! *eats Oreo Blizzard to calm down* I got this. Not sure I’ll get every character that can shine here, but if nothing else I’ll get what I can. The war is very short for Gallia, but what war is short at this scale? Damon doing “something” to Selvaria?! Ha! As if I’ll give him that honor! But I may, we’ll see. I have two votes going for a Selvaria/Welkin ending. Does a Harem ending work? idk, Like I told Sef, I’m still thinking about about so keep your hopes in mind and maybe your thoughts will penetrate my mind subconsciously and it will happen. As for tea I prefer Earl Grey. If Selvaria does indeed get humiliated or paired of, it may very likely be with a character and not a horse, I apologize to any that may have wanted such. I know this is a response to ‘your’ review, but I would like to remind everyone that everyone’s “piece” is considered in my mind, as well as overthought before a ‘go’ or ‘no go’ is decided. But Carl, eh? Does he have a place in this story? Let me know, I might run it. Concerning Marina; I like your idea. If it comes to fruition it will be after Barious on their trek home. Squad 7 is going to be behind enemy lines a while, so a certain sniper/huntress might be entrusted to get food for the squad with a certain Lieutenant in tow -cough winkwinknudgenudge. I have a Edy scene in this new chapter. Tell me if you like it too. As for Edy and Welkin I’ll see what I can do. A wild Audrey appears. Do you catch it? Sometime it takes more than one Pokeball, she’ll be around again. Thanks for reading, and I’ll keep doing my best…..or close enough. -JPR
  5. Varrot was sexy. I didn’t realize how much I was anticipating the scene myself until I started writing it. Perhaps I mentioned already, but my favorite part is when they were dressing each other back up. I’m trying to work my way to Welkin and Isara as per your request, I’m just trying to figure out the situation that allows them to do it. They do see each other as siblings and I haven’t mentioned any previous backstory involving such a case so I want to make it seem somewhat natural. I hope I’ll succeed. I looked it up. I did in fact find a picture of Selvaria being “taken” by horses. Not sure which one was Damon’s horse though. I’m a bit in a pickle though, another has cast a vote against your request (not something I’ve handled on this site before) so I’ll have to make the final decision on that. So I hope there isn’t any hard feelings if I toss the bestiality route. Perhaps I’ll write a stand alone scenario with that idea or if you’d like to then go ahead. As for Damon himself… I don’t really like Damon. I was going to give him a small dick because of that, but if I decide to humiliate Selvaria I will change that… Maybe he’ll be hung like a horse. Lolz! Who knows? Time will tell. I didn’t include a beast tag so an alternative may be the way I go. When I first started writing I had planned this far ahead, but while I write I notice I stray from my original ideas sometimes and that improv is the best way to continue. So as I tell the others, keep hoping. Thanks for your ideas. -JPR
  6. Keep hoping for the Sylvaria stuff. I’m still thinking about it and that’s a plus! Lolz! Sentences don’t run, you can’t fool me. jk, The truth of the matter is that I often see these run-on sentences while I write the chapter’s, I just tell myself I’ll get back to fix it. Unfortunately I don’t do this thing called “re-read” or proof-reading as I should. Not the habits of a good writer, I know. I will try though! I will! Also the trophy I was aiming to get was the Final Fantasy XV platinum. Which I got. No I’m working on collecting all the trophies for Crash Bandicoot Remastered and Megadimension Neptunia. In case you were curious. -JPR
  7. Chapter – 05 Author’s Notes Part 1: I opted to put the “Part 1” Title here since I’ll probably just edit this post to include ANs for the other parts as they come. Don’t get confused though, I think one more part should be enough to finish the chapter as shown in the game. This chapter was a little more fun than I was expecting honestly, mostly because I bought some booze and got to work on it one night and included a scene I enjoyed between Vyse, Aika, and Fina. So I’m happy with what has been included in it so far. I have been waiting for more war scenes to pop up since I enjoy writing those messy sections of this story even more so than the sexual ones. Heresy, I know. It’s a shame I can’t deliver them with excellent quality. I even finally got Juno a scene and used to help pave a way towards a Welkin and Isara scene as requested. Which brings me to a few things I really wanted to talk about; namely, Audrey and VC III. If you guys ever come to know me personally, which is something I really doubt will ever happen, you might figure me for the person that thinks too much. I’m an engineer, thinking is my job, so if I have nothing to think about, I find something to think about. This is what happened with Audrey. I read “The Writing on the Wall” concerning Squad 7s miraculous siege of a base after the whole cabin sequence between Welkin and Alicia. I figured: Hey, this is close enough to Kloden for me to get that hentai scene between Audrey and Welkin. I read further and the Regiment that Squad 7 accidentally aided was dubbed “the Army’s 10th Regiment.” ….What? Regiment of what? Does this unit specialize in anything? I didn’t know, but I really wanted Audrey to be in this “10th Regiment”. As you guys might recall I included an Author’s note in the past that gave a very rough structure of the Galian Volunteer Corps, but the fact is that I have a very detailed structure and organization of the Gallian Militia in a notebook I use for this project. That’s right, a whole notebook! This notebook didn’t include a structure for the regular Army and now all of a sudden I needed one. So the delay in this short part of Kloden from reaching you guys was to make a logical structure and chain-of-command for the Gallian Army all for one character. Thus the 10th Armored Cavalry Regiment was born. To be fair the military structure I created was probably too organized for an actual – and functional – military, but all I know on the subject is from growing up with my dad and his 23 years dedicated to serving. My point being; it took way too long for Audrey all because of my damned habits. Which brings me to VC III and why I never played it. Lolz. Obviously back in the day there was some trouble with getting VC3 into the West, but today there is English versions of it available online and for download. Rather than take the time to play I thought, Hey, I can just watch someone else play it and get that Riela character that’s all the rave in this story like requested. I like redheads too! ...and boobs! Perhaps it was a translation error of some sort in the version I was watching, but not even five seconds into the second chapter the narrator is like, “On March 14, 1935 the Gallian Army reclaimed Vasel Bridge”. (-_-) Let me just blow up the important part, “ON MARCH 14, 1935!!!” How can this be? Irene Koller told me in the first game that the Empire didn’t even begin their assault until March the fifteenth! How can Welkin reclaim Vasel Bridge a day before Bruhl falls!? He wasn’t even in the Militia yet! Why is it called Valkyria CHRONICLES, if you can’t even put things in chronological order?! *Panting uncontrollably* ...Ahem, but yeah; I’m probably overthinking it. My dates work in this story, but perhaps I misinterpreted the meaning of said dates reading through “The Writing on the Wall”. I really wanted Riela in my story like requested. Hell, after seeing her in pics I would really want her in my bed, but rather than try and figure out when the 422nd Squadron met 7th Squadron for the first time, I just binge watched something on Netflix. That’s a project for another day, or maybe for a future collab if anyone is interested. I’ll think about it. As I’ve said before, I take all suggestions seriously. Even those concerning Damon’s horse. But I hope you don’t blame if I can’t pursue every single one, that being said I do have many that are just waiting to happen. I’ll address those in their specific review replies though, not here. I’ve stressed before that I’m not a skilled writer, I just wanted to write. So ideas are always welcome, but let’s be clear; my imagination can only go so far even with the best ideas. I do have ideas though, anyone planning to leave a review can feel free to answer them. Rape within Squad 7 by a member of Squad 7? Go or no go, and who’s the victim? A lesbian sequence between Marina and Catherine? Same sex stuff isn’t my forte but I’m willing to try. More war sequences? Meibi? Instead of Welkin and Alicia ending up in a cabin it’s Welkin and Marina (Or another nomination), while Alicia walks into a cabin full of sex-starved Imperials? More shell-shock, or keep the war trauma light (everyone be getting laid anyways)? And finally, does everyone still want that pig to be the mascot, or should I use something else? Maybe even just delete that from the story all together. That’s all I got. As always thanks for reading. -JPR
  8. Play the game again! I mean, why not? Pregnancy, eh? This was actually a goal. I’m not sure I meant to directly reference the topic but rather make subtle references. I mentioned my ending to this story may not be completely canon like the game or whatnot, but with a few changes here and there and the topic of pregnancy was part of what changed that. One of the things I appreciated most about Valkyria Chronicles is the detailed descriptions it gave you for almost everything and everyone, and I personally spent hours on the glossary section of the game reading through every little thing. These descriptions often included what certain characters did after the war, and with my rendition a lot of these after stories may not be the case word for word. For one I hope to include character deaths, and also maybe some of the ladies leave the war with some extra baggage. Things like that. If you’re picking up on the sexual habits of some characters particularly the differences between Faldio and Welkin then you should have no problem picking up those subtle hints I drop here and there. In the future I may be more direct about it if that’s what you’re asking. I’m sure some people might get off easier knowing for sure. It’s ok, I don’t judge. Catherine gets some love? I like it. I had a younger cousin who was fond of Catherine back when my bro and I first started playing the game and I certainly appreciate her myself. So if you keep visiting the site on whims you can look forward to that. Thank you for your input and I hope you keep enjoying my story on a whim. -JPR
  9. There will be plenty more hentai before the end. At least that’s the plan, so there’ll definitely be more. Varrot and Welkin: enjoy the new chapter. As for Damon and Selvaria though; is this a literal horse or a figurative one? Also I’m not sure what the guy asking for a SelvariaxWelkin ending will feel about a SelvariaXDamonsHorse Ending. Lolz. Thanks for you input, and I hope to hear more from you. -JPR
  10. Dubcon, eh? I thought I was a pro at this lingo stuff by now but I actually had to look up what that meant so maybe I’m still a rookie. That being said I think I discovered a new fetish with your lingo expertise. Lolz. I will keep working on Alicia. I’ve stated in the AN for the REPORT chapter not expect any changes yet, but I will try to make that different for Kloden. To be more specific about the dubcon part; I’m not sure if I’m aiming for joyous or dark at all, so that might be why both are a little mixed in there. Welkin and Selvaria. I can maybe, probably, kinda, see it happening. If more come to me with this AU ending I might do it. At the very least I can try making a few alternate endings to the current material I’m writing. Otherwise do keep telling me where I can improve and I will address them as best I can. Thanks for your input and I hope you continue to enjoy. -JPR
  11. Report – 02 Author’s Notes So it would seem that collecting a few more Platinum Trophies on my PS4 was more important than getting this story to you guys in a timely manner and for that I apologize, but this story is in the game archive...and we’re all gamers, right? So you guys understand...I hope. Well anyways, onto the story. One of the unfortunate things about this particular fanfiction is that the only thing I had in mind when starting to write it was a general idea of where I wanted the story to go, which means that there is a lot of time in between wondering if certain sections of the story I write are even necessary. This chapter was definitely one of those sections. Let’s be honest, “Report 2: Largo’s Passion” can be debated as to whether or not it was necessary in the game overall as well with the veggies and all, so I’m not sure what was crossing my mind when I told myself, “This has to be included.” I mean I even skipped Largo’s comical rant. I just hope that I managed to include some interesting parts pertaining to other characters and that this chapter isn’t a snore fest for the most of you. That being said, don’t get discouraged by my writing, I have a lot of good ideas for Kloden and Barious alike. That being said maybe Largo’s Passion was necessary to the game. Some of the quotes you can get out of that scene are hilarious and Largo is without any doubt the one character that my brother and I quote the most today due to some of the stuff coming out of his mouth here. Just an Idea. A lot of you have been asking for a Varrot and Welkin scene, here it is. I’m not sure I grasped it just right, but there will definitely be other opportunities, so if you still got ideas be sure to tell me and I will try my best to integrate them. This goes for any characters in the game you want to see hooked up, be sure to tell me or may accidentally skip over them…possibly. I want a lot of the characters to get some time with their genitals out. Which reminds me of something very, very important. ALICIA. Lolz. I've gotten more reviews saying that Alicia hasn’t been quite right since the start of the story, and to that all I got to say is: I WILL GET HER RIGHT DAMMIT! Lolz. She’s obviously in this chapter, but her character doesn’t really have any shining moments here that might dictate her character being off, but from my understanding it’s her relationship with Faldio that really needs to be fixed. These problems will hopefully see solutions in the next chapter so don’t expect any here. Just saiyan. Well, this is a shorter chapter, so a shorter AN shouldn’t be an issue, unless I decide it is one and edit this later, which I might. As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this installment of “Tales of the Europan War” -JPR
  12. “Awesome that we're getting some quality VC smut - a rarity, if not an endangered species.” QUALITY! (Feigns heart attack and death) Lolz. The fact that anything I write can be called quality is astonishing to me especially when considering most of my days are spent collecting data behind a locked door.But if you started with good news that means there’s bad news too. HA! I knew it! You’re right though, Lolz. I definitely overdid it with Alicia. Seems she’s the character everyone has had a problem with and I totally understand why. I had meant for her to be slutty through most of the story and that way she wouldn’t be hung up on Welkin and just move one. After trying to adjust her character things got weird and I totally see that now. It’s good you guys point out these things, they’re good for me. I won’t go back yet to try and fix her character until I’m near the completion of this story. But I hope I can met a standard everyone will be happy with before the end and revise the story accordingly. Normies, eh? Why? Lolz. I think you may be getting ahead of me. ~Maybe. Try reading the new chapter and tell me if I’ve implemented some normies. I can’t tell. I’m not exactly normal myself. … Of all the things I thought I’d get criticism for, dick sizes what not one of them. IN MY DEFENSE! I like all of these characters, if I’m going to be the one dictating their size I’m going to be a kool ass god and give them all big dicks! Lolz. Okay, I’ll keep this in mind. Read the new chapter and despite the lack of sexy time you should be able to mention if I did a little better after following your advice. Really? Like just straight up Welkin/Selvaria? It’s a long way to the end, so I’ll consider it, but no promises. It goes against the original paradigm I had going, but so does a lot of things I’ve written so far. So who knows? My sort of unique ending was going to be slightly AU anyways. I suppose you suggestion isn’t as extreme as letting Isara live either. Thanks for your valued input. Hopefully I can keep whatever quality you found in this story up and I will try not to disappoint. -JPR
  13. Yes, I get excited about reviews. Thanks for being considerate. I hate to ignore your request bu the plots are probably going to stay, UNLESS more reviewers come around sharing you opinion. I’ve sorted stated why in a previous chapters notes, but I will reiterate. I chose VC as my first erotic fan fiction because of the diversity and it helps me to change who I’m writing about and move forward when I’m stuck than keep being stuck on how to proceed with a certain character. I’ve stressed before I’m not as strong a writer as many other’s and if writer’s block is bad for them I think you can imagine how much harder it is for someone that does it more as a hobby. Seeing as you mentioned being a big boob guy I can understand why the bigger PLOT matter more than the little subPLOTS. Lolz. If everyone hates my subplots though I will definitely consider changing my future course. Selvaria is a go; in due time. I like your ideas for her and will likely be my course in this story. Also you like big boobs; I can respect that. Originally I had no intention of bringing Marina and Welkin into sexy time, but your suggestion has helped spawned ideas for characters I just never thought compatible in the past. This is why I ask for suggestions. Good job! As for the triplets; I’m sure I can find a way to get them involved in the action. As for the rest of your review I encourage you to look at my previous notes I’m pretty sure I addressed them. Integrating the other games would be great! But I’m not sure how good I can do at that and since concern is shown about how often I update doing so will definitely sow down progress even more. Otherwise, thanks for your input. I look forward to implementing some of your ideas. -JPR
  14. As for your concerns on me focusing on the anime plot over the game plot. I have been trying to focus more on the game driven plot as carefully as I could after reading your first review, and frankly I thought I was doing a pretty good job. The only time I was going to focus on the anime plot heavily was for the Princess’ kidnapping and Fouzen arcs. Trust me, I’m an engineer. Faldio is not here because of the anime, and I’m not trying to make anyone like him, so if its his character you hate, good; I’m trying to make people hate him. This rendition of the VC tale will have some original elements to add up to a unique kind of ending, Faldio is here for that, not because of the anime. I am writing in the game archive of the site after all. Varrot will definitely get in on the action it’s just a matter of when. If you enjoy non-consensual fiction there will also be more of that. Otherwise thanks for your input. I have tried to modify Alicia’s character as per your observation in later chapters. I will also go back to revise her in earlier chapters just before the completion of this work. Thanks for your valued input. - JPR
  15. Chapter – 04 Author’s Notes Well… here it is. Forty-five pages later and twenty-five thousand words of typing later there was not enough alcohol in my stores to get me writing this quicker than I had managed. It makes me think that I really should take that advice about forgoing subplots and just focusing on the main protagonist like a friendly reader suggested, but what’s the fun in that. I’m a masochist and I’ll write because it hurts, Lolz. A lot of love went into this chapter and I really did mean to get it to you guys much sooner, but life caught up and so did my addiction to World of Warships. I honestly did not expect to like that game as much I do, but as an enthusiasts for battleships I guess it was just to be expected. This chapter was meant to remedy some past issues. A review came in about Alicia being a little too solemn and I agree, so I immediately got to work at fixing said issue as you’ll all see as you read. It also was an attempt to fix typos, misspellings, and grammatical mistakes. Despite what it may seem I’m not a very strong writer (at least I don’t think so) and I feel I work harder than most when trying to keep a composition such as this interesting to others, so reading an entire chapter again after writing it is not exactly the highlight of my writing experience. So to solve this I just started using more advanced software to help with the spelling and grammar issues, however typos will still occur. I’m sorry for any these and before the completion of this all typos will be exterminated from all chapters ~hopefully and I will do heavy revision of all chapters before the final to make a better flowing story. Another thing was developing new relationships between the characters. One of the reasons I decided on doing Valkyria Chronicles as my first ambitious erotic fan fiction was because of the diversity, the number of characters there is to write about was something I thought would keep me interested in writing it and It has. It feels like writing a bunch of tiny little fanfics and compiling it into a familiar story and it seems to be working. Occasionally I have trouble make some characters work together, but you guys come up with great ideas that I’m wiling to pursue, so keep them coming. In this chapter the relationship between characters outside of sex has been developed to a more intimate level than the game… I hope. One particular couple I start hooking up is Nadine and Cezary, which by canon aren’t a thing, but in the Manga they develop a relationship. I liked that relationship. Seeing as how Nadine become a famous writer of a book called “Love at War” If I’m not mistaken, I figured that love at war she found was Cezary and imagine it got popular because it had a Fifty Shades sort of trendy vibe to it. So their relationship will be a little kinky to say the least. This chapter includes the very first steps into that unique relationship. I ran out of alcohol, so there isn’t as much sexy time as in previous chapters, but I’m sticking to my code of at least one per chapter, this chapter has two and a half. This number come up because in one of the three includes no actual intercourse of sorts and is abruptly ended. Dallas can have a strange mind sometimes. The alcohol helps put my mind into the characters’ positions and write a better erotic tale (I think), this might be why I find the last sexy time of the story to be subpar. Not only was it in a rush to complete the chapter, but I had nothing to drink. Lolz. And now some questions for those who bother to read these. I’ve included in the story tags and incest tag. I did this without realizing that I had no plans of hooking up Welkin and Isara. Should I? And what are your ideas based on how the story is progressing? Is there any characters that haven’t hooked up that haven’t already been suggested how should it play out? I can’t guarantee it’ll turn out exactly as you ask it, because if I’m writing and something feels off I might take a different approach, but I will try to get every character that can get hooked up in along the way. That being said more characters are recruited to Squad 7 by the start of the next installment, “Report 03: Largo’s Passion” There will also be more sexy time in it. ~I hope. If a potential reviewer does come across this I’d like some feedback on more of the actions scenes if nothing else. The second part of this chapter is told in a more tales of Vasel sort of style and I’d like to hear how most of these turned out. I’m influenced by Band of Bother’s but have no idea if I’m getting even remotely close. Also there’s the fact of character emotions in battle. They all seem pretty chill and without fear. Should I keep it as I have to prevent the mood from darkening and keep it sexy, or should I make them more traumatized by the horrors of war? I don’t know. Just thinking of ways to make this story more bothersome for me. Lolz. I am a workaholic after all. As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this new installment of “Tales of the Europan War.” -JPR