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  1. And Dark Awakenings chapter 11 is posted :D

  2. Hi there and welcome to the forums! I believe your problem might be occurring because you're not validated yet. On the forum here an actual admin has to approve you before you can access the entirety of the forums, iirc. So, take a deep breath and wait until you get your email and then if these issues don't resolve themselves try updating the topic
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    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story

    Exactly! So which Ballet dancer in my story would you like to see "interviewed" I guess I could put Elizabeta in there too.
  4. ChrissyQuinn

    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story

    I might post it next week with chapter 11. As for the theory crafting... I will suggest that you consider what the vision of teenage colette demonstrated about her personality.
  5. ChrissyQuinn

    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story

    So I did it! And here it is! And I think I might do a cheezy fake interview every month or some shit because this was kind of fun >.>
  6. I'm desperate for a little concrit so here goes this... Story URL: Fandom: Original Summary: Autumn Darling thought her life couldn’t get any more complicated after the events of last summer, but oh how she was wrong. Caught between the will of her vampire Master and his new protégé Autumn struggles to salvage her strength and find balance in her desires as new more dangerous threats are revealed Warnings: BDSM, D/S, Angst, spank, toys
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    Welcome to the real world! There are these things called rules, and standards. Part of being an adult is learning to adhere to rules, and having standards. I'm sorry if a story of yours/a story you read was taken down for not adhering to the rules or falling below this sites standards. They have every right to remove material that violates terms of service, they are paying to maintain this domain which you get to use for free. I'm sorry if you don't understand the concept of a ToS, and that it has nothing to do with adult oriented material. The site literally says "Adult Fan fiction" Adult is a subjective term. Adult, can mean anything from graphic sex, graphic violence or extreme situations. Adult also varies by country, what is considered adult in the US is not the same as in the UK, EU Canada or Japan. In closing, you should have read the Terms of service before posting, I know... reading is hard. But if you had you would have posted here, you wouldn't have wasted your time and I wouldn't be laughing at how juvenile your argument is. Seriously... are you 12? Even porn sites have rules for content. TL:DR ... Learn 2 read ToS before signing up.
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    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story

    Evan is too adorable, I've already decided that When I write "Deadly Intermission" (which is going to be a short story after I finish with Dark Awakenings) it's going to be about Evan and Garrett, because I love their dynamic... Even if some people aren't fans... And to quote Ygrit from game of thrones... YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW!
  9. Chapter 10 in Dark Awakenings is up! It's labeled wrong but I'll fix that tomorrow lol

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    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story And Chapter 10
  11. ChrissyQuinn

    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story

    ... someone else going to die... that's all I'm going to say on that one.. Also! I just hit 100 pages!! Wooo. And now for a random Ballet image because
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    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story

    I'm not going to lie... the thought has crossed my mind. But he's just so fun to write! With his "Angel Face" and his energy and that desperate almost neurotic need to be the center of attention.
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    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story

    Why the Garrett hate? He is really self centered, but he's so entertaining!
  14. ChrissyQuinn

    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story

    You know I didn't look at it like that, I just looked at as Autumn hooking up with Evan and well they're a package deal.
  15. ChrissyQuinn

    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story

    It's okay....*cackles* maybe you sensed that... Charlotte has a bigger role to play. *slow smile* Biiiiiig stuff is going on... biiiiiig stuff.
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    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story

    You have a few good theories there, Kokoa! I will point out that the baby's name is Margot. Charlotte is Aleksi's rebound, and... well I won't spoil it Chapter 10 is coming along nicely and should be up Sunday at the latest. I also solemnly swear that I will not blow anything up, make anyone else nutters, or kill anyone off this chapter lol But we will finally all know what's stalking the halls of Crimson Hill
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    Danse Macabre - Review Replies

    Thanks Ha! I'm sorry its taken so long for me to reply! So first off let me start by saying, I'm so sorry for not responding to reviews in a very, very long while but I'm working on getting back around to everything. Dark Awakenings is proving more of a challenge to write for me because at the moment there are just so many little plot threads out there. There's a lot that has yet to be revealed such as... And lastly... That being said, unlike with Danse Macabre, Dark Awakenings is probably going further than 15 chapters. I mean I'm working on 10 now and I haven't reached what I consider the really fun parts.
  18. ChrissyQuinn

    Danse Macabre - Review Replies

    I figured I should do one of these because... well why the hell not. I'll try to do these weekly at the least, if not daily... I have no life. I spend most of my time writing and researching so... you're all going to get so sick of me First off! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read my story. And a huge thank you to everyone who read it, rated and reviewed. Reply topic #1.... Kendra ~~~~~ Kendra is a bitch, as to why Autumn puts up with her... it's coming in chapter 6 or 7 but there is a reason. ----------------------- Topic #2 That Dracula guy. ~~~~~~~~~ Isn't he awesome? Other than that, don't let that Dracula guy scare you away from the story. He's just a powerful badass who likes to fuck in his sleep. (hahaha) But seriously, more about him is coming, ------------- Topic # 3 Why everyone is "okay" with the vampires. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I put this in chapter 5 just for you Kokoa_B and because I had it in and took it out in editing heh ------------------------ Topic # Ballet Kokoa_B said: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I will keep this in mind for chapter 6 because we go back to the Wonderful World of Ballet then. if you can think of something more specific you'd like me to elaborate on I'd love to hear it. I'm know I'm being a little vague so far about it, but I hope this week with chapter 6 to touch more on that. ------------------------------------ Special Thanks to Tahn, Juleslea, Kokoa_B, and Nuki !!!!!! <3
  19. Chapter 9 in Dark Awakenings posted!

  20. ChrissyQuinn

    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story

    DM2 Chapter 9!
  21. I hate when a chapter comes like pulling teeth :(

  22. And Chapter 8 is up in Danse 2. Enjoy :)

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    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story Chapter 8 now posted
  24. And chapter 7! :) I'm on a roll.

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    Danse Macabre - An Original Vampire Story Chapter 7!