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  1. Lara Croft and the Ultimate XXX Mod

    Sounds amazing.
  2. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Really loving Toon Town Rumble. Plans for a next chapter?
  3. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Or I can write the actual seduction if you want.
  4. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Are any of these unannounced projects the Jessica Rabbit one?
  5. Anyone interested in trying this”
  6. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Ah. Well, here is the group where you can find all the new art he makes as he makes it, as well as people sharing the private commissions they get from him. https://groups.google.com/group/zimmermanart
  7. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Yes. It's a group dedicated to writing stories based around his pics.
  8. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    You’re a Zimmerman Fan? Have you put anything into the Zimmerman Fuck Fics?
  9. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    I never intended for the husbamd in that story to br a male pornstar. I had always meant for a more nebulously defined author avatar. However, since i know you prefer not to use those, how about a man tending the fruit alone on the island who already looks how we would have a male who eats the fruit would look. Huge muscles, devilishly handsome, hung like an elephant. He leaves the fruit for the female shipwreck survivors, watches them grow to insanely busty amazons and partake in a lesbian orgy, then introduces himself and joins them. They all get addicted to his huge cock and beg him to come back. For the Beasts cock, it would depend on if you want him to be Hiccups ally or his enemy. If the former, human like though jet black and in humanly long and thick. If the latter, with a knot but still relatively small could work.
  10. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    That is fine if you're just going with regular women and turning them into gigantic tit amazons, though I still would prefer it if there was the one megahung male instead of futas. Though if you want to keep the futas too, that's fine with me.
  11. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Also, Beast could tell Hiccup to take his cock with his magic, so a part of him still lives on and can fuck Belle. So now Hiccup has two 18 inch cocks to fuck his harem.
  12. And how do you feel about Hiccup getting a second, equally huge cock?
  13. Booblover: is the order set for you, so Belle cannot come up til last?
  14. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Eh, it's not NTR if they have no relationship. If that's a problem, how about this? Beast and Belle are the last two holding out against corruption. Hiccup makes contact with them and agrees to help depose Gaston, who is tyrannically ruling the town. Hiccup fights him, after he transforms into a beast-like form, deposes him and conquers the land. It's at this point the bimbettes leap into his arms. Afterwards, Beast and Belle tell him they have one more request. Though they are in love, Beast is simply too large for them to consummate their love. Hiccup works his magic, and Belle turns into a sex bomb. The pair are able to fuck madly, and they invite Hiccup (and his harem if you like) to join them, ending with them spit roasting Belle, or even Dping her. While they are distracted, a still alive Gaston sneaks in and fatally wounds Beast. Hiccup kills him, then tries to heal Beast, but it's no use. He tells Belle he wants her to be happy, and to go with Hiccup.
  15. Praetor's Discussion Thread

    It's not NTR in that case if you simply have Belle be the beasts prisoner, and not his lover. Then it's just Hiccup rescuing her. In this instance I think just having Hiccup demonstrate how sexually superior he is in length, girth, staying power, stamina, and load size would be plenty - no need to have a monster who acts like a monster touched Belle. Say, the beast agrees to whoever is sexually superior should have her as the alpha. Hiccup objects saying that Belle should be free to choose her own lover, but Astrid silences him and says that he accepts. The Beast pulls out his 9 inch gnarled cock, believing hell beat Hiccup. But Hiccups harem caress and stroke his knob to its full 18 inches, making sure Beast cannot miss that Hiccup is twice the man. The Beast masturbating his own prick, while Hiccups harem pleasures his prick for him. When Hiccup proves himself superior in every fashion, Beast loses it and attacks him. Hiccup fights him and defeats him before saying Belle is free to go. Belle says that no, a deal is a deal, and Hiccup proved himself the superior male, so he can claim her. Also, how do you feel about throwing in Fifield the maid, or the bimbettes (yes, that's really what they're called)? Just because they hold no strategic value is no reason to turn down some already busty and flirty French girls.