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  1. TheDogSage

    Naruto The Cluck

    No problem at all, don't worry about it. Unfortunatel y the story has been deleted, but I can rewrite it since it wasn't a long or particularly difficult story. Just Hinata slips Naruto a scroll that transforms Naruto into a rooster, Sasuke comes in, and they fuck on the master bed while Chicken Naruto scratches and pecks at feed put on the floor. I have one of three endings: the "dark" ending (eaten by either Akamaru or Sasuke/Hinata), the "status quo" ending (Naruto returned to normal and none the wiser), or the "revenge" ending (Naruto and Sakura transform them in revenge and fuck themselves).
  2. TheDogSage

    Futas Humiliate Naruto

    First of all, about that name: Second of all, that’s a bit too young for my liking.
  3. TheDogSage

    Futas Humiliate Naruto

    It’s no problem. Good to know that ‘Naruto Oiroke no Jutsu’ed to have a vagina with his tiny cock still above it and ability to get pregnant’ is a go. I was thinking that Kushina makes the Uzumaki slaves to the Haruno before Naruto leaves on his training trip, and when he returns he has a 3 year old futa sister who’s as big as him already down there and a little over a year old brother, both of whom have pink hair and green eyes like Sakura. And Kushina is pregnant with a third child. After a little while, Sakura brings up the idea of having Naruto use a modified version of the Oiroke no Jutsu Naruto created so he can get pregnant and help his mom populate the new Haruno clan. Mebuki and others mock Naruto over it, saying it’s perfect for Naruto-chan to help ‘her’ mother in such an important task. Kushina says it’d be a ‘perfect mother-daughter bonding experience’ for them to be pregnant at the same time while also helping to build their mistress’ clan. They hold off on the idea until Kushina gives birth (a non-futa daughter), and once her body is healed enough to get pregnant again, they have Naruto use the modified Oiroke no Jutsu. Then Sakura and Mebuki fuck both of the over a long time, using medicines to keep going and cumming until both Naruto and Kushina already look slightly pregnant from it. Both end up pregnant, with Kushina’s being Sakura’s child and Naruto’s being Mebuki’s child. If you got any ideas you might want to see in the story, just tell me and I’ll see if I can work them in.
  4. TheDogSage

    Futas Humiliate Naruto

    As for fixing the pregnancies so that more often than not the child is her’s is a good one. Mebuki could good-naturedly complain to Sakura about the latter ‘rigging the game’ making it so Mebuki doesn’t get to see her child growing in their slave(s). Sakura apologizes and says that her mom can impregnate their slave (Naruto if actually doing so is a possibility, Kushina if not). Mebuki mutters about Alternatively Sakura could modify Kushina (and possibly Naruto) so that any child they give birth to have pink hair like Sakura’s. She could also mention trying to make it so that pink hair will almost certainly manifest in not only their children, but all future generations so that pink hair becomes synonymous with the Haruno clan, like red hair was for the Uzumaki clan. Speaking of all that, do you like any of the ideas (or have one of your own) for Naruto possibly being impregnated and carrying his mistresses’ children and perhaps Haku’s at least once to fully nail the ‘Haku’s far more of a man than Naruto’ thing going on there. Or do I keep it empty threats and mockery to torment Naruto?
  5. TheDogSage

    Futas Humiliate Naruto

    Alright. I had an idea for the story where the girls mock Naruto with the idea of him using a modified version of his Oiroke no Jutsu to either give him a vagina (possibly keeping his tiny cock above it) and functioning female reproductive organs or make it so he can engage in MPreg so he can help Kushina populate the new Haruno clan, with Mebuki and Sakura talking of double-teaming him so that they can take bets on who knocked him up. Kushina loves the idea, teasing Naruto with the idea of them getting knocked up at the same time for mother-’daughter’ bonding over being pregnant at the same time and helping their mistresses build their clan. Whether they actually go through with it or not depends on your opinion on either of those ideas.
  6. TheDogSage

    Naruto The Cluck

    Kind of… really late, but I’ve actually wrote a one-shot based on this starring Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke. Mind if I post it to the site?
  7. TheDogSage

    Futas Humiliate Naruto

    That’s an idea, but I was thinking more along the lines of Tsunade being a futa, with Naruto and Tsunade getting close… until Tsunade finds out about what the other futas/non-futas are doing to Naruto and why. Then she begins treating Naruto like the others do. Something I’m considering is having the genin teams live together with their jonin sensei in special housing to increase team unity. This is mostly so that Naruto’s team (consisting of Kurenai and two of the kunoichi genin with it most likely being Ino and Sakura) can more easily and regularly torment him, including using the the aforementioned forcing him to dress in a fetish french maid uniform and serve them. I was also thinking of incorporating Kushina in some way, most likely in ways that have been suggested in this thread. Naruto starts off stand-offish toward her, but slowly begins opening up to his mother. However, Kushina notices something strange going on with Naruto, several of the females in the village, and even Haku. She starts asking questions around town, with one of the futas (most likely Ino or Sakura, with Tsume being another option) deciding to show her by forcibly fucking her until they break her. Kushina then goes from Naruto’s mom to fellow futanari cumdump and acts like a teasing older sister. Before/just after Naruto leaves to train with Jiraiya, one of the futa gets Kushina pregnant, and Naruto comes home to a three-year-old sister who’s already as big as him. And I’m also considering the ‘Kushina swears the remaining Uzumaki clan members (Naruto and her) as slaves to one of the futa ”, with the most likely choice being Sakura/Mebuki. It’ll likely be after Kushina gets pregnant (meaning one of them is probably going to be the “father” ) making the Harunos a (new and small) clan with the child being the first of several new members birthed from Kushina fathered by Mebuki and Sakura.
  8. TheDogSage

    Futas Humiliate Naruto

    A general idea for Konoha (though due to the title of the challenge, there will be more futas than non-futas): Futas Sakura Ino Hinata Hanabi Ayame Tsume Mebuki Non-Futas Anko Kurenai Tenten Hana Yoshino As for involving the other villages and seeing how they view futas, I’ll think about it.
  9. TheDogSage

    Futas Humiliate Naruto

    Answering your question, I don’t know when I’ll begin posting it, but I have run into a problem while working out how it’s gonna go. I want to have the girls to force Naruto to crossdress in a fetish french maid uniform complete with makeup and jewelry and serve them to humiliate him before anal sex comes into play (with it likely being Ino or Sakura fucking him during one of his sessions as a maid). Thing is, I want Naruto to be getting fucked before the Wave mission and I also want to bring in male Haku (whom you said would be the one to make him crossdress to show how much more of a man he is). So I hope you can see my problem. I have a possible solution in that while the girls force him to crossdress in the french maid uniform, they don’t really treat him especially feminine. Then we have Haku come into the situation and he forces Naruto to dress in non-fetish girl clothes (while Haku dresses more masculine) and treats him as if he were a girl. You know, giving compliments as if Naruto were a girl, having Naruto hold his arm as they walk, giving him gentle caresses and kisses, using feminine pronouns for Naruto, all while forcing Naruto to act more traditionally ‘feminine’ while Haku acts more traditionally ‘masculine’ (especially in public lest Naruto’s humiliating situation become common knowledge). This could snowball into the girls also treating Naruto like ‘one of the girls’, all while still doing other things to humiliate Naruto and using him as their personal cum dump.
  10. TheDogSage

    Futas Humiliate Naruto

    Not dead, but likely to be remade/rebooted/rewritten or whatever you call it when you start over from scratch.
  11. TheDogSage

    Borunaru sasunaru request

    Just posted Chapter 3. Chapter 4 will come out… eventually.
  12. Looked it up on Google and all I got were a bunch of Naruto OCs.
  13. TheDogSage

    cuckold sissy naruto

    I’m currently writing one of those sissy cuckold stories where Naruto hates it but gets used to/learns to love it, and… Goddammit, I need to stop coming to the forums since I keep seeing story ideas that interest me. Like this one. Not saying I’m gonna write it, but I do have a question in regards to your idea: When cuckolding Naruto, can we include having him wear women’s clothes/prosthetic (or jutsu created) breasts/makeup/etc? You know, go fully sissy?
  14. TheDogSage

    Naruto, Konoha High's Gigalo

    Wouldn’t that be a “temporal suicide”, not a “temporal dick move”. Now, if you handed a futuristic condom to one of someone else’s ancestors and prevented their existence, then that would be a “temporal dick move”.
  15. TheDogSage

    Sakura Force Feminizes Naruto

    My most recurring ideas for whom he should be paired with are: Sasuke – The “Classic” (or “Cliche” depending on who you ask) choice. He’s also the only one with two different ways for it to go: either straight Sasu/FemNaru, as a bit of irony/karma to Sakura and Ino by having the boy the forcefully feminized steal the boy they wanted. Or Sasu/FemNaru/Saku/Ino, basically giving Sasuke a mini-harem with Fem Naru taking care of the home and all the various kids while Sasuke, Sakura, and Ino are busy on missions. Kiba – The “Alpha Male” choice. He’ll playfully spank Naruto’s butt, pin “her” against walls whenever he wants to kiss “her” or lick/nip/suck “her” neck, and fuck “her” rough and wild like a, well, like an animal. He’ll make sure that Naruto acts as “her” place as a submissive, obedient, demure woman. Epilogue will see Naruto as a housewife/mother for Kiba/their kids. Kiba may or may not be Hokage. Rock Lee – The “Chivalrous” choice. He’ll treat Naruto as a girl, declaring his love for “her” and desire to protect “her” from any possible harm while speaking to “her” like you’d expect Rock Lee would to his “girlfriend”. Neji – The “Making Hinata Miserable” choice. Neji begins dating Naruto and further emphasizing the “submissive, obedient, demure woman” aspect of “her” new role as a female by adding the Hyuuga’s own traditional female teachings/roles to it. All while Hinata is forced to watch her cousin and her “beloved” do this. Hiashi – The “Making Hinata Even More Miserable” choice. Basically see the Neji option, but replace Neji with Hiashi. Inoichi – The “Ino’s New Stepmom” choice. Inoichi, who’d lost his wife a few years ago, starts taking Naruto on ‘training dates’ both at Ino’s request and because he feels he needs to do something. It starts off with Inoichi just trying to help Naruto learn his new place as a woman by taking “her” on ‘training dates’, the more time they spend together the more he finds he enjoys the being feminized boy’s company, and Naruto finds being around Inoichi safe and relaxing. Inoichi and Naruto get closer and closer, and Inoichi is even Naruto’s first time (though Naruto will have sex with other guys). Eventually they start a serious relationship, and Ino is forced to come to terms with it. The epilogue shows Naruto and Inoichi married with a son/Ino’s half-brother, whom Ino adores. Ei – The “Political Marriage” choice. The gist is that Ei comes to Konoha to speak to Tsunade, sees the feminized Naruto, and decides he likes what he sees. He learns “she” was once Uzumaki Naruto and can get pregnant, and realizes that means that if he marries “her” he could get Uzumaki children for Kumo. Thus begins long, argument-filled negotiations with Tsunade over the pink-haired beauty that enraptures him so, and he eventually gets his way and begins courting Naruto. He, like Kiba, ensures “she’ll” act as a demure, obedient, submissive woman while pinning “her” against walls whenever he wants to enjoy “her” attention and spanking “her” but. The epilogue shows Naruto in Kumo as Ei’s wife, taking care of their home and kids. Hinata – The “Off the Wall” choice. When Hinata finds out what’s happening to Naruto, she decides to go through the reverse willingly so they can be together. She’ll cut her hair, having jutsu/medicine on her to make her look more masculine, learn how to be a “guy” from the likes of Kiba and Rock Lee, etc. This’ll all happen off-screen, and the new Hinata will appear to take the feminized Naruto on a date, with Hinata revealing “he’ll” be following Naruto’s dream of being Hokage. The epilogue shows Naruto being a housewife for Hinata and mother for “her” and Hinata’s kids Boruto and Himawari while Hinata is busy being Hokage.