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  1. Count To Infinity

  2. Count To Infinity

  3. Duodecim 012 Dissidia Request

    I love Dissidia but I can't work any of the characters that well... well... I can work Kuja and Cloud well but the others... are OOC a bit. But just so you know, you didn't list what two characters you wish for. owo
  4. [Birthday request] Fantasy one-shots

    Updated and changed a lot of things.
  5. Beyblade lemons

    Can you do a Kai x random oc lemon? owo
  6. [Birthday request] Fantasy one-shots

    e-mailed. anyone else? owo
  7. -sighs- only 3 weeks until my 25 birthday....

  8. Yaoi Request! For Birthday!

    alright. I'll ask her about it.
  9. Count To Infinity

  10. I wonder what kind of fanfic does a lot of people read...

    1. EnergizeMe


      A fanfiction that follows their interests.

    2. Lucy Ash Hawthorne
  11. I mostly think my stories through... but sometimes I write whatever as it comes to mind. xD
  12. I always use Ocs for fanfics and originals. So it's all depends on the story. Sometimes when I do their profile first, I don't do the past part until I know what story they are going to be in. But for my fanfics, I use my ocs that I know a lot of and mostly already have their profile, past and all since I use them for role-plays with a close friend.