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  1. bwm1013

    Looking for co writer

    Hello. I’m looking for a co writer for a Family Guy story involving lesbian sex, toys, Incest, anal, fingering, oral, and watersports. My project is a collection of one shots centered around Jillian and an OC. The project is around 10 chapters long. If you’re interested, send me a message or reply.
  2. bwm1013

    Experienced Beta, open to any fandom

    Hello. If you ever watched Kim Possible, I would like you to help me re write an old story called Study Date. I’ve came up with the idea, written the story, and a friend posted it for me. But I never got a chance to finish it. I would like to expand beyond what I have written, and give it a more satisfying ending. If you’re interested, please reply or send me a message.
  3. I have a challenge fic for you: Lilo, Victoria, and Nani having naked Halloween fun. Basically Lilo’s first ever lesbian threesome and a Halloween fic. If your busy now, please at least take the idea into consideration for later.

  4. bwm1013

    Writing a Threesome scene

    Hello. I’m currently working on a Kim Possible story involving Kim, Bonnie, and James. I would like your input on how to write such a scene. You must have watched Kim Possible in order to help me out. Toys are included, vibrators and double ended dildos. Also included, oral and anal. Please type your ideas for a scene. I would really appreciate your help.
  5. I’d be willing to help out. But I have a request of my own. if you’ll be interested.
  6. bwm1013

    Cooking with Bonnie and Kim Discussion

    What do you guys think?
  7. bwm1013

    Cooking with Bonnie and Kim Discussion

    Anyway, I was thinking of expanding the size of the pot to fit at least two people so Bonnie could slide in and get a little taste of her Kimmie Vegetable Soup. LOL.
  8. bwm1013

    Cooking with Bonnie and Kim Discussion

    Just something my friend cooked up while helping me out with this story.
  9. Hello. I’m thinking of doing a kinky story involving Kim Possible and food play. Here is an outline for a scene. Tell me what you people think and give me any additional ideas: Bonnie as the chef. Pasta is the appetizer, then Bonnie wants to make soup but needs Kim's help so they go into the kitchen where on the stove and the kitchen counter are two big kitchen pots that could fit a person inside if they sat on there butt and bring there knees close to their chest, Bonnie told Kim she's making vegetable soup. The pot on the stove is for the soup part while the pot across from the stove in the sink will be where Bonnie puts the vegetables in, 1. Bonnie put Kim hands behind her back cuffing her in water proof leather cuffs, inserted a waterproof vibrator for her pussy and ass, then put on Kim a diving goggle and snorkel, explaining that when Kim is in position in the pot. Bonnie will turn on the faucet to fill the pot with warm water at the temperature of one would get from taking a shower, (not hot enough that it burns) Bonnie said that even though Kim entire body will be fully immersed in water by the time she turns off the faucet will make sure that three inches of the snorkel will be sticking out so Kim can breathe, then Bonnie explains that she'll cut vegetables over the pot so they fall down into it while Kim enjoys the vibrator in her ass and pussy that stay balls deep inside her because her butt will of course be sitting on the bottom of the pot and Bonnie will control how powerful the vibrators are, and will leave Kim in the pot even after she's done cutting the vegetables to take care of the soup part among various things and will signal that Kim can stand up when Bonnie puts her hand in the pot
  10. bwm1013

    Main Man of Middleton

    I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve been busy on new projects. I’ll get to it soon.
  11. bwm1013

    Turning Study Date into a Tease Comix

    Thank you. Anyway, anyone who is willing to help, please message me or reply. There are terms you have to agree to first.
  12. bwm1013

    Turning Study Date into a Tease Comix

    The second one.
  13. Listen up, I’m in the process of turning the popular KP story Study Date into a four volume comic book for Tease Comix. Iron Wolf said he’ll take on the challenge. I need all the help I can get. If you’re interested, please reply.
  14. bwm1013

    Ideas for Study Date 2: Shego Plays

    Any idea would go, as long as it doesn’t involve anything dark or humiliating.
  15. Hello there. I’m looking for a co writer for a Kim Possible FF Bondage story. A sequel to the popular Study Date. Set after Graduation, Kim and Bonnie plan another sleepover when they are suddenly captured by Shego, who reveals that she’s been watching their games, and wants to join in, promising to let them go in a week. They decide to give her a shot, and when they are amazed by the pleasure she gives them, they do not regret their decision. It’ll last for seven chapters. You write the first one, I write the next one, and so on and so on till it’s done. Please contact me on if you’re interested or by my email