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  1. i love to see this in the story

    Heck yes I would love for somebody to write this Spartan. Sasuke could totally take over the Hyuuga and make everyone one of their females his slaves due to their clans rivalry. This could be even more easily accomplished if he figures out how to operate the caged bird seal from Hinata or her mother and then proceeds to brand everyone in the Hyuuga clan with it as they are asleep with help from Hinata and her mom.

    For the second scenario I can totally see him doing this to get back at Naruto. Himawari could be getting back home from a mission and as she opens the door she smells the scent of heavy sex and hears slurping and squelching. Then she sees Sasuke who has a god-like physique (with both arms), active sharingan, arrogant expression and a sneer of contempt while he sits on the front room couch looking down at Hinata. Hinata is there on her knees covered in semen and is leaking large amounts of cum from both her pussy and her ass while she looks adoringly and worshipfully at her master and god, Sasuke-sama, while she sucks and tit-fucks his monstrous cock. Sasuke is also holding a leash which is attached to a collar around Hinata's neck and her nipples are pierced.

    Sasuke then looks at Himawari in the eyes and orders to assist her slutty mother in attending him (all of this would be better if Hinata isn't hypnotized but instead willingly serves Sasuke and the reason Sasuke has the sharingan on is for its memorization purposes).