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    Old Stories Inaccessible

    Needed to post a reply with a profile so that someone could hopefully contact me.
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    My wife and I are working on a book about how we grew up together. Because of the stranger topics throughout, and especially the fact that we were going to be pretty descriptive with the sex scenes, we’re probably going to market it as erotica. We’d like the opinions of some of our fellow writers, so as to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. We’d love to keep this all 100% accurate, but we already know that we’ll at least be changing the names of everyone in the book, and even for the portions where we have reliable documents, you can only trust the diary/journal entries of preschoolers so much. For anyone who would be interested in helping us refine our lifelong adventure into a literary adventure, please message me.
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    What Has Science Done?

    As you can guess by the title, I have become enamored by the concept of a world where people have been warped beyond all recognition, whether by science or some other force. The issue is that I can’t think of a stable enough environment for a relationship-focused story in that kind of world. Usually, if everyone looks like a Cronenberg monster, then people will want to fix that. I’m trying to work out what the world would look like a few dozen years, maybe a full generation, past the severe warping of humanity into monsters. If anyone would like to help me with this, I’m very eager to collaborate, or just have a sounding board.
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    I would like to take point on writing this story. I take two issues, about which I am vocal, and will place reference materials below. Issue #1: I feel that the predetermination of Tracy as a victim falls into the “Women in Refrigerators” trope. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Website/WomenInRefrigerators Because of that, I feel that shifting the target from Tracy to someone else may be preferable. Issue #2: On a much easier note, I would like to work with a wider cast of characters, rather than just the five you’ve listed. Let’s expand this little family! -Paul, Age 16-19 -Tracy, Age 25-28 -Kevin, Age 26-29 -Twins (Amy and Lucy, Age 0-3)