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    New AD and Members who are over the age of 16 can RP sexual things in one new area in the RP area. In need of members.
  3. I’m age 30…. but I didn’t get any gifts for my b-day other then a shift and a cookie cake.


    Find me on my forum:

  4. Birthday: May 10 Time limit: none. You can get it done whenever. xD Word limit: 500+ make it long plus. Ok I'm asking for any fantasy based one-shot with fox demons, and such. I'm asking for this for my 25th birthday... since I'm not really getting anything else from anyone but my best friend. Anyways. I would like a few one-shots that have something to do with nine tail fox demons, dog demons, any demon with soft ears and tail(s). Vampires are allowed too. XD just no twilight vampires. What kind of one-shot? Yaoi. M/M You can do twins, best demons, etc. I don't mind. I'm also ok with shoja. Just go wild. heh Editing: Ok I still want to get a few one-shots since I love reading stories by others. But I'm changing a lot of things. Since request will be for all years after this year. XD Also I changed what I would like. But keep in mind, I'm not picky. What kind of one-shot: M/F or M/M or M/f/M Favorite fantasy races: Fox/Dog/Wolf demon, Vampires(none twilight), Furry, Shifters of all kinds and Dragons. Note: I'm really into human girls paired up with Paranormal male. I may re-edit this with an off-site link that is about a custom race I made up that might make your stories more interesting. But I don't know.
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    Count To Infinity

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    Count To Infinity

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    Duodecim 012 Dissidia Request

    I love Dissidia but I can't work any of the characters that well... well... I can work Kuja and Cloud well but the others... are OOC a bit. But just so you know, you didn't list what two characters you wish for. owo
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    [Birthday request] Fantasy one-shots

    Updated and changed a lot of things.
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    Beyblade lemons

    Can you do a Kai x random oc lemon? owo
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    [Birthday request] Fantasy one-shots

    e-mailed. anyone else? owo
  11. -sighs- only 3 weeks until my 25 birthday....

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    Yaoi Request! For Birthday!

    alright. I'll ask her about it.
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    Count To Infinity

  14. I wonder what kind of fanfic does a lot of people read...

    1. EnergizeMe


      A fanfiction that follows their interests.

    2. Lucy Ash Hawthorne
  15. I mostly think my stories through... but sometimes I write whatever as it comes to mind. xD
  16. I always use Ocs for fanfics and originals. So it's all depends on the story. Sometimes when I do their profile first, I don't do the past part until I know what story they are going to be in. But for my fanfics, I use my ocs that I know a lot of and mostly already have their profile, past and all since I use them for role-plays with a close friend.
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    Count To Infinity

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    What Animal Are You?

    Fox Because they are so cute and have soft ears and tail... tails if it's a nine tail fox. =3
  19. Yuki, Akito and Kyo from fruits basket. XD Depends on my mood which one though. >w>
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Ash like Snow - Gundam 00 fandub
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    Favorite Weather Season?

    Spring and Fall. I hate being too hot and too cold. XD
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    Show us your desktop.^^

    I love Zero from megaman X games. xD I was bored and wanted to make a wallpaper of him, so I did. I had to make the png/render of him for this but it turned out really neat, don't you think? I love making wallpapers, I made others that I charge from. Yes I change my wallpapers a lot but lately it's only been Zero. The red doesn't annoy me like the blue in the Vergil wallpaper I did for a friend. xD Also you can see GIMP and foxfire open. XD I got gimp open since I made my new signature and I haven't closed it yet.