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  1. Can anyone tell me what the dragon print is? 

    1. pippychick


      Hi Samara,

      Dragon prints are the number of views a story has. :)

    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Fancy name for a hit counter.

    3. Samara


      Ahan nice. :D thank you @pippychick and @Desiderius Price :thankyou:

  2. Happy dasseshra everyone. May good always prosper over bad. May all our wishes come true. Wish:D:yahoo:

    1. JayDee


      I was ignorant, had to look it up –

      Thanks! Have a good day yourself!

    2. Samara


      It's okay :D thank you :thankyou: @JayDee

  3. Today I highlighted few locks of my hair in golden blonde... the feeling is amazing. :wub::yahoo:

  4. We Missed you. It's good to hear that everything is alright. Welcome home.
  5. Recently I wrote something.. and it's really close to my heart. 

    How much more should I burn
       that even the fire would get
              scared of my face..!

    How much more should I break
       that even the Sands wouldn't
              mind if I tag along..!

    How much more should I harden
      my heart that it'd come across
            as a stone to the bea..!

    How much more should I soften
     myself that my thoughts would
       acquire a state of tranquillity..!


    1. CloverReef


      Beautiful poem! Good job <3

    2. Samara


      Thank you. :D

  6. Suddenly I realised that we cannot ignore the feeling called 'love'. The more you ignore or neglect it, the more it'll knock on your face. The more it'll bite in your arse. B-)lol

  7. After a long time my holidays has been started. Phewww... happy monsoon everyone. :D:D

  8. It's holi, the colour festival in India.. wish you guys a very happy holi..:D:D:D

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      The USA needs this festival…especially certain politicians.

  9. My pet guinea-pig couple gave birth to two beautiful babies... I'm so happy :wub::wub::D:D

  10. Bone fractures hurt like hell no matter whatever the bone is ... gone through with it myself two or three times.. take care.. get well soon..
  11. Get well soon DA.. Hope that brat gets punished..
  12. Have to thank you magus and DA and all the other writers.. the love shown in your story helps a person to forget the pain and helps to get over from something nasty as breakups... Started re-reading from boy in the grass.. it's simply amazing...
  13. Just finished reading the last few chapters I have missed and Eagerly waiting for your next post... take your time though... no pressure... happy writing...
  14. I'm back.. :rolleyes: it's good to be back... 

    1. DirtyAngel


      hey Sweetie, missed you :)

    2. Samara


      Missed you too :)

  15. Hello people.. it's been too long since I've been here.. my password got lost.. new device..etc etc... How are you? And for the story magus and DA.. great job..