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  1. I really don't know much about getting drunk, so I figuredI 'd just ask here as I'm planning to use it as a plot device. char A, who is one of those cool, collected, lone wolf types, is slightly drunk at the local bar. I'm not sure how much; but bad enough that (if it's plausible) his vision is blurry, he gets horny or his repressed sexual urges comes out, and doesn't really care who they sleep with. He picks up a chick at the bar, sleeps with her, sex and they both kinda forget about it and go on their with lives. Something happens that introduces that same char again, they both nuetral for each other, or at least embarresed shy maybe because of what they did. then someow it turns into somethin special blah blah, they evetually love each toer after like twenty chapters I dunno. Would this even make sense? It's more for my enjoyment than anyone else's but I figured I'd at least get my fact straight before writing it. Go ahead anad add anything if you can think of it, bash my ideas,whatever.
  2. Fandom: BlazeBlue What to expect PLOTWISE: All in all, it's going to be an AU, where Ragna may or may not get the Azure (have not decided) but he will still have much importance in the plot, as well as a harem, Jin will also get a harem. An OC will be involved, the bland, unoriginal "Fourth" 'sibling' that lives with him, Jin and Saya. They won't have the Azure, either, but will live and be traumatized by the event. Maybe she'll join up with Bang and become a ninja. lol. Hazama/Terumi is a douche like usual, maybe less OP because he has the original Azure and is using it as a base for his Ourborus while he continues to kill people to make the Kusanagi Unit. (This series is convoluted as fuck, or at least to me, so you kinda need to know the universe; either form the games or just wikipedia, doesn't matter.) Ragna may go the Academy, in order to watch Terumi from close up, who knows cause he's just that OP--if he does not get Azure, and learn Arsmagus (magic) that way. He and Jin have rivarly, Noel is smitten between them, Tsubaki pines for Jin etc Makoto may go for Ragna. Ragna takes Jin's place as commander when they get out, leading to a deeper rift between the two. Jin may betray their squad during the Ikargua War, I really only have the basic of basics down so far. This is so much to plan out. What to expect EROTICALLY: Standard stuff here, a couple lemons, limes, kiwis, oranges, pineapples (I'm joking here) handjobs, maybe blowjobs, drunken sex, possibly anal/oral. There will to be torture, but nothing sexual; more violent than anything, more mental than physical. I really don't plan to go too nuts here, though there could possibly be BDSM but light, very light or rape. I highly doubt it though, as I don't like using either as plot device or char development. If I can see samples of your work beforehand, that would be cool. I'll either PM or email the document, which will be in OpenDoc format. If you canm't do that, I ca convert it, just tell me what you need. That's it really, nothing too ground breaking I hope.
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    Plausible Scenario for a romantic fic?

    Good to know. Actually, that was probably what I gonna do in the first place, or something similar. I'll probably post a link if I can get it up sooner or later.
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    Recent Site Outage: An apology and explanation

    Keep up the good work. Don't use FB, so I have no idea. IT was odd, le me say that at least. Well, it's fixed so no harm done.
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    Plausible Scenario for a romantic fic?

    Yeah, nolw to thnk up an actaul "plot" for this.
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    Plausible Scenario for a romantic fic?

    I was just thinking it would at least be a oneshot, maybe twoshot. The main reason I wanted to go with the fuzzy vision is because I had an idea about a char whose face was scarred/disfigured but with the fuzzy vision said MC couldn't tell. Not that the MC would be prude or anything like that, but it's a sensitive issue; basically kthe moral I want to get at is "appearances don't matter" or something. I dunno, I'll think of osmething. At least I know a bit more though, thanks.
  7. No problem; plus this was good for me too! New things to read is always good. Shame Border's was bought out...I loved going there.
  8. It's my first time doing an interactive fiction and I want to know what I'm doing right and doing wrong. I am looking for contrustive cirticism, you ca be blunt, as I am often blunt oo XD. But no outright flames, or I shall ask the mods to delete your posts. Bitching and moaning is fine just no insulting other/stheir opinions. Author: Kakashifan727 Fandom: Naruto Name: Naruto:Your Story! Genre: Drama/Historical Parody/Romance Summary: ReaderInser, "you" fic. Being the child of the daimyo, you have your work cut out for you doing your regular chores and helping your old father. When you get captured during a raid on the palace by some foreign ninja, can the Leaf save You? Abuse, Anal, AFFO, Angst, H/C, Humil, M/F, M/M, OC, Other, RapeFic, Violence, WAFF, WIP Pairings: ReaderXVotersChoices URL: http://naruto.adultf...hp?no=600104829 Made the poll: Have fun voting!
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    Please critique my ReaderInsert Naruto fic, "Your Story"?

    Updates will go here as well. Chapter Two is out, and I have still have no idea how I'm doing; I guess bad going by all my one star ratings? Or is that because I haven't gotten to the sex yet? :hmph http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600104829&chapter=2
  10. Ducked into the pew and hidden behind other people Briana nevertheless The way it reads just bugs me; probably just me as I have an odd writing style. I'd say like basic newb style, so maybe this is a new way of writing a sentence that I don't knwo of. All in all though, it was prettydamn good. I think I almost cried a couple times. And in my review, by worse, I mean like content wise. This isn't so gritty, at least i don;'t think it is.
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    Rating or Review

    Anyone else realize this topic was made in09? I dunno what the policy for bumping is, but ?I think the mods will mind since this only a two month bump compared to two whole years. Anyways, reviews are more important to me. Anyone can go click a topic and put 5 stars, that's easy. Same with writing a two sentence review; but it nice to see the people I am writing for. I like checking out people's profiles to see what kind of audience I am attracting with my fics. Do I sounds creepy? I can't explain it very well...
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    Lack of reviews.

    I don't mind short reviews. Most of the ones I get are like that, but when I see that those are only kind I'm getting, it's aggravating. How I am supposed to know what I'm doing right/wrong if people don't voice what they found was great and what wasn't? I can't improve if I only get glowing reviews, and I know well enough that I'm not the best writer out there; I see my mistakes but have no idea who to fix them. What really bothers me more though, this may be slighlty off topic, is when a story has 1000 rweviews and it's pure garbage. Like unreadable-I-can't-get-past-the-frist-chapter-becuase-it's-so-bad kind of thing. And not just because of preference; it's because the writer has no idea what the hell they are doing! FF.net has an abundance of thse it seems, and it saddens me that people who actually put some work into their fics and pour their heart out get left in the dust for these...trolls? Or just the people who write PWP, though I don't care about that most of the time as smut is fine with me. I mean the people who have a good fic, then insert random sex scenes everywhere because they think it's edgy and cool. More so if it's anatomically impossible sex or anything of the like. That's just my two cents though.
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    Please read my Kakashi fic The Sound of Leaves

    I have enjoyed your fic so far, but there are some things you need to fix, as it makes your understanding of the source material come off as...i don't know. As I said my reviews, the spelling for female ninja is "Kunoichi"-- just say female ninja if you cannot spell it right in Japanese if it makes you feel better. Second, Ororchimaru, being the founder of OTOgakure would be the OTOkage, not the HOkage. Every village has a KAGE, but the words in front show what village they are from; IE- Sand is KAZEKage, Leaf is HOKage, Lightning is RAIKage etc. Just a few tidbits/pet peeves I noticed.
  14. Really what it says in the title. I want to make a fic where the MC is the reader, as in it reads like "you are blah...blah happens to you". I think these are called second-person fics? I checked both AFF's archive and the forums FAQ topic but have not seen anything regarding either of these topics. I may be stupid and have looked over it possibly, but I just want to make sure before I go posting anything here or in the archive. Thanks so much.
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    Are ReaderXchar or ReaderInsert, "Youfics" allowed?

    Alright. I will be making a poll for it eventually so...thanks for letting me know ahead of time.