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  1. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the time you guys took to vote on this story and thanks to it, you guys now have Snape and Nathaniel as mates of Harry's -thought the first to are still a bit of a mystery...kinda...lol. There is one thing i feel kind of bad about though...CHARLIE. Y U NO HARRY's MATE. WAAAAAAH. Anyway: POLL END
  2. Story: Dark Knight Author: NeuroticNeko (xDAISUKIx) Summary: Harry didn't expect much from the rest of his life. One day he falls into a coma- and emerges as a part of an ancient race. Harry's Scath wants to do things that he really thinks he shouldn't but does anything ever listen? Rating: MA+ Warnings: The usual... The deal: Well, this is my first full-length Harry Potter fanfic and i'm just letting the readers decide who should be Harry's third and fourth mates, (First two will be two out of Sebastian, Ryr and Draco). The first poll i'm holding is for the third mate, so rest easy if your fave doesn't get chosen- if a lot of people vote and there is a clear advantage for two characters i will scrap the second poll and take the first two most voted for characters and make them the third and fourth. I apologize for silly me posting the poll on the fic when i should have posted it here... These are the starting numbers for this poll (as have been voted on by readers off of this page): Nathaniel: 7 Snape: 21 Charlie: 11 Colin & Dennis: 8 Colin: 2 Anyway, even non-members can vote!!! All you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this page and put your opinion on it. If your a member i'd appreciate it if you used the poll instead. THE RULES: Each person has TWO POINTS. Both can be spent on one character or on two different ones.
  3. ...Ya know- i'm NeuroticNeko (forumname is different i know) and the quote up there is actually scaring me quite a bit- Although there might have been some UNINTENTIONAL MANIPULATION. It was a wonderfully written story and im shocked that someone out there would read into it so deeply and see...that. Im almost 100% sure that the author DID NOT intend to write a fic centered on ...that. And although you liked it- i'm kinda wondering what you were thinking while reading... i mean i love Snarry and that was one of the ways that i thought postwar Harry and Snape would get together- lots of angst and tears- but in no way was it a HORROR story.... Oh well. pekeleke.. (GOD THE PENNAME IS GIVING ME A HARD TIME- i had to look at your post at least ten times to get it right) I think your story is wonderful and the 'Snarry Crowd' has NOT missed you- Snarry is my favourite pairing of all (Drarry's allright) and i think that any real fan of Snarry would look carefully through each summary of each list. oh, and btw, pekeleke. Another thing i noticed about your story which could be VERY potentially off-putting- and i know that i do, i almost didn't read your fic because i saw this- THE TITLE AND ITS GRAMMAR. Ok. I know, it sounds a little silly. The thing is, i'm still going to uni and working to be a full time author and i'm a stickler for perfect grammar and spelling. The way i seperate good fics from bad ones is by looking quickly through the title, summary and the ratio of review to hit rate and the number of chapters. yes, i know. Very scary. If i see 23 chapters and 1000,0000 hits, but only, lets say, 46 reviews. i'm going to assume that (from its hit rate) that it's attention grabbing and people like to read it. From the review numbers i would put two and two together and realize that the fic is probably erotica and not much else, because that is the type of fic is always a target of read and run. (Who wants to review after they've just had a good wank?). The title, is a very important fic for the story. A well thought out one will represent the author's personality. Presentation is everything. I suggest that you change the title, because the first thing people will see is that. "The Voice Under All Silences" There, just by formatting it like that it looks more professional. All story titles must have words that start with a capital, unless its a minor one (and, the... etc. Except in this case 'the' is the first word in the sentence, therefore starts with caps too). The next thing that people will see is the summary. A well written one also shows the writeers personality and no one likes lazy authors who write "I could be bothered to write a summary but this story is good so please give it a try" trust me, no ones gonna read it. I see nothing wrong with your summary. It doesn't give anything away yet it has a rhetorical question in it- good call. The warnings- saw no problem with that either. Anyway, it's getting late and i'm settling down to give your story a well deserved re-read, Oh, and i read your other story (which has a similar title problem- NOT ENOUGH CAPS!!!!) " The mating rituals of the crabby hermit' SHOULD BE "The Mating Rituals of the Crabby Hermit" very cute. Awesome read, disappointed that it was only a oneshot- cuz i think that its an awesome plot idea. I apologize and kowtow deeply for being so dictator-like. But truly, it's just advice for a fellow author- the tricks of the trade and all...
  4. xDAISUKIx

    Asian Drama's? vs English Dramas?

    ASIAN DRAMAS!!! They're far more interesting- well that's my opinion. English dramas have too much 'affairs', 'murders' and etc. i guess you would call english drama's the 'heavier' stuff. Asian dramas are mostly lighthearted- though there are some that are really serious and are awesome (historical dramas)
  5. xDAISUKIx

    class name

    I liked the last comment the most XD. Whats important to remember though, is that giving your species epically cool and hard to understand names can sometimes put your readers off. Give your vamps cool names, try not to give them long latin names. I also liked this:
  6. Hello this is Nekro Kitty XD. Anyway, I've just started posting this story I've written. (read details below). It's about Harry coming into his inheritance and going back to school for an eighth year. Of course, i've tweaked it a bit and so... Snape, Colin and Fred are NOT DEAD. I repeat NOT DEAD. Dumbledore and Ron are not gonna be bashed... Ginny might POSSIBLY be bashed (this is decided by how the story flows of course) Although currently I've only posted chapter, be reasurred that I already have quite a few written and betaed already, I'm just posting one chapter a week. Cuz I'm mean. Lol. Author: NeuroticNeko Title: 'The Coming of the Shadows' Summary: Harry had come into his magical majority the year before. So he wasn't expecting...this. With his new 'situation', The-Boy-Whose-Hair-Hates-Him encounters pesky reporters, delirious Death Eaters and another sinister enemy, love. Feedback: Well, what can i say... YES PLEASE!!! XD. I posted something on the chapter asking for critique on my writing. Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing: HP/?/?// (ITS FOR YOU TO READ AND FIND OUT!!!) Warnings: Anal, BDSM, D/s, Dom, DP, Exhib, Fet, Fingering, H/C, HJ, M/M, MPreg, Oral, Rim, Solo, Spank, Toys, Voy, WIP (Will be changed according to what is written) Solo story or chaptered story: Multiple Chaptered URL: http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600096573 And if you've got time after reading my story, visit my Author page by clicking NeuroticNeko at the top of the chapter.
  7. Currently working on a multi-chapter story! XD It's a Harry Harem!

  8. xDAISUKIx

    Harry/Male Harem

    Do you think i should post the chapters that i do straight away? or do you think i should save them up until the holidays so that i can post alot at once? Posting them one by one gets more 'anticipation' though. hmm. a tough cookie. Oh well, since it IS the weekend, i may as well write a little more. If i do start posting now. it might take a week or more before another chapter though.
  9. xDAISUKIx

    Harry/Male Harem

    I've sent you an email with the first chapter in it. Please proofread. If you decide to add anything to it please do it in a different font (unless it's a spelling/grammer correction. This is just cuz i'd like to read it through and smooth out the kinks and to make the bits you've added flow better. cheers
  10. xDAISUKIx

    Harry/Male Harem

    Sorry! I forgot to put my email down. it's megagummichan@gmail.com please write to me if you have any lengthy ideas you want to pass onto me or if you want a kind of collab thing where i write? and you beta?. hmmm. mebbe. ..or email me if you plan to reject me. .... D: i don't really ckeck the forums much. so ...yeah
  11. xDAISUKIx

    Harry/Male Harem

    Omg! this sounds so cool! I might write this but... do you think you could wait three weeks? 3 more weeks and holidays will start and ill probably write 10 chapters in one shot and then write chapter by chapter after that. btw, love the idea of a supportive ron XD, i mean c'mon they ARE FRIENDS!! i also really like the plot!!