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  1. Parasitic Love

    Posting chapter 17 NOW!!! Yay!!! I get such an adrenaline rush from finishing a chapter! It’s flipping crazy
  2. Parasitic Love

    Hahaha!!!! I have an update, but I feel so guilty about it! Wow, I’m never posting an unfinished story again Chapter 16… UP!!!
  3. Parasitic Love

    My god I despise the holidays… Nice try thou
  4. Parasitic Love

    OMFG I’M POSTING CHAPTER 15!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
  5. Breaking Bad

    Ugh... ch 11 pt 2 is up
  6. Breaking Bad

    Chapter 11 pt 1 is posted!
  7. Mastershakeme's Review Thread

    Parasitic Love I personally wouldn’t worry about Spoilers i’m sure I’m the only one reading these anyway! I thought it was cool having Connor thrash Greg a little, but I don’t think it was good enough! Peeps want more revenge! And I totally agree with the MIB. He’s crazy stupid wrecking cars and breaking windows. What an asshole!!! More info will be coming… whenever I get to that next chapter! Thank you Antiki!!!!!
  8. Mastershakeme's Review Thread

    Breaking Bad Yay! Hey thanks I started posting this story elsewhere and it got the beat down from commenters because people didn’t like where the story was going. Lol! I think AFF is a better home for this plot. I’m not saying Torrin and Kai are healthy together, but they’re definitely interesting and I think they’re hot together too lol. Don’t hold me back people! Yeah, I don’t think I wrote Holly with the purpose of getting her ‘likes’ Her domineering personality will be something Kai will have to overcome. And thanks for mentioning the name slip up!!!! Connor’s a character of mine from another story, but I think you know that *wink* I fixed the slip-up in chapter 10. Much appreciated! Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m glad this story is getting a better reception here on AFF. I will get another update out soonish for ya!
  9. Parasitic Love

    Chapter 14 is up!!!!!
  10. Breaking Bad

    Chapter 9 and 10 are up
  11. Breaking Bad

    Chapters 7 & 8 added
  12. Mastershakeme's Review Thread

    Breaking Bad Thanks, my lovely Reader!! I only mentioned Learn to Like it, old version of Breaking Bad, because I feel so guilty about it lol. I really screwed up the end, not romantic!! Hopefully, this version will leave my readers more satisfied than the old on Thanks so much for stopping by! I’ll get chapters 7 and 8 put up by Wednesday morning! I’ll see you then!
  13. Breaking Bad

    Chapters 5 & 6 were added
  14. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Bruno Mars – That's What I Like
  15. Mastershakeme's Review Thread

    Breaking Bad Thanks FJ! And you're not being too picky I thought there was a serious lack of good fiction on this awesome site, so I thought I’d help out! I’m mostly joking of course Torrin takes his time making a move, so be forewarned! Lots of drama will ensue… It’s a hobby of mine, causing drama rofl!! I’ll get an update up this weekend!