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  1. Lol shut up Ya got any tips for world building? I'll probably keep it as close to normal as possible cuz I'm lazy... But I could be convinced to do it the hard way if it's worth it... What do you keep track of?
  2. LOL!!! So, yeah! I think fantasy is one of the hardest genres to do... We all agreed history wasn't easy, but... The world building and the very fact that I'm in charge of all the crazy rules terrifies me! More than history! Kudos to you @sweetmamajama Aww! I don't know tons about the Naruto universe but I spent lots of time in Harry Potter Fandom... The kind of stories you describe are my all time favorites. The ones with deep plot and love and attention on character development... I didn't mind having to wait until chapter 10 to get a sex scene, and it was fucking intense when they finally hooked up too, because WE'D ALL WAITED SO LONG! very cool, man
  3. ok, seriously? I felt kinda uncomfortable reading your stuff because I thought it was like real And by uncomfortable, i mean wet, Rofl!!! practice in fiction or in sex??? Ok, i’m getting off topic now
  4. Yay!!! I’m hoping to become a mommy sometime soon too… Idk. Lol, i have a pregnancy kink tbh You never know… if you do a good enough job you may find your kinkier than you think When I’m in another character’s mind, I have an amazing time doing shit i’d never do in my body That sounds like an epic story @Setesh!!!! Were you hunted by the fandom? lol what did you get up to in that yuri?!?! omg, you said pokemon… omg...
  5. You are correct! I don’t want to stay in my comfort zone forever, and i’m def trying to improve and steer clear of stagnancy, so i know i’m going in the right direction. Also, i suppose that’s why I see so many different genres and challenges under your name, you are constantly seeing improvement as well *eye rolll* duh! Thanks for the support Melrick! i agree, every attempt in my writing, while its not always been good, its always been an experience. I’ll tackle horror one day
  6. What I love about writing is that its so easy to learn along the way… I think i’m a genius right now, but I thought that 10 years ago when I wrote my first story in high school. Yeah… I wasn’t a genius! Lol, I have proof of how dumb I was, actually Anyways, i appreciate all the wise advice. I didn’t even know i was writing with literay tools, i just thought that’s how stories are set up! and they are in a way… But honestly, i just think you shone a spotlight on why great writers are great. It’s because they totally fuck with your mind The way over any obstacle in life, and in this case, getting over cliched literay tools is to be aware of your failings – if they can even be called that. Because the next time you approach a silimar plot, or any plot really, you’ll tackle it differently. Eventually, through practice, you’ll get over the hurdle I get what your saying!!! That’s what I think too… My favorite movie genre is horror and lately, it’s not the random crazy new shit they come up with that scares me… those stories usually seem to fall victim to the old tropes anyway. I like when they take a typical story and add a twist! Suddenly it becomes terrifying Babadook for example… The story of a single mother struggling with her socially awkward child suddenly becomes a nightmare when the character from his bedtime story starts to stalk HER. I love that one I swear you answered my question perfectly… nope! There’s no new ground. our responsibility now is to tweek and twist everything we’ve got so we can make new shit.
  7. Right on! I bet you get some crazy plot ideas playing around in Naruto’s world. lol. I understand completely I really liked Ripples… I’ve always wanted to attempt horror, it’s one of my favorite genres to watch. But its just never anything I’ve ever picked up to read. I’ve never touched Stephen King… I said all this in a review so I’ll just shut my fangirl mouth! But yeah. I have a horror plot bunny hopping around in my head. i’ve got a good memory for stories, thankfully, so its tucked away in a corner of my mind. Horror bunny…. I’m imagining a zombie dragging its little bunny foot behind it! Ahhh! Anyways, I was very restricted to plain jane romance, but as i’m attempting my sci fi story, i’m coming to see that just because I feel the writing will be a challenge, doesn’t mean its impossible… I fake myself out all the time. I plan a scene and think “There’s no way I can pull this off!” and i go over and over it in my head. Its like i have all my little dollies set up for this grand event, and i keep moving them around and changing their hair, lol!!! It works though.For me anyway. Attempting sci fi has been a great learning experience! Challenge is not only good for my writing but its good for me too, because I’m really happy with my recent work. I literally had no idea i was capable of it
  8. Yea! I’m really liking this idea of AU history… Does the Abraham Lincon vs Vampires have a specific genre lol? I’ve got a question for anyone who’s seen his stuff… is Quentin Tarantino, like the Django, The Hateful Eight and Inglorious Basterds… Are those AU history? He’s probably not as cool as i think he is, lol, but I’ve been wanting to do Django-ess m/m since I saw that in theaters. OK! lol I feel like i’m about to let out the fangirl
  9. Aww! I love that you mentioned your feelings and emotions here… You even mentioned your grandfather! That’s so special and sweet! You should always stay true to your passions, but I swear you have it in you to be a romantic I know you struggle a little in CHHW but its not bad! I’m a beta too, ok I’ve never attempted history… it WOULD be difficult. Lol. I had a couple ideas I wanted to attempt that took place in the past, but I’m just afraid of messing up real facts. I’m not a good researcher of history, I’m not even going to pretend Haha! How about writing an AU? huh? huh! It’s my take on how history played out Hmmm, that’s slightly vauge SirGeneralSir! It sounds like your characters are created in an awesome dream like world, where anything’s possible Fantasy much? Or do you prefer scifi?
  10. Hey! Cool post! Most of all, I do romance I’m afraid I’m a little over the top, sopy at times, but idk, it balences out with my extreme love of drama! Woah, I think I just described the scene of a soap opera… Ok, nevermind, I’m gonna have to rethink that *smh* I’m attempting sci-fi in the story I’m working on currently. Its a challenge for me. I’m using a single character’s 3rd person perspective to keep certain plot points hidden from the readers and as the plot progresses, I’m very slowly unraveling the scifi. I def knew from the start I wouldn’t be able to go full blown ALIEN INVASION shit. So I structured the story to support my oh so wonderful talents in drama bs. Rofl! I’m also interested in trying some fantasy when I’m done with my current story… I’d be interested to know how other people attempt that genre as well. I think it’s going to be a tough process… It’s not something I’ll approach without a lot of planning involved. I already know I want to invent a mythology, an imaginary kingdom and a new world to put it in. I want magic with love spells and death potions and maybe a magical creature here and there
  11. Say no more!!! Yep, I know understand the tone of your last post, lol! Yep, I’m familiar with these famous last words I don’t think I’m risking that kind of eye roll, but if I am, I hope to be called out on it because I understand what you mean perfectly now and what you are warning against…. Hamfists is right Just because your following the rules of Chekov’s Gun doesn’t mean you will be lead automatically to success. In writing, i feel i so often risk sounding cliched, that’s a reason i HATE to plot ahead of time. I think that takes me farther and farther away from the characters and i start hitting plot points because I think i need to, not because the characters are actually destined to reach that point. Anyways, thanks. I’ll keep: In mind when i go through the next part of my story. I doubt i can be entirely original, is that even possible at this point? Is there any new ground to touch in this day and age? But I don’t wanna sound like i’m writing a gosh darn myth lol.
  12. I’m really digging this thread… I shared a clumsy example of me using the gun concept, such as it is, above. But as I think it over, I realize I’ve used it more than once in my recent writing, probaly more than twice lol. Another example, in my first act I had the main character use a bat to intimidate an intruder, at the end of the scene he puts the bat behind the front door… In act two, the character’s love interest uses the same bat, still behind the door, to off a different attacker that is in the main characters house… I like how you mention the Gun doesn’t have to be used every time as an actual murder weapon, or a plot point in general. Describing particular items can be another way to personalize a character… I’m being a little obvious using family pictures and such as my personalizing objects, but I guess I was on the right track. I’ll be molling this over for a while Cool topic @Tcr I’m curious, are you against the use of Chekov’s gun? I’m not trying to offend you! I just sense this air of annoyance in your post. LIke your sick of people using it as a ‘rule of forshadowing’ as you said….I agree that its commonly used as a means of efficiency… But I didn’t mention the bat in the beginning of my story because I knew I was going to use it again as a murder weapon, so… yeah. Idk… Optimal efficiency seems to be the key. Nobody likes being bombarded with useless facts and descriptions…
  13. Nope, thank you, DP! Yay! This site is like a writing workshop! Every time I break away from writing to come check out my new buds on AFF, I get a burst of inspiration!
  14. Lol! I made fun of Tcr but I'm guessing this is a typical format for quoted samples... My bad! You guys are all so serious :-P I think your example works well. I like the inclusion of the sounds, it's an interesting and unique way to quickly draw up the image of a trotting horse. And then you zoom in and pick out a few important details here and there. The stacks of coffins, the cobblestones, the boy in forest green climbing the fire escape... It's a wonderful image! I can see this very clearly!
  15. You’re awfully smug today Fine… fine, I won’t use your examples. I’ll just sit back and admire your descriptive genius