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  1. Ugh... ch 11 pt 2 is up
  2. Chapter 11 pt 1 is posted!
  3. Parasitic Love I personally wouldn’t worry about Spoilers i’m sure I’m the only one reading these anyway! I thought it was cool having Connor thrash Greg a little, but I don’t think it was good enough! Peeps want more revenge! And I totally agree with the MIB. He’s crazy stupid wrecking cars and breaking windows. What an asshole!!! More info will be coming… whenever I get to that next chapter! Thank you Antiki!!!!!
  4. Breaking Bad Yay! Hey thanks I started posting this story elsewhere and it got the beat down from commenters because people didn’t like where the story was going. Lol! I think AFF is a better home for this plot. I’m not saying Torrin and Kai are healthy together, but they’re definitely interesting and I think they’re hot together too lol. Don’t hold me back people! Yeah, I don’t think I wrote Holly with the purpose of getting her ‘likes’ Her domineering personality will be something Kai will have to overcome. And thanks for mentioning the name slip up!!!! Connor’s a character of mine from another story, but I think you know that *wink* I fixed the slip-up in chapter 10. Much appreciated! Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m glad this story is getting a better reception here on AFF. I will get another update out soonish for ya!
  5. Chapter 14 is up!!!!!
  6. Chapter 9 and 10 are up
  7. Chapters 7 & 8 added
  8. Breaking Bad Thanks, my lovely Reader!! I only mentioned Learn to Like it, old version of Breaking Bad, because I feel so guilty about it lol. I really screwed up the end, not romantic!! Hopefully, this version will leave my readers more satisfied than the old on Thanks so much for stopping by! I’ll get chapters 7 and 8 put up by Wednesday morning! I’ll see you then!
  9. Chapters 5 & 6 were added
  10. Bruno Mars – That's What I Like
  11. Breaking Bad Thanks FJ! And you're not being too picky I thought there was a serious lack of good fiction on this awesome site, so I thought I’d help out! I’m mostly joking of course Torrin takes his time making a move, so be forewarned! Lots of drama will ensue… It’s a hobby of mine, causing drama rofl!! I’ll get an update up this weekend!
  12. This line rocks!!! BTW, I tried to check out what you had written and there’s nothing on Aff You sound so masterful lol. Are you published?
  13. Whooo! Those were my favorite Hp fanfics, the super huge long ones can i ask what pairing??
  14. I understand what you're saying… I guess I didn’t take the fanfic aspect of your abandoned work. I’m glad your focusing on your original stuff Yay!! I don’t have an ending planned for my story It just gets longer and longer Like its almost 200,000k at this point with no end in sight. Lol It’s getting ridiculous and I’m using the smiley faces to show how delirious I feel lol. I wish I could restrain myself and find the perfect last sentence long before I get there. That’s why my endings sound so rushed! They are! I can’t expect anyone to beta for me anymore either with a story length like that… I’m all on my own!!! fuck, fuck, fuck!!! Ships going down guys!!! lol, I'm mostly joking btw
  15. Author: mastershakeme Title: Breaking Bad Summary: Torrin always gets what he wants. Usually by force. And he thinks nothing will ever change, things will always go his way. When he meets Kai, a sweet, innocent virgin too afraid to even look at him sideways, Torrin decides he wants to own him. He takes Kai by force and starts to systematically break him and corrupt his innocence. And in doing so, Torrin starts to fall for Kai. Hard. But will Kai ever accept him? After all the pain and humiliation, Torrin has put him through? Feedback: I am very open to feedback. I’d like to hear what you guys think… Fandom: Original Warnings: M/M, Anal, Past Abuse, Drug usage, Rape Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered. URL: Got 4 chapters posted… more to come