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  1. A simple copy of the title and author into google, and what do you know the link pops right up?
  2. ginny’s problem
  3. in the story harry was called Raven, or it had raven in the title
  4. No, what they posted was a link to a story called Know your place by Oral Deviant that the author removed from the web
  5. I don’t know about the potion on the teeth, but Draco carries him around and isn't stopped
  6. I believe it was called Merlin’s legacy, but its kungzon(?) removed it
  7. It was called Know your place by oral deviant, who has removed all copies off the net. sorry
  8. google is your friend
  9. just do a google search for jack sparrow/harry potter fanfiction and there are pages of options
  13. Calanthe had posted her stories on her livejournal for those that wanted them, as long as you don’t pass them around. Last I heard the Hex files joined with A03. good hunting there. lissa
  15. It was called Know your place, written by Oral Deviant. It was removed completely off the net by the author