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  1. Hi DA!

    Haven’t seen you around in a long while, missing your presence greatly around here, things just aren’t the same TBH. Hope we see ya around soon.


  2. Mr_Fairplay

    Magusfang's Corner

    Magus hasn’t been here since March, DA hasn’t been online since 2 months exactly. Does anyone have any update on them?
  3. Mr_Fairplay

    Mass Effect: Reignite

    Hey guys, So it took a bit longer than i expected, but the new chapter is finally up. You can read here. Tali will be here in the next chapter, and the romance and the sex will finally begin Hopefully, the next one won’t take as much time. Please read and review. See ya until next time. Mr_Fairplay
  4. New chapter posted finally!!!


  5. After many months of my own battles, i return to this realm…


  6. Mr_Fairplay

    Mass Effect: Reignite

    Greetings and Salutations! How you guys been, good? Well, i sincerely hope you have been well. First of all, let me apologize for my absence. Things haven’t been good in my personal life for the past few months; and i’ve been trying really hard to deal with my problems and progress has not been so good, but I’ve been living one day at a time and that’s been working...somewhat. I’m writing the next chapter as we speak (got the Word file open), and if everything goes good and we make progress it will be up tonight (it’s 5:00 PM as i write this, over here) *fingers crossed* Again, i’d like to apologize for my sudden disappearance, lack of updates, and the abandonment of the story. I started writing to give Tali a happy ending, and dammit it’s high time i did it. See you in a couple of hours. Mr.Fairplay
  7. Mr_Fairplay

    Mass Effect: Reignite

    Hey guys! Ok, i owe you guys an explanation for my absence. The thing is that i've recently started working and its taking a lot of my time, the work itself is good, its fun and pays well, but after a whole day of it, it's kind of hard to focus and write. However the good news is, that i've gotten back to the the story and i will be updating soon...i know, that's what i said the last time too, but i'm really serious that i will this time. Wish me luck, and i wish you guys well in you endeavors in life, and thank you for sticking by Reignite for so long. Cheers!
  8. Mr_Fairplay

    Mass Effect: Reignite

    Hey Guys! I'm baaaaaaaaack! Sorry for the wait, i was caught up in a lot of stuff and i just got free, which means i have time, lots of it and i'll be using that time to write. So if everything goes good, there will be a chapter up this weekend. However, i will be doing something that i didn't think i would have, i might skip a mission altogether and put mentions of it, i haven't decided yet for sure. Anyway, thanks for the patience, and i'll be getting back to you guys soon. Mr_Fairplay
  9. Mr_Fairplay

    Mass Effect: Reignite

    Hey Guys, I got some bad news, the chapter might be a little late than i planned. I'm going through some really rough stuff in my life and its really hard just functioning, let alone write. I'm not abandoning this story, nor do i plan to, far from it. I will finish this story, i will give Tali more time, i will fix the ending. Just give me some time, please. Hope you're doing well, Mr_Fairplay.
  10. Mr_Fairplay

    Mass Effect: Reignite

    Lol, oops. You got that right my friend, Liz Sroka was amazing! And its always good to meet fellow Talimancers. The last goodbye scene legit made me cry, after that i just went, dammit we have to get this woman a happy ending.
  11. Mr_Fairplay

    Mass Effect: Reignite

    Thanks for your input, O kind sir! Most probably a site glitch, which browser are you using? Try adjusting your screen resolution or zoom. Yes, i am fully aware that BroShep/Tali is quite scarce in the present chapters, because in game Tali doesn't show up until after Tuchanka, however i have used scenes from Mass Effect 2 (as you can see in the current chapter) and will be using in the future chapters until the Geth Dreadnought mission. Then everything will be happening in the present. Don't worry, it's gonna happen much sooner than i originally planned, its gonna be a LOT of BroShepxTali from there on out. Thanks again for reading, and stay tuned for more updates, feel free to ask anything that you'd like. Cheers mate!
  12. Mr_Fairplay

    Mass Effect: Reignite

    Fucking finally! New chapter posted. Follow the link below.
  13. Mr_Fairplay

    Mass Effect: Reignite

    Hey guys, First of all, innumerable apologies for not updating my story in what seems like 2 weeks now (?), i have been neck deep in exams here and it has been an absolute clusterfuck, i've been trying to survive them with my sanity and ass intact, which is quite a task. I hope i will be able to update by this weekend, since you have been patient for so long, i'll make the new chapter a little bit longer. Thanks again for being patient, and apologies again for my absence. MrFairplay.
  14. Mr_Fairplay

    Mass Effect: Reignite

    Hello peeps, Just wanted to post an update, the next chapter might be a little delayed, because your humble author has got 3 fucking mid terms and a presentation in the coming week, so i have my hands full for the couple of days, the good news is i was able to write a considerable amount of the chapter so we have a good headstart. If everything goes good and according to plan, the chapter will be out before Wednesday. Thanks for your patience and dropping by to read my story. MrFairplay.
  15. Mr_Fairplay

    Mass Effect: Reignite

    Hello beautiful people! I have started working on Chapter 2 for Reignite, now this chapter will be in which (hopefully) i bring out the big guns and focus on the plot and direction that i decided. I will be completely changing my writing style, to which i originally planned to have. I will also try to speed up the plot so we can get to Tali soon, and the frequency with which i bring out my chapters. Hope you guys are having fun. Questions, comments, concerns and complaints are welcome. See ya guys soon. Mr Fairplay