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    Review replies to "Forged Confessions"

    I've been gone too long, my brain isn't in FF writing gear quite yet, but it is in review responding, so let's reply while the noggin is still working MagicMau5 said on 2013-04-21 Lol, I would love to know the puncuation problems O_o I'm learning here dammit, English is not my first language >_< ! But thanks Magic, and sorry for dropping off, the next chappie will be up tonight (or tomorrow at the latest thank you for reviewing (and for your patience) and I hope the final chapter was worth the wait! Raymy wrote on 2013-05-20 When i first read this I was like : "You stupid ass, why they hell did you go and change the ending," then all these self doubt came crawling up, and I felt very sorry myself, and then RL hit, and then it just went down the drain >_< But after rereading the review, and the chapter, I felt I actually understood what you meant. The dropping of emotion, and the feel of 'being left hanging' it all came down to breaking the chapter off at a time and place that was really not very tactful. The parts I had sliced out, had been very much needed I reazlied, as a ounded off 'happy' chapter, was something the reader more deserved than anything else, after all the hell they'd gone through. I felt a little silly for feeling so... well silly XD. A large part of the chapter I cut out, because I'd been afraid it was 'too much'. Now looking back I realize it wasn't too much, it had been just right, and my own insecurities had been the problem >_<. The cliffhanger was in some ways not intentional, I had simply cut out a part I felt was too 'dramatic' and left it out. But Ironically now that I have been away for so long and reread the story I felt it was in fact needed, and will (at a later date) add it part to the end of the chapter. For now it will hang at the beginning of the final chapter, because not matter how I tried to spin it, that part had been needed So thanks Raymy for pointing it out, and for being so honest, I don't think I would have changed it had it not been for this review. FOR ALL YOU READING THIS The final chapter will be up tonight, or (at the latest) tomorrow Cross my heart and hope to die XD
  2. BookMaggot

    Review replies to "Forged Confessions"

    qwerty said on 19/05/2013 Thank you Qwerty! I'd like to promise that the next chapter will be up soon. But we've all seen how wonderful I am with keeping promises, so let's just stick to, I'll try my best to get it out asap. Thanks for the review and hopefully you won't have to wait too long! whitetiger9953 said on 19/05/2013 Thank you Whitetiger I'll try not to keep you waiting too long! I remember when I first started this chapter I really wanted it to feel desperate and a little hopeless. So at least I got something down good ! As for it being rushed, I think I was perhaps a little eager to get it out, and one day I might return to clean it up when my head is clearer and perhaps edit it slightly. But for now I am happy with it. Being lazy is a FF writers middle name I think, *sigh* well it is mine in any case Thanks for reviewing again Whitetiger!
  3. BookMaggot

    Review replies to "Forged Confessions"

    Actually I got the idea from Raymy So all credit goes to her for the idea The chapter was supposed to out almost a week ago, but I've been a bit lazy of late >_> lol! Sorry! But I hope you still enjoy it Meep! I am such a slacker of late! I completely forgot to reply to you Raymy >_< You're memory isn't failing you, I did change it you sly old thing ! It was a big mistake on my part, me just uploading the wrong file (again) I've got to learn to work more orginized. I hope the ending change didn't put you off too much, and if it did I appologize profusely. If there was anything that bothered you (apart from the change) by all means let me know. In any case the next chapter is up, I don't know if it came out as good I'd hoped. But I sincerly hope you enjoy it at least and thank you very much for reviewing Raymy, I always look forward your reviews, and again sorry for the change
  4. BookMaggot

    Review replies to "Forged Confessions"

    MagicMau5 wrote on 29/04/2013 Awe thank you MagicMac! It's always a relief when someone tells me something like this. I was actually a little nervous when I posted this chapter. Simply because it's emotional but on a inverted level, and I've come to realize it's a little harder to write than most. My respect for Virginia Andrews just sky-rocetted >_> lol! But thanks again! The next chapter won't take so long to update! I promise
  5. BookMaggot

    Best or Worst review you've ever gotten

    I think it's an awesome review ttruth be told. It's rare for reviewers to go in such depth with a story and still give you that wonderful feeling of, "I'm so awesome" lol! I still have to go check out your stories at some point... >_< gah! So much to do! One of my favourtie reviews was this one: Don't tell me this is over. Don't tell me, please. *puts fingers in ears, hums very loudly* First impression. Gods. I love inner turmoil, misunderstandings, and the potential for growth. That's why this can't be over. You've covered the first two nicely, but all we're left with is potential. No actual growth. Oh, BTW, thanks for making Ukitake's eyes green. I'm in your camp. So, I want to know more about this stupid hollow and the drug Shunsui was on. But mostly, I want Shun to find out Ju's secret. Now, there's some turmoil. Would he think his friend is a sick puppy? (no pun intended) Or is he feeling that this was not the way he wanted to finally express his lust for his friend. Eh, eh? I know you have the answers lurking in that creative little head of yours. It's one of my favourties because this review actually got me working on a story again! Which I think is what all reviews should do Holy snap you are one luck lady! O_o I've had my fair share of bad and good reviews. But to write and not get a bad one? That is either celestial being luck ot you're just a terrifc writer... ... >_> >_> *falls on knees* Teach me what you know great one!
  6. Reviews make the world go round ^^ It's a fact. So in light of this I would like to hear from different writers what the worst or best review was you ever got, and how did you react/get through it? Just one rule: This is NOT a bashing fic, don't insult people . Try to keep it anonymous as far as possible! We don't want any trouble Of course if you want to thank a reviewer for anything then by all means! Just use your own discretion and don't be mean about it. My worst review was in regards to a Watchmen fic I wrote years ago. And this particular reviewer told me, and I quote: "This is probably the most shallow and pathetic attempt at humour I have witnessed. The story was very predictable, unimaginative and a simple theme was handled very poorly. From someone who has written a few good stories, I really expected better. Better luck next time." Yeah I went fetal for like three hours before my friend came in, and then I started crying. I felt better after that but I stopped writing for like a month, I didn't type a word, and almost deleted my account. I was fifteen, okay? >_< Everytime I tried to write I started crying again. Eventually I got over it, but I still carry this with me. It's a constant reminder that just because I am writing well doesn't mean that I can throw-up anything and people will still see it as good. Humility is a painful lesson >_<
  7. BookMaggot

    Lack of reviews.

    But... butbutbutbutbut.... I like fanpoodles Lol, just kidding. No I completely agree with what you said. We need reviews to tell us we're doing fine, they give us comfort and security. In how you present yourself through PM's and A/N depends also on whether you get reviews. Which is a factor not a lot of people consider or realize. I am not a big chat-fan per se... I talk to much at home lol, so I don't always say a lot at forums and stuff >_>. But at the end of the day reviews have to be appreciated for good or bad. Especially those long essays that blatantly expose every insecurity you've ever harbored. But then again those silly fan-drooling posts where they act all silly and make you feel like the awesomest writer ever... it really does something special to the cynical bastard inside us all. Like shuts it up for a few minutes It's always the dillema I think we all face. That mix and match feeling of anger and depression when we don't get any recognition for the work we put into a story. Oddly enough when we wait that long for a review we usually appreciate them alot more, even if they're a two word review along the lines of 'Dis AWESOME!". And at the same time when we get instant gratification, like they review two minutes after you post, you feel great but unless it's a long review, we usually feel a little peeved and cheated. Like mostly we think... "why aren't you telling me how awesome my dialogue is?" It's not wrong it's just most of us are very insecure about these types of things! O_o I think all fanfiction writers (maybe men excluded) will always have that self conciouse and insecure teenage girl inside of us. It's like the night before prom or some other big dance. Eveyrone's telling you you look fine and you look great, and some of us will say "No! Are you an absolute twat? EVERYONE is going to be there, I need to look good!" Others will say, "I don't really care, let's just get going," and some more might even say "I look great, I'm going to be soooo pretty!" But when you get there all of us turn into that insecure one. Because we want to look good, and part of us want to be noticed and when someone drops a comment on our dress. It feels awesome. Not because we're vain but we went through a lot of trouble to look this good, and its nice to be noticed, even by a passerby. And it's always special when people you don't even know tell you you look beautiful. But no matter how many times we go through it, everytime you put on a new dress and get ready for the next dance or wedding, the same butterfiles will come, the same insecuriteis and until someone tells you you look good, you won't be able to breathe. *clears throat* I think this post ran away with me >_>
  8. Three years of working my butt off in restaurants and I've finally scrounged together enough for a journalistic course. Happiness is my name!

    1. magicmau5


      Good job! It's hard saving money in this economy.

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      Amen -_- But Ish happy and I am starting this week! *Squee!*

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      Wow that's awesome :)

  9. BookMaggot

    Review replies to "Forged Confessions"

    whitetiger9953 wrote on 28/04/2013 Lol! Thanks whitetiger! I did actually have a scene where Unohana whiped Shunusui's ass. But it unfortunately took out some of the tension so I had to pull it out. Sadly Shunsui is a stubborn old goat isn't he? But he makes the story interesting, so good thing he is I shall try not to keep you waiting too long this time. Like I said the next few chapters are basically finished, I just need to check them over and they should be good to go! Thanks for the quick review whitetiger, I really, really appreciate it! And Zaraki equals awesomness >:3
  10. BookMaggot

    Looking for a Byakuya/Renji fic

    Well usually I am all for scouring the internet for a specific story, and I have tried! I promise! >_< But for some reason I can't find this story It's a fic where Renji wants to have sex with Byakuya in his office. He finally convinces him and during the 'act' Ukitake walks in. What follows is Renji acting all guilty and feeling bad and Byakuya not understanding what the big deal is. Ukitake has a little fun on Byakuya's part, but eventually helps him to fix the problem. The story comes to a conclusion when Byakuya tells Renji to beat himself with a short whip. Renji complies and actually hits himself to the point of passing out. I remember that Byakuya said something along the lines of: "You fool, I would have stopped much sooner" or... something... >_> In any case the story was brilliant, and I really just want to reread it. So if anyone knows it or where I can find it, please let me know! Thank you in advance!
  11. BookMaggot

    Lack of reviews.

    I think most of us are in the same boat here. We feel offended with opinions and we struggle to express opinions without offending. >_< We artists are such balanced people! But I must say that I don't agree whole-heartedly with everything that's been said. I rarely review- -Don't pummel me before I've finished-! -and when I do review I PM them. Well most of them if the option is there. And if I don't feel like I am annoying them. And they were recently online. And... oh whatever I PM them! Okay? My own opinion is, and please this is my opinion you may pummel me with apples should you feel the need, is that if you write an in depth review it is for the authors eyes only. The reason why I feel like this is because my own experience has had me cross paths with people who take GREAT satisfaction in telling you exactly what is wrong with your story, with an attitude that can't be called rude but definately 'Better than thou' This has thankfully not happened on AFF though but people are very sparse with reviews at the same time This 'better than thou' attitude has led me to believe that some reviewers review to get attention for themselves, and to show off how good they are. And awesome and smart and pretty and.... *sigh* it makes me feel inadquet for some reason. It also curbs that 'I need reviews to show how good my story is' bug. Because the person gets an indepth (well as deep as I can go with my choop wings) idea of his story and doesn't feel like the mistakes are being broadcasted all over the world. My opinion as I stated >_> So personally I don't mind if people don't review. Because I don't always review myself. I appreciate it whole-heartedly, like seriously I go nuts, and if they review my story I will review theirs. But... I would rather send a PM if I can rather than posting it on the story. And if they request I will happily post something on the story itself, which will still be honest but not glaringly pointing out the faults. AFF does not offer PM's and I'm not comfortable with sending it to the forums because not everyone is active on them, so they might miss it. Right. I get the idea alot of people are glaring at me and hankering to throw the very sharp objects they are holding O_o... *Puts on armor and helmet* Proceed to beat me into oblivion!
  12. Well I finally got around to this! *confetti!* I know it took me forever and a decade but it has been a little busy of late and I've never been that comfortable on forums. My inner cave-man peeking its ugly head Just as a heads up: I will first reply to the newest reviews and in the coming weeks I'll reply to some of the older ones I never got around to during the course of the story. Feel free to leave comments or thoughts, as you know they are always welcome here Raymy wrote on 10/02/2013: When you said it like this I actually felt a little bad for Shunsui >_> well more bad than usual. When I set out to write this story I was hell bent on making sure Shunsui did come off as a bad guy but I wanted the readers as a whole to sympathise with him as well. I never enjoyed stories where one character is fundamentally a bad guy (unless that is what thet story is specifically aiming for to expand character growth ) During the story I felt Shunsui was reacting this way not really to be an ass but because of shock. Shock can make us do stupid things, even when we really don't mean to Thank you Raymy! I am glad you enjoyed it as this particular chapter was hard to write. Not because it was difficult to explain or put together but because of the emotion and how I wanted convey exactly what Shunsui was experiencing. Your review put my mind at ease, and I thank you whole-heartedly for that You lucky bastard . Lol. As I have stated this particular chapter took me by surprise. I've always felt Battle scenes should be written effortlessly but with that constant tension that never seems to break until that perfect moment. I really wanted to put that in there as best as I could. But ho ho was it hard! Lately I have been thinking that maybe I approached the battle scene wrong, the dialogue itself might have been the hindering point or perhaps there is some formula you need to keep in mind when writing one. I just hope that yours goes a lot better than mine! Good luck with that Raymy No OOCness? Thank gods >_<! I stressed myself to tears over that! I have always seen Zaraki as a Teddy-Bear, his relartionship with Yachiru is proof alone that he cares enough to watch over people in his own way. He slipped into this role quite easily to tell you the truth and his dilalogue seemed to write itself at times. I love peg characters who fit into peg roles *squee* Well next chapter should be up soon Raymy. Just a big thank you for the epic review! And sorry for keeping you waiting so long. *sigh* I am writing the next three chapters together to make sure the flow. I am almost done though! No deadline I am horrible at those >_< Thanks again Ray Athrun434 wrote on 10/02/2013 Thank you Athrun if you enjoyed the battle scene then I guess I did my job okay! lol. Zaraki being nice is a little weird but it has never been that OOC for me pesonally. But I have learned that every writer sees and interprets a character different >_> The next chapter will be up soon, and I am very sorry for the wait But thank you very much for the review! whitetiger9953 wrote on 11/02/2013 Thank you! ^_^ And yes I'd be right next to you in my own puddle of drool, holding onto my Shunsui Plushie and grinning like an idiot. And in two hundred years time I would tell my grandchildren about it with unbridled eagerness: "I don't remember jack-sh*t but I was there dammit!" Again no OOCness? You people are going to send me to heaven early if you keep this up! As I said to Raymy I've always seen Zaraki as a kind soul in his own way. Yachiru is proof enough for me! And honestly I couldn't see Shunsui reacting any other way to someone insulting his Ju-chan, no matter how confused he may be >_>. You'll have to find out what happens in the next chapter when it gets posted *scratches back of head* which... um... should be soon >_> Thanks for the wonderful review whitetigre I really appreciate it, and thank you also for your long support through the story it really means a lot Next chapter will follow soon! I promise Kefira-chan wrote on 19/03/2013 Kefira-chan you just made my month! The story will continue I promise, I've just been really busy lately! But never fear, I am working hard on the next chapters and they will up as soon as I am done with them. Thank you so much for the lovely review, and I hope you like the next chapter just as much!
  13. BookMaggot

    Mistrust of Good Reviews

    Lol, I guess I am a little loose when it comes to reviews. I have noticed on AFF that people don't review very often, and when they do I am always relieved and so overjoyed that I don't really register what they say >_< A review is a review I feel. You can't expect more from it. It's the reviewers emotions and feeling poured into a long or short comment and you can't really want to kick them in the guts for it. I have never gotten the idea that they don't read the story. If anyone reviews a story of mine I appreciate it to the full because when you think about it not alot of people actually go through the effort to review. Most just read, enjoy the story check for updates and that's that. Out of 810 hits on my one story I've got three reviews. Which tells me the staggering ratio of view per review. I personally read between ten to fifteen stories a day, and I review once every two weeks. So if I do review it means I really did enjoy the story. So I honestly don't think we should get angry abou this just the fact that they take the time to do so says a lot about how much they enjoyed it, no matter how insignifcant or silly the 'review' or comment is They thought you worthy of it, and I always feel a little flattered when they do
  14. BookMaggot

    What Do You Look For In An Ideal Review?

    Funny thing that. 'Your story is AWESOME! Please, PLEASE continue! I loves it too bitsness!' That is my favourite review type >_> Didn't see that one coming did ya? I call 'em 'feel-good-reviews' because that's what they do. They make you feel all warm and tingly . Oh don't deny it, they give you the tingles too! When I see one of those after posting a chapter it's a sigh of relief, a breath of air that drains the tension out of me. It solidifies the thought in my head that said 'I did my best' and extinguishes the ones that said 'you could have done better'. These types of reviews may not be in depth or smart but they are filled with true emotion that the reviewer tries to convey woth words alone, and that all writers (no matter what they say) truly appreciate. My own advice is just to be honest. But don't be honest by trying to be smart. Be honest in how you felt. Showing a would be writer just HOW much you enjoyed it can mean a lot more than telling them what they did wrong. Don't make it too generic though! Just use your own judgement, any review is welcome if it's set in a positive light. There's nothing wrong with writing '*jumps up and down on her bed with a Ichigo plushing and ignoring her mothers screaming* it's just your way of showing how much the story meant to you, and it means a lot to the writer. Never doubt that. But If you feel you have to say something just set it in a positive light and try to make the review 'feel-good'