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  1. Weird "�" instead of normal characters

    Thanks man, that really helped!
  2. Hello. My problem is that in many stories I have read on the website, instead of normal characters I get this black block with a question mark. I checked and I know that it appears when a character is unrecognizeable by the site’s coding. To better illustrate on what this problem looks like I made screenshots of two examples (images below). I will appreciate any help you can provide regarding to make this unknown character disappear. I’m no programmer, but maybe someone could advice me how to set my browser (updated Google Chrome, Firefox has the same problem) to fix this. Thank you for your time.
  3. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    About the shower and shampoo, how about having the Daimyo and Hinata stay in a very luxurious hotel, where the Daimyo will be attending a party in the evening, while having Hinata as his escort and partner for the evening. She needs to clean herself shortly before the party, so she has no time to buy her own soap, and has to use the one provided by the hotel staff, not knowing that it was also a very strong but slow working aphrodisiac. Hinata washes herself unaware, and as the party prolongs, she feels more and more aroused, and once she’s free of her duty, she goes to her room and masturbates like never before, much to the joy of people watching her through a hidden camera in the room. I really hope that Hinata episode, when its time finally comes, will go better than Tenten’s for you.
  4. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    Ah, sorry, I didn’t get it the first time. What would be more interesting is if Hinata’s dress was drenched or weaved with something that teases her body with every movement, slowly arousing her over the time.
  5. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    Yeah, but I think that yukata works best for a private dinner, while the dress is a good choice for some public event.
  6. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    Like you’ve said, it depends on the author, though I can actually see one dinner being in traditional japanese style (yukata), and maybe next time some event comes up, where Hinata has to wear a western style dress, like the Daimyo having a banquet of some kind.
  7. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    True, but here’s the thing about the old tradition of yukata, at some point in the past there were supposed to be worn without any underwear underneath. Reason for that is because the material was so thin that any undergarments would be showing up, and women like to look neat and elegant. While with yukata so short Hinata needs to wear panties, her chest would be bare, since any bra would just pop through the thin material, and she was raised as an elegant lady (heirs usually are). As for the cleavage part, while not as pronounced as in Jessica’s outfit, the yukata could be simply too small for her size, needing for Hinata to actually show off some upper skin, unless she wanted to offend the Daimyo by not wearing his gift. It could look like this in the upper part: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3585384
  8. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    Or maybe a thin and short yukata? Thin enough to make all the right curves showing, and if she’s bra-less, her nipples would be standing out. Something like this: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3528960
  9. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    What does Hinata wear here, did you thought of that? And any reason why she’s getting horny?
  10. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    Glad you like it!
  11. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    I can agree with you, it was just a suggestion for that phrase. I simply had no idea what kind of word play could be used here… Something that could sound lustful and innocent at the same time… Though, I did some searching and I think I found something that could work! Different honorifics! During the normal talk the Daimyo refers to Hinata as Hinata-san, while in the night the servants are calling her Hinata-tan (a more cute version of -chan), the difference between them is subtle enough to take as mishearing it for the first time, hence why Hinata won't suspect such little thing to actually be responsible for her growing lust. As for the final strike, the Daimyo could call her Hime-chan, which triggers the overwhelming orgasm. What do you think about this change?
  12. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    That’s okay, I’m just at loss on how Hinata’s breaking could start without it being rushed. As for the ‘sex slave-chan’ thing, while Hinata may make some connection, she has no idea what transpired all those nights, and the phrase makes her horny beyond anything she has experienced before in her life, and when it’s repeated several times, each time she gets a new wave of arousal shooting through her body like a lightinbolt, making it impossible to focus on anything. Also, when she hears the Daimyo say it the first time, Hinata may think that she misheard him, especially with that wave of heat suddenly striking her, after all, why should she suspect the Daimyo of some foul play? Though, I do understand that since Hinata’s episode is quite far away from now, so you probably have no concrete plans for her, only ideas of what could be used. However, if you do have some scenariofor my fav character, I wouldn’t mind hearing it (PM is also acceptable if you want to keep it a secret )
  13. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    Don’t worry, sometimes you just can’t get the chapter right, no matter how hard you try. I know it myself. If I may be so bold, I actually thought out the way this could be used on Hinata – she comes to the Daimyo’s palace, both for her mission from the Hokage, and to play diplomat for her clan. Hinata is greeted according to her status, and even given a room of her own. After retiring for the night, Hinata notices an incase inside the room, which was lit and gave a pleasant aroma. Not thinking much she went to sleep. The incase was actually a special mix of herbs which made Hinata’s slumber much deeper, making her go into a hypnotized-like state (you know the trick, you talk to a person while they are asleep and after they wake up they either do the thing talked to them or say something that was programmed in their sleep), also it was making her slowly aroused. Daimyo’s servants then come in and start slowly and sensually molest Hinata’s body, massaging and teasing all of her sensitive spots, until she climaxes at least once, all the while calling her ‘Sex Slave-chan’, and after she orgasms they would call her ‘Cum Slut’. This continues for a week or two, Hinata never remembers what happens at night, the combination of incense and molesting takes a toll on her body in the form of suddenly feeling very flushed. During one particular evening, when she’s alone with the Daimyo and some of his servants, during his talk he says ‘Sex Slave-chan’, and Hinata instantly feels hot and bothered, like she her clothes were suddenly constraining, the touch of fabric teasing her skin and slowly bringing her to an orgasm, along with the unyielding need to masturbate, even in front of the Daimyo. At first the Daimyo was showing concern, but he knew perfectly what was happening, he called the girl ‘Sex Slave-chan’ a few more times, which really makes her desperate to cum, until he finally said ‘Cum Slut’, bringing Hinata to an overwhelming orgasm. Don’t really know how to tie this together, but here’s what I thought out about Hina’s further breaking: Hinata is naked, blindfolded (special seal to prevent her from using the Byakugan), tied to some-sort of a table that keeps her positioned vertically at 70 degrees, but it was constructed like those X tables, but leaving her butt in the open, and her feet also were in the air (I’m not really good at describing these things, sorry for confusion), and very very aroused. She hears door opening, several people coming in, and before she could respondto them, Hinata feels their hands and ink brushes on her sensitive skin, making her squeal in laughter, which then turned to moans as the intruders started to tease her erotic places. What was the most painful for her to bear, they always stopped whenever she was close to climaxing, waited for her to calm down, and then started again, repeating the process several times, until she was begging them to let her cum. Like I said, I’m not really good at this sort of thing, but I think that this kind of scenario would suit in breaking a gentle person like Hinata. Add to that the nyotaimori idea I mentioned several posts ago, and I think this could be one of the more excitingly erotic episodes in the entire story (not the ‘Most’, but ‘one of them’)! Hopefully my rambling here helps even a little.
  14. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    While Tenten’s first chapter isn’t the very best to be honest (spotted a few spelling mistakes, some repeats, and it does seem a little rushed), I still enjoyed reading it and can’t wait for the next part! Anyway, back to the topic of pleasure-breaking I began, there is one particular method that I find endaring and think would be very effective against Hinata, to be more exact erotic tickling and orgasm denial. With this method Hinata would have her naked body tickled by ink brushes, feathers, fingers etc, and be brought to the very edge of her climax, but never crossing, always left hanging. After a prolonged time of such treatment there is no way she won’t start to try to get the most of the sensation on her own, only to be denied release once more. When things start to be the most unberable, at the question “Do you want to cum?” she would shout “Yes” in a begging manner. What are your thoughts?
  15. Daimyo's Den - Discussion Thread

    Since Tenten’s chapter is most likely just a few hours away, I’d like to go back to Hinata’s future episode, and basically any episode what I have to say soon can apply. See, it’s not only the actual intercourse that I find interesting in lemon stories, in this case there is also the breaking part that can provide a good deal of entertainment. One of the most interesting methods I like is whn the girl is so engrossed with at first unwanted pleasure, that when you take it away from her, she starts begging for it after enough time passes. Afterwards, she’s ready for anything that’s thrown at her and she accepts it with a smile. How does it ties to Hinata? It’s just that she’s a strong but also a very reluctant person. She’s not going to agree to anything relatively sexual from the get go, and even if she was captured and sexually tortured to break her, it would take a considerable amount of strentgth and ability. Therefore, the best strategy for a person like her would a restraint and slow inducing into the pleasure. First slow teasings, then intensify them, until she gets an orgasm after orgasm. What do you think? Pleasure or Pain for initial treatment?