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  1. Hi. I don’t know if you’ve ever done role playing or seen Kim Possible, but if you want to have some fun, please reply to my RP thread. 

    1. bwm1013


      I can even show you how.

    2. Avaloyuru


      I’ve never done ‘role-playing’ online, only in real-time. 

    3. bwm1013


      Well, it’s kind of the same thing. We act out as different characters in a situation. We simply go back and forth. 

  2. Kim and Bonnie @ the movies

    I would like one of you to create a one shot story based on this outline. Kim wonders what surprise Bonnie has for her at the movies once they arrive Bonnie told her that the cute guy she likes let them have the entire place to themselves and since he's a fan of the movie there going to see Bonnie tells Kim that she played the sub while he played the Dom saying he's amazing in both rewards and punishments now Kim kinda wished he'd join them Bonnie grabbed her bag of toys for the movie once inside Bonnie tells Kim to get naked Kim embarrassed but they are the only ones here so she does followed by Bonnie then Bonnie placed a collar and leash on Kim telling her to get on all fours Kim obeys then Bonnie takes out a strapon puts it on then takes out two vibrators sticks one in Kim pussy the other in Kim ass Bonnie grabs the leash having Kim follow her to there seats Kim with the vibartors on tease following Bonnie thought to herself she'd follow that ass anywhere once the two find there seats Kim sits on hers like a dog in the part of the movie where it gets hot and heavy with bondage Bonnie takes out rope and leather cuffs telling Kim to put her legs on the arm rests with her arms behind her seat she does then Bonnie ties her legs in place goes behind Kim to cuff her then stands in front of Kim turning the vibartors on high watching Kim squirm in pleasure asking who's the Dom in this relationship Kim says in a submissive tone mistress Bonnie rewarded Kim by shutting off the vibrators then took the one from her pussy and helps Kim blow it while putting the strapon in her pussy turning the vibartor in Kim ass on high then fucks Kim while she keeps blowing the vibartor Bonnie has in her mouth loving the taste of her own juices as the scene of the bondage ended the two girls came Bonnie shuts off the vibartor in Kim's a** then takes out the vibartor from Kim's mouth and the strapon from her pussy then putting the vibartor that was in Kim's mouth back into her pussy Bonnie takes a photo while Kim enjoys the after glow It has to strictly be F/F If you wanna switch Bonnie out, go ahead. Lastly, the movie playing is Fifty Shades of Grey Please respond.
  3. Kim and Ron stuck on an island

    Good. Anyway, I was thinking that the overall premise would be that Kim and Ron fly back home after a mission when their plane is struck down by a missile. Luckily they survived with minor injuries. Wade tells the two it will be at least a week till they can get rescued. Kim and Ron explore the island and find a abandoned resort that is still in good condition. They decide to have an instant vacation with swimming, no clothes and sex. What do you think?
  4. Kim and Ron stuck on an island

    If you’re still there, I’ll take on your challenge.
  5. Requests

    I’ll do it.
  6. I’m writing a new Kim Possible FF story. In this one, Kim and her mother Ann go camping and wear sexy tank tops and hot pants. My idea for the first scene is when they get to the site, Kim has Ann try on her shorts and they do it outdoors. Any ideas on how to make that work?
  7. Writing A simple nude scene

    I’ll go with the parents were nudist idea.
  8. I’m writing a Lilo Nani collection of stories. It’ll feature no sex, just both sisters in various situations nude. I want to start out with a snuggling on the couch scene. Any ideas on how to make it work?
  9. Writing an outdoor winter scene

    Thank you Jay Dee but i already got my outline.
  10. Writing an outdoor winter scene

    No. Just this one scene. That’s it.
  11. Writing an outdoor winter scene

    It’s ok. It’s such something that I see on many FF sites. Playing in the snow and playing with each other afterwards. I guess that they head inside afterwards. So, they can probably head back to the tent. Would you mind writing me an outline?
  12. Writing an outdoor winter scene

    Not that good. Sorry.
  13. I need an idea for a scene my new KP FF story. In this one, the basic thing is that Kim, Yori, Bonnie, Connie, Lonnie, and Monique play in the snow wearing nothing but hat, gloves, and scarfs. Afterwards, they play with each other. Any ideas on how to make it work?
  14. I have so many projects that I need to prioritize. So, I’m putting this story up for adoption. Anybody willing to take it is welcome. PenName: lilo1013 Story Title: Kim and her mommy’s beach vacation Genre: FF Yuri Inc Pairing: Kim/Ann Summary: Kim spend two weeks at a private beach bungalow resort with her mother, Dr. Ann Possible. Once there, they fall into a bond that only a mother and daughter could share. Chapters: 4 Link: Basic Details: A simple Inc Mother Daughter story. Kim and Ann fall into a new bond. During the two week vacation, they feel the bond get stronger. Contact:
  15. Kim and Ann challenge

    I would like someone to create a one shot Kim/Ann FF story based on the picture in the link below.