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  1. darthel0101

    Magusfang's Corner

    An open post to any who consider WantSomeFun a friend. This man passed last night and there is a conversation about him and his passing at a new forum, set up by a collection of characters, in which he was included, named WRIST. If you want to contribute, the web acct is https://wrist.xxx/forums/threads/wantsomefun.239/
  2. darthel0101

    Magusfang's Corner

    To all who have served, Thanks. To all who have supported them while they served, Blessed are you.
  3. darthel0101

    Magusfang's Corner

    My wishes for the best to you and yours.
  4. darthel0101

    'Change in' or 'of Attitude'

    No problem here with a little school marm making an appearance. What you described is similar to something that I had to look up while working email customer service : the difference between "log in" and "login". I found a similarity between those phrases and "make up" -vs.- "makeup". The verb form of the phrases is separate words: log in (or log into) and make up. The supplemental phrases are the other way; login is either noun or adjective and makeup is the same way (makeup meaning cosmetics or makeup case (?)). IOW you log into your account on the login page and you make up your face by applying blush makeup to it.
  5. darthel0101

    Magusfang's Corner

    I've been rereading the series and have a few complaints about inconsistencies in the series. Navigation 1 - the China coast around Hong Kong is about 6,000 miles from San Diego but 10,000 miles from the Panama Canal and that route from TX is NOT recommended for covert traffic. Navigation 2 - the Yukon Territory is accessible just running the coast for a few thousand miles from CA but requires, again, LOOONG detours from the TX coast. Submarine tech 1 - O2 generation was one of the first things dealt with when the USS Nautilus was designed; it is a requirement for allowing a sub to stay submerged for any length of time. Convert CO2 into methane and water using CATALYTIC conversion and electrolyze the water for O2. This is also how NASA clears the air on long missions. Submarine tech 2 - subs draft a HUGE amount of water when compared to vessel size. If the sub could not approach the beach in Rome because of rocks then the drop off would be a few man-heights instead of only a few feet. This also limits exterior access to interior bays to, generally, the vertical. I realize that the LUTES is amphibious and at least one bay could be set up for cross-boat access to the ground when beached, but that access would be well submerged when afloat. Underwater explosions - Wiki states that blast waves travel FASTER than the speed of sound. Please note that the speed of sound in air at sea level is approximately 340 meters per second while the speed of sound in water is approximately 1450 meters per second. Legion is at home with Mika, and missing a lot of mass, after the mountain battle. How did he suddenly appear in D.C. for the meeting with the Pres.? Also, Legion has used "aerosol" dispersal already in covert actions - read hostage negotiations - why was a physical violation required for the meeting when the instigator was expected to be there? Carry enough of a cloud and infiltrate all present - IIRC, about 5, ignoring Secret Service - for brain mapping. Comments ?
  6. darthel0101

    Magusfang's Corner

    Heartily seconded. Actually, if DA is teaching early elementary, then Magus is likely playing baby-watcher at least part of the day.
  7. darthel0101

    Magusfang's Corner

    A baby ? ? ? Three-hour nap times ? ? ? Hopefully not any more issues with overactive cell growth locations ! ! ! I was joking about the dearth of commentary but not intending it to be accusatory. I figure that comments will appear once mommas and daddy are able to comment again.
  8. darthel0101

    Magusfang's Corner

    [Crickets chirping]
  9. darthel0101

    Help Needed from Sci/Fi People

    Carbon scatter caused by excess methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere impacting the alien's ability to lock onto specific carbon chains associated with their targeted individual.
  10. darthel0101

    Trolls - Advice needed

    Trolls are LOOKING for a response. Remember, they got their name, not because they are repulsive bottom feeders (although this in no way prevents this description from being valid) but because they always have a line in the water trying to get a bite. The best way to piss off a troll is to ignore it. Document the abuse but do nothing to the troll or their "conversation". Let admins deal with the documented abuse.
  11. darthel0101

    Magusfang's Corner

    Don't go Sumerian. They used base 60. BTW all programming numbering systems but hexadecimal will end up showing higher numeric values. IIRC, sixty can be represented as 001111, 74, or 3C (binary - read 1s/2s/4s/8s/16s/32s, octal - read 8s/1s or hex - read 16s/1s ).
  12. darthel0101

    Magusfang's Corner

    Allow the kids to keep you young by seeing the world through their eyes. Allow your love to keep you young and live each day in joy, just for itself. Be blessed with your new year and always look forward, with pride for what you have already accomplished, and no fear of whatever may be ahead. May you be loved by all that you meet and may all be worthy of your love in return. Happy Birthday.
  13. darthel0101

    Magusfang's Corner

    AFAIK, you weren't banned, just sanctioned due to underage characters being exposed to sexual situations and your - justifiable - resistance to editing the BITG storyline to make it fit their attitudes. Anyway, I was glad to see your name in their Most Recent list - not that I have spent much time over there since they ran off so many writers.
  14. darthel0101

    Magusfang's Corner

    Actually, I found it on that OTHER site. You know, the one that's trying to drive everybody off.