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  1. Anon

    How do you go about developing a story idea?

    Lot of daydreaming yeah, daydreaming about characters and scenes and ideas, putting words together, then writing it all down. Eventually concepts can take shape and just keep imagining stories and interesting things. Sometimes a whole story will pop into the old brain, sometimes just the idea. But for giant things I’ll create a lore bible first to collect everything to work from. Although for my AFF stories my process is more just imagining all the most depraved things possible then figuring out how to structure a story around them to deliver them to my small audience of wackos.
  2. Anon

    Writing a Threesome scene

    When you’ve got multiple people in a sex scene you’ve got to organize it to keep track of all of them, the reader should never lose the image of one or any of them in the scene with the rest. If it’s two women and a man then focus on the man’s experience, if it’s two or more men with a woman, focus on the woman’s experience even if from the male perspective.
  3. Anon

    Any NaNo people this year? (2018)

    No time sadly, despite having plenty on the go. So much time spent working that you never get to do the work you love
  4. Anon

    A challenge. Faint of heart be warned

    I actually still like it, although there’s still somehow some errors in spelling somehow despite the amount of times I went over it.
  5. Anon

    Hiatus... Then what?

    Been on hiatus since I don’t know when, and till I don’t know when
  6. Anon

    How does one go about promoting a story?

    Post on your personal facebook to all your friends
  7. Anon

    The Unreviewed

    This made me interested in my own ratios which I’d never really thought of 24272 DP/3 Reviews 2149 DP/2 Reviews 3177 DP/2 Reviews It’s cool there’ve been even a handful of people who’ve actually read my stories through and left a comment. The latter two in the loose trilogy are the only stories in their sections for what must be pretty niche shows to write on. I remember having to request sections be made for them thanks to the ever-accommodating and cool staff/admin of adult-fanfic. Each one has a laundry list of tags and content that likely stop viewers at the door since they’re very much stories where you’re either on the train for the full ride or you see where the train is destined right from the start and say “No thank you” to boarding in the first place. The latest reviews are from years ago now, but I think the explanation for a lot of stories in general getting little to no reviews is just that I’d guess that most of the site’s general traffic isn’t avid readers itching for a narrative with a side of fapping, it’s more people who browse for a hot read and then close the tab when its served its purpose. Analyzing why one story has gotten reviewed and another hasn’t really could just be as simple as most people simply not being the “review a story I masturbated to” type. MAYBE the hotter the story, the less reviews because people don’t even make it to the end before “losing interest”?
  8. Sometimes you can create an “OC” character by taking an underwritten or minuscule or even merely implied character from the original source and expanding them to a leading role. It sort of keeps it “canon” and “in-universe” but gives you room to expand something and create.
  9. Anon

    How much do you listen to reviews?

    I listen, they are very few so valuable.
  10. Honestly the more attached you are to a character the better you can write their murder, because the emotion of it is just going to pour out.
  11. Anon

    The Harem Lima Stockholm Syndrome Story Idea

    My stories feature characters eventually beginning to have a relationship with a captor, coincidentally featuring someone named Alex heavily. If I was going to give someone advice on creating such a story, I’d say there’s a couple key points off the cuff: It’s going to have to be a long process, so you’re going to need to have a lot to say. The relationship grows over time and many interactions, and so it necessarily is going to have to be a story which reads as long as the characters experiencing the events. The reader essentially needs to be brought into the relationship as it grows. Day by day, event by event, the reader needs to be lead through every aspect of the burgeoning relationship just like any other relationship. Each interaction must then build something purposeful, and builds from so many of them so gradually that the reader cannot place their finger exactly where characters changed from hating one another to loving one another. In order for you to make the relationship convincing, you’re going to need to be able to personally insert yourself into both sides of it. When I say that, I mean feel both character’s emotions and mental states, and then write their feelings and thoughts. You need to be able to mentally live the story yourself, and then write it as if you’re speaking from memory. You’re going to need to love the characters in order for them to convincingly love eachother, and if one character hates another then you need to also hate them as well. It’s impossible to devote yourself to writing a crafted relationship of love if you can’t feel the love they’re feeling, or the hate they may feel in the beginning, and every complicated phase in between. You’re going to need to make the reader spent so much time with the captors that they themselves begin sympathizing with them. Essentially, you’re putting the reader into Stockholm syndrome without them even realizing it. You can have a character be the most despicable human being on the planet, but thanks to human nature if you keep telling their story and making the reader feel their emotions, then over time and exposure they’ll become invested in them even if they hate them. You have two relationships, your captor character and their captive character, and you the captor writer and your captive reader, and you capture the reader and turn them to you through the same logic, emotion, and treatment by which the character turns their prisoner. The actions that the character takes to make their prisoner love them are going to be the actions by which the reader will love the character, and thereby become imprisoned by them as well in their time they read your story. The flip side of this is that they then begin to identify with the captive character as well as they too can feel themselves being drawn in by the captor, even subconsciously. Now they’re feeling both ends of the relationship. Basically you’re creating a story where you are going to captivate the reader. Not in the “captivate” sense that is usually thrown around with enthralling literature, but in a more literal sense that as they go deeper and deeper down your rabbit hole they’ll begin identifying with the characters involved and seeing some twisted logic to every action. The captor character must be so convincing and genuine in turning the captive character to their heart, that everything they do and say will turn the reader as well without them even realizing. By the end, the reader will be invested in the captor’s story without being able to identify when exactly they changed from being disturbed by their actions to wanting to know how their story ends. The reader becomes isolated with the characters much like they are isolated with eachother, and becomes like a third part of a triangle between them. An interesting exercise is creating the worst possible person, and then make the audience want to see them succeed. You’re going to twist them along this journey. Somehow, from the first word of your story to the last, you’re going to make them invested in someone awful. How terrible a person can you create and still have them be a protagonist? How many awful, horrible, detestable things can your story include and still have someone need to read it through to the end because of the investment you’ve built? Holding someone against their will and raping them is truly one of the most horrendous things you can do to a person, so how do you write that story but make your reader love not only the victim, but the perpetrator? First you will need to love them both yourself. Every awful thing that is done you must find some place in your mind where you enjoy it. Not only enjoy it as the perpetrator, but as the victim. You’ll need to find something in you that wants submission and the other part that wants domination. This will be a greater or lesser challenge depending on the level of darkness and moral repugnance you’re ready to engage in, but the power of fiction is exploring these places that should never be tread in real life. Also what makes adult-fanfiction the best fanfic site on the internet is their devotion to creative freedom which will allow you to send back to the world what you find in those places.
  12. Anon


    Gonna be a pretty boring story if nothing dramatic happens.
  13. Anon

    Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Font that’s too small.
  14. Anon

    Never Would I Ever Write this Tag...

    I would say scat too, but then I think I put the scat tag on my first story just because of one instance where feces does appear even if not in a sexual fashion and so better safe than sorry when tagging.
  15. Anon

    A Question of Consent

    Might as well just err on the side of rape, it’s just one more tag to click on.