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  1. TakahashiAlice

    Experienced Writer Willing To Beta

    Hey, everyone! I’m looking to be a beta writer for authors who need a little bit of help, or want a 2nd set of eyes. I have my Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature and a minor in Creative Writing. I’ve written everything from a comedy to a tragedy, short stories to full-length works, and erotic and non-erotic works. Ideally I’d like to read original works, but I’m open to certain fandoms.
  2. Hey, everyone! I’ve been dealing with a little bit of writer’s block and, in an attempt to push myself along, I’d like to work with another author on a yaoi story. I have a few ideas I’m willing to bounce around if you’d like to go on one of my ideas, but I’m also willing to go along with another idea or collaborate to come up with one together. Ideally, I would like the story to be told in either first or third person, alternating chapters between characters to show different perspectives. My ideal collaborator writes in a style that complements mine, is comfortable writing about m/m relationships and graphic content, and likes to experiment with writing and push the boundaries. I’m willing to consider all willing parties!
  3. TakahashiAlice

    ✪ Artist looking for Writers

    I realize I’m pretty late, but if you’re still interested in taking on new work I have an original story that I’d love to have somebody work on illustrating. I know you said your preference is for non-erotica, but if you like my story (Black Glass: Opacity) I do hope you’d consider making an exception! Also feel free to ask any questions of me that you like! <3 Alice
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    Like me on Facebook!

    https://www.facebook.com/TakahashiAliceWrites I started a Facebook page and need some fans. Like my page, send me a message, chit chat away. I like new people!