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  1. bwm1013

    Turning Study Date into a Tease Comix

    Thank you. Anyway, anyone who is willing to help, please message me or reply. There are terms you have to agree to first.
  2. bwm1013

    Turning Study Date into a Tease Comix

    The second one.
  3. Listen up, I’m in the process of turning the popular KP story Study Date into a four volume comic book for Tease Comix. Iron Wolf said he’ll take on the challenge. I need all the help I can get. If you’re interested, please reply.
  4. bwm1013

    Ideas for Study Date 2: Shego Plays

    Any idea would go, as long as it doesn’t involve anything dark or humiliating.
  5. Hello there. I’m looking for a co writer for a Kim Possible FF Bondage story. A sequel to the popular Study Date. Set after Graduation, Kim and Bonnie plan another sleepover when they are suddenly captured by Shego, who reveals that she’s been watching their games, and wants to join in, promising to let them go in a week. They decide to give her a shot, and when they are amazed by the pleasure she gives them, they do not regret their decision. It’ll last for seven chapters. You write the first one, I write the next one, and so on and so on till it’s done. Please contact me on if you’re interested or by my email
  6. Have any of you read the KP FF story Study Date? Well, I love it. It combines Yuri with Bondage. I’m gonna do a sequel to it called Shego Plays. Taking place after Graduation, Kim and Bonnie plan another special sleepover when they are both captured by Shego, who reveals that she’s been watching their bondage games, and wants to play with them. Kim and Bonnie, reluctant at first, decide to give Shego a shot. I would like your ideas. It’s basically FF, Toys, Oral, Bond. I would like ideas for the first chapter. Please and thank you.
  7. Hey. I just started a new crossover story with Kim Possible and Danny Phantom. It’s gonna be a multi chapter lemon. 3Plus, FF, MF, Toys, and Oral. I would like your ideas for chapter two, which involves Kim and Sam naked in front of Ron and Danny at the dinner table.
  8. bwm1013

    Go GO KP and Yori!

    Looking for a co writer for a KP One Shot. Kim and Ron are in Japan for the Power Rangers Convention. They are dressed up as the Red and Pink Rangers. While Ron goes to get a autograph from Jason David Frank, Kim runs into Yori, who's dressed as the Blue Ninja Storm Ranger. They reconnect and talk for awhile. Yori then reveals that Sensi and the other students are on vacation, with Yori watching the school. She invites Kim and Ron to the ninja school cause she wants to show them a special surprise. Yori then gives them special Power Rangers swimsuits. Kim and Ron then arrive at Yori's school where she reveals a hidden Power Rangers water park, which can be accessed through a trap door on school campus. Kim, Ron, and Yori have the best time of their lives. Things then get frisky as they decide to get naughty and help Yori explore the joys of sweet sex. Basic 3plus, with oral and some toys. I need someone who can write descriptive scenes very well. Anyone who’s interested, please PM me through Fan Fiction dot net.
  9. bwm1013

    Kim the stripper

    OK. It’s cool. I’ll take it on.
  10. bwm1013

    Kim the stripper

    Well, we could meet up somewhere online, you could give me a draft of a chapter, I’ll go over it and make some edits, then finalize and post it. Does that sound OK to you?
  11. bwm1013

    Kim the stripper

    I’ll take it on.
  12. bwm1013

    Lilo and Stitch Lesbian Stoy ideas

    Hello. I’m thinking of writing a Lilo and Stitch Lesbian story based around a favorite story of mine called, ‘Lilo’s Learning.’ Nani tries to teach Lilo and her friend Victoria what she learned about having sweet sex. Feel free to discuss any ideas for it. Ps. Anyone who knows a LiloxStitchLove1, please tell me how to contact him.
  13. A simple one shot request. Having a day off from Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley, Nani decides to teach Lilo and her friend Victoria some new things. So, they play school. Nani teaches them how to kiss, lick, finger, and make each other cum. Yuri, mostly oral. Please reply if you’re interested.
  14. bwm1013

    Hiccup the Overlord discussion thread

    That’s allowed, right?
  15. bwm1013

    Hot Tub Detention

    Hey. I’m currently working on a story called Hot Tub Detention. Kim Possible and Bonnie Rockwaller serve detention with Ms. Go, who swiped Mr. Barkin’s keys to show the girls a hidden hot tub in the boys locker room. They get nude, get it on, and have the best two hours of their lives. Might become multi chapter if creativity reigns. Planning to write it myself if no one accepts my request in two weeks. We can throw around ideas if you like this concept. Anything you would like to suggest, just come down right here.