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    Phoebe/cynthia lesbian story

    I don’t think I’ve posted here for quite a while. Maybe in this particular story I’d like to see of Cynthia/Phoebe. First Phoebe would find a nudist resort for girls in Hoenn with a hotel and pools. She calls Cynthia to take her there and after that plays with herself in the shower for a while, fondling her breasts and spraying the shower head on her pussy. Phoebe and Cynthia then head for the girls nudist resort. After arriving in their hotel room, Cynthia and Phoebe check out their naked bodies. Phoebe invites Cynthia to take a bath with her and they first use the bathwater to wash their bodies and chat in the tub. Then, Phoebe makes it interesting by making the bath a bubble bath. There’s bound to be a lot of breast play in the bath like Phoebe pressing her boobies on Cynthia’s feet and legs. Phoebe may also massage Cynthia’s belly button and the blonde Sinnoh trainer may massage the Hoenn ghost-type trainer in return. Phoebe could also finger Cynthia’s clit, and it might lead to tribadism for the two. On a second chapter, Phoebe and Cynthia can take a cute shower together, and do naked stretching before heading out to explore the resort. They may also meet a naked Clair and Caroline.
  2. kuptsov

    Phoebe/cynthia lesbian story

    Oh, right. How ‘bout Phoebe and Cynthia taking a lesbian bath, using the bathwater to wash their nude bodies while chatting in the tub?
  3. kuptsov

    Phoebe/cynthia lesbian story

    I would love it if we had a lesbian Phoebe/Cynthia story. 15 chapter story maybe. Maybe the first chapter being an extended version of that After Hours chapter Girls Just Wanna Have Fun http://anime.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600044363&chapter=4
  4. kuptsov

    DuckTales/KFP yuri

    I watched the 2017 DuckTales series and I would love to see a yuri crossover between DuckTales and Kung Fu Panda. Della Duck would be out in the woods training for a kung fu tournament. She rests in a hot spring joined by Tigress. Della insists that Tigress should be the Dragon Warrior and NOT Po and the two begin and oral lesbian sex session in the hot spring. There could be adorable breastplay and tailsex. The two may 69 also.
  5. kuptsov


    i think I would love to see a fanfic of Phoebe and her oc mom. The mommy I think of is Kim. she might normally wear a sarong, a tube top, a necklace, a tiara and two ankle bracelets. She has hair in a ponytail manner she has pink nipples and tan skin like her daughter. Now Phoebe might visit Kim at an Alolan beach house. As the two chat about what they’ve been doing since Phoebe was living on Mt. Pyre, Phoebe decides to be a little playful and strip out of her bikini. Kim then says her daughter has an amazing body and being naked is more fun than bikinis. Kim could enjoy licking her daughter's nipples, fingers, toes, legs and belly button. Phoebe may love toefucking, fingering, rubbing her clit on Kim's, rubbing her breasts on her legs, butt and clit and 69 breast sucking with her. Kim could love feeding Phoebe pussy juice and breast milk, and Phoebe would love to do the same for her mommy.
  6. kuptsov


    Well, I seem to read a lot of Imasuky's works on Candice. So maybe, I would love to see a story involving Candice and Phoebe. It would start with Phoebe in her sarong and bikini going through the cold of Snowpoint with Candice. It's summer though it's snowy, and the two soon use Phoebe's sarong for a substitute blanket, then strip and make out; Phoebe being on the bottom and Candice on top. Phoebe would also lick her tongue on Candice's feet. Posing on her side like a model, Phoebe would ask Candice to rub the snow on her dark skin. Then, the Elite trainer would do the same with Candice before 69-ing her. The two them do tribadism sitting in the snow. The two then go to a hot spring and relax, then Phoebe would breast massage Candice. Then, Candice would masturbate for Phoebe with her fingers then an icicle before using a second icicle on Phoebe. As an after sex moment, the two might go for a hot shower. contains oral mostly. if possible, a second chapter could involve Glacia.
  7. kuptsov

    Iris yuri

    In that story, Iris would arrive at Phoebe's place having missed her plane to Unova. There, she discovers that Phoebe is being naughty, and Phoebe decides to educate the little girl about a life of girl nudity. now I'd mostly like oral vaginal licking. tribadism, using fruits for sex, using baby oil, taking a sexual bath and a shower, and an outdoor sunbath.
  8. Bonjour. I seem to like Pokemon yuri, but maybe you could try Star Fox yuri? Oh and without her clothes, Clair is very beautiful.

  9. kuptsov

    Pokemon Iris challenge

    Iris und Phoebe The young Unova Dragon-type trainer, Iris spends a sexy, erotic 7 day week with Hoenn elite ghost-type trainer, Phoebe. Day 1: Iris first arrives at Phoebe's home and they strip down to nothing then get to know each other on their personal lives and how they battle. The two dark skinned ladies then have dinner together. While Phoebe stares at the little girl, she offers if she wants to try what no female child has done before: sex with an older girl. They then have sex in the bedroom. Day 2: Phoebe wakes up and grips one of Iris's breasts to wake her too. The pair take a shower and wash each other in a sexy manner. When cleaned up, they sit on the counter and brush each other's teeth and hair. In the afternoon, Phoebe goes grocery shopping, planning a fetish time, and stops the grocery store's robbery with her Pokemon. Later on, the dark skin female play with each other with apples, grapes, peaches, pears, bananas and kiwis. Day 3: The pair have outside watersports fun while naked. With possibly no one watching them, Phoebe gives an oil rub to Iris and then has sex with her. Day 4: Iris and her ghost trainer mate make a self porno film. Using regular lesbian styles and a double end dildo. Day 5: The two go out to a nude beach. Iris gives Phoebe a sun screen rub in a sexy way. They build a sand castle, play frisbee, splashh on the water and meet Claudina and Lizabeth. The four make out on the beach. After their time, they go bikini shopping together. Lizabeth admires what a tiny yet cute set of breasts Iris has. After Iris reveals she also has long hair to Claudina and Lizabeth, she hears a robbery and has Haxorus take care of the robbers. Before leaving, the pairs of girls promise to meet again. Day 6: The dark skin pokemon trainers release their Pokemon and put on a sexy show for their Pokemon. They next give them a chocolaty treat by drenching themselves in chocolate syrup and letting their Pokemon lick them. Iris and Phoebe then have the Pokemon clean up while they first take a bath and rinse in the shower. Day 7: Last chapter. Iris and Phoebe do a private photoshoot in the bedroom and while gripping breasts, hear a radio report of a hijacking. The hijacker is demanding to fly to Saudi Arabia. Iris disables the explosives the hijacker is carrying and Phoebe kills the hijacker with her Dusclops. The newspaper they read find that it looked like the hijacker was killed by a laser rifle. Iris then makes a vow to her lover, that if anything tries to happen to her, Phoebe will keep her safe and the ghost trainer vows vice versa. After that, the two make love in bed and before going to bed, Iris breaks the fourth wall and wished "Good night, everybody."
  10. kuptsov

    Krystal yuri

    there has not been any Star Fox yuris lately. I would like to see a yuri party with Krystal, Katt Monroe, Fara Phoenix, Miyu, Fay, Amanda, Lucy, an original female lizard, an original female persion cat with 39C breasts, an original female orca, and an original female red and orange bird. contains oral, tail sex, sex toys and kissing.
  11. kuptsov

    Category Request

    Category: Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature Section: Anime Do you have any stories for it?: No, but I hope we do