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  1. fluxguy23

    Kushina Sensei-The Sexy Ninja Academy Milf

    i wrote the first chapter to this. http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600106701
  2. fluxguy23

    Kushina Sensei-The Sexy Ninja Academy Milf

    And I was thinking of making Naruto fail the academy for two times, like in cannon. It won't be because he is bad at it, he would have failed because he wouldn't have cared about it untill now.
  3. fluxguy23

    Kushina Sensei-The Sexy Ninja Academy Milf

    Do you have kik? Tell me your kik and I will contact you.
  4. The prompt core idea is that Draco use dome means to turn Harry into a woman. Some of the plot points are -takes place in 5th year. - Draco planse this before hand and for some weeks before the change, convinces the golden trio that he regret serving voldemort. - he either uses a potion or an artifact and makes it look like an accident that caused Harry to change into a girl, permanently. - when that happens, only Harry and Draco should be present. - Draco acts as if he doesn't know what happens and will try to help Harry. - fortunately by complete "coincidence" Draco would have learnt a spell that will neutralize the effect for and turn Harry back into a male for a few hours at most. But he cant teach Harry that spell because it is family spell and he has sworn an oath to not teach it to anyone other than family. - thus only Harry and Draco would know that Harry is now a female. - Draco gets Harry to meet him constantly to use that spell to make him male, but before that, he will experiment with spells on his female body to see how the spell works. - Draco slowly seduces Harry, slowly convincing him that his female form is best. And slowly makes him perform sexual acts. - he shouldn't use anything like a mind control potion or imperio or a love potion. Those take the fun out of these stories. -while he slowly seduces Harry over a period of several days, Draco can also put his moves on the other girls. But Harry will remain the main one. limits for this story are: heavy bondage, pain, toilet stuff, Gore, rimming, eating ass, feet , fart, ass to mouth, musk play, nothing sexual when Harry is in his male form.
  5. fluxguy23

    Kushina Sensei-The Sexy Ninja Academy Milf

    This is a good idea. I have always wanted to write one of the slutty Kushina story. I will be adding Kiba, and thinking of adding Neji. And I am kind of on the wall on adding Shikamaru, choji or shino, any other character recommendation? I dont add Oc characters unless necessary. Any other things you want to add in the story?
  6. Anyone know how to correct this in mobile browser like opera?
  7. Main character? Need more details man.
  8. I am looking for someone to beta my Harry Potter story self insert fiction. I am mostly looking for someone who will correct my grammar and the story flow. This will have lots of smut too
  9. fluxguy23

    Uzumaki Lust

    So basically the harem consists of all the power holding characters