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    A Sister's Sacrifice

    Uzumaki Naruko, the twin sister of Naruto and the jinchuriki of the Yin half of the Kyuubi. She is a compete opposite of her twin, while Naruto is kind, naive and dense, she is not only smart but also a nympho, so to hep her brother and protect him she decided to sacrifice her body and use her very strong sexual desires to her advantage and sleep with others to gain something in return that would help her brother. So with the help of her fellow nympho, Anko, she learned about more about sex and how to use her body to manipulate others for her advantage. Lucky for her, her brother is dense and naive, so even when Anko brought one of her male friends to their house, he wasn’t able to understand what happened all the night in her room, even after hearing her and Anko's moans, nor he understand why Mizuki started to help him in the academy after Naruko spent a night with him at his house. Requirements: 1- No incest, Naruko loves her Naruto as brother, also people like the Hokage and Kakahsi that she sees as family she must not have sex with. 2- Naruto and Naruko older than canon. 3- Most of Naruko's partner must be older than her and not her age or younger. Optional: 1- Anko starts to live with Naruto and Naruko where they brings men and women to their house. 2- Naruko become Anko's apprentice. 3- After some time Naruto by accident see Naruko having sex with other man(or more, it can even be a threesome with Anko), but instead of becoming angry he understand her and it become normal for him where her return home and find Naruko fucking someone.
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    God of Sex

    An idea for story that inspired by Goddess Hunting Manhwa and The Lemon Games by HunterBerserkerWolf. In order to save the world Naruto sacrificed himself using a forbidden technique. After his death he discovered there is an empty seat in the gods' council and they want him to take the seat and rule over another word similar to his previous one. However their are two problem, the first one is that the empty seat belongs to the god of sex, the second one is that as someone who wants to become the the god of sex he gains his power by having sex, and the problem is that he died virgin, because of that he is powerless, so to gain power and become a god he must first go to the new world and have sex as much as he can, his ability is like a game system where he level up, the stronger the woman he has sex with, the stronger he becomes. However, to become fully god he also must conquer 13 special women that the gods reincarnated in this new world from other worlds. Rabbit: Rumi Usagiyama Snake: Boa Hancock Cat: Yoruichi Shihōin Rat: Ox: Tiger: Dragon: Horse: Goat: Monkey: Rooster: Dog: Pig:
  3. Naruto fall in love with Haku, and he was able to convince her and Zabuza go to Konoha with him where will live with him and Kushina, he was dreaming about his future with Haku where he start a family with her. However, he never expected that month later to hear his mother's and Haku's moans from Zabuza's room.
  4. Tsuna Tsuna

    The Stepfather

    What if Sasuke became Naruto's stepfather after the Hokage forced Kushina to become Sasuke's wife to help in restoring both the Uchiha and the Uzumaki clans? Sasuke and Naruto: 16 years old Kushina: 36 years old 1-Naruto, Sasuke and Kushina live in the same house. 2-Kushina against the marriage but forced by the Hokage, she is not slut who will do anything for Sasuke but he will force her. 3-In the wedding night Sasuke open the bedroom’s door to let Naruto hear his mother's moans and screams. 4-in the morning Sasuke fuck Kushina in the kitchen and the shower even when Naruto in the house. 5-Sasuke brings other women like Anko in his bed and force Kushina to join them. 6-Wife swap, Sasuke force Kushina to sleep with other men, like Asuma and Kurenai for example.
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    The Stepfather

    Naruto could be a girl or instead of that have a sister
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    Union Of Clans

    The Seventh Hokage Naruto and Hiashi planning to unite their two clans by a marriage contract. Naruto x Hinata x Hanabi Hiashi x Kushina x Naruko(Naruto's older sister)
  7. Tsuna Tsuna

    Kushina Story

    Maybe you should try to write Kushina x Mature Men story and sometimes add teens idea: Because Minato hasn’t fucked her Mikoto let Kushina joins her and Fugaku after that Kushina start to cheat on Minato with other people(Asuma and Kirenai,Hiashi...) Start to go out with Anko and sleep with random villagers she become a teacher to a Genin Team(Sasuke,Kiba,OC black teen from Kumo) where she start to let her Genin Team fuck her Some of the men you can let her cheat on Minato with Fugaku(with Mikoto) Asuma(with Kurenai) Anko and OC villagers Genin Team Some OC teens she meets Hiashi Zavuza Haku Tazuna Teuchi Raikage Killer Bee Baki ...
  8. Tsuna Tsuna

    Uzumaki Lust

    -first in my idea Kurama is the last Demons race,Hagoromo take his power and turn it to 8 Bijju,and Kurama was sealed in the Uzumaki Clan members from Hagoromo time. -Alive Uchiha clan Minato seals the Yin and Yang kyuubi in his wife and daughter. Before his death Minato thinks that he win ,but no, the kyuubi will have his revenge from Minato,the Uzumaki Clan,Hagoromo He will regain his power and control the humans world with his powers he will do something he never try it before He will turn Minato's wife and daughter to Succubus that live only at cocks and cum,as a male demon that turns them Kurama can make Kushina and Naruko do anythings for him,like help him in his goals. As a Succubus,Kushina and Naruko can't live like humans,they need sex and cum to servive,but with sex they also become stronger,they can gains bloodlines and powers from the cum of the men they sleep with. -After Minato's death to make Kushina stronger,Kurama make her work in brothel،go to seduction missions,sleep with enemies,sleep with clan heads... When Naruko older she will joins her. -Kushina's Ginin Team Naruko,Kiba,Sasuke Kurama x Kushina x Naruko Kushina x Naruko x Harem: Some ideas for the lemon Fukagu: Kushina must be dominated by Fugaku in sex,he hate Minato so will make his wife as his slut,Mikoto will joins them in threesome,when Naruko older she will joins them. The Raikage: He will come to Konoha to sign a peace treaty,and Kushina will be his till he return to Kumo,he will visit Konoha in the Chunin Exam,these time he will have two Uzumaki. Jiraiya: After his student death life becomes better. Asuma: With the help of Kushina he will give Naruko "Special training" Hiashi:after his wife death he need someone in his bed in her place. Zabuza and Haku: Kushina want to teach Naruko how to seduces an enemy and then kill him.(foursome) Sasuke Kiba Baki Darui ....you can add any one you want. For women: you can make them have sex with Kushina and Naruko,or make a male joins them. Kurenai,Threesome with Asuma and Kushina(Naruko) Anko:Gangbang by random villagers or shinobi and make Naruko and Naruko joins them. Tsunade,drink night with Kushina and some male. Tsume,Hana,Kushina,Naruko x Inuzuka Clan members.
  9. Tsuna Tsuna

    Uchiha x Uzumaki

    There is many lemons where Naruto x older woman like Mikoto and Harem... But what if it was the reverse Like Naruko with Fugaku Uchiha In my idea the age will be older,so Naruko will be older then 15 years old not 12. 1-Mikoto dead(after she give brith to Itachi) 2-Sasuke not Fugaku's son but his nephew 3-Fugaku not part of the coup,so Itachi will not kill him,but will kill most of the Uchiha Clan. 4-Pervert Fugaku 5-lonely Naruko,so she will do anything to Fugaku when he help her and take care of her. 6-Fugaku will be the Hokage after The Third death. 7-Naruko will not leave the Konoha with Jiraiya,he will train her in the Village. The story will be lemon of course So Naruko and Fugaku relationship will start just sex and lust without love,after that they will fall in love Naruko as lonely and Fugaku Pervert that want someone in his life and in his wife place in the bed. With the Hokage's permission Naruko will start live with Fugaku so he can train her and make her stronger,but it is just Fugaku and Naruko's plan so they can be in the same house without anyone question. I want their relationship full of lust sex,they will have sex in the kitchen،the bed,the shower,when they train,Fugaku using Clone for Threesome or Gangbang... When Naruko become Genin,Fugaku will be her Team sensei. Fugaku will give her Special training,and even in the mission they will have sex. 1-At some point their relationship will change from just lust to love. 2-after Suna and Orochimaru's Attack by year and half,Naruko will become pregnant,this will change their relationship to Husband and Wife,so yes,in Shippuden Naruko will become "Uchiha Naruko". 3-Fugaku is a Pervert,so you can make him sleep with other women,but Naruko will be with him every time(Threesome+) But only Naruko will be his wife Anko,Kurenai,Ayame,Tsunami,Yoshino,Tsunade,Tsume,Hana,Karin,Tayuya,Temari,Tenten,Hinata,Female from the Genin Team... I hope someone write it,and sorry if my English language not good.
  10. Tsuna Tsuna

    Naruto and his Milfs

    Naruto with fetish for Milfs,Older or Married Women. Naruto must be with only older women,he must have fetish for married women,and it turn him on if a married woman gets pregnant by him. in the story Naruto must use the Hiraishin so he can teleport to his women in the other villages. some of the women must gets pregnant and give brith. Some of Naruto's Harem: Tsunade Tsume Mikoto Yoshino The wives of both Hiashi and Hizashi Kurenai Anko Hana Mei Koyuki Tsunami Ino's Mother Sakura's Mother Kaguya
  11. Tsuna Tsuna

    The Uchiha Harem

    The Uchiha coup succeed and Fugaku becomes the Hokage and his word is law but the coup cost him his son sasuke and many of his clansmen most of them at the hand of his son Itachi(run away after that). now it is his duty as the clan head to Strengthens his clan,for that he need Strong women to give him hair and strong children,but in the truth Fugaku just perverse and use that to creates his own Harem and fuck anyone he want. Fugaku x Harem Mikoto,Kushina,Naruko,Tsunade,Shizune,Anko,Kurenai,Tsume,Hana,Hinata,Hanabi,Mei,Haku,Tsunami,Samui,Ayame,Karin,Temari,Tayuya,Konan... -Kushina,Mikoto,Tsume most gets pregnants before the Academy graduation,and Tsunade after the Chunin exam and in the end every one of Harem will give him at last one child. -Threesome+,Gangbang(clones)... -Academy graduation-16
  12. Tsuna Tsuna

    Uzumaki in Kumo

    What if the Raikage doon't try to kidnaps Hinata but one of the last Uzumaki clan and Konoha's Jinchuuriki Mito Uzumaki the doughter of Kushina Uzumaki and Fugaku Uchiha?! in Kumo the Raikage don't force Mito but manipulate her by telling her how the Hokage lied to her and the truth of the kyuubi and that Minato sealed it in her to make her Konoha's weapon but in kumo the Jinchuuriki respected and in Kumo she can rebuild her clan and her childern will not be harmed. in kumo they trains her Assassination and seduction. -Abilities •Both Ashura and Indra reincarnation •Sharingan,MS(Kamui),Rinnegan •Chakra Chains •Senjutsu •Sensor •Fūinjutsu •Kenjutsu •Canon powers in the war -Appearance •Red hair,Black eyes,no whisker marks -Pairings Mito will not end up with anyone,she will sleep with many characters and use her body for her benefit or just for fun and have many lovers and with the Kamui she can teleport to them anytime she want. -Scenes that most be in the story •The night between Kushina and Fugaku and Mikoto(threesome) Kushina will not cheats on Minato but she will be drunk and Fugaku and Mikoto will use that. •Mito most have one child with the Raikage before she even go to missions(so if she die in the mission there will be one Uzumaki in Kumo) after a year the Raikage will send her to seduce and gets pregnant by Hiashi Hyūga him to gains the Byakugan. •seduction mission(civilians and Shinobi). •Mito having sex with random people to relieve stress after missions. •Threesome,she and two men or with married couple. •Gato in Wave,she will not kill him but seduce him and use his power and influence over the world for her benefit. -one of Mito goals is to find strong men with special powers to give her children(female Jinchuuriki give brith faster than normal female human,you choose the fathers). -some lemon ideas •Mito x Zabuza and Haku,she will use her body to seduce them to joins Kumo. •Mito x Tsunami x Kaiza,to have control over Wave country after she make Gato leave fot other place. •Mito x Raikage,to manipulate him and let her have the turtle island where her clan will be. •Mito Konoha Shinobi,to steal secret information and clans techniques. Mito x Asuma and maybe Kurenai Mito x Fugaku for information on the sharingan and the Uchiha clan secret jutsu. Mito x Kiba ...
  13. Tsuna Tsuna

    Demoness Naruko

    Kurama is a The King of Makai not a bijuu,Hagoromo divide his power to the 8 bijuu,after that he was sealed in the Uzumaki clan members Now he is sealed in Naruko uzumaki to get his powers back he need Naruko 's help,he turn her to succubus demon. as succubus she don't need to train but she can becomes powerfull by having sex with humans and demons she can take some of theirs abilities. her main goals is to brings back kurama's powers to him and and gain control of the human world and she will not use power like kurama but sex and manipulation(with zetsu help) Zetsu is a demon that work to Kurama Dark Naruko-will use anyone and everything for her own gain. Some of Naruko's abilities •Superhuman strength •Enhanced senses •Magic •chakra chains •sensor •Negative Emotions Sensing •longevity •Flight •Charm: By looking into a man's eyes, she have the power to take control of that man(if he don't have strong will. •Illusions •Mind Entering,can enter to others minds or take them to her mindscape. •can summon demons Main pairings- Naruko x Kurama Naruko x Harem mostly older men and women (Asuma,Kurenai,Anko,Fugaku,Mikoto,Hiashi,Tsume,Hana,Zabuza,older Haku,Raikage,Baki,Tsunami,Kaiza,inoichi,Mizuki,Tsunade,Koyuki Kazahana,Demon Brothers,Mei,Darui,zetsu...) Most of the younger generation in shippuden Lemon ideas Naruko x Asuma x kurenai Naruko x Asuma x Kurenai x Anko Naruko x Kurama x Tsume Naruko x Zabuza x Haku Naruko x Zabuza x Tsunami Naruko x Zabuza x Kurenai Naruko x Tsunami x Kaiza Naruko x Tsunade x Kurama Naruto x Tsume x Hana X demon Naruto x Zetsu Clones Naruko x Kurama x Kushina(mindscape) Naruko x demons Naruto x The daimyō Naruko x Anko x seduction mission she will make her demons breed some of the important women to gain more control in the human world(Tsunade,Mei,Koyuki,Tsume,Hana...)
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    Naruko in The Game of Lemon

    Idea of fem-Naruto with the Gamer ability,but to become powerfull she don't have to train but have sex she will use her powers and body to gain control over the Element Nation. Fem-Naruto x Harem (Male and Female) -Threesome with Zabuza and Haku and help the Bloodline user in Mist,and have sex with them to gain theirs Bloodlines -Gangbang with Zetsu clones -Threesome with Asuma and Kurenai -with Sasuke and Neji to gain the Sharingan and Byakugan -Help Tsunade pay her debt by have sex(Gangbang,Threesome...) with the collectors,after that she will gain the Mokuton. -control the five daimyō with her body -Naruko will not love her Harem,she just use them for her own gain and so that in the future her children will have a better life. Like this
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    Naruko the succubus

    -Redhead Succubus Naruko Uzumaki the first Succubus in existence and her goal to start new race in the land of whirlpools. she is Kaguya's reincarnation not Ashura,she creat black and white Zetsu to spy on the Akatsuki(so no Kaguya) -Naruko x Massive-Harem(Male and Female,Anko,Kurenai,Asuma,Neji,Hinata,Hanabi,Hiashi,Sasuke,Haku,Zabuza,Raikage,Tsunade,Zetsu,Kiba,Tsunami and Kaiza,Shion,Mei Terumi,Temari,Darui,Karin,Samui,Suigetsu....) -Naruko's abilities •Byakugan •Rinne Sharingan(the juubi in the war) •Superhuman strength •Enhanced senses •chakra chains •sensor(like karin) •Negative Emotions Sensing(after she absorb the kyuubi chakra) •longevity •Flight •Enchanted Kiss: can enslave anyone with kiss •Charm: By looking into a man's eyes, she have the power to take control of that man(if he don't have strong will. •Illusions •have the ability to turn others women(the one she enslave) to a succubus to help her builds her race.