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  1. jojo

    boruto's shame.

    can you send a link
  2. is this the story you are talk about
  4. jojo


    I need help find a story I read about what I can remember is the gods and zeus come to Hogwarts and tell them harry will 1 of the leaders to fight the zombies and harry use dragon on the zombies
  6. do you know of any more stories
  7. jojo

    Ron's Harem

    when you post it do you think you can put a link here to the story
  8. i think this is it
  9. jojo

    harry potter story

    does any one know the name to the stories
  10. jojo

    harry potter story

    I am look for a two storys 1 where harry is raised by the 4 founders of Hogwarts and merlin train him and I believe he got together with draco 2 where everone in the wizard world think harry owe them money for take to long to kill voldemort
  11. jojo

    Exile Naruto Au

    how about where naruto get tie up have to his wife and daughters have sex infort of him
  12. jojo

    Harry's Girlfriend Cheats

    can I ask what story you have read