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  1. lissa

    Futa!Fleur & Harry

    as far as we know guest dragon865, nobody took the challenge to write it
  2. lissa

    Deaged Draco

    less that 30 seconds on a google search, come on people you really can’t do a search on your own?
  3. lissa

    Harry/Lucius Mates

    Sounds a bit like Formans Familia, but your bad luck is that if this is the flick, the author has removed it from the net.
  4. lissa

    Harry Used For Breeding

    guest yaw613, as its been over 4 years, since the original post went up, and well over 3 years since anyone commented on it, I’d lay money on it, nobody is writing it. Here's a suggestion, you write it for us! oh yeah and we’ll ‘read and review it’ p.s. sorry to the mods if I just offended y’all or broke some rules!
  5. lissa

    Trying to find an old smut fic

    pretty sure that is not the story guest jizzy is looking for, I remember one similar had something to do with his potter family incest was normal and they did a ritual before Halloween that tied the women of the house to harry but that is all I can remember, sorry
  6. lissa

    Werewolf harry

    simple google search
  7. lissa

    Dudley's Lucky Day

    You could always do it yourself, guest anom
  8. lissa

    Truth or Dare Foursome

    Why is this barbaric? Frank isn’t asking you to write or even read the story. I’m sure there are things that get you off, that others might find barbaric or disgusting. I guess am thinking back to something my Momma taught me, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say? shut the hell up.’
  9. lissa

    Arranged Marriage Harry/?

    Hi Keikokin, You are very welcome. No, I don’t have a particular site I use. I tend to use AO3 because you can download through their own site. I like to use my kindle because I like to curl up in bed when I can’t sleep and read. As for your stories? lol all of them of course! Just being cheeky. My favourites are the Emerald Dancer series, and Holding on. When I get the time to sit on the laptop and planning on starting Pitter, Patter, Potter and Pressing Matters. Will let you know how much I love them. blessed be Lissa
  10. lissa

    Arranged Marriage Harry/?

    Keikokin, I want to say that I have loved all of your stories that I have read, are any of yours dl’able for a kindle? Blessed Be Lissa
  11. looks like the author took it down, sorry can’t help
  12. ginny/harry – I know I know, not my favourite pairing either The breach of privacy by Faith Wood
  13. This is the only one that I know of, its Harry pregnant by Arthur
  14. A simple copy of the title and author into google, and what do you know the link pops right up?
  15. lissa

    Albus/ginny ginny’s problem