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    Gandalfs-Beard Q&A and Review Replies

    Apparently some of my responses to reviews and author’s notes ran a little on the wordy side (oops! ), so henceforth, whenever I am feeling a bit long-winded I’ll post my responses to reviews of my works here. This is also a great place to ask me questions about anything to do with my stories. With that out of the way, I’ll start this off by posting my responses to reviews of chapter 19 (Monsters and Demons) of Mudbloods at Hogwarts: @ ClaireR89: Lol! ...Well, eventually something rotten will happen to Lucius Malfoy. As to the method of Rat removal - I had been planning that for a while as a bit of a tease as I did with Draco, Snape, and Lucius for Dramione, Snamione, Lumione, and Sirimione fans. Haha! @ Fantasy: Tentacle Hentai is one of my guilty pleasures - glad you liked that scene. Keeping one of the babies... Lol! ...I guess I did make that birthing scene a bit cuter than I thought it would be. As to the horcruxes, I did actually mention them being destroyed already in an earlier chapter, and I reference that again in this chapter. As to the quick deaths.... Aaaaaw! I liked those deaths. Sure, they may have been relatively quick, but they were gory, they were all screaming, and I guarantee that they were all in agony before they died. Anyway, it was the only thing that fit the manner of their deaths. @ Ladyedgecombe: Well, most spells in Harry Potter aren't linked to the caster once the spell has been cast; that goes for curses too. And I always try to stay close to canon principles in my stories. In regards to the Dark Marks of the other Death Eaters, they aren't actually all directly linked to Voldemort and each other in that manner. Rather, the link is more separate, with the connection only being in the form of a communication spell. But as the spell was originally cast by Voldemort, the Marks do contain Voldemort's magical signature. Any Death Eater in direct contact with Harriet's accidental magic would have died in the same way - arms exploding and their nervous systems fried as the Mark is sort of a conductor. Wormtail didn't die in that manner because he wasn't directly exposed to the accidental magic, being in Hermione's vagina at that point. As to Dumbledore, he was fairly certain (though not 100%) that Harriet would survive, as Lily's Sacrificial Protection is permanent. This is true even in canon. Harry survived Voldy's AK in the forest during the final battle because the protection was still on him (and even doubled because Voldy had taken Harry's blood in GoF). In regards to Quirrelmort's Killing Curse, he got it off at the same time as Harriet's accidental magic went off. Harriet's accidental magic isn't really a backlash of the curse, but a magical expression of her emotional state (sort of like Carrie in the Stephen King movie Carrie). My theory is that a rebounding killing curse would have simply killed Voldemort without blowing him up (this is evidenced in the forest scene--where he and Harry are both just knocked unconscious--and during the final showdown). Killing Curses usually kill people without even leaving any marks, so it doesn't really make any sense that a rebounding Killing Curse would blow somebody up. The only reason it supposedly left a scar on Harry at all, is because the sacrificial magic shield protected him, but the impact of the AK nonetheless apparently caused some sort of discharge which essentially burned Harry's skin where it hit (think of it as an electrical burn), i.e., it wasn't the Killing Curse itself which left the scar. So it had to be Harry's accidental magic which blew up Voldy in canon too, if logical rules hold (not that Rowling is always logically consistent with her magical rules). In any case, even though accidental magic is accidental, you know Harry - he feels guilty about anything he thinks he might be responsible for. That holds true in this story too, as you can see from this chapter.
  2. Gandalfs-Beard

    Do you write smut that doesn't personally excite you?

    Me too! Though when I read romance oriented fics, I tend to get bored with long fics if they’re JUST romance (short fluffy fics are cool though). But a long fic, especially if it’s set in Potterverse or some similar fandom, really needs some sort of adventuresome plot to keep my attention all the way through. So all of my own fics tend to reflect that. Well, when you put it that way (“...while you act super coy and/or helpless...”), yeah, that sounds really creepy… ...and kind of makes me think of all the OoC!Draco/OoC!Hermione fics in which they actually fall for each other. Personally, I would rather read a fic which is closer to canon!Draco and canon!Hermione in which Draco becomes a rapist and Hermione still hates him, because that’s the only thing I can take half-way seriously as being a credible take-off from canon. Same goes for Snamione fics. I’d rather read evil!Snape, innocent!Hermione fics than one where they actually fall in love But there’s a weird balance for me, I don’t like rape/noncon fics with brutalisation (bone-breaking, punching, knocking out teeth, blood etc), though some BDSM fics are fine for me otherwise (I like one of Wildkitsune’s in particular). And personally, I’m a huge fan of tentacle porn. I even managed to work in a (totally consensual) tentacle porn scene into Hermione’s Furry Little Problem. But ultimately, even though I enjoy some of the moderately darker stuff, and have written some pretty nasty stuff in notebooks, I figure there’s such an overabundance of Dark stuff online, that I’d rather post something positive that reflects my actual values rather than my weirder kinks. There’s still plenty of “excitement” for me in writing “first-times” and horny consenting teens discovering all of the fun things they can do together, especially in compromising moments where they might be caught in the act—mainly because there’s still a horny 11-13 year old lurking in my brain who just wants to be 13 and rediscover it all over again.
  3. Gandalfs-Beard

    Under-appreciated stories

    Very true! Still, it’s nice to actually get feedback, and I even cherish mixed reviews, and negative reviews which I wholly disagree with as long as they’re not trollish.
  4. Gandalfs-Beard

    Under-appreciated stories

    One thing I’ve found, is that it’s hard to tell how much love a story is getting without even just a “fave” or “kudos” system, so it’s even more important for people enjoying our stories to leave reviews. So when people don’t review, it can be a bit demoralising and there’s really no way to tell if folk liked the story or not. Anyway, yes, I’m really pleased—to this day—how my first “major” fanfic turned out (I still think it holds up better than some of my other more recent shorter fics), and unfortunately, it languishes unnoticed... to this day. My fic The Adventures of Bilbo and Tauriel (aka The Adventures of Bilbo and Itaril) is quite possibly (?) the first fanfic based on The Hobbit films to appear online, as it was written and posted on a Hobbit forum in the Autumn of 2009 while casting had only just begun (and when the proposed female elf character was named Itaril) and before the scripts were even complete, and a few months later I posted it at And that’s probably one of the reasons it never got very far—it came out way too soon. It’s important to “catch the wave” of “less popular” franchises at just the right time as Anesor pointed out. And yeah, I know it seems weird to call a Tolkien property “less popular,” but compared to Potterverse and Naruto, Tolkien stuff is very under-represented in fanfic-world. I’m fairly certain that the other major factors in my fic’s poor showing are that it is a Bilbo/Tauriel pairing in a fandom dominated by Bilbo/Thorin and Kili/Tauriel pairings, and also that the sex is only implied at best. People like smut, and they tend to like detailed smut. Personally, though I have by and large conceded to the gods of smut and given the audience what they want in some of my fics, my general writing preferences actually tend to be on the same page as BronxWench’s. And indeed, when it comes right down to it, I really don’t let the audience have that much input, even when I am playing to them—my stories tend to be planned out to a certain degree, and I only allow the characters to drive any alterations to the plot (characterisation always comes first in my book).
  5. Gandalfs-Beard

    Do you write smut that doesn't personally excite you?

    The short answer in my case is that in one story in particular (Hermione’s Furry Little Problem) i wrote far more (detailed) smut scenes than I would have simply to keep up with audience demand. Frankly, it can get a bit boring and repetitive to read and write non-stop sex scenes in an epic length novel—some of the scenes were a bit perfunctory. I was far less excited for some of them and it shows. My preference is to only focus in detail on a few key sex scenes which advance the plot or advance the romance, and to present something new each time—leaving the other sex scenes implied or off-screen (which is mostly the way I handle my other major fics). But that’s not really what the question is about, is it!? The question is really about content. And to that, I have to say that I have yet to publish anything online outside of my comfort zone or which doesn’t excite me, which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t at some point write something that doesn’t generally float my boat. I’m actually entertained by quite a variety of fetishes and I’m pretty much open to writing anything, even outside of my comfort zone as long as it doesn’t feature prepubescent minors (taking into consideration that puberty can hit anywhere between 11 and 13—at eleven for me in any case ), older adults (anything over mid twenties) with minors, or snuff/necro, and I doubt I’ll ever publish anything which features non-con, nor Stockholm Syndrome style rape/slave fics (I have written some horribly filthy smut off-line which features hardcore non-con/slavery and bestiality, but it’ll never see the light of day). And for myself, I don’t really have any issues writing scenes featuring Minor 1 characters (pubescent ones anyway), because it’s always from the pov of the teen characters themselves and consensual, and it’s more about fond reminiscences of my own experiences and fantasies at that age (what can I say? I and my girlfriend were very precocious) than from the pov of a “middle-aged-perv.” There is some generally “non-exciting” content (to me) which I have planned on writing, but never got around to for one reason or another. At some point, I’m fairly certain that I will write some male slash scenes as out-takes from one of my stories which has male couples as secondary characters. Being of “ambiguous” gender identity myself (it varies depending on the day of the week) with a preference for women, I tend to mostly write scenes which reflect that: Het, Femslash, Bi, and sort-of-Trans gender-bending sex scenes. Going to JayDee’s point regarding writing stuff that loses regular readers, in my fics that tends to happen right around the part of my stories in which metamorphmagus!sort-of-Trans!Harry gender-bends and is ploughed by a girl (usually Hermione) with a strap-on dildo. Despite a lot of obvious foreshadowing, some are still surprised and it’s too “squick” for them. I’m also considering writing a metamorphmagus!futa!Tonks screws metamorphmagus!fem!Harry out-take scene. Futa isn’t generally my thing in a big way, but I enjoy it from time to time and I think it would be fun to have a go at writing a futa fic.